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  1. Removing emote responses is only going to get a lot of negative spam post instead (with either a GIF, or a verrry few words, etc), because the more streamlined option is removed. Not sure how this is "simplified" when its just going to create a lot more post spam to scroll past with the same substance as the prior emotes...
  2. Ok... tested railjack changes and how it effects veil proxima runs. well...... that added fighter health when combined with a healing bubble? Umm... ya... that makes them pretty much indestructable as they can heal faster than you can damage them, except maybe a Seeker lol. Also, AW guns might as well be thrown in the trash even with the best rivens for them after these proc changes when it comes to veil runs. So.. how the runs pretty much go now... is void hole + seeker combo for taking out fighters, and AW just taking care of crewships because dome charges for the front guns are now a huge joke. IF you are lucky, might be able to kill stuff outside healing bubble with some high percent zekti weapons now that the heat isn't immensely bad as it was.
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