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  1. Garuda, all her abilities feels so satisfying, except for 3 obviously.
  2. The update is still not in cert, if they DElay sending this to cert until Ivara Prime release then its possible to hotfix her in game at the same time as other platforms.
  3. I think you were just unlucky to meet that guy, most people usually just pop out their operator to dash and back to their frame, it happens in less than a second (two at most) making it look like a frame ability rather than another playable character.
  4. Its bugged afaik, I neglected the season 2 NW and only returned around a month before it ended, the challenges stops appearing after you finish some of them, at first it recovered 3 challenges like intended, then after some time you'll only see 2 of them, then 1, then none... until next week. Luckily I still managed to reach rank 30 at that time.
  5. I'm with you man, even with gore turned off Garuda still get blood all over her, I feel like my fashion is wasted lol
  6. Titania, and before Gara it should be Octavia.
  7. The people selling overpriced vaulted primes are those who migrated from PC tho. The prices nowadays are a lot more reasonable than a year ago.
  8. I hate to sound negative when the long awaited update is finally here, but dang, the double affinity weekend starts today? When you guys said the update coming next week I thought it will be next weekend, there's no way people can use these 2 days to get their Kuva weapons and fully forma it (unless you go no-life mode and grind non-stop perhaps), not to mention forma-ing melee weapons to adapt to the change, there are also those who might already have other plan this weekend since it dropped so suddenly.
  9. If it delayed until next vault we'll probably get full set of the whole prime vault contents from all the weekend alerts compensation lol
  10. AFAIK the issue is Warframe was below 20 GB and didn't need SD card before this update, those games which are above that size already went through this SD card live expectancy issue that WF currently in before release.
  11. Now, now, guys, we're finally getting actual good news of estimated release window, let's be civil and stop pointless arguments for now...... If it still doesn't come by next week then we can raise more hell on this thread.
  12. Are you people confusing getting update on the situation with the actual update patch now?
  13. I expect it'll come at least at the same time as PS4 and XB1 currently in cert update, if it still doesn't come by the time those 2 platforms get their 28.0.8 update... well, I guess the doomsday scenario might not be so unrealistic anymore lol
  14. Oh right, they announced it few days ago, must've missed it since I've been mostly just skimming this thread lately since there are many tl;dr whining/defending posts.
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