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  1. Helminth and Railjack are perfect examples. However Devs know that people will throw themselves over the "grind cliff" when new content is released. They aren't naive and could always be more aware.
  2. Thanks @LillyRaccune & @TheLexiConArtist
  3. I guess spend 'em before you lose 'em or did I not see this mentioned. Or is it assumed season to season that unspent scratch is gone going into the next season? Thanks
  4. Hey. I'm honestly not even sure I want to know how much of your time that took.... Did you max out the first three, buy everything from those syndicates and then go to the next three? You know, don't answer. I am wincing at the idea of how long that would take to accomplish. LOL The expectation for trading syandanas was never there for me before because it was never an option. Honestly I didn't even know there were syandanas and when the armor dropped I thought they were all part of the update. So when I found out you couldn't trade them but could the armor I was a bit confused. Like I said to the other player, it is a purely cosmetic item that has no impact on the game. I guess inside I just feel like it would be a nice addition to the armor set is all. If I do wear armor, I like a full matching set instead a piece from here and there. Grats on the grind though!
  5. The armor was a good start for sure. However it begs the question... If armor is okay for trading then is it a far reach to add the last piece of what is typically finishes off a fashion frame? I know ephemeras from Arbitrations, Stalker, etc are not tradeable. Those are things you have to "work" for. However with the exception of some who can dedicate tons of time to get everything from every syndicate the expectation is a bit unrealistic from DE. MODS are okay which serve a far bigger impact on the gameplay. Cosmetics? Not convinced. Am I being a brat? Hahahaa. This is directed at DE and not you by the way. Thanks for your response to my post.
  6. Since we now have the NEW Syndicate Armor, would it not have been logical to allow the Syndicate Syandanas to be available for trading as well? Or am I just a bit greedy wanting way to much all at once? Some armor sets come in complete sets with matching syandanas, right? Was just hoping I could do all of the Hexis and slap on a Telos Syandana as well.
  7. Hi. Don't those rolling mines count as kills? I get points from Nora when I used a weapon with radiation on them so it would be Kill an enemy with Radiation? There may have been very small gaps of me not killing and then obviously all of the Grineer were dead but those mines and turrets kept getting slayed right up to the end. I'll just take a break until I can find a DE rep who can clarify what an enemy is as to avoid this going forward. Or perhaps another link in WiKi or? Thanks for your time.
  8. Hi ya. Never farmed with Xaku before and this is good information from start to finish, thanks a lot. I have all the mods for the looting but it is more of a matter of the energy to grind it out. I am definitely now losing interest in long grinds if the mission fails because I am legit farming everything I can. I am not a speedster and I play a lone because I slow people down. I do not want to be selfish, it is just my motor function from my brain injury. Just trying to be unselfish. Thanks a lot for the offer on the spare mod, that is damn nice of you. I actually just spent the plat (10) this morning. I'm sure that is what they prefer anyways. ;) Thanks again
  9. I honestly didn't think it would be as difficult as it was, so I only had my Helios with Primed Animal with me and my ears. Found 2 well enough... kind of. Didn't know about the transmutation and possibly getting that stance, thanks. Lord knows I have a ton of mods to banish. Don't the rolling mines count as kills since we get points for them? I know when I destroy a turret with a radiation based weapon I get the credit from Nora towards Rad kills, so I am getting my kills after killing all of the Grineer? Clarification on that would be helpful if there is a link somewhere? Thanks for your response.
  10. DE, I have been burned two times in the past three missions now due to mysterious time constraints on Kuva Fortress Exterminate missions. I am trying really hard to farm for the Cyclone Kraken mod for my machete but I do not spend an abundant amount of time for one in the Kuva tilesets to know where the Caches typically spawn and even with my Astro headsets on near maxed out I have a hard time hearing them. I'm going to avoid boring myself and every other player with details but I am disabled gamer and hearing is one of my weaknesses. I try the Helios Prime with infinite scans and looking around to see if I can find the caches through walls, etc. However this crap with running out of time and losing all of the ayatan, credits, etc is just crap. I am not sitting around picking my nose, I am running around. So AFK and farming SP essence is not happening here. It would be great if you would address this issue. Thank you
  11. Will Baro have the Ignis Solstice Skin? Anyone know if he has had it at Tennocon before?
  12. Reading into confirming if that is Memorial Day? So is that Memorial Day? Perhaps you're reading too much into my question.
  13. I'm personally okay with a step back from time to time. Heck, I'd even be okay with getting my butt kicked by a frame wearing a traditional Kimono if done properly. Hahaa. This is the beauty of WF if you ask me. You can cause players to have seizures with bright color frames or go simple with classic designs. A look and style for everyone hopefully without disenfranchising people. Sadly though I've come across players who take time out in the middle of a sortie to berate people for having a "boring" frame. Me being one of them. Sorry I suffer from tonic-clonic seizures from photosensitivity... Strange, but we play on for the love of the game.
  14. What if they would've put like a glass cylinder connecting the two pieces in the middle??? The gap isn't something I'd rock if I'm being totally honest. Video game or not, my mind can't fully let go of the basic fundamentals in structural integrity. LOLLLLL
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