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  1. Mynki, you're an inspiration and a brilliant artist. Your designs made the world of Warframe real for us.

    I can't deny I'm upset you're leaving but Geoff is is a fantastic choice to take up the banner and someone who can be entrusted with your legacy.


    Geoff, good luck mate! I love your work and while you've got huge shoes to fill the Tenno will be there for you.

  2. Restricting the characters for use in passwords like DE has done doesn't make them more secure.

    You should really just increase the minimum length required rather than putting in requirements like extra symbols, numbers or capitalisations. Restrictions that can actually decrease the security of the password system.

    This is a fine suggestion at least:

    19 minutes ago, [DE]Drew said:

    Digital Extremes recommends that all Warframe players take the time to review and reset their passwords frequently. 


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  3. Appreciate the quick-fire hotfixes :)

    Rebecca, it's not a major issue but when you paste from a document into the forum it retains all the formatting from Word or wherever you've written up the info originally. Makes it look a little odd on the dark theme. If you don't mind you could try pasting the text with Ctrl+Shift+V which ignores some of the formatting info leaving the text to auto-colour so it adjusts depending on the forum theme the viewer is using.

    9 minutes ago, DERebecca said:

    Hotfix 18.8.1




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  4. 6 hours ago, DERebecca said:

    Hotfix 18.5.2


    Not sure if you're aware, Rebecca, but the copy-pasting includes formatting that looks strange on the forum dark theme.


    It's readable so it's not a big deal. Just thought you'd like to see :)


    Hotfix 18.4.4 ...



    Just thought I'd let you know some of the formatting is hard to read when using the (superior ;)) dark forum theme.


    If you don't mind could you remember to paste into your posts with default formatting or make sure text is on "Auto" colour in Word (or whatever program you're using), please?





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  6. [sERIOUS LORE QUESTION ALERT] I'd like to know about the name of the Sentients. Why are they called Sentients as opposed to say "Sapients"?


    Is it 'just a name' or does it have some meaning in terms of the type of intelligence they are? Are they merely fulfilling some purpose subscribed to them by a higher order being and therefore only sentient by definition? Perhaps they're reacting entirely on their own but still unable to reason in a way humans (or the Orokin) can understand and therefore don't qualify for the title of sapience?


    Thanks for all the mind-bending questions your story gives us, guys :D

  7. Is there an alternate plan to make normal missions worth playing like Void without literally destroying the void considering you guys have put so much efforts into creating it?


    Good question. I still enjoy the Void environment a lot and I'd hate not to be able to visit it after... whatever happens happens.

  8. As far as I'm concerned this thread has made things worse. I can't tell if DE are confused or lying.


    A few Updates back RJ was given this new LoS requirement and it was poorly executed so it was reverted. Now it's given a new, weird 'awareness' requirement which no-one seems to know the exact mechanics of and/or doesn't work consistently.


    This wouldn't be such a problem if a couple of things were made clear. 


    1. Why this change was made.


    2. How 'awareness' works for a player character.


    As of right now, however, I don't think DE's done the right thing. Not with balance but with honesty with the community.


    edit. Please don't tell me "This is how the ability was originally intended to function." because you've said that before for a different method. It's not a good enough explanation.

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  9. Yet the only choice we have is to get information from the vocal minority because the silent majority is just that...silent.

    Now I'm not saying that DE should make sweeping changes just because the vocal minority has a common opinion.

    However, it's not exactly logical to dismiss forum opinions just because it's from the vocal minority.

    The trick is for them to combine the information from the forums with other sources like the metrics they have access to and some well applied common sense.

    Judging by their past successes I'm assuming they're doing that. Well, hoping anyway.


    want everyone to discuss it but the hyperbole isn't conducive to a discussion. Do you think people could voice their opinions without announcing the apocalypse at the same time?


    Sorry for the rhetorical questions :p

  10. Everyone keeps saying "vocal minority" and expect that to explain why we dislike chroma. Do you know how many people dislike chroma and are not saying anything? Do you know how many people on the forums have stated they disliked the frame? How does it compare when stacked against people that somehow like that goddamn walking meatslab?

    The forum itself is a minority so any subset of the forum is also. I don't know what the majority of people think but neither do the people whining about the death of Warframe because one 'frame doesn't look the way they want.


    At first glance Chroma's not my favourite design but he's hardly been shown properly. I'll wait till I get hot n heavy with him ingame before I make my mind up.


    This just reminds me of the fervour with which the 'majority' (also shown in exceedingly biased polls) objected to Nova's longer than average neck. The overreactions are ridiculous. Every time. DE's shown how to deal with this in the past though.


    At least the commotion's good for a laugh but I don't envy the mods (good job so far guys!).

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