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  1. Yeah, I find this happens a lot when transferring back after doing an energizing dash as operator too. You have to sit still and tap the crouch button to go back to normal
  2. Thank you. You have no idea how frustrating it is seeing a bug reported over and over with no acknowledgment from DE, but a tennogen skin not displaying in the arsenal, and some cosmetic bugs get instant responses. This Nightwave bug set me back well over a week in terms of possible progress, on top of me taking a about a week away from the game, thinking I could grind catch-up to make up the difference.
  3. It's really disheartening to see actual bugs being reported in the forums and getting ignored, but if you happen to mention that the Valkyr Mithra tennogen skin vanished from the market you get an instant response from DE, especially a bug that is preventing progress in their seemingly favourite mechanic for forcing people to grind.
  4. Josh, you are a hero. Please tell me it's not just the rendering bugs though. Nightwave is a broken mess currently, and it's seriously hampering progress when acts are vanishing, randomly showing as complete, not tracking progress, etc... I've made it about as far as I intended to go anyway, but for all the completionists out there, I hope it gets fixed before the end of the series.
  5. This Nightwave is a mess. I'm not bothering with it anymore
  6. Yeah, operator and grineer faces are messed up, operator hair is messed up, and NPC faces have odd lighting/shadows/glow (Konzu has sporadic glowing neon blue, Teshin is almost completely hidden in shadows, New Loka leader has extremely bright light on one specific area of her face)
  7. It's been like this since I got the Zenith. I didn't know this was a bug tbh, but I did think it was awfully obnoxious as a targeting indicator
  8. Significant Nightwave bug as reported in this thread a couple days ago: and I started taking screenshots last night: And these are the tasks that keep randomly appearing and vanishing without tracking progress:
  9. I just made a thread with the exact same issue
  10. So, upon completing this week's set of Nightwave tasks, I did not get any of the previous tasks I had missed. Since then my list of tasks has alternated between showing 3 recovered weeklies and then those weeklies disappearing. It's always the same 3, and they never record progress (I have opened 6 vaults since the recovered acts began popping in and out, it still says 0/4 and has not granted standing). The 3 bugged tasks are: Complete 6 different perfect captures on Orb Vallis Open 4 Derelict vaults Kill Profit Taker So, I am locked out of 9000 standing I'm capable of getting and 7000 I am not capable of getting due to Fortuna standing limits anyway. It's really hurt my motivation to continue on with this nightwave series, getting stalled out by a bug halfway through the ranks. UPDATE: Daily reset happened and there's no daily for me either. Pretty sure the entirety of Nightwave for this week is stalled. So that's an entire rank of Nightwave I've been locked out of by this bug (10000 standing exactly).
  11. I don't think most people are using Eternal War to slow enemies, just buff self and ally speed. The slow doesn't really matter in the long term
  12. I've been grinding Berehynia for Axi G2 relics, and have had no luck with any of them. Several relics cracked, still no neuroptics. I'm willing to trade the following for it (or any combination of them) Hydroid Prime chassis Valkyr Prime bp Zhuge Prime bp Akbolto Prime bp Akbolto Prime link Redeemer Prime bp Oberon Prime bp Oberon Prime Chassis Oberon Prime Neuroptics Mirage Prime Chassis Mirage Prime neuroptics Nyx Prime systems Zephyr Prime chassis And trade done, thank you trade chat. All listed prime stuff is still for offer if anyone wants to trade plat or other primes for them
  13. I've been doing vault runs going for Blind Rage and Overextended, but my efforts have given me junk rifle and pistol mods, and an extra Narrow Minded. Would anyone be up to trading a spare Overextended for my Narrow Minded? Trade completed, thanks DaydayHill (if you use the forums), you're awesome!
  14. I've been wanting to do an Ash build, but it seems like Ash Prime is doomed to never unvault and I've had terrible luck with manic spawns and drops Willing to buy the full set for 300-350p EDIT: Change of heart, want to buy Saryn Prime set instead. 250-350p, willing to negotiate further. Edit 2: Thank you to the hero in trade chat for making the trade!
  15. Noticed this when I crafted Ivara too, I think they changed it so you can't do anything with exalted weapons until you can activate them. Seems to have been a stealth change as it wasn't in any change logs, and I definitely remember modding Titania's exalted weapons before I unlocked Razorwing
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