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  1. touché. When it comes to Necromechs I will just go back on hiatus with the game and wait for those to go on sale in a bundle much like RailJack itself is now. Not really interested in putting the time in to grind.
  2. My best advice is look for what looks like ruble on the ground that is how I found one. Though the game more or less gives you a free one it sucks, and does not seem to have any abilities. I took a year off as the game was getting to be a grind on top of a grind on top of a grind .... and it seems with the necromechs it is right back to that. Also it seems one needs knowledge of Operation: Orphix Venom, which I do not but such as it is. Guess it is time to grind out a necro from myself. Ah, there is that good old fashion "git good scrub" mindset that makes me choose to stay in s
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