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  1. it doesnt break the game it just make the screen glitch out like you see above when i mouse over it
  2. it was brand new when i bought it. I didnt do anything too much with it like overclocking, the most that mine have dealt with is warframe itseft
  3. My graphics card is radeon rx 580, i forgot what my monitor specs is
  4. After praying to harrow and clem, i reloged and the light blue r/softwaregore is gone but natural talent is still showing like its an mod that go on the parazon or something
  5. its not my monitor problem, it still work fine. But look at the first picture, i dont think that is anyway my monitor having an problem
  6. When i fell down the tunnel/hole to get the drift mod, i somehow got outside of it and i end up in that spot. And when i jumped into the void, i fell for about a couple seconds and then i got teleported back
  7. you can call bs on that, i dont blame you, getting that much is well... like i have said before, its pretty funny and ridiculous. We got 2 orokin cells each hyena kills due to the booster and even less due to the nekros, and as you can see from the screen shot we got 793 kills and i got 168 cells, so in total we killed 84 hyenas that dropped cells, only 84 out of 793 so only 1/10 of the enemies we killed, we got no room clearing/nuking frame so those 793 kills are by killing them with weapons and we mainly go for/kill hyenas, and like i said before they started dropping detonite ampule so we left. And i know that you think that im lying and once again i dont blame you, i wouldnt even get mad if anyone report me. Im just wanted to post something amazing about the experience that i got in the game, because i didnt know that the razorback mission even drop so much orokin cells, its my first time actually playing this event. The first few mission i noticed that i got a lots of orokin cells so i went and test my theory, while trying to get mastery from my weapons. The second mission i did in the event:
  8. The only reason i got so much is not by using the glitch/exploit, we have a nekros, most of us have resource booster, also there is a reason why i and the other players only stayed from 23 mins, due to the hyena didnt drop much orokin cells anymore, they started dropping detonite ampule so we left. I didnt even know that there was a exploit with the hyena until today
  9. I havent play a single mission with mirage prime and somehow, someway when i sort it by usage, it showed that i have used it more than 4 maxed warframe (except for umbra)
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