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  1. Meanwhile consoles always get around a month late than PC, even worse on Switch when sometimes we got them weeks later than PS and XB lol
  2. Oh right, I don't remember when was the last time I visited that room and got it mixed up lol
  3. My only worry is the simultaneous release between PC and consoles, this might be the buggiest update console will receive lol
  4. So now the Orokin Lab existence in Dojo is even more questionable now that Derelict Key is useless.
  5. So I don't need to stay in the relay for the staff skin and decoration as long as I watch the TennoLive stream? Since I probably can't login to the game around that time thanks to RL stuff.
  6. I don't know, if only you can completely avoid spawning them, perhaps by not doing certain requirements and being marked or something?
  7. Reading this topic made me glad I farmed Harrow Systems when World on Fire still a thing. Nowadays I only touch Defection if its on sortie, though I don't really notice anything too different from before, and I usually do it with Wukong and Nidus spectre.
  8. Jokes on you, I intentionally sold it after the change was announced. Thank you for making that thread just right after Deadlock Protocol dropped on console, saved me some formas, slot, catalyst and most importantly, time, lol
  9. Unless this is implemented in recent patch, abilities should work on them. Ever since I used Gara I haven't touch other frames for that fight again, so idk if they changed something.
  10. If only you have friends who's willing to waste their time killing your converted liches... ...or DE should implement banishment system that converts converted liches to Kuva.
  11. Congrats, now you can do the best farm for Vallis resources and Vox Solaris rep. It took me more than half an hour to solo her the first time, nowadays I can finish it in less than 15 mins. If you have Gara you can use her 4 to block the rachnoids from approaching the orb, I usually spend sometime marking a waypoint and drops some canisters on that spot, then after she reset her heat by spawning fractures use Gara's 4 and dump all the stockpiled thermia on her, as long as the orb doesn't stay too close to the cliff no rachnoid should be able to cool her off. There's also the classic slow Nova method if you feel overwhelmed by the rachnoids' speed, or max range Octavia with Mallet right below the orb to kill any approaching rachnoids if you're having trouble spotting and following them.
  12. At least unsheathe the sword on arsenal, coloring a nikana is annoying because you can only see the blade when the frame draw it to strike a pose for a brief moment.
  13. Polearms probably has the most braindead attack spam with unrestricted mobility. Staff... is bad, I give you that, the stances are clunky as hell, at least Clashing Forest has that windmill moves that does lots of hits.
  14. Chargers, the design is creepy af, their body is deformed and twisted so much that they turn into quadruped and their head is hanging upside down like that, also they run very fast. If not for WF being a horde shooter this thing is 10/10 survival horror material.
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