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  1. What? I did 7 and 7 and I'm at 14. I don't understand what you're saying.
  2. Whose on the line? Oh wait, I don't have a line. Cringiest line in the game.
  3. Bring Oberon and make sure the floor is always covered. It really lowers the chances.
  4. After 137 more ghoul events it'll show up
  5. Can we get a fat frame first? I'm not even joking, I would love a frame that's the size of a kuva guardian, maybe not height but roundness. I'd love to bullet jump and roll around with him/her. Give it some cool powers and fat frame would be a favorite.
  6. Haven't seen. Play multiple hours a day mostly. Only missed two weekly challenges and no dailies. Just fought Stalker and G3 within 10 minutes of each other.
  7. Haven't seen him once. Been playing for hours and hours since NW dropped. Only missed two challenges and no dailies.
  8. Oh no Dragon7826 doesn't like Nightwave. DEs best customer isn't happy. Sorry I hate clickbait.
  9. You're doing something to make people mad just like everyone else who make these posts. Been playing thousands of hours and never see this random stuff happen. Not just me, all these other players always say they rarely see it. I doubt your so special that people just wanna fill up the chat box for no reason. All the swearing and hostile posts and you even had to throw in a mainstream political joke. Yeah kinda proving why these things happen to you.
  10. I never understood this either. Why do newer players expect to be on the same level as people who have been playing for years in a few months? I also don't understand all the complaining about time. It's a F2P grinding game. If you don't have much time to play then play a single player game or don't complain about missing stuff. Loot games are not meant to be played for little amounts of time and actually have everything.
  11. Recruited a team of randoms and did it first try. I made sure I was the host and Nekros though.
  12. Multiple hours every day since Nightwave release. Haven't seen him once.
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