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  1. Raids should come back eventually, so these Sekharas should return ad well. Not sure about Invati, since it was above all a shush gift, but both sekharas from LoR and JV should have no issues returning if these trials return as well.
  2. It doesn't matter what you have, but how you use it. As an example, just 2 weeks ago I entered a Spy Sortie as a Valkyr. Yes, fun story time. So I was there, Valkyr in a Grineer Galleon Sortie Spy. My team was composed by Wukong, a Loki and an Ivara. "Oh, no worries" - I thought to myself. "I'll just go to C." On my way there I noticed everyone had ignored Vault A, so I proceeded to do it, without being detected. It was this one: Funnily enough I couldn't risk doing this one the cheesy way, so I found a way through the pipes in order to not be detected. First time attempting it, and proudly nailed it. After completing it with success I went on to C. Along the way I found Wukong, he was too busy goofing around with the enemies. "No biggie" - I thought, and proceeded. Loki was at B, so I went to see if Ivara needed assistance at C. When I reached her I nearly had a stroke - she was standing there charging her energy at this very vault: I mean, her caution is good and all. But you literally just need to jump to the top of the room where the console is and drop through the broken glass. Which I did in the time she was spending idle. By the time she moved I was already halfway the hack. A and C done. But what about B? Yup, Loki was apparently still struggling with it, so back I went to lend a hand. Along the way I also found Wukong again, still goofing around. Upon reaching Vault B, this one: I found Loki doing it the long hard way - hacking each terminal in order to open the doors and shutting down the lasers inside the vault. All I had to do was jump to the hatch above the door in the picture, kill the enemy inside, and hack it. In short - Me, a Valkyr using no abilities, outdid greatly 3 spy-oriented frames with ease. And these weren-t any new players either (MR15-25) nor Valkyr was a favorite frame. It was just the frame I happened to have active at the time I launched sortie. So it isn't what you have in your arsenal, but how well you can play the game and how much experience you got. Case in point what I mean is that I don't find Wukong to be "the easier option", but rather just one of several. And even if it's one of the easier options, even if players do pick him, Ivara, Ash, Loki, Octavia or Limbo it still doesn't guarantee the sortie will play nice and smooth. Because even though I can handle all spies rather well even I can make mistakes. Rarely, but I do. On other note, what would happen if all of a sudden players started using Wukong for spy sorties exclusively? You guessed, nerfing time! DE isn't a fan of one-sided, forget-about-other-alternatives kind of meta. They like variety, and good on them for that. Oh, and yeah, I am a Loki main and starter. Not that I need Loki.
  3. I've been suggesting a tab-based gear wheel for a long time, so we can have multiple utility tabs and switch between them on the go. Kinda like Loadouts but for the Wheel. Sadly DE seems to have no interest in making an actually good gear wheel to replace the poorly designed one we have right now. 😞
  4. Lucky for all of us DE already stated here that they plan to add a "hold to confirm" to this very prompt. And it can't get to us early enough!
  5. I think it caps. At least from my limited experience as someone who uses a Grendel+Pennant combo in Railjack to quickly take care of boarders. Hopefully I'm wrong, and that someone barges in with more than "personal feel" data.
  6. Either leave it as is - Primed Chamber - a mod on its own, or change both the color and name to the usual "Primed Mod" platinum tint with the name "Primed Charged Chamber". Since that'd be the actual prime upgrade to Charged Chamber. Just a matter of semanthics but if we're going the correct route we might as well be darn sure it gets as correct as it can be. Even if it's unlikely to happen.
  7. I have my Shedu, and I farmed it as such: Some parts by using Nekros desecrate; Some parts by using Ivara Prowl; One of the parts, chassi, I got by trading with other players a dupe part I had. After all since all 4 parts share a 25% drop chance it means there's a good chance you'll find someone who has extra parts you need and needs your extra parts. And the value ends up being the same. --- Shame we don't have OV Night. Seems like a missed opportunity to have some night landscape with gorgeous, jaw-dropping, glowing mushrooms (due to bioluminescence). What a sight it could have been... 😞
  8. Yeah... That's what happens when you prioritize marketing over a good delivery. Players feel deceived, worn-out and then quit. In other words, that's what happens when you start hyping a project 1 year+ in anticipation, showing off something that will change drastically and possibly even have many shown things pulled off by the time it releases. Not to mention the rushed release just for the 15-minute-fame of "Oh my! They released it during the freaking Game Awards!!!". Now apply that logic to pretty much everything else.
  9. I agree with it except for the host. Make the host still wait 1 minute so that team mates can have a chance to avoid a host migration, basically. If it's not the host then no biggie, let them leave quickly.
  10. DE is literally taking a dump on players who played Nightwave official seasons by offering past rewards during intermissions with no alternative reward (I.e. some kind of currency) for those who had them. Not only that, NW allows you to do all challenges right as the end is near and still reach Rank 30. Nightwave has many defects, one of the gravest being the fact that DE basically left it catching dust to focus on other projects (imho), but FOMO is most definitely not one of those problems. Now the stories, yup. Either do it right, or rework the system to be just a regular bland battlepass with no high dev effort attached to it. I hate it when they promise something cool just to basically abandon it later because it needs attention and maintenance.
  11. Sadly enough this has been suggested before. It seems to happen the same way with exalted weapons. And Venari seems to count as one. Maybe someday it'll be implemented.
  12. Have you tried Kuva Weapons and their 5-forma grind, OP? Because that's yet another example of what you describe. And I agree. This strategy of artificially raising the grind with such cheap tactics are DE's usual resort to "keep us engaged". It's just what it is, just like their Steve's-Twitter-based poll that was completely biased good for collecting viable statistical data.
  13. I'm not particularly fond of an FPS camera, but... I've had this glitch before as well and while not liking it for main gameplay it's certainly something worth considering. Now the part where my true wishes and intentions come in - If DE were to create an FPS toggle one could have a tiny glimmer of hope for a VR adaptation/mode in the years to come. And that is one thing I'd certainly like, no matter how far-fetched it sounds.
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