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  1. So I just subsumed a frame, Khora and for whatever reason it always goes to Nyx as the default frame after I subsume. Ok, this is normal and it was nothing out of the ordinary for me. However, when I went back to the frame I added Radial Blind to, my Atomos was missing and the default Hikou secondary was in the slot. This isn't normal behavior, correct? A secondary I have 6 forma in is now missing from my inventory. Is 6 forma cheap to craft or buy....? All the time leveling it, etc and so on.
  2. Since I am newer to WF and streams, I'd like to know how the gifts/deps began if I may. Was it a decision 100% on DE's behalf to give players a thank you or incentive to watch their streams. Did this start from day 1 or was it implemented later in their streams? Was it added later because people just weren't tuning in and they wanted to justify paying their employees to stream for an hour? So the question is, if this was an attempt years ago by DE to garner large numbers or whatever to their streams and it is what the community has come to expect, why would people call others ungrateful or sim
  3. Seems like xbox is just having all sorts of issues lately. They delayed the newest patch for Generation ZERO and it almost delayed it again for everyone bit at least the devs there said it wasn't worth delaying PS4, PC, etc players because of Microsoft. Imagine not punishing thousands of other players because of an issue that actually isn't anyone's fault but Microsoft? There are other games with Xbox issues as well from what I've heard on YongYea, Steam and other places like Open World Gaming.
  4. Loki Prime helmet for Revenant... Cool 🤷‍♂️
  5. Since this Nightwave Intermission has seen Solstice skins in the offerings, many of us have thought the Ignis Skin would make it into the rotation..... What will it take to get the Ignis Solstice Skin back in an Offering, Alert or through a Market? Could we finally get a Day of the Dead Ignis skin as well? This may be finally overdue as well? Apparently in 2020 the Ignis Wraith was only used 11.23% of primaries. Next closest was Kuva Bramma at 8.72%. I mean imagine all of the precious platinum that could be sold for a sweet DOTD Skin for the Ignis. Just saying. Much appreciated
  6. Oh wow, that is a lot of detail I wasn't aware of to be perfectly honest. I'm a Johnny come lately when it comes to the older/original WF creators. As a general rule, I definitely stay away from social media like Twitter, FB, Reddit and really only enjoy Leyzar and Potato. I can see how Rio is controversial but I didn't know about abusing specters, etc. But heck, since I solo 90% of the time, I'd take any advantage I can get at higher content. Hahaha. Even though I can blow through SP and believe me when I tell you, I suck. It is so hard for me to comprehend focus school with arcanes with stat
  7. This exactly. Had a feeling this would eventually make it into the thread. Someone who makes it their quest to protect their creators of all things perfect. Show me this and show me that. Do you have proof? I need date to substantiate your claims. How dare you. How dare Tactical Potato, Leyzar, Gaz, Rio, etc who point out what the vast majority state about the games nerfs, changing style and lack of content. One person comments about how it felt amazing to have an amazing secondary, regardless of it being an exploit or whatever and oh no, can't have that. *eye roll
  8. Yea, it's still decent and can be fun but nothing like it was when running around nuking aoe damage first then slamming them with a heavy attack or one tapping level 180's in the forehead. Hahaaa. It was nice to change things up a bit when all you see is spin to win with the weakest of melee weapons. Some of us really enjoy going brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *sadistic smile
  9. Epitaph was fun while it lasted..... So much for any sort of power fantasy. Whether it was an 'exploit' or whatever you want to call it, you can never have fun for long. Back to the boring Nukor or Atmos until the Nukor gets nerfed.
  10. Yes! Although I already have Zephyr, sadly I am without the operator skin that comes with the bundle or hopefully I can get the skin in a smaller bundle. I believe that will complete my Tenno/Operator pair combos?
  11. Thanks. Any idea/hunches on who the pair might be? Thx again
  12. Many thanks for your response and the linked information, etc. No reddit account but I'm sure the news will trickle down. Sure seems like a lot of businesses prefer using outside SM sites to share news instead of their official ones. Is this a new marketing ploy or am I just missing out? Thanks again
  13. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about when and who/what will be in the next Prime Vault after the current Mirage/Banshee? I wanna say we're on about 4 months of the current offering and I haven't personally seen anything here on Wiki or during a stream about the next release. Perhaps y'all may have a better idea? Thanks in advance for your feedback, stay safe and blessings.
  14. Ah, very helpful. Thanks a lot for the information. Stay safe and best regards.
  15. Agreed. I have TBI and suffer from photosensitive seizures. So I just avoid things like Tridolon hunts, etc. I've asked multiple times for a way to toggle the effects during those hunts for those of us sensitive to flashing lights, etc. Hell, to the best of my knowledge, DE doesn't even have a Epilepsy warning upon launch of their game. Or do they?
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