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  1. you want crit chance/ crit damage /multishot /reload speed/ negative: impact/ puncture / zoom / faction dmg
  2. well I'm not so good at recognising enemies. atleast I don't "accidentally" make liches. 😂
  3. Today I was playing grendel in disruption mission and unintentionally ate 2 key carriers. I didn't know about it till I regurgitated and later on the whole team went berserk that "Grendel slowed the match". Please make key carriers uneatable or mark them differently so that no more accidents happen. Ty.
  4. How about lock liches behind a small intro quest? most of the new players unexpectedly creating liches and getting their stuff stolen.
  5. doesn't nullifier pulses remove abilities off demos?
  6. Does ash augment [Fatal teleport] work on any demolisher/demo unit? what melee weapon required or modding suggestions?
  7. @[DE]Pablo Can we please have "Hide mastered" options in market section? "Hide owned" is useful but we should be able to filter out mastered weapons too
  8. Can I ask for a feature? suppose I link a relic in chat and want to check about it, I wish I could see how many intact/exceptional/flawless/radiant relic I have? Also how much traces I have left. I don't like linking [Void traces] everytime to check how much I have left.
  9. Can we have cryotic from nightwave offerings please?
  10. Thanks for the hotfixes Can we have focus orb like things for intrinsic? like 2x intrinsic earned for 30 sec.
  11. Can we have focus orb like things for intrinsic? like 4x intrinsic xp for 30 sec or whatever is appropriate
  12. Thanks for the hotfix. How about focus orb like things get introduced for intrinsic? Like 2x intrinsic for 30s
  13. Thanks for the hotfix. Can we please have fissure in void back?
  14. Can we have fissure in void back please?
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