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  1. How is this any better? This doesn't fit in at all and should be REMOVED. Not to mention how you have the requirement on completing EVERYTHING in order to get access to missed weeks... Surprised you are even bringing Nightwave back from what even your Partners are saying about it. I would rather play Arbitrations and whatnot than do this. All Nightwave does is add player stress. At least with other systems that use tokens/points (Fissures, Arbitrations, Syndicates, etc) the player can do it at their own pace and token/points don't magically become worthless at some kind of end date. Why not make more LASTING content then being so darn event based? Add more rewards to syndicates or Arbitrations --- or heck, even make that new game mode on Jupiter actually drop tokens (used for those new amalgam mods, etc).
  2. Trading is still bugged for controllers (PS4 ones at the very least). Still have to use the work around of restarting, then unplugging controller and using mouse & keyboard for the trade...
  3. DE.. you guys need to stop messing with end game mods. Rivens are so stupidly hard to get and get good rolls as-is, and now you gotta nerf them across the board? Why do you have to wait ages for balance changes like this? Stuff like this is what kills a game.
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