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  1. I would fully agree that weapons comes down to personal choice plus personal play style. This is a case of there are no wrong answers here. That being said I would like to add my personal choices (though two of them are MR10 and I only use them during Operation Plague star). Primary - Fulmin, Lenz, Tigris, Hek, If OP wants to spend plat, then the Arca package to get the Arca Plasmor. This comes down to personal choice. Secondary - Never really had one equipped or used one until I found the Arca Cisco, which again is included in the bundle. Melee - Dragon Nikana, Tatsu, Galatine. I never really looking into other melee for myself.
  2. Were you the one being host? I just checked with my lower MR5 account that also has not completed the Second Dream, and said glitch is not working for me. I image a whole bunch of "WTF" and "WTH" 😄
  3. Fun Spy/ Rescue/ lower level mobile defense: Wisp. OP Spy/ Rescue/ lower level mobile defense: Wisp & Fulmin. Everything else? Hildryn* with fulmin or Arca plasmor. * = I get some if not many do not like her, but I like big & bulky frames, were I can go full Leroy Jenkins and have the umph power to out last the enemy, while providing quick team support on the fly for team mates behind me.
  4. Ah, well then, you are looking for someone to help you out then? If that is the case, I can do that with my second much lower account (as my main would be OP as all get out and would lessen your enjoyment of the game) and help with missions around earth etc as my second account just unlocked Jupiter. However you prefer to have a clan for this, then I will paste what vegetosayajin linked, which is a website where it has listings for clans looking for new members. https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/
  5. I am guessing you are on the second stage to opening up the artifact. Did you scan and run out of there?
  6. Depending what you need it for, DM me. Though bare in mind, I have a non decorated bare bones dojo, which I am guessing is fine as you want to grab a few tenno lab blueprints? It is cool with me if you want to grab those and ditch, as I basically built the thing so I can be greedy and have my own RailJack 😉
  7. I believe @iGnome21 is PC, as that is what it shows under their name for me. If there was a way to send you some (I am PC myself) then I would, as I am saving them from cracking open relics for when Baro Ki’Teer, all I want is the Crystal Kubrow Glyph 😄
  8. Anytime! Putting who uses what to enjoy a game to one side, at the end of the day we all life together 😉
  9. Fair enough, and I will wish you the luck on winning either or both. If you like I shall offer up a second Sacrificial usb drive to the RGN gods for you if that helps, as I am hoping for a few mods to drop from enemies ingame.
  10. *facepalm* Thank you. Seem's Captain Oblivious has struck again. It is amazing I do not wear my pants on my head.
  11. I feel rather sheepish asking this, as once upon a time I recall having dark mode activated for the forum here, but I cannot for the life of me remember. is it deactivated or do I have my head so far up in the clouds I cannot see it?
  12. Thanks for the steam. I had shown up late, so will wait for the replay to go active on youtube. Though I have to wonder if I am really that old fashion, or just behind the times. I recall when it used to be you wanted to show up for events (either cyber or real life) because of the content and personalities, not because of what you get out of being there. Do not think I am attacking anyone directly or indirectly, as I am not. I just fail to understand this fact.
  13. You would be correct. For those "on the other side of the pound", DE's offices are in London Ontario Canada, with a Eastern Daylight Saves Time zone. At time of my post it would make it Thursday June 13th at about 8pm (I am further west and two hours behind them). Ya do not ask, as we do this goofy thing were we go back a hour in Fall, thus calling it Standard time, then zip ahead a hour in spring calling it daylight saving time. I say stuff a potato in all this damn back and forth and be done with it.
  14. What Kind of issues? I just checked and was able to get in with no problem.
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