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  1. as I tried to reproduce 1. Directly goto activities 2. click on any of them 3. now you can't see any build requirements in foundry
  2. the version is also it got fixed after a cache clear.
  3. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Thank you very very much. Now... BOOBEN REWORK WHEN?
  5. I was walking in Plains of eidolon and deployed my archwing. The archwing didn't deploy but I could walk on air and use my warframe abilities.I
  6. I had this nightmare exterminate timed mode where enemies stopped spawning and extraction marker came. Had to abort.
  7. RyAn0099

    ceres junction

    Do you mean after defeating trinity in the junction there's no pop-up to unlock the junction to Ceres?
  8. We were doing a sabotage cache mission in Venus. The door near extraction was not opening.There was no lockdowns. I also tried going into spoiler mode. Here's a video: https://imgur.com/a/cm2yeM1
  9. I think a support ticket is needed.
  10. I was playing relic fissure mission. Suddenly my rival syndicate comes and we all die. Later on the relics rewards don't show up.
  11. I also had this bug once. Probably due to lag.
  12. I played 3 high risk index today. 1 was in the snow map and 2 in the dark map. The snow map was running smoothly and everyone could bank. In the dark map, in one match only the host could bank and the other match it was lagging.
  13. I was doing today's third sortie and spawned exactly at phorid. Later on I went to extraction but didn't extract until timer ended
  14. I was at the PoE entry door and this happened.
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