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  1. I didn't even notice they had a mastery requirement. MR8 seems fair though, since if you're far enough in the game to actually contribute to a squad in this event, odds are you're MR8 or more anyway from just playing the game normally without grinding for MR. I've seen a lot of MR4 and 5 players that haven't been able to do much of anything in this event, but I respect the effort they put into trying, and I like how many of them are asking for advice on how to do better. Seriously love the Warframe community for stuff like this. Sure, we've got toxic pockets, but what community doesn't? The overwhelmingly good part of our community massively overshadows it.
  2. The arcanes are nice, but the event is extremely tedious. I'm fortunate I don't have the time to sink into this because I would have been burned out on it ages ago. I still need like 170k scarlet credits to max my last couple arcanes I'm building though
  3. Well, I'm still operating under the impression that Scarlet Spear will never run again, or if it does run again will have vastly different rewards. I'm snapping up the few arcanes I'm interested in building now just to save the RNG-riddled headache of trying to tricap for them endlessly later. Eidolons really need a rework to make hunting them more engaging, I find no enjoyment in it and have seriously neglected arcanes as a result. This event is a godsend for players like me that don't really care for wasting hours grinding through a massively bloated reward pool for a very small handful of arcanes.
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