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  1. My issue with that mechanic lies with the tied mastery it provides, not the "forma per mod points" part. In fact, I even like that part, since it does allow me to exchange effort for extended mod capacity. To be clear, the only reason to feel like the 5 forma is mandatory is mastery. Strip that part away, and you're left with a pure choice. One with potential benefits, but no downsides whatsoever. Remember, either the weapon is worth 5 forma (and you'll likely reach the mod point count you need for most min max build at 2 or 3 forma) or it isn't, and you don't lose anything by not investi
  2. Whenever it's ready, since DE doesn't work with release dates. And that's assuming all tennogen does come with Arcana.
  3. Well, can't argue with the logic. So far I haven't had any issues understanding despite being a non-native english speaker. Haven't watched Taylor streams either, to be honest. I do notice thay Geoff tends to mumble a bit, even though that's just part of his shy-ish personality (at least for the cameras). But this game has a very international community, and ultimately if someone wishes to make sure information gets correctly passed across then certain steps should be taken into consideration when approaching such a large and diverse audience. I.e. clarity of speech, proper placement of m
  4. I'm mostly surprised they'd even say it would come out this year. I don't recall it, but I'll believe it until I see proof otherwise si ce I'm too lazy to go to the source. I do recall the devstream, vaguely. I mean, we already know the work put into a frame, and that the pandemic doesn't ease things up. So even one frame takes a lot of effort, why plan for two frames in two months? Even on the best of times we usually get 1 frame per every 1.5 months-ish - 1 new frame and 1 prime. Except when new frames get delayed. In the end this doesn't affect me, since I wasn't even 100% sure La
  5. I like it. I wish to hire Baro's services to retrieve the monolith so I can buy it to expose in my dojo. I shall offer 5000 ducats and 7 credits for the piece.
  6. Uhm... What about the "muh early broken updates, can't wait for console certs" people from pc? The ones mostly against a unified game version across platforms, which would mean one of the biggest cross stuff hurdles would be gone? I'm all for waiting for a stable release after pc, or an early somewhat broken content release that gets patched quickly. But atm we are getting somewhat broken updates which still take a while to get patched (it's improved lately, tho). Whatever DE does, I just want them to stick with one pr the other, instead of a mix of both.
  7. So long as it's unique and different from other open worlds I'm all up for it. I mean, underwater exploring in Uranus, an actual gas city open world in Jupiter, a bustling urban area in, say, Neptune, a sandworm-riddled desert on Mars... That sorta thought train, whichever direction DE decides to go.
  8. I wouldn't go as far as trusting players with the power to vote kick, but I wouldn't mind a timed afk kick (with warnings and timers included, as other games do), and available only on public missions.
  9. Remove the MR aspect of it, make it a simple "effort for modding freedom" mechanic, and watch 99% of complainers go silent. Also, apply this mechanic, no mastery attached, to all upgraded weapons (vandals, prime, wraith, etc), in order to make them more valuable. This second thought is unlikely due to a number of reasons, but I'd still like my Opticor and Supra Vandals to reach kuva weapon levels of modding freedom. And I somehow doubt there'll be corpus lich version of them.
  10. Indeed it will. Next step is being able to pick textures for our gear, along with colors. I really do enjoy how Anthem handles that.
  11. And that is already a great deed on itself! Hopefully this will encourage players and developers alike, and the organization will be much closer to the needed amount than they would otherwise. Sometimes we all must contribute to a cause greater than ourselves, even if we end up taking a boot for it. /s *does a bump to keep the thread up for a little longer*
  12. I find her to be powerful and pretty good for some very select content (Solo Grendel farm comes to mind, Arbs as well), but I also find her overly convoluted in how she works. Her base skin is also pretty meh... Her deluxe is even meh-er... And her tennogen skins, despite being good, are not "omg this completely changes my view on the frame" kinds of good. Such an example would be Chroma's base skin (which is pretty fugly) and either his deluxe or prime, or even Inaros on the exact same way. Alas, I won't really complain about Octavia, since some player do tend to like all the numbe
  13. So... a PC exclusive frame, I guess? Another one, for that matter. I mean, consoles have nowhere near the amounts of circulating platinum PC has, nor access to platinum purchase discounts apart from the meh seasonal ones. That's why I am thankful the game doesn't pull the kind of poop which was suggested, since that would effectively cut 98% (completely accurate /s) of the community out of obtaining that frame.
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