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  1. I didn't really learn anything but it was fun reading the post.
  2. I use Ash for lich hunting so none. They stand there doing nothing while getting pummeled.
  3. I usually just put them on the back because can't see them under most syndanas anyway. I see your point though, it does suck to have the points gained tied to the sigil.
  4. Wait until they get to the point of running bounties over and over for the season pass in Destiny 2 if they think Warframe is boring. Go to the official bungie forums and see how the long time players feel.
  5. Or you could do like every other adult with a hobby and actually buy something. Not everyone that buys platinum or prime access is "a kid with their parents money". Consider yourself lucky you even have the opportunity to trade for premium currency because I can't think of any other games that let you do that. You're going to make whiny topics as I can see from the last few days. Stating your age, how many jobs and kids you have and your responsibilities doesn't give your posts any more credit either, life sucks etc. for everyone at some point. You're not a vending machine but you are on an ignore list.
  6. There's probably not a big influx of new players and the ones that do give the game a try end up quitting. The game has been out so long that most of the people in trade chat have no use for prime sets. They're fairly easy to get also so all someone that is looking has to do is type WTB. Plenty of platinum hungry people that are gonna sell cheap just to get any platinum at all.
  7. It's also an unwritten rule that it always has to be the host that does it.
  8. Won't be that big of deal. I'll skip it just like railjack and play something else. The less time I play the game the less likely I am to buy anything, doesn't hurt me.
  9. I don't feel special when the prime accessories open again through the vault. If you wanted them should've bought them in the original release. They should also not be available to anyone who didn't buy or wasn't around the first time. (Obvious sarcasm)
  10. I'll stick to the tennis balls.
  11. Conclave is dead. Sorry but if I would've known this was a conclave topic I wouldn't have clicked on it. Typed that just to waste a few more seconds since I'm here lol. Yeah I should read tags, I'm dumb.
  12. Why do they even release these weapons like this in the first place is the real question? Seriously they've been making content for this game for years. If they knew this gun would be overpowered then don't release it just to nerf it later. But if no one uses it they leave it alone. This has been old for a while and is easily avoidable.
  13. Recruit or play with friends just to get that outta the way. In my experience if you're with randoms and ask at the beginning how long everyone wants to stay it kinda works. If someone doesn't answer then majority of the time they're leaving after first rotation. If it's the host that won't answer I just leave and queue up again.
  14. A gift of the lotus alert with 3 or 4 primary kitgun rivens after completion should happen the first weekend after release. I'd love to see the riven market for them instantly flooded. At least most people would get to enjoy them before the inevitable nerf hammer swings down.
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