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  1. I'll have to go pay her a visit in a while then. Not that I need an excuse to go visit
  2. Cant say I'm an expert on eidalon stuff, but I have dabbled with solo Trinity myself, and tried using Roar or Eclipse for a damage buff if you have helminth available. Just an idea. Cant say weather it was a good one or not because I suck at eidolons and I've since stopped because Harry and Garry go Final Boss mode on my eyes.
  3. Mesa has always worked for me. I play solo though, so need less kills to get rank 3. Last used her a month ago while ephemera farming, never had an issue getting rank 3.
  4. RNG; 345,456,349,491 - Tenno; 0 Seriously though, I really hope they do something about trying to get the weapon you want from liches
  5. You're under geared. Veil Orphix you need to be in a squad, have your own Mechs and have them pretty well modded and know what you're doing. That mission doesnt screw around because the spawn timer is silly.
  6. Mewan sword Zaw. Went all in forncrit and damage and teamed it up with Exodia Contagion, mainly because I got a decent riven for it. I know i have more powerful conventional melee weapons these days but this thing still slices hard and i will never tire of deleting rooms with red crit exodia bolts that do millions of damage without warframe buffs
  7. Chat ban? I was going to ask if you remember saying anything edgy, but the way the mod bots work, typing hello to them could be construed as telling someone to go do things to themself 😵😂
  8. Unless you're min/maxing to hell and back, it ain't worth it. A 25% weapon will delete stuff on the star chart and basic Steel Path as hard a 60% weapon would. Only reason I've any guns maxed is either achieved through ephemera hunting or I got lucky rolls
  9. I've read that too, but given infested generally dont have armour or shields to strip, generating and keeping oversheilds is tricky, and I've been one shot too many times to bother now I've found something that gives the ancients the finger 😂
  10. Me, a Baruuk player; Hur hur, Baruuk go smash. Seriously though, he is fun to play, especially if you're good at maintaining his restraint so you can slam stuff forever. Back to the o.p: frames I like to see, usually depends on the mission and if they're a good fit or not. That said, a Hildryn is always welcome because free sheilds, oversheilds and her better sheild gate is shes' using her 3. Bonus points for a blazing pillage set up so everything is running around flailing on fire
  11. Welcome to late game Infested. Ancient disruptor energy steal is B.U.S.T.E.D This is the sole reason why I take Inaros with hunter adrenaline to anything with high level infested, with big aoe weapons. He functions fine without energy, I just take adrenaline because I run Gloom on him. I know some smartie is going to point out Hildryn and her not needing energy, but she gets one shot from toxic ancient hookshots bypassing her sheilds too often for my liking
  12. Go take an invis frame, or go wipe out any would be problem mobs beforehand. Problem solved 🤷‍♀️
  13. I'd have finished a week ago, but I can't physically do tridolons and the win 3 rounds of index can go swing. I just like to get to 30 and be done with it but I fully understand and agree with DE keeping it up for a good long while because it makes it more accessible to people who aren't on so much, new people who havent unlocked sorties, ttidolons, etc
  14. I have my mods set to show duplicates, so I start with the 400+Vitality, Pressure Points, etc, until I get down to the mods that I only have about 15 or 20 of. Given rivens are purple and stand out anyway I'd need to be severely chemically inconvenienced to click on one and sell it for endo while rounding up the trash mods.
  15. Eh, I'm ok with it. Even with hushed weapons a projectile of sorts is going to appear from apparent thin air and arc across the room. A combat droid that you'd think would have some pretty good sensor gear in order to track, lock on and fire at enemies are going to see that occasionally, run the calcs and take a shot and hit home if you're standing still. It's no more than what I'm having to do with the bugged moas that seem to be invis at times in order to nail them
  16. I've gotten about 40 forma so far. I'm doing 4 bounties a day, which seems enough without going all out try hard on this.
  17. Tbh, if you can't handle the first earth node Grineer on SP you're probably not geared up well enough to take on Liches. Main thing is you need something to get by defences, be it armour strip for Grineer or bypassing sheilds for Corpus. This can either be done with weapons and modding, or with Warframe powers, but whatever way you go you're going to need a pretty solid build.
  18. Any chance of linking the original vid? I'm sure someone with a keen pair of eyes could identify it
  19. Huh? Lets look at the most recent maps. Corpus ship is still foreboding and a death trap to the unprepared, just with updated textures. The sentient maps all look like they belong in something like Diablo 2 (this is a good thing) Deimos is Doom Eternal. The only thing light and airy is Yareli, but as others have said, the whole magical anime girl thing isnt all sugartits and rainbows that people think it is. Go look at Magical Princess Minky Momo, that series gets pretty dark later on.
  20. Xoris is good, if you can get on with glaives. Its custom built to deal with spectres. Get good at that and your pick of frame is purely for what element you're after
  21. It'll be a week before christmas, the day before they go on holiday for a fortnight. 😂😂
  22. I just got all the parts while getting other stuff from the vaults, such as mech mods, doing the part where you get Otak/Loid down to crack the vault room as theres a ton of goodies in there that are easier to get than mining etc. Mechs are a doddle to farm for compared to crap like Ash and the Ambassador
  23. Its be worth if I was away from home. I'd log in, and do some simple stuff, like low level fissures as I can use a frame with a set and forget power and just run along. I couldn't see me spending a huge amount of time in game though.
  24. Railjack and Arbies, also make sure you're doing Maroo's weekly hunt. Those statues add up eventually. Also melt down your mods from time to time. I can get 50k from them if I've been playing a lot, they soon mount up.
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