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  1. I reckon the test would feel more important if Defection is a relevant game mode, but everyone hate it and DE forget about it, so... yeah.
  2. The idea is to give you incentive to trade with other players from opposing factions, but people never trade nowadays, everyone only want to buy/sell.
  3. I can see them do Harrow Prime next and save Nidus for holiday season, since he's more popular and so many people curious how they'll handle his prime.
  4. I'm not surprised if their solution ended up being a toggle on attachment tab to hide the sheath and make it invisible permanently. (which I honestly don't mind)
  5. Oh, it's still works! Thank you very much! I thought someone already claimed it since it was posted 6 hours ago...
  6. Remember when they confirmed New War is coming to christmas on 2019 Tennocon? Look what we got now.
  7. Anyone have screenshots of the syandana? I want to know if it's worth making throwaway account just for that.
  8. My displayed secondary should be Rattleguts, but DE screwed the usage stat when they separated primary/secondary kitgun in the profile.
  9. There are other games like Fortnite or Dauntless on console that requires you to have Epic account, so maybe they can add an option to link Epic account on that setting tab where console players can link their email to get free syandana.
  10. Is the 1st batch of Tennogen 20 also gonna come with this update?
  11. Mag and Nova were the first unvault available in Switch, Mag is that rare over here because back then we were still new and no one farmed her relics, except the few players who transferred from PC maybe.
  12. Do we know if the new airborne crit passive is additive stacking to the mods, multiplicative, or flat increase? It might make her super strong depends how it is.
  13. Yeah, if you need 30 repaired wreckages in inventory don't call it "early adopter" rewards, it should be "platinum spender" rewards.
  14. Yes, intrinsic level is the easiest solution, real early adopters most likely already had their intrinsics maxed or at least high enough to be eligible for Tier 3 at his point, latecomers can still get it but need to do extra grind since the nerf to intrinsic point gain.
  15. As someone who still play RJ even now, I can just spam Earth Proxima missions and have enough to repair more than 30 T1 wreckages, but I still think this is a stupid requirement. Using intrinsic as the qualifier is more fitting, like some people said.
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