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  1. You can pay for Discord Nitro with PayPal, not requiring you to pay with credit or debit card.
  2. This "dilemma" kind of reminds me of the past. When we had alerts still, I saw a couple of players frequently asking why they would lock alerts behind hard to reach planets or even subplanets they haven't unlocked yet. Yes, I'm talking about quest gated areas. Basically we look at the same kind of "problem": there is content, Digital Extremes sees that their content has been taken in and is established as part of the game by the community, they start to implement the new content into systems that use the game's content, people start to complain about said content being part of the system Yes, it is only accessible through work. Unlockables in a game, expansions. Do you want DE to not use their areas and content since it is not part of the "base" experience? They clearly see it differently, these are parts of the game, as are the nightwave's rewards, and you can be sure most of those nightwave rewards will either return in a future nightwave or as new creds purchasables. You cannot possibly miss out on something completely if they don't claim so (as they do with Tennocon cosmetics or the founder gear).
  3. It's actually in the information list if you click on the migration in your profile
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