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  1. Hmmm very interesting, I'll look into this, Thank you!
  2. Please fix Sands of Inaros quest as Urn's target enemy is covered by a white cloth, been this way for ages
  3. On Sands of Inaros Quest, the jug is covered with a white cloth so can't see what to hunt for quest
  4. Oh I simply use CC Wukong P, works for me
  5. They did, its just invisible lol
  6. Yes, that's what it is supposed to do, drain energy. Hildryn is immune to that effect as I stated above.
  7. When I click on the burial jug it has a towel wrapped around it so I can't see which enemy I'm supposed to kill to fulfill mission.
  8. Not if use shield recharge mods & sentinal shield recharge mods, & just keep spamming PILLAGE
  9. Guys, just use OP HILDRYN for these energy deficient missions. She uses her shields as an energy alternative so these missions have no effect on her.
  10. Thanks for the hotfix, DE. I notice that we can't equip fulmination mod on AKARIUS, is that by design or a bug?
  11. 6 months have flown by, and all I asked for was a simple on/off switch to combos. Why is that so hard, DE?
  12. How about fixing the fact that when I activate archwing gun for profit taker i can no longer regular melee? And on top of that a 2 min timer until I can re activate archwing gun if i do exit it. Cuz I love being knocked around like a rag doll while doing profit taker. For that matter, why don't you add a melee combo on/off switch for those of us ( 70%+) who hate combos & never use it anyways)?
  13. I agree! I hate the slow choppy moves 😞
  14. WOW DE Team!!!! I think you guys outdid yourselves this time. I so look forward to playing with these upgrades (as soon as the 2+ GB update finishes!) Awesome & amazing job, once again. Kudos to you, DE Team! Keep it up! ADDENDUM: When I only have melee equipped, I normally equip synthesis scanner to avoid those slow choppy melee swings, but now I can't do that anymores. If you really want melee fluidity, can you please restore that option? Thanks!
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