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  1. Solaris already have the means to do it with the prisoners on Corpus ship, which is good way to spend Crown if you don't need anything from Granum Void anymore. They just need to give Ostron and Entrati something like that.
  2. I'm disappointed they don't add any boss that have to be fought in mech like the Profit Taker that needs Archgun, it would at least motivate more people to build their mechs (while also making some complain with them being mandatory for the fight)
  3. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to Intermission 3 lasting for the entire 2021.
  4. Wait, you're supposed to hit the correct glass based on previous episodes for the invincibility phases? I thought you just had to destroy them all lol The fight really reminds me of Klonoa's final boss, with crystal themed environment, ring shaped arena, destructible platforms and rotating objects around it that needs to be thrown with a resource from the enemies to damage the boss, definitely a treat for platformer game fans.
  5. Wait, so that was the result of a "fix"? I always find it weird that Exterminate is the only mode that doesn't relocate enemies closer to you if you leave them too far, its annoying af when you have to backtrack 1000m+ to kill a single enemy.
  6. Nyx deluxe shotgun skin works on all shotgun, so not being applicable because having a unique gimmick is not a valid excuse. I think its because they originally intended those new skins for specific weapons instead of universal skin, after the backlash they rushed the change and didn't have time to code it for every rifle or something.
  7. When was the last time we got a new stance mod btw? I don't think we got anything new since Wise Razor, and that was for a brand new melee class, not for any of the existing classes. tfw they made a new stance, but it has 0.01% drop chance from a boss or very rare enemy... and not transmutable.
  8. This topic made me understand what kind of players DE trying to cater everytime they release a big update.
  9. People have been complaining about this for a long time, but this probably won't be addressed since DE and majority of players have moved on to the new hotness, and so, as usual old contents will be neglected. ...maybe sometime in 2022 when they finally add another chapter of the New War and Railjack become somewhat relevant again for few months.
  10. This could work, a new melee weapon slot to replace Void Blast, but we can still use Void Blast by holding the button or pressing the button while aiming.
  11. I love how people who says MR isn't indicator of experience and skill are implying that majority of low MR players are very experienced and skilled.
  12. Its nice if you want to add Firestorm to your primary but don't want to sacrifice a slot... or add both for even bigger explosion radius. If you don't like Furax... eh, people generally don't use melee when going ham with explosive weapons anyway.
  13. Honestly I don't mind with the current distribution, it makes some relic availability more accessible, like parts that previously exclusive in Axi now can be in the other three, and some rare parts even downgraded to uncommon when unvaulted.
  14. As alternative you can try Atlas with Vazarin and Adaptation, that's what I used before I have Prime Sure Footed, Arcane Nullifier and no other tanky frames with built-in knockdown negation, you'll have to play a bit defensively and healing fairly often tho. Also bring a specter to help you kill and distract trash enemies, preferably something that can CC and tanky like Nidus, he always survive until PT is dead even when the run went bad (max threat level cuz missed a beacon, having to deal with archgun cooldown, etc)
  15. Harrow, I don't like micromanaging all his buffs, maybe Nidus too, since I almost never do endurance run nowadays and he's collecting dust, plus farming both of them is massive pain in the ass.
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