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  1. The crewships get oneshot but it still keeps shooting the railjack and the mission won't progress. Happened twice today. Crewships don't have health bar and shooting doesn't work. FPS drops might cause this bug. Happened again today different squad: Both were from public matchmaking. Another happened today
  2. RyAn0099

    Excavation UI bugged

    The excavator power or timer doesn't show up often. It's completely random. I think it's due to high ping or only client sided issue. Happened 5/6 times today.
  3. well I was in a squad too the other players also faced this maybe. or maybe it occurs as a client host error.
  4. Happened to me twice today with same squad. It seems like a soft lock but idk what triggers it
  5. I have no clue why they don't even look into it or maybe not tell us they're working on it. If you play 5 railjack mission atleast 1 will bug out. Specially I'm farming intrinsic now and face this bug too commonly. Can't even detonate by boarding reactor already melted. ARRGHHH.....
  6. I was playing Ophelia,Uranus in steel path mode. At 40+ min I decided to check my endo count and linked in the chat and clicked on it. Then I got stuck no buttons would work can't chat with squad. Lost the 6 steel essence I had got. This is annoying . Please check into this. My squadmates might have thought bad of me. Lost what I have farmed.
  7. Does blessing work on stationary defense objective? How about kavor defectors?
  8. Does phoenix renewal work on excavator? How about stationary defense objective?
  9. Can trinity Well of life or Blessing heal excavator? Or garuda Blood altar heal if in range?
  10. Defense objective is floating while the platform is above
  11. I had bought nidus long ago. Today I did the glast gambit quest. My friend told me that I was supposed to get a riven mod instead of the nidus blueprint. But there's nothing in the inbox. Is it bug or intended?
  12. Eeeh no prime drop in tennocon this year? !necrosprime
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