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  1. I feel the opposite, at least we get to see LC and show it off to other people in every mission, RJ on the other hand, outside of being a dojo decoration, you rarely get to see the skin in gameplay, unless you spend most of your time out in AW.
  2. Just give us the ability to customize the frame's pose and lighting to match the chosen UI theme, the stupid fixed pose and yellow hue ruined people's fashion.
  3. All I see here are Wisp fans worked extra hard resulting that many skins got accepted in 1 round. So... yeah, get your favorite frames few artists that are as fanatic as Wisp's then you'll have tons of skins for them.
  4. I don't think enemy spawn is the problem for Liberation, but the size of area you need to defend, it's way too big so there's always hidden enemies stuck somewhere obscure or groups hanging around on the edges.
  5. Just make the inputs swappable for the combos, I find it weird that when you go to combo screen you can highlight and select the combos, but can't do anything to them, being able to put some hold-block combos on neutral will improve many stances.
  6. Wait, wait, so the reason, the ONLY reason Ghoulsaw moved to Bash Lab is because one, yes, one combo in its stance has it used as a unicycle, even when the original weapon users never used it that way? lmao Are we gonna see more vehicle-like function for new items now to justify putting them to the Bash Lab? If not then it would be funny reading this thread again in the future when Bash Lab contains many things with no relevance to Ventkids.
  7. Wasn't that the reason people fell in love with original Opticor back then? a BFG with slow charge up that fires explosive death laser and kills everything in one shot. So... Tenet Opticor when DE? Give it infinite PT and triggers explosion on every enemy it hits.
  8. This, Spy is great for solo leveling weapons that's struggling to kill stuff or you don't like using, especially if you have a frame that can cheese the mission, like Ivara (the safest choice) or Wukong (for fastest clears) or any frame with invisibility.
  9. What happen at Gara's quest when Teralyst supposed to spawn but the sun's out? Did they force it to spawn at day time or force you to enter night time plains? If it's the former then they can make eidolons also spawn at day only when you pick their bounty, if the latter then it should be possible to enter instanced night time.
  10. I can tolerate recoil that moves the reticle around, but zooming recoil... #*!% that thing, I think the worst offender is Kuva Ayanga, it's borderline nauseating firing it without holding aim button.
  11. I'm gonna miss that feeling when RJ anomaly was first released and that place actually feels threatening even though we're fighting like 3 enemies max at the same time.
  12. I had weapon stat glitch with Twin Grakatas and it had radial attack stat...... man, imagine if it's real.
  13. People never complain about exclusive armors for many frames and skins, why would calling syandana a syandana is a problem now?
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