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  1. If you don't want the MR points don't bother. I can't speak on the missions difficulty to get him because I was so excited for a fat frame that I bought his access pack. Took about 30 minutes before I realized what a mistake that was.
  2. Poor sergeant. Those complete 3 assassination mission challenges should be renamed to kill the sergeant 3 times.
  3. Really wish they'd just do them all along with grineer and be done with it.
  4. At this point we'll see a kuvad kuva bramma before a kuva Sobek.
  5. It'll be the weekend of tennocon. You'll get a in game notification for the special relay.
  6. Maroos has good drink specials and doesn't water down the alcohol.
  7. (PSN)thowed


    Gas is horrible I agree. When it comes to magnetize I actually use it on high level corpus. Magnetize and toxin drops them way faster than viral and slash.
  8. This so much. I'm almost at the point where I don't get excited for variants anymore because I know Sobek is never coming.
  9. I wish they'd just kuva the rest of the grineer weapons. It'd be fast, cheap and give me something to do. The Sobek, hek, argonak, acrid, veldt, boar etc. would make me happy to farm liches.
  10. Was thinking the exact same thing. I have seen it and no amount of word play will downplay the way they were acting over the arcanes. It was always about the platinum.
  11. The Sobek. Now only if I could use it past level 10.
  12. This so much. I still get aggravated at taking the knockback because of this.
  13. I never do public spy missions. I'd rather spend the extra two minutes alone to make sure it's done right.
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