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  1. If steam achievements are correct, it is telling me only 0.9% of the players have a Railjack. Put what (little) stock you want into that, as I am not sure if Steam is really accurate after seeing that it is reporting only 2.9% of it's player base have entered a dry dock.
  2. Question: Will there be so much as an ETA to when RailJack can be done as a single player? Asking for help and getting "Git Gud" as the response is starting to make single players like myself loose interest/faith in Warframe after playing it this long.
  3. This right here. Getting tired of this being forced into co-op, where if you go with randoms they will just AFK so you still end up doing it all solo, or when you do trying to ask for help in chat (Clan, Allies,) or forums (Steam, here, etc) what you end up seeing is "Git gud, I did it solo". So really what is the point of co-op if you come back full circle to your original play method? Last time I checked on Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch it was rated as Single player, not "Single player when we feel like it".
  4. Just got mine, gave it a test. Love it so far. It will replace me using the Cernos Prime and Dread now.
  5. As someone that was kick banned from the Warframe Discord due to actually trying to be helpful over the Nekros faux pas of tennocon, I am saying pffft on that and joining in on this. I am in Mountain time, have been watching from 6pm Mountain time to current time 8:14pm mountain, and I have not received the drop. I have twitch prime, linked account and currently downloading the rainjack update. So maybe it will be in there.
  6. I am hoping this is in the right section, and I cannot tell if it is just a isolated incident (ie: just me), or others are experiencing the same and have not reported it; however in the last two days of owning (or being owned by) a Vasca Kavat, I have noticed this problem where Mika does this whole "now you see me, now you don't" trick, including wanting to put me on edge with not having a head. Cannot really say the armor is the issue, as when I first (dare I say) hatched (??) Mika, as a kitten she would disappear behind the orbiter ramp that leads up to ship navigation. Luckily, I have her disappearing, and reappearing without a head trick on video. Some parts are sped up so as not to bore the viewer.
  7. Returning to the game after taking a vacation from it, so naturally the first thing I do is get to making of one the vampire space kitty. After it was made I went out to level her up, you know the usual jazz. However something I noticed two things about the precept Draining Bite that lead to some questions. The first question is this mod on a timer? I ask as I first had this mod in the left side second row precept polarity and it did nothing, so moved it to the first row on the left hand side and it seemed to kick in every min plus, so is this an intended thing or a glitch on my end? The second thing I noticed is when I use Draining Bite with Pack Leader it seems either two cancel each other out, or Draining Bite stops Pack Leader from working, again is this a glitch on my end or how it is intended to work? If it is the Latter, then I will stick with my regular Kavat, and wait form Transfusion to be available to it.
  8. ahhh, well (CLEM!) then. I figured it was the landlord (CLEM!) with the internet router. Was about to go full rhino on his ........lua.
  9. 26 pages of pure Update notes, and 23 pages of Melee Stat Changes I get the feeling they did.
  10. With all due respect on all of this; To be honest, I thought we were in Stage two of Melee, and this update was going to finally see the last of it implemented. Then again, this feels more like the few that cried the loudest about how the new Melee system ruined them looking bad ass in front of their "friends" or random's, instead of perhaps listening to those that use melee as a main form of attacking. Then again, I dare commit two great sins of the game, with one being I play solo and two main melee. Now with that bemoaning of this reversal of changes in place I must say I do like the look of the heavy attack, and in some ways reminds me of Rhino's stomp ability. I would be interested to see how this affects my own game play, and may see me pick up and use the broken war or a few other little used weapons. I see nothing good coming from the reworking of the Mastery Rank. Granted there are some rather good weapons (ie: CassoWar) that can take you through the entire star chart and beyond with a low MR, but that is to help encourage new players to, well play. I honestly get the sense we are going to see a new rise in the whole "I am clearly better then you other players, because my MR is (XYZ)" I am actually half expecting to hear an announcement of K/D Ratios are being introduced along with this. So, we should see it after all the other changes next year about this time?
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