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  1. 1. With Fortuna now out, will there be a possibility of mixing parts from cetus and fortuna? (i.e cetus parts to make bolt-like secondaries or crossbows like ballistica and some corpus tech for zaws) 2. Back before PoE released, it was mentioned that you would be able to dual wield zaws ( dual swords/daggers) is that still going to be a thing? also would it be possible to dual wield kitguns as well? 3. any new information regarding melee 3.0? 4. a while back, the plans for merging scythes and heavy blades were shown in a devstream. Will that plan still go into effect or was it thrown out the window because of melee 3.0
  2. screw it, we'll update on the following monday, giving the crew the entire week to work on the updates
  3. When was the last time we actually got an update on Wednesday? Can we just move the official update day to thursday? 😜
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