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  1. Damn, cool emblem. I doubt it. Don't recognize anything with legal rights attached or abusive content in the picture.
  2. Doesn't feel right because it isn't right. This nightwave intermission was done in the lazyest way possible. With a substantial percentage of recycled rewards, apparent full-season lenght and no lore attached. And players who dedicated themselves not only had their effort and dedication for being "there" at the right time put to some amount of waste (which I don't mind all that much), they also get to have less rewards this time around. Bonus points: The same people that didn't manage to get to R30 with the Wolf (work, health, family, etc reasons) may not be able to do so now either, and we who made the effort in season 1 will just win a cosmetic clutter from the repeated cosmetics. Then it's also really comforting anticipating Nightwave Intermission 3 returning with Season 2's rewards if this trend keeps going. Just perfect.
  3. Get your MR to level 16, the highest you'll need. Find out good weapons loved by the community, which in most cases would be the meta. If in doubt about builds watch some youtube build videos by some content creators, and try to find any mods you may be missing. Farming platinum is also an alternative option to get the mods, since you'd be buying them but they'd still come from your own effort. Then try out some higher level content like sorties, Eidolons, Orbs, etc. As for teams I'd advise sticking to the North America servers. No shortage of people there, in case you don't have it set. Cheers!
  4. I just think they could have approached it better in many ways. Right now it seems: They completely ignored people who dedicated themselves to S1, when the rewards could have been presented in other ways. Rewards from season 1 could have waited more. We knew they'd return, but right after season 2? Well, I guess Intermission 3 will suck since it'll most likely be the Emissary all over again. What about other past events rewards, like operations and other things from eons ago? Or even some new stuff. Heck, I'd settle for Intermission Credits, Kuva, Endo, whatever. This intermission seems like it'll be really long, which makes it seem like DE isn't really dedicating the necessary time to create this supposedly constant flow of things to keep players busy, and the lore that comes with it. Seems like a full season meant to buy time until the actual full season 3 comes, which is rather disappointing. It seems like it isn't even close to being ready, when it should be almost there with just some stuff to iron out before release. Then there's the fact that I'll have a duplicate armor (and other things). Guess what? Knowing DE this won't be fixed, and 2 years from now when they do allow us to delete duplicate cosmetics I'll delete said armor. And then guess what. I'll actually unknowingly delete half the selected wolf armors in my frames since there's no way to tell them apart.
  5. I just think DE needs to get a grip, choose a path and stick with it. Tired of so many obvious issues caused by them wanting to please everyone and breaking promises at every turn. OP talks about one of these situations, but I'll add more: For starters, the most recent one: NW Intermission 2 and how rewards were handled in spite of what they said they'd do. The fact that they overhype stuff just to delay/change/abandon content. Very low commitment to public statements, despite of DE's good intentions. I mean, change it, do what you will but don't mess around with the community's expectations as often as you do. That's a shot in the foot. The resource management situation, where many new players suffer from these issues that could be avoided somewhat easily, apart from some temporary community backlash (like with OP's suggestion). And so on... For clarity this is meant as constructive criticism.
  6. DE already stated that this Grineer Nemesis system (aka Kingpin System) is just the beginning, and that others will follow in due time. I also didn't mention Kuva Corpus, but Corpus Liches (as in their version of that system).
  7. As of last stream, they have changed their stance on this. Kuva weapons will indeed give MR, but only once per weapon. So, a fire-based Kuva Tonkor will give MR, but if you get a Toxin Kuva Tonkor you won't get the MR again. Kinda like modular items. --- Begs the question though - What will happen when there's Corpus (and other factions) Liches? What about their weapons?
  8. I believe these are valid questions, and seeing DE's M.O. it may very well happen. But even so I think we should wait and see what happens, as we may be wrong in our assumptions. As for the points themselves I don't have any knowledge that invalidates them. Cheers!
  9. Not only should it stay, it should be apllied to other resources as well. And in different ways too, for variety and to better combat resource stockpiling. Veteran stockpiling is a true plague of this game, and the reason why there's so many high resource requirements such as Hema. Not only that, but it's why so many new resources arise with pretty much every big update. It's also the reason many new players may turn away when they see these huge numbers made only to mildly annoy (if even that) a veteran with a huge stockplile of resources. This whole resource management shenanigan consists only of beating around the bush applying bandaid after bandaid while ignoring the obvious and glaring issue. I'd just rework it so that we'd have to farm small resource quantities whenever a new item was released.
  10. DE usually posts a thread about an upcoming devstream with a 48h notice. That thread, then one that shows up in your orbiter's newsfeed termial, is the one you use to ask questions meant for the stream. Beware however that sometimes DE_Rebb posts a pre-warning thread just to tip people off if there will be a stream or not, and when they can expect the official thread to be on. This one is not meant for Q&A. Cheers!
  11. Well, whenever DE decides to unvault her. Not much to guess until they actually announce her upcoming unvault with around 1 month notice, like they usually do.
  12. Well, there's already that for some, such as "roll" to leave Limbo's rift, or backflip to exit Volt's speed. But most of these are meant as teamplay elements, even if they can be abused on certain situations. Even Loki's teleport is useful if used correctly on allies. So something could be done, yes, but without erasing possible team synergy mechanics imho.
  13. I'm sure you have to buy the accessory one. Never bought a frame in PA and also have the extra one from it.
  14. I think the keywords there are "exclusive" and "timed". They are against exclusive items, not necessarily "timed exclusive items". "Timed" assumes that they will return at some point, making them not really exclusive since all players will access them sooner or later. This includes nightwave stuff. The timed exclusivity is meant as a reward for the players who were here during the actual content that was meant to give them its reward items, while others who didn't manage to do it or weren't warframe players at the time will have to wait before getting their hands on said content. But it's not like they won't be able to do so further down the line. Then there's cosmetics. While DE tries to bring them back truth is they're not essential to the player experience, so unlike weapons there's less effort in bringing them back. As for founder items, yes. Those are true exclusives, not timed ones. Only actual founders can get them, and the rest of the community will never see them even if decades pass.
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