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  1. I'm not gonna blindly "blame" anyone without facts. There are games with cross play and cross save in existence right now. It can be done.
  2. On console you're not getting rivens for good/meta/popular etc. weapons for cheap. That goes for being unrolled, high rolled or "g" rolled. It's also a rare occurrence anyone sells these unrolled because they wanna hit the "jackpot".
  3. I want DE to send me a dollar for every enemy I kill. Also more Vay Hek.
  4. Only people I ignore quickly are the ones who ask for a riven link when I specify unrolled and MR. Even if it's dirt cheap they still wanna see a link and always respond with "nty" after you show it. The last one I didn't ignore but sold it to someone else while he was telling me how I was lazy. No not lazy, just not gonna waste my time for a "nty" because you want unrolled to mean CC, CD, MS.
  5. Id laugh if they put in an AH and you could only buy things with credits. Platinum trades would remain as is.
  6. Vay Hek because I love his enthusiasm.
  7. Imagine wanting hotfixes and updates to halt so a clan emblem can get approved (even though I'm pretty sure the same people don't do these things). Then whine about it to people who can't help you. Then play victim with buzzwords like "harassment" and "personal attacks". You're the one who came on here acting selfish and admitting you're spamming support tickets. Thank you but I hope to interact with brighter players.
  8. On PS4 Trove had no filter unless you turn it on. Those little brats are so gross I had to disable world chat. That's why it's funny that these censor "filters" are to protect the children.
  9. I already bought everything from all the vendors. Rank 5 is all I have to do now except farm necramech mods.
  10. If they do the Sobek, Grinlok and Harpak better make it this time.
  11. Railjack needs to be scrapped and the resources removed.
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