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  1. Oh, no doubt whatever DE posts it'll be met with "you nerfed x, so y is dead to me. The game is doomed for the 427th time and DE will sorely wish they kept me as a customer. K bye now gg, gotta play fortnite tenno losers cuzz it's so much better than poopframe". I'm just happy about expanding RJ, both in more variety in missions and rewards, as well as the thingy that allows us to use our own builds in other people's squads. A bit concerned about the whole gun/melee changes, since it's yet another major buff that can't be taken back because of the "only buffs allowed, nerfs are forbidden
  2. No, they are not. Just making them more easily accessible to players. 99.9% sure, to be on the safer side.
  3. I wouldn't object to this. I even think it'd be a healthy option for customers, save for effects related to players picking Resource Booster + Resource Drop Chance Booster, which I'd find a tad too far for all this freedom. As for me, personally, I'm right where I want to be with my Affinity + Resource Booster. I really couldn't ask for a better combo.
  4. Leave it to the Grineer to build solid boomsticks. I'd like this. While we're on it, a Corpus Arm Cannon too. I love how the Lenz and Bramma use the same concept in such a distinct way. It'd be interesting to see this on Arm Cannons.
  5. Yeah, this frustrates me as well. I wish there was a matchmaking lobby for waiting for team mates. Specially considering those who do not wish to host.
  6. You are a saint. I'd be oblivious to this opportunity if not for this PSA, since I don't have a habit of checking the honors every week. A tad sad that I never got around to farm the Steel Essence for last week's shotty riven, however. That's how much I tend to neglect Steel Path, despite these cool offers. Even last time I had to see one such PSA to grab my Umbra Forma from then. 😅
  7. The whole grind should be reworked like that. Exactly like Orphix Venom. Not just future content, but past content as well. The Warframe of today has no place for the kind of grind that was very prominent in 2017 and earlier. This should apply to all grind runs for parts to build weapons, frames and so on. It should apply to Kuva Weapons. Quest frames should be available to be re-farmed from their respective quests instead of Simaris, now that the game promotes building a second unit of many frames due to the Helminth room. The list goes on and on. Newbies would appreciate and b
  8. There's usually some fallen mechs by The Actuary's Pride or Infested Seraglio. Basically any location where you spot live mechs during Vome. If they don't show up go back to Necralisk and back out to refresh spawns. This with the fallen ones being there during Fass, for that matter.
  9. It's in situations like this one that DE's good name gets called into question. Because whenever the player is punished in any way, shape or form, the chances of reaching a solution are very, veeeryyy slim. It's a losing battle against the costumer because DE basically has full authority over every single thing. They can be dead in the wrong, but unless there's a HUGE backlash it's usually swept under the rug - either by pretending it doesn't exist, or justifying it with some big and well placed corporate words, or by diverting attention to other more positive things to make players forget abo
  10. Imagine being part of such a big and influential tenno illuminatti faction, who apparently have done such a good job of keeping Saryn numbers low, just to rat them out right here and now lmao. Now, seriously, if such a group were to even exist I don't see what would prevent DE from getting wind of it and possibly even planting someone on the inside. Makes me remember of the whole riven mafia shenanigan a while back. *Waves the secret signal, conspicuously*
  11. DE may not be able to add a drop to a player's inventory, but if your name is in the log and it proves you met the requirements for the drop (I.e. it was not your fault), then I see no reason for them not to be able to simply send you an Umbral Forma in the mail box - dev side. Anything else just seems like skipping the point to me. At least in these cases where a player followed every instruction and the drop just wasn't available to claim, or no progress meter was shown. Still, the fact that when you carefully explain everything to support and even state that "I followed every inst
  12. Some of those mods can be pretty useful. They are not intended for general use, but mainly in situations where the negative stat is irrelevant, or when you can make up for the negative stat using other mods and boosts. At the same time it offers yet another layer of stat boost on the positive stat. At first it can seem counter-intuitive, and in this case it does tend to be, but that's one of the things I like the most about Warframe modding - how fluid it is. Most mods have the potential to shine, even if not meta, even if only on niche situations. In this particular case, it
  13. Truly weird tbh. I really see no reason for such a delay, specially since both consoles are closer than ever in development terms... That said, PS is usually very fond of its exclusivity deals. No official word on that, but I hope it's not the main reason.
  14. Well, since DE plans to release it in the next few weeks it would be weird if most of it wasn't completed, tbh. I bet it's mostly a matter of finishing touces, ironing out stuff and catch bugs at this point. I'm just a touch surprised they didn't launch a test server for it this time.
  15. To me it's pretty simple if the Founding Warlord has trust issues about their subordinates: Keep the Founding Warlord as the sole platinum manager of the clan. There, no one can screw up the clan then. This is the same logic as with all other roles in the clan. From chat moderation to resource management and architectural privileges.
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