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  1. It's a difficult question to answer since all of them have their own playstyles and because melee's are being changed as we speak. But on my own experience nothing's better than Polearms. 99% of my melee usage is Guandao (crit) and a Plague Kripath Zaw Polearm built for status. The other 1% is Tatsu, which has a really interesting set of moves, and it doesn't have a poopy range. If you ask me objectively, I'd say some of the most loved melees by the community would be polearms (ofc!), heavy swords like Galatine (reg or prime) or Gram Prime, mostly any zaw, some of the whips and maybe Nikana weapons (Tatsu included). Pretty much all weapons are good if you give them a proper chance, but these ones are the most sure ones to give you the battle edge you'll ever need.
  2. Honestly I have to agree on most of this. DE did give ample warning but I very much doubt it'd cost them to actually set up a timer in the nightwave or alert pages (an actual timer for the event's end, not just the week), or to send players a message to their inboxes at least a week before the end with an official end date and time. Plus, even if we can't earn anymore wolf creds I seriously don't see the reason for removing the store. It could still be there permanently while the challenges were gone, and change once a new season starts. And for anyone wondering no, I was not affected by this. I knew about it, and spent all my credits 3 days before. So this is not a victim's complaint, but something I think should really improve. Even if DE already stated they'd provide us with an end date from the beginning of Season 2.
  3. Seriously, these would be my recommendations as well. Plus Guandao for melee at MR4. Think about getting those, forma them and put mods in them so that they can reach their great potential. Don't be afraid of seeing youtube builds as needed, and slowly get the mods you'll need, even if inferior/non-primed versions. Then, when you know you have at least one solid loadout for clearing the map focus on leveling up everything you can, to further raise your Mastery. If you face an obstacle your weapons can't tackle just switch to your main loadout. Also, on frames, just in case. Try to prioritize by type - stealth, tank, defense, dps, support. These should cover all of your needs in the star-chart. As for weapons you'll soon see what sorties are. Try to get, as soon as you can, primaries such as a sniper, a bow and a rifle. It won't be until you're already late in the star-chart but you'll need to have these types for some sortie missions. Best luck, Tenno!
  4. I think it's pretty fine as it is. Since the game has been growing for quite some time, and PS4 (or other consoles) are only as potent as most "good pc's" from some years ago. Even on PC they always make sure as many potato pc's can run it, but there always comes a point when DE must update the requirements and up the scales a bit. Not surprising since most live-services have gone hand in hand with gaming development over the years and the current console gen has just entered its end cycle. Want better graphs, more like some of the better PC's nowadays? I'm sure it'll come with PS5/whatever the next Xbox is. Along with better and smoother performance. And I'm sure at this point, also, most of the development is being held back both by consoles and potato PC's. When we get a next-gen upgrade I do expect to see some bigger improvements than the ones we currently see DE adding to the game, since their "experimenting zone" will get a lot bigger from that upgrade. That's why I'm not even bothering about buying a PS4 Pro, despite wanting those sweet ludicrous particles. Might as well wait for the next gen at this point and just enjoy the game as I can.
  5. Actually it was just Nora that hijacked the radio's location. I guess she, like most of us, was done with the boring transmissions and decided to just begin a show herself. Kudos to her!
  6. If Chesa could still retrieve plants I'd use it a lot more. Specially with the possibility of "Collect x plants" challenge in nighwave, and farming silver grove specters, which actually gives me an excuse to use it.
  7. So... After you finish any other games, let's use Single Players for a good example's sake, what do you do? You give it a rest until either an expansion comes, or a sequel, or you just accept that there's little you can do apart from creating your own goals within the game. Like 100%-ing it, have dumb fun, or something like that. And note that Warframe already gives players a very large lifespan of content, and that its amount is always growing. Please do note that "100%" is limited by what you think it should be. My 100% surely doesn't include collecting all mods, but I do know people who got so bored they made it a goal. It's a very fickle matter tbh.
  8. Well, I guess there are 2 sides to a coin. I'll say here that many might not bother purchasing because they already have free ones. I mean, there's a reason as to why we say Fashionframe is endgame, even if mostly as a joke. It means "don't spend plat on cosmetics until you no longer need to prioritize essential stuff such as slots", which tends to be most of your journey as a player. Nowadays I have a lot more cosmetics than I ever wished, all my frames look rad (according to me ofc) and I'm quite happy dashing trough the crowds killing while being gorgeous 100% of the time. But it took me a long time to achieve that feel, since I had to make do with my squishy and scrawny Loki most of my journey at the beginning. Lame colors drawn from the sample colors from the only pallete you start in the game. No armor, no syandana, no sentinel accessories, etc. Just my Loki in his default skin as his lame colors. Which was fine. Now I struggle to choose which cosmetic and which color combination should I use on my many frames, and god is it daunting to change most of them everytime a new cosmetic shows up. Being gorgeous takes massive effort! 👸 Well, as I implied above that can be very relative. I mean, it's mostly a matter of taste. But while you're partially right I assume most of the prisma armors are generally better than the regular versions on the market. Then there's the Tennogen items, which I believe cannot be made available for farm even if a new version could be created. Because that could draw profits from the actual creators of them, or so I believe because I'm not 100% sure on this one. It just makes sense to me. Also, still on the Tennogen part, it's much easier to find items that are much prettier than the other ones. Either because they tend to be rarer and therefore more desirable, or because it's a player generated thing so there's much more freedom in regards to variety, or even because some of the Tennogen stuff derive mostly from a joint effort between the community and creators. Which tends to create products that are tailor-made for our tastes since we players get to see what creators share with us from the drawing phase, up to the final effects and what we believe would make "that" item even better. At least that's my take on it, but everything is a matter of opinion in the end, and there might be more factors that could weight in on this.
  9. Well, I really don't know what the 3rd Orb could drop. Profit Taker drops credits. Exploiter drops resources. I guess it could be some sort of a special toroid + other toroids. If we speak in terms of OV resources, that is.
  10. What do you think his 2 does? Poor starving god 😂
  11. My mate... It just be like that. You may ask them to tone down the grind, to provide more interesting content, to provide farmable cosmetic alternatives to the purchaseable ones, to sweeten the deals by adding timed discounts and pack options, etc. But we must always remember that it's still a business in the end, and people gotta eat and be happy with their jobs. And that DE is far from being as greedy and scummy as other companies that make more short-term profits than DE due to their lack of morals. Besides we already have many farmable cosmetics, I dare even say better versions than the ones at the store. Look at Baro's prisma armors and items, the skins we get from time to time, etc. And in the end, pretty much everything (and on consoles this even includes tennogen) is farmable by just farming plat. On vets, as a vet myself, they are far from being the most important. They are important and have some influence, true. But new players are the priority. There's only so much you can do to appease to the old and bored player that has become so obsessed he thinks the game should expand as he personally sees it. A good veteran suggests how he thinks it should be done, but without demanding and leaving the game if DE doesn't do it. A good veteran knows DE needs to think about the consequences of every change for everyone, and weight the pros and cons from a business perspective. Same for everyone. It's a game, none of us have a gun pointed to our heads (that I know of), and we all must accept that the game is always prone to big changes that might affect entire groups of players. Anyway, I guess you mean nothing bad by this suggestion, but it is what it is. Cheers!
  12. Well... I think you mostly mean for Season 3. Since it's a bit too tight to implement most new suggestions at this point for S2. Though I do like the "extra optional requirement" one. Looks like it'd add spice to it. Hopefully it'll be a thing someday, but we still have to see how the whole "less challenges for more points" will turn out in S2, because I think this suggestion would affect it.
  13. Well, maybe someday. It's a wish for most of us, I believe. Including DE. But the main issues with this right now are getting DE and all the big corps working together and actually allowing it, and adapting the whole game to that kind of massive change. It'd probably require looking and adapting the exclusive items from each platforms, how Tennogen and plat purchases work, figuring out possible impacts on economy and preventing too much of a hit to them, defining if and how it should be limited to prevent abuses, etc. It'd be a nice addition, and there's a growing hope for it, but it does mess around with a lot of core parts of the game and requires negotiations, but it might happen a few years from now. But currently the quickest and easiest answer is "No. It isn't a thing and it doesn't seem like it'll be". Plus, as a last resource, even if consoles can't synch updates with pc, it might still possible to do it between consoles only. So there's at least that, even if very unlikely.
  14. I doubt you can do anything about Season 1, but there are at least 2 good things for you: Season 2 will have a catch-up mechanic and there'll be less challenges for the same overall amount of standing; Season 1 will surely return at some point and feature for sure the fixes of Season 2 and whatever new advantages the next few seasons also bring. Cheers!
  15. As others said the best advice is really to take it nice and easily. Enjoy the ride. If you struggle with the modding system there's nothing wrong with asking for advice here or copy from a youtuber or something. As you do it you'll slowly learn how it all fits together. Also, pace yourself. Some areas of the game are very rng-heavy. Don't try too hard, somethimes all of us get unlucky, as to not get severely burned out. The key here is commitment, but still controlled fun-based commitment. Cheers!
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