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  1. Then why take notes from it? Wanna give some changes centered around Mario Bros. next?
  2. This is true. I have the game also. It's a great game but it's not a looter shooter and has nothing in common with Warframe besides being a video game.
  3. New players are entitled and whiny. Hence this topic. Who are you to demand people come and change your mind on some stupid generalization you made because you probably aren't that good and got called out on it? Change my mind. See how easy it is when you're ignorant?
  4. Just play a BR game. No need for every game to try and be trendy.
  5. Rhino is actually used in late game content though. I get that people that get him early might use him as a crutch. However those people will just switch to Inaros later anyway. There's nothing wrong with Inaros, I'm talking about the people that use him every single mission never contributing anything except to their easy survival.
  6. I'll offer to give mods and prime parts for free to people that are advertising they WTB. I'm not going to give them to people straight up asking for them. I'm sure as hell not gifting anything out of the store for platinum. They also beg in trade chat. I wonder if they realize it hurts them in the long run. I know I'm not the only one that instantly ignores them and then later on when they actually wanna buy/sell/trade alot of potential deals can't be made because they're on ignore.
  7. He's one of my favorite frames. He's never sucked or been useless. Just because there are frames that can slaughter the map with little effort now is the reason why you hear this. He's pretty fun in kuva runs because the enemies spawn straight into bastille, just watch out for the fat guys. I recently built a second one because my first one is formad for specific mods. Adaptation helps alot. He's actually fun and useful as long as there's not a nuker around but that can be said about any frame.
  8. Hydroid and Baruuk are the only ones that aren't popular on your list. Either way, try them all. You might be surprised which ones you like.
  9. I usually sell good roles cheap because I don't wanna sit in trade chat. If I'm over 90 and can't do the sortie I just melt them into endo after about 3 posts.
  10. Hydroid and Vauban- The drunk has beens that hang out in the tavern acting like they still got it.
  11. The challenges that annoy me are any that have rng or some form of it. Fishing, mining, thumpers etc. Having to find or waiting for things to spawn isn't really fun, especially when they won't in a timely manner.
  12. Been playing since release. When it first came out all you had to do was run Rhino through the entire game. No maxed mods or anything like that was needed. It felt more challenging because lack of leveled mods, lack of variety of mods and frame powers. Most of these topics aren't just talking about balance, they basically describe another game that already exists. We should bring back the Platinum for revives too.
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