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  1. do you find hydroid fun?

    if yes - keep him until you have his prime

    if no - feed him to the wall

    fwiw hydroid has very few aspects about him that aren't entirely overshadowed/outclassed by other warframes

    1 - large aoe knockdown, augmentable to apply corrosive stacks; or just use any nuke aoe frame to skip the cc part and just kill an enemy directly; additionally saryn's spores are better

    2 - mobile dash, augmentable to apply status effects; augment is outclassed by other status cleansers (titania, nezha), and the ability itself is worse revenant's reave tbh, which is also helminthable

    3 - become a puddle whose only mobility comes from casting 2; fun but really meh ability, decent healing augment but again if you wanted healing there's just better options

    4 - cc enemies in an area, augmentable with looting bonuses; the bread and butter and 95% of the reason why he's even used still; but khora does it better in large crowds and the two do not stack


    make your own opinion but if you want mine as inspiration, he's mr fodder unless you find him enjoyable (i do not) or need an on-death looting frame (khora or hydroid).

  2. 20 minutes ago, killerKronos23 said:

    its part of the weapons magazine grenade gimmick. is it clunky and annoying yes.  

    Actually I'm not so sure if it's intended though. IIRC when it first came out it reloaded automatically on hitting 0 and it felt way better this way. Also there's no patch notes that have this change in it, so I don't think it's an intended one.

    Sometime between then and now the reload was altered but it wasn't a documented change on any patch notes.

    I'mma say this one's a bug.

    And if it's not I'd still really hope it gets changed back to how the Catabolyst felt on release.

  3. Recently noticed this too after dusting it off. Really hoping it's a bug because it would suuuck if it was intended to be like it is right now.


    Alt-fire was toggleable. Changing back to normal rounds by hitting altfire allowed you to shoot normally and cancel any marked targets. When in altfire mode, the primary fire button allowed you to shoot the rockets.


    Alt-fire is toggleable. You can't change back to normal rounds after marking at least one target; you're forced to shoot the altfire. You can no longer use the primary fire button to shoot the missiles; you have to click altfire again.

  4. 19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    If you're using one element across the entire set of abilities, you could probably be doing something more productive.

    We're warframe players and forum users. When the hell did we start caring about productivity?

    Just let me slap viral on at the start of a grineer mission and have it be one and done.

    Would you rather just not have that for some reason/arguing against that implementation? Otherwise what's the point of this bit?

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    If you're using different elements, then the keystrokes are pretty much no different - especially if you account for the differing ideal cast orders and cooldowns staggering what you can toss out again afterwards.

    Right but I'm not always using different elements for every single mission. Again - for the times when I'm not switching elements constantly, what is wrong with just wanting the element I chose to not be consumed? This wouldn't affect the times when I'm switching elements constantly whatsoever. You can see the keystroke difference between casting each ability with and without the toggle. I can't see what would be wrong with that.

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    but anything is a step up.


    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    This problem pretty much goes away by necessity if you play Lavos with the logically correct setting (Tap to Infuse, Hold to Cast) because you'll always have a hold delay for recast-cancel, therefore jump-cancelling becomes muscle-memorised by default. I could probably forget recast cancelling is even a thing that exists.

    It's also a lot easier to accidentally cut yourself short, particularly if you're trying to quick-infuse Cold while on the move but don't quite hold long enough, with tap-casting. I think the delay is justified on that basis.

    Disagree but that's a preferential thing so it doesn't matter what I think really.

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    -snip- if that's the way your settings are.

    It's not.

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    Verticality is a problem.

    I think the smart thing to do is to play to your frame's strengths. Work on your positioning (eg. being in the middle of a crowd and finding flat enough rooms to work with) and use status spreaders if you need to (if your goal is to use Catalyze well); the frame shouldn't do absolutely everything. That's the beauty of having weapons, pets, and sometimes teammates if you'd like to count that. This problem pretty much goes away by necessity if you play Lavos with the logically correct positioning imo.

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    There's also the problem of the rest of the kit not really working with it properly as status primers due to range limitations

    I see where you're coming from but this is also solved by just positioning well tbh.

    19 hours ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    Also the fact you absolutely want to Probe after Catalyse for the cooldown reduction, not before - even more limited freedom to prime status by abilities.

    Playstyle difference ig but I prime with weapons, abilities, and mecha set. I think it's okay for abilities to not be the sole source of status priming.

    13 hours ago, Monolake said:


    Please don't attempt to derail the thread into a DE hate thing. Those are weird as hell. :/

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  5. 6 hours ago, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

    His 4 also has an issue with having very limited vertical reach. Which becomes a massive issue with the increasing number of maps with notable verticality.

    TBH I haven't really had verticality issues since Lavos' last QoL pass where they added some height to it. Sometimes I'll have to jump midair and cast the ability to get some enemies.

    4 hours ago, sunderthefirmament said:

    Solid suggestions, though I think that if you Helminth an ability onto him you should have to give up that element.  Unpopular opinion, I know, but it would save a lot of programming for DE (tap hold already has functionality for some Helminth abilities) and lead to less of the Roar spam that makes everyone feel same-y.

    Yeah, I totally understand your view. It just really sucks because the way I see it, the other frames in general tend to helminth off an ability that they can comfortably go without, whereas Lavos - regardless of what ability the user chooses (probably 1 or 3) - they lose not just the ability, but rather the ability and a big chunk of his passive.

    I know there's not a super clean solution to it, but this is what I was thinking when I wrote this (I didn't add it because idk there's probably better options than what I thought)

    I think ideally:
    Single-function tap only abilities should function as normal, and the unused hold functionality should be given to Lavos' passive.

    Tap/hold abilities should warn the user before they helminth it to Lavos that the tap/hold functionality of the chosen ability will override Lavos' passive.

    I think this way, it'll be a little less punishing to use the wide variety of single-function abilities while still giving the option to use the tap/hold ones.

    I haven't put much thought into this idea though tbh.

    4 hours ago, sunderthefirmament said:

    I'd add a suggestion to his 2 to not disable the sprint toggle when used.  He's already a finicky frame with all the element holding and tapping.  Having to hold shift after every cast of his 2 just adds to the nonsense, and is one more reason why I don't enjoy playing him.


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  6. On the elemental passive:

    Problem 1:

    Lavos' chosen element is emptied/reset after every ability cast.

    Suggested Solution:

    Instead of resetting the chosen element after a cast, the element should stay or have a timer associated with it. All of Lavos' abilities from that point on (or cast within that window of time) should be imbued with the chosen element. Changing elements should override the currently selected element (refreshing the timer) and then continue this behavior.

    Thought Process:

    Having to remake the elements for EVERY single cast adds a lot of extra unnecessary actions - especially if the player is making a secondary/combined element.

    Casting his abilities once with corrosive for example, left to right, needs these keystrokes:

    1+3, 1, 1+3, 2, 1+3, 3, 1+3, 4 | 12 total keystrokes.

    Doing the same if the elements were kept after cast:

    1+3, 1, 2, 3, 4 | 6 total keystrokes. That would be so nice.

    In actual gameplay, you're likely to be casting your 1 and 2 much more often; this just a small example. Additionally it's not like there's a reason to NOT have an element at the ready, so it's safe to assume that one would just want to always have SOME element on.


    Problem 2:

    Although the ability to synthesize elements is part of Lavos' passive, subsumed abilities are unable to be used in this manner.

    Suggested Solution:

    The ability to make elements should be treated like a passive, independent of the abilities in any of Lavos' slots. Tap/hold abilities should warn the user that the tap/hold functionality of the incoming ability will override the functionality of Lavos' passive for that slotted ability.

    Thought Process:

    Subsuming an ability on to Lavos disables the element associated with that ability eg. removing Ophidian Bite removes Lavos' ability to synthesize Toxin and, by extension: Viral, Corrosive, and Gas. Because of this behavior, one would think that the ability to add elements was linked to the ability itself, and not Lavos' passive. However, subsuming Vial Rush onto a different warframe doesn't confer the benefit of giving cold damage on ability casts either.

    It should be one or the other; either the mechanic is treated as Lavos' passive and he should be able to make any element regardless of what ability occupies that slot, or it should be tied to the ability and Vial Rush should confer the cold damage synthesize mechanic when subsumed to other warframes. It's inconsistent the way it is now.

    Personally because not being able to subsume abilities without losing parts of Lavos' passive kinda discourages experimenting with helminth abilities on him in the first place, I would want to see it go the first way such that Lavos is able to make any element regardless of what abilities he has.


    On Lavos 1 (Ophidian Bite):

    The damage on this ability doesn't scale very well, but the damage from his 2 and 4 are both great so it's not really that big of a deal. If it's meant to be solely used for its healing and slight cc, then that's fine.


    On Lavos 2 (Vial Rush):

    Problem 1:

    Ever since Vial Rush was given a recast delay, the ability has just felt clunky.

    Suggested Solution:

    Shorten or remove the recast delay, or add it as an option.

    Thought Process:

    ATM the best way to instantly recast the ability is to jump out of it, but that's inconvenient because I don't want to jump. This goes back to the unnecessarily tacked-on keystroke thing. Additionally, Lavos is not a warframe that you spam abilities on in the first place. Infact he's kind of the only warframe in the game that you can't spam abilities on. Because of this, I believe that it's a lot less likely to mistakenly recast any of his abilities to begin with, and the forced ~0.5s recast delay makes playing Lavos WAAAY more clunky than how he felt on release.


    Problem 2:

    Casting Vial Rush cancels toggled sprint.

    Suggested Solution:

    Toggled sprint should continue after Vial Rush's cast.

    Thought Process:

    He's already a finicky frame with all the element holding and tapping.  Having to hold shift after every cast of his 2 just adds to the nonsense, and is one more reason why I don't enjoy playing him. (credit: sunderthefirmament)

    On Lavos 3 (Transmutation Probe):

    Problem 1:

    Similarly to Vial Rush, Transmutation Probe was given a recast delay which makes it feel clunky to use.

    Suggested Solution:

    Shorten or remove the recast delay, or add it as an option.

    Thought Process:

    This ability is even more clunkier than Vial Rush due to the fact that you can't even stop it by jumping - you're forced to wait out that delay. Both of these abilities just feel really, really bad after having played Lavos on release and enjoying how smooth the gameplay felt, just to have this be added afterwards.


    On Lavos 4 (Catalyze):

    This ability is perfect imo. The only minor issue I had with it was its travel speed, which has already been addressed. Ty DE :)

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  7. 2 hours ago, (PSN)DeathMastro said:

    The reason why players do Steel Path is for Steel Essence.

    wrong i play it for fun, testing, and affinity

    2 hours ago, (PSN)DeathMastro said:

    I know new Arcanes will be farmed in Steel Path with the new updates but more is always better.

    wrong more is not always better

    for example, more generalizing forum posts is not better

    2 hours ago, (PSN)DeathMastro said:

    imagine you defeated Vor and you run to Extraction and you get a new weapon blueprint THE STEEL CHRONUS and it is just a better variant of the normal star chat blade maybe these weapons could also have unique passive abilities or when a grineer Heavy Gunner drops the GORGON you'd get a STEEL GORGON instead

    ngl man i really dont like this. if you wanted something like this you might as well remake it into a sink where you can use path essence to upgrade your weapons or unlock alternate skins or something like that in some fashion.

    2 hours ago, (PSN)DeathMastro said:

    But farming these bosses or enemies in the steel path just to wait 5 minutes or 5 waves or so for a Acolyte to drop a resource we all came their for and that alone feels so very tedious.

    why would you farm boss runs in sp to farm farm spe?

    why would you do that to yourself and then go out of your way to try and call to fix the game by asking for random things that nobody else asked to be added?

    why not use the tools the game gives you in order to help you farm? specifically steel path dark sectors, or steel path dailies?


    honestly to me just sounds like you've forcefully burnt yourself out on steel path grinding for whatever reason and instead of taking a break and doing literally anything else - nobody is forcing you to do something you don't want to do - you came to the forums to ask for random things that nobody else asked to be added for some reason

    weird man, just weird


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  8. dont think the vampire cat's revive is better than sev's passive only because sev's passive has no cooldown, doesn't rely on a pet (with stupid ai), and guarantees a revive after clicking 5 times on an enemy; maybe at lower lvls where the cat is less likely to die sure but at high lvls pets become unreliable (except the vulpaphyla, reawaken djinn, or protea dispensary augment sentinels)

    more clunky and annoying to use? yeah i'd give you that

    better? nah


    anyways to answer here u go
    "do you see yourself playing and enjoying sevagoth in the near future?" if yes - go to step 2; if no, go to step 3

    step 2 - keep him

    step 3 - subsume him

    don't overcomplicate

    btw aura is only one at a time based on what form you're in

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  9. 1 minute ago, Greendyes said:

    "new" gun, the Carmine Penta, needs 4 drops to build (for which we don't know the places or the dropchances) and is a reskin of the already existing Penta with the only difference being fire rate and a mag capacity.

    Google 'warframe drop tables', click the absolute first thing to pop up, then (take your time for this step) find the keys 'ctrl' and 'F' on your keyboard, then slowly type in carmine penta

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  10. TYPE: Ingame

    DESCRIPTION: Firing an empty Catabolyst doesn't cause it to reload

    VISUAL: n/a

    REPRODUCTION: I only tried it with the Catabolyst so far, but just empty your magazine ammo bladder and then left click when empty.

    EXPECTED RESULT: Left-clicking should trigger a reload (or in the Catabolyst's case, a reload and grenade throw)

    OBSERVED RESULT: The gun clicks but doesn't reload

    REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% when attempting to use the Catabolyst

  11. Try magnetic-toxin with corpus; the toxin damage will bypass their shields into their relatively tiny health pools and the magnetic damage will hurt their shields which helps vs the non-bursa tankier targets eg. techs.


    Do you have frames you either enjoy the most or are most comfortable with? Gimme like 3-4

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  12. some people buy certain relics and others will probably just take them for free


    the beauty in a game like this imo is that you're not forced to do anything with the hoard of random stuff you get


    why do you feel compelled to? literally just ignore them nothing bad will happen

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  13. 1 hour ago, OmegaVoid said:

    Camping is a strategy, but I'd dispute the description of camping as a playstyle.




    e- intended gameplay =/= the only viable playstyle btw, and the entire point of my past posts is to point out that, like you said sans the extra verbiage, is that the gameplay would barely change and it'd just be an unnecessary nuisance to have gas flood tiles that would add literally nothing substantial to the gameplay

  14. 7 hours ago, DemonStrikerX said:

    I am sure DE hates it aswell and they dont want you to camp either but they haven't gone to do anything about it. Also the word viable in warframe holds barely any value. Anything is viable if you have the bare minimum understading of the game.

    You're sure? How come? Do you work there/know anyone from DE that's held that opinion before publicly?

    Anything is viable - including camping. Camping is based off the understanding that staying in a clustered group concentrates the spawns and makes the enemy count go quicker. What's the point of trying to destroy a viable and nonharmful style of play? :p

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