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  1. I always bring Mag to make it as easy as I can for the other players to finish. This way I avoid alot of early exits.
  2. Always use Limbo. Switch teleport everyone with loki. Use the most visual powers and guns with the brightest colors. Bring nuke frames to rad sorties and only use powers when infected. Obviously a joke but it seems like alot of people follow these rules.
  3. Doesn't the projectile speed mod increase dps for greater distances? It's allowed.
  4. No matter what gets primed or whatever they all need the self revive ability of the deimos cat thing (sorry can't remember the name). This one ability has made it my always used companion except for kuva farming with a kavat.
  5. If they got rid of them the weapons would remain exactly the same without the option to put a riven on it. I can do everything with one frame so why do I need more? Getting rid of them will also not make your other items sell all of the sudden (one of the real reasons people want them gone). Me or anyone having them has no effect on your game whatsoever (other than jealousy, the other real reason). Let's not pretend it's all about balance because that's bs. There are frames that you can bring without a weapon equipped and kill the majority of the enemies. The low disposition stat increas
  6. Had corona and was sick 3 days. I know what'll it'll do to me unlike the long term effects of that rushed vaccine or whatever else they decided to put in it. I'll happily be labeled a "nutcase" over a guinea pig. But you're right the controlavirus isn't going anywhere.
  7. I want a ship as big as the one on Spaceballs. The one at the beginning moving past the screen.
  8. I was trying to get catch some last week to build the new pistol. I couldn't even get them to spawn. Even at the "hotspots" after the initial fish were gone nothing ever came back. It was easier to just do sacrifice pillars until I got the materials to drop.
  9. I don't watch anyone unless I need a location of something. Then I randomly click whatever comes up in the search engine and usually mute the video. Walkthroughs are cool but I'm definitely not watching an opinion video from anyone. I'm not from that generation though so to each their own.
  10. Switch to solo and bring Mesa. It's what I do on every radiation defense.
  11. I don't wanna risk getting banned so I'm not gonna explain it. I'll just take it you're not from America. I don't need a hint, what I said actually applies and is true in America and some other "enlightened" countries.
  12. It would be cool but should be avoided due to all the European descendants it would offend.
  13. What does being a no lifer have to do with people liking and talking about a new frame? Do you ever contribute anything besides your smug attitude to a topic? What you meant to say is "Not everyone is still fairly new to Warframe and has as much to do as me to catch up so I can be the vet I pretend to be on the forums".
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