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  1. Main focus was on Spores at the moment, once that settles down I might touch up other things. Unfortunately this led to people casting Spore once and hiding while Spores played the game for them, so that couldn't really stay.
  2. Number of infected is uncapped, only the damage increase per second is capped.
  3. [DE]Pablo

    4K UI Support: Part 2

    Hey everyone, Finally an update on this, the feature is now complete and QA is poking at it, so the hope is to ship this week if all goes well. We added a setting called Menu Scale with these options Full Menus scale to match your resolution Legacy Pretty close to pre U20, except diegetic screens(Mods, Foundry, etc) scale as well, you will only see the difference in resolutions larger than 1080p Custom You can set a scale to be what you want Cheers, Pablo
  4. [DE]Pablo

    4K UI Support

    An update, we got a couple pretty good leads on this, so unless disaster hits we'll have a solution later next week. As an aside, looking through the thread, a few things like MR 3 test screen being broken, broken mod selling for credits, overlap on profile screen, and a couple more things that I saw in here are unrelated and will be fixed in the next update.
  5. [DE]Pablo

    4K UI Support

    It's not the sort of thing that can be reverted, it's setup on each screen, so after it was setup any additional changes done to that screen would be combined into it. It's tangled in along with dozens and dozen of changes over the past few months
  6. [DE]Pablo

    4K UI Support

    Before we had a few screens that always stretched up to match resolution, Like Arsenal, Mods, Main Menu, Foundry, etc. Now all screens do this, I realize things now look bigger, in some cases MUCH bigger and that might be undesirable. Unfortunately giving you control over this is pretty complicated, since each screen is setup manually for it's own needs. Steve does have a theory of something we could try but it will take some time to investigate once we are out of the woods for the update. Will keep you informed, once we know more, it will take some time, thanks for your patience. PS. The HUD scale slider only affect Heads Up Display in missions, it does not affect any of the menus.
  7. We’ve been hard at work adding 3840 × 2160 (4K) resolution support to Warframe! This has required us to change the approach we take to making our UI, and it will come with some changes for all resolutions! First, let me show you the pain our 4K players endure at the moment: And, now, some background: This happens because most of our players use either 720 or 1080 resolution, so we decided to design for the in-between resolution of 1600 x 900. When it scales down to 720, it’s still readable, and in 1080 we just add empty space around it. So, when we add empty space around it for 4K, things look tiny. The first change is that now all screens will adjust to the resolution. If you were playing on 900 or less, there’s almost no change for you. If you are playing on any resolution greater than 900, screens now won’t have empty space around them. Instead, they will grow to match your resolution. We also made a few setting changes to help on 4K: Chat Scale allows you to make Chat larger A slider to increase the size of the cursor The HUD Scale now allows higher values One key part of this change that is still being worked on is font rendering, which will be an ongoing effort for a future revision of our 4K launch!
  8. The extraction marker auto hides after a minute in these two modes if you havent extracted
  9. You may have noticed the Waypoint behaviour acting differently on last week's Devstream... here is the promised Dev Workshop! Waypoint Markers are one of the vital systems that we’ve overlooked for a long, long time. So finally we are getting around to clearing out their cobwebs. Your eye muscles have probably adapted to the rapid game of minimap glancing as the in-world Waypoint Marking has been less than ideal - what follows below details some coming changes that will give your eye muscles a break. First: Changing what is visible! Currently we don`t show objective or extraction markers in-world so you have to play the minimap to follow them. After this change they will show in world, hopefully helping with navigating the environments you and your Warframe find yourself in. To reduce noise, some markers that currently appear in world will be either relegated to minimap only or changed to only show in world when you are in the same room as them (i.e the survival Life Support drops from enemies). Second: Simplify the path! Currently the path for waypoint markers very closely follows the navigation mesh that AI uses. This leads to having a lot of extra stops along the way - you've probably have noticed markers tend to snap to lower left corner of doors for example, the new system makes all of them snap directly to the center of doors and not have as many small stops.. Third: Interpolation. Right now when you are following the path of a waypoint marker it just snaps from one point in the path to the next. After this change it will move from point to point, which will help guide your eye to the next point more gradually. Fourth: Stacking. Another new change will now show you you when multiple markers of the same type are in a given direction, which will help with multiple objectives (i.e Mobile Defense). Fifth: Notification. Some important waypoint markers will also have notification effects when they appear to call your attention to them. Similar to the effects on the marker for Focus Convergence Boosts, this change applies to objective and extraction markers. Watching newer players stumble over the lack of clarity of 'what to do next' in world is an issue that can be solved with this change and we're pretty excited for the results.Please note FX are not final and the HUD is enlarged for video visibility. What’s left? There’s a couple issues we are still looking into. Sometimes the markers will trick you; you walk to them and then they move in to a point behind you. I’m sure you’ve seen it happen to you. Unfortunately these need to be fixed by level designers in a case by case basis, as we worked on these new changes we fixed a few, but the game is huge and I'm sure there’s more. That’s where you come in, the community team will set up a thread so you can report any examples of this you find and we can fix them. It will require very specific screenshots (Taken with F6 so we can see the metadata) in order to fix up. If you've already saved some screenshots of this, you're ahead of the game! The other thing is the path to markers can’t be calculated when you are too far off the navigation mesh, so sometimes when you are doing parkour the marker will not move up until you touch the ground, this leads to you thinking you have to go backwards and then you land and see it’s forwards. AI team is looking into possible solutions, but given how much mobility we have it’s a tough thing to solve. You can expect this to come with a near Update (but maybe not this week).
  10. [DE]Pablo

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Hey everyone, Just so quick updates. We made some changes to the extraction tile for 12-4, basically it was very big, so it was hard to fit into the levels, which is why you rarely saw it, we reduced some of the surrounding geometry, and now it should appear more frequently. We tried to do the same for the tile that has 13-2 and 13-3, however the change on that one was much smaller, there wasn't much we could remove and its a really big tile, so that one will appear a bit more often, but will still be rare. Also the one tile that would only appear in ODS is now part of the regular rotation. Cheers, Pablo
  11. Thanks for your report. We'll look into it. Pablo
  12. [DE]Pablo

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    That wasn't the hint :) But there's a hint in here NO
  13. [DE]Pablo

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Yes, I scanned it myself a few days ago, so 100% sure. Happy hunting, Pablo
  14. [DE]Pablo

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Actually 11-1 has been out there all along, we are not planning to move it. So no need to wait for hotfix to find it :) If you guys haven't found it in a few days, I can give you a tip, but don't want to spoil the hunt for those that want the challenge! Pablo
  15. [DE]Pablo

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Hey everyone, Still a couple fixes pending that I hope will be out today: 1) Fix unscannable Kuria in Underwater Lab 2) Move the duplicated Kuria in Ship yards to a new tile However the one in sealabs wasn't working because it had no line associated with it, it will now get the duplicate one from the Ship yards survival only tile. Which means you still haven't found the one for "??? ?????? ????? ??? ??"! It's a tough one :) The hunt continues, Pablo