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  1. Can't play Orfix Mission on the Railjack in Proximity Veil. Sentients too quickly fill the percentage to 100% and I stupidly do not have time to destroy all orfixes. Solo game.
  2. I tried many times to capture or kill Kuva Lich quickly, but it took me at best - 3 days. I tried to collect the requiem murmurs as soon as possible, open up new planets to search for players, but the fastest result was 3 days. I do not know how to speed up this process. A bunch of guides revised - did not help. What to do?
  3. Hello. I appeal to you with such a question - how to defeat the dude who guards the knot of Jupiter? Now a little more. My rank is 4. My arsenal was: Excalibur, Boltor, Furis, Heat Sword and Exalted Blade. All this at the maximum rank. I read, if you have all the weapons on Max, then you will not be able to raise your rank. I was forced to change the weapon and pump it. Now my new arsenal: Excalibur, Dex Sybaris, Spectra Vandal, Dual Scan and Exalted Blade. It's time to open the node of Jupiter. But what surprised me - I can not beat this guy, because for me it is impossible. 1. He is constantly hiding behind weapons that reflect bullets. From the back I don’t hope to kill him, because he turns around. 2. My weapons are not suitable for this, because for the new weapons I need nano spores that can be dug out further on the planets, and now I don’t have them. Those weapons, the drawings for which I already have, I read reviews about them, they say that they are stupidly not suitable for this. Now from the weapons that I can create, I have: Vulkar, Vektis, Hind and hek. Of warframes there are (uncreated) Gara and Valkyr. But even if I try to start building new weapons or warframes, I need those materials that can be. o find only on other planets. Now for the battle. I tried to go through with both new and old weapons. NOTHING WORKS. For example, Spectrum almost does not cause any damage. If you beat a pair of scans or a sword, it stupidly reflects the blows and cuts you and you die. It is impossible to play from far away, as it also begins to reflect the fire from the gun. I could have defeated him with a majestic blade, but for some reason he removes himself and gets an ordinary sword (or skana), and then ... as usual. The dude reflects the blows, cuts you with his weapon, dodges when you run behind him, fires and you die. It seems the other nodes were simple, but this one is very complex ... or not? Please answer and, if possible, in more detail.
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