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  1. Seriously, the noise alone is traumatic. Toggle in/out would be great.
  2. Awww man, this was so fun to watch. LOL https://youtu.be/hsveEvbVqEE
  3. It worked for a couple of minutes and that was it! It was sweet riot dispenser and now it's gone. You know that feeling you get when all you really want to do is have a ton of fun and support the company that has provided us with endless hours of love/hate.... Just hard to do when it is bug and nerf and another. lol
  4. Please tell me how to use the Ironbride once you have hit your 4th? I use a controller but play on PC. Side not, this new Mech is a PIMP to look at. Definitely not crazy about this new 5 forma meta DE is getting a bit to comfy with.... But I digress to my original need. Thanks
  5. Was the drop glitched for today, Tuesday. I watched Marcus hunting on Deimos, etc and I still don't have my mech part. Anyone else?
  6. Not even in Modular? If not, when will they fix this KNOWN issue? Cripes. Good Luck
  7. The schools are a whole other headache for me. I found out about the significance of these so late in playing that I am wayyyy behind. The schools are most definitely my biggest weakness of not knowing when to switch to them for each particular frame, mission, etc. Can't everything just be Pac Man? lol
  8. I hate that I feel like we can go around in circles with this. However, your input is appreciated. Thanks a lot for taking time to compose your messages. It really does show that you care instead of just making your point and buggering off. I will avoid speculating on other players with disabilities and why they immediately state things, etc. But last night was a breaking point for me. After spending cash on Nezha who is my second favorite frame behind Khora, I find out while in SO trying to throw multiple forma into him, that she was stealth nerfed. I get the reason why with LOS, blah blah. A
  9. I'll admit that I didn't realize that only SPECIFIC races gave up the parts. This was most definitely not stated in DE's message. As usual, it was cryptic and if it wasn't for the helpful and friendly community combined with Wiki, we'd be lost. To your point, I did keep hammering away and finally got the three pieces that were available yesterday. Thanks for your words of support. Take care and God bless
  10. I don't recall saying that I couldn't enjoy the game and without context, people will not understand why some content is extremely difficult for me/us with disabilities. Then we have to listen to those players go on about how easy things are, etc. Resorting to my condition is something I never do unless it is to give context. So please don't throw it back in my face. I never use my handicap card while parking and even though in less than a year I'll be in a wheelchair, I want to enjoy the days I can walk on my own for the most part. I do not need a pity party and I was trying to clarify my rea
  11. Thank you for this extensive and kind response. You are so right and I just tried explaining this over in General Discussion because I was getting grilled for being frustrated with DE locking the pieces to rewards instead of just allowing us to gain points and purchase the parts from Loid or Roky. Anyways, you most definitely do go flying after hitting each small tendril and even what appears to be a rounded and smooth tumor on the ground. The OV races were fun amd now they look ingenious compared to CD races. The amount of obstacle are unreal. Enemies, hitting doggos that are fig
  12. Hi ya. Thanks for the help. I actually scoured the earth looking for the how, when, where who and why last night and got the 3 that I could. Perhaps the last one will rotate today? Take care and thanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply. After spending some considerable time on this last night, I finally figured it out. Definitely need to spend more time looking in the official Wiki pages when stuck. My 3 parts are actually showing up after the most recent hotfix. I really hope this is fixed for everyone else because there is NO WAY I'd be willing to do those races again. Good Luck and stay blessed.
  14. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but were the parts to assemble k-drives locked behind the races in Orb Vallis? I am old and have some permanent brain dysfunction but as I recall, we used our default drive at first and then we could purchase new pieces at our leisure. Right? Now the 4 pieces are rewarded for doing races in Cambion Drift. This is what I would consider a forced requirement with cringe mechanics. I have avoided The Vault stuff and more specifically the 5 regular missions as nuch as possible due to me disability. Frequent seizures and massive migraines for a day to two after because o
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