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  1. The stagger might be annoying on some weapons, but it will never be as annoying as getting killed by my own weapons. I could live with that suggestion, to be fair, but I'd still prefer self-stagger. I love me my power fantasy.
  2. That's a great relief to hear. Thank you. Hope I share the same luck.
  3. Same here. Even followed the instructions here, to the letter as always, and with my own account, my wife's, and my best friend's, since they are not very tech savvy. Both of them got their rewards. I did not. Sometimes I receive the reward, they do not. Now, I submitted a request to DE's zendesk with screenshots of my drops earned and claimed on twitch. But do I believe it'll be any help? Nope. I'm pretty sure I'll be lambasted with that usual "make sure you relink your account, here's how to do it" text. And I'm aware that DE does not control the drop system. Still, that should not prevent people who did earn their rewards from receiving a manual drop from the dev team via script.
  4. Tenet Tetra is the most powerful... for now. And I don't mean a better weapon will be released. Haven't been in game yet, so can't really share experiences.
  5. Frankly, it should have stayed as it was. Full affinity share. Not only that, but instead of that nice system taking a nerf, it should have applied to more in-game modes.
  6. Yes. And Steel Path alerts could instead grant a slightly bigger reward (like, 5-7 SE) imho. Such changes would still not be enough for me to enjoy SP, since I'd mostly like to do other stuff like opening relics (I'd even accept no fissure boosters, but being able to open like 2 relics per player tbh). Still, the suggested change is welcome nonetheless.
  7. Well, that didn't sting as much as I antecipated. I'm positively surprised with the Berserker change. I luvs my speed, but the decoupling from crit chance means I can better use it with some of my favorite status melees. A welcome change overall. I am sad for the glaives tho. I was just starting to love my Glaive Prime, from not liking them at all before. Back to heavy blades and polearms, I guess. I will give it a chance, though. I seriously hope it's still pretty neat for Steel Path, tho the nerfed numbers don't really make me eager to find out. As for the rest, seems rather ok. Please let the Liches be conquered as fast as some players have reported on PC, and please don't make those requiem wildcards and lich beacons be too much of a legendary item. Pwetty pwease. Kudos to the team!
  8. Honestly I'd just revamp and expand that entire system, since it has a really good premise. I'd create a specific way, an actual toggle, to swap stances, like we nowadays do with abilities made of multiple sub-abilities (I.e. Vauban's grenades). I'd then expand our arsenal by creating more of these hybrid weapons, maybe even expand the system to guns. The possibilities are immense.
  9. Keep doing as you are! I'm far more excited for the update now.
  10. I'd be happier if they just defined what sort of items are seasonal, and what items are not. For example, ephemeras should be available all the time imho. Stuff like head gear and so on, could be special and only available during their respective seasons. It feels iffy that I can sport my bat ephemera all year long but not the easter and dog days ones.
  11. I'd personally go Damage + Electric. Both Detrons have a pretty lame Crit Chance. But it's not like the other riven would be useless, depending on which Detron you put it in. Both are desirable rolls imho, it's just a matter of choosing what's more important: More raw damage, or a bit of crit with added QoL. Cheers.
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