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  1. It's a one-time deal to sacrifice the frame... Like with when a frame releases, you just have to farm it once, and done. I do agree that the costs from simaris frames should be lowered, not sure if 50% will cut it, but it's already a good thing that they even thought of it to me. As for drop rates, whether they buff them or nerf them it'll always come down to the lucky guy who had them easily dropped, and the poor unlucky sod who just can't get that last part to drop. For example, farmed Atlas, Ash, Ember, Equinox and Excalibur today. I guess I was on the good side of luck today, but tomorrow it could become gruesome grind nonetheless. Even for Equinox I only had one part, and I'm going on an alphabetical order. I'm all for toning down the grind, but somehow I doubt DE will go further than they already committed to, specially since these are still one-and-done items despite them having us farming frames for a second time. --- As for changes down the line I do believe you should be able to default your frame for free. So if DE botches an ability that became part of the meta at least you don't see your investment completely rejected. Not excited to farm 2 frames every release, however. Not with how DE sometimes just releases gruesome grinds in some cases. *looks in disgust at Sanctuary Onslaught*
  2. Well, the camera path from captura is already there... And there's the NPC's already there, as well, which means they would just need to add onto what already exists. So... Why not? I like the idea for sure.
  3. It's actually been there for a long time now, as seen in multiple devstreams. As to the what, it's as said above.
  4. If you see the history of how skins change from concepts to reality you'll quickly realize this is hardly the first case. See Nova Atomica, Harrow's deluxe, and most other skins. They all look awesome on paper, they all have these flashy aspects to them. Sadly, the reality of the machine that will have to run these skins dictates otherwise. An ephemera would sure be a nice alternative - even better than having it as part of the syandana since you can equip it on all frames regardless of the long coat aesthetic. It is why I never go back and check DL skins, in order to not be faced with "what could have been". That said, Hydroid DL looks dope among dopest, and I'll definetly buy the whole bundle - something I've only done with Nova Atomica. Still wish the "long" coat was longer... On the showcase it only went as far as the lower back... 😞 Maybe not fish, but at least make it go deeper... Knee-deep or ankle-deep...
  5. I can't speak for DE or the mods but I'll share what I know from experience from last year: You can contact DE at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us They'll likely check their log to see if you are there and meet the conditions Then it'll go one of two ways: They find you in the log and give you the items; They don't find you there and you'll just have to accept it. Sadly enough after 2019 Tennocon there were many, many reports about people not getting Nekros Prime. DE did not find many of them in their logs despite them swearing they met the requirements, and they just had to move on. With me I had no trouble getting both Athodai and Hydroid. Though with Athodai it didn't work on the first time, so I closed Twitch and watched for an additional 30 minutes before I got it. In any case, best luck!
  6. I like it. It's about context for me, as someone who looks for immersion. If it's about an infested mass inside my ship then it better involve some nastyness and not having Mag pulling up a bunny-shaped chair and teaching her ability to helminth over tea time. If you dig deep into Warframe lore, despite some inconsistencies, you'll find out Warframe tends to be much darker than it appears to be on the surface. And I like its duality a lot, being a game that can range from beautiful to downright nasty.
  7. I think what Rebb meant to say is "not OP/overused" abilities, despite her wording. I guess all point-and-cast elemental abilities (Volt's shock, Ember's Fireball, Frost's 1st, Oberon's 1st, and so on) will definitely be the chosen skills of those frames. Saryn's 1st, however, most definetly not. From Valkyr, I want ripline above all. Loki for example, definitely not invisibility. What I basically mean is - context. RJ's chosen abilities tend to be the most useful in a tactical sense, in that type of content. These abilities might be the same as RJ's in some cases, and not the same in other cases. For example, as I said with Loki, it wouldn' be right to give his invisibility to other frames because "why use Loki then?", as it is one of his key abilities. Same for Radial Disarm or his Decoy, to an extent. Still, in the end, it'll be what it'll be. I just want some functional abilities to replace other useless ones. As I said, Ripline for all, by me. I seriously like it. Perhaps some other fun combinations where it makes sense. I'll have to try it myself to find out, and there's a lot of missing information atm.
  8. I recommend practicing the test at any relay, on the Simaris room. If the test demands you to be faster then it means you should train to be faster, and there's means to achieve it. It'll help you grow in this very fast paced game.
  9. I'm just a bit bummed that we can't use prime frames for it... 😞 That means I won't invest in it, even for my very wished Valkyr's Zipline. Because when primes release I'll still have to deal with the lackluster ability I replaced, and thus face a downgrade. So no point in getting used to alternative abilities in frames since I'll have to sacrifice them down the line. But that's me.
  10. Supreme thanks, DE! Despite a few hickups here and there I am still proud of what you can accomplish. Now, I need to pet that hungry infested helminth blob. I'll gladly sacrifice a few arms for both of our pleasures.
  11. Can confirm, all good on my end. Just resend the email, and Synkra was delivered.
  12. It does say "30 consecutive minutes", so one would assume no. But I'd still like official word on this, and a further question: If I am watching the stream on my PS4's twitch app and have to leave home, can I start watching the stream on my phone and then turn off the PS4? Does changing the device, even though there was no interruptions and it's the same account on both, reset progress towards the drop? Never really found out about this, don't want to risk it. Tbh today I'll likely be switching homes, and it'll likely happen mid-Tennocon. Not a good day to lose on sweet rewards, but whatever happens will happen, I guess.
  13. Well... If only it didn't suffer from the same stuff regular star chart used to before the nodes were reused for alternative stuff (I.e. relics, kuva, nightmare, etc.) - being a boring content island. Other than that, eh, it's ok.
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