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  1. I use harrow for eidolons because it's the best way I can contribute. I don't have a good eidolon weapon so Chroma is out, I suck with Volt, I don't really like the way Oberon plays for Eidolons. I don't even have Trinity. That leaves me with the frame I use often anyway for normal gameplay, Harrow. Crit buffs and invincibility for all.
  2. Map icons, ability icons, and text characters being replaced by random scrambled pixels or pink squares
  3. RIP warframe then. It was fun while it lasted.
  4. Switch can't handle the game. Each update has made things worse. They've done amazing work to keep it running relatively smoothly, but the load times, connectivity problems, matchmaking problems, update problems, and so on are just continuing to pile up because the Switch was made with substandard hardware and Nintendo doesn't care about delivering updates to anything that isn't a 1st party game in a timely manner. Like I said earlier, my only options are to ask for account migration or abandon the game until they give us cross save Soon™️
  5. This alone should also point to the fact that there's a massive problem with the Switch as a platform and they should just pull the plug on it tbh
  6. They let accounts migrate to the Switch when it was new, it can't be that much work for them to allow the reverse without global cross save, especially since plat and rivens are lost when accounts are migrated that way
  7. I'm aware, that's why I'm asking for the option. I'm not throwing away 1000 hours and quite a bit of money spent just to start over with nothing. It comes down to either giving us the option of letting us move our accounts to a platform that isn't garbage for the game, or me not supporting the game anymore because I refuse to lose everything I've invested to start over. I'm sure DE would much rather have my money.
  8. Can players on Switch have the option to transfer our accounts to PC or the other consoles? I have no desire to continue putting up with the delayed updates and weaker performance of the Switch anymore. I know neither of those things are DE's fault, but I haven't played the game in months because the late updates killed my motivation to play. Migrating to PC would at least give me the freedom to get back into it whenever I feel like it, instead of seeing that there's an update, and then seeing that the update for Switch is coming "soon". It's just not a good platform for the game, unfortunately and I would very much like to continue playing on a platform that is more suitable for the game.
  9. You preferred the annoyance of being killed by RNG? Not dying from lack of skill or making a real mistake. Dying from not selecting the proper order for 3 of 8 mods. Making them threatening as enemies, and having a death against them be infuriating because you played the encounter wrong is far more better than being infuriated because you've been grinding murmurs for 2 hours and then need to spawn the lich a few times to get the order right, which is likely to be 2-3 deaths you can't escape from.
  10. The entitlement in this post lmfao. If you read the patch notes for yourself, you'd realize that they didn't withhold it on purpose as a personal attack against you. Better to wait until they can make it function than give a broken version that would have people *@##$ing. Grow up.
  11. I got mine around the 40 minute mark. My guess is servers had a hiccup again and they'll push the drop out again to everyone who didn't get it
  12. Can we talk about how once again Switch is left behind the other consoles for updates? This is becoming a really annoying pattern that's really hurting my motivation to keep playing.
  13. I may have only made a small contribution to that with 2 gifts given, but it's so cool to see how many people are sharing the love! Let's keep this rolling right into the holidays! EDIT: you know, if anyone feels like giving me anything... I'll never say no to random orbiter decorations, potatoes, or forma! (no pressure. Please don't waste plat on me unless you genuinely want to, I'm not here to beg!) I'd love some sweet tennogen, but I would never ask someone to spend that much plat for a gift.
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