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  1. "Telling the truth" and "being toxic" share similarities... ...they both hurt. :^) Then again, it's easier (and faster) for the offended to dismiss a problem by calling it "toxic" instead of being constructive explaining why the opposite opinion is wrong -- he is not explaining anything, "shredding some lights"... just... venting... his... anger. And you wanna know how you outright tell (the other person with opposite ideas) that he is right? When you resort to such low effort/blows. Then again, nothing is stopping you from completely ignoring what is being said here, tap your both ears and scream "LALALA THE WORLD IS WRONG AND I AM RIGHT!", replying by using this same tone and think you are a smart chap by doing that. You aren't, but hey... it's (your) opinion and (your) "world" that matters, right? Even if you are being completely obsolete... it's all... about... -you-. :^)
  2. Spoilers: If the game entitles you as a "Master"... it doesn't (also, magically) make you good at the game. Sure, it may feel good to slap that big juicy number if front of the newbies (!!)... buuuuuut yeah it's just a number that brings absolutely nothing worthwhile to the game. Other than bragging rights.
  3. Someone has to get those empty soda cans, y'know.
  4. "But that's like... your assumption, man. And here's a meme for no reason while I slightly parrot something that won't answer anything to what you said previously.". Uhm... that's not how you "win" a conversation, sir. More like... that's how you -LOSE- a conversation. But sure.
  5. More standing per day means that you can buy things early. That's it. Even if you may say "Oh, but that'd mean I'll be able to make rank 10 arcanes and sell em earlier compared to the MR 16 guy!" -- guess what? Arcanes and mods restricted to certain factions/whatever are not the only way to make plat in this game. And more "polarity points" can be remedied by simply... you know... leveling in spy missions until you level it enough to have enough polarities/mods so you can start clicking heads. "Oh, but I don't like Spy missions!". Then... all I have to say is, "tough luck, fren.". Or just deal with it -- I can kill lv 100+ space orcs just fine with a weapon with two mods equipped. Not like this game is hardcore/"souls-like" or anything like that. If I can do it... pretty sure you also can.
  6. That'd be valid if this game had only one faction/way to gain standing. But since this is not the case... then nope. It's a placebo change, pretty much.
  7. Welcome to the Internet -- where people are more worried about being a negative/displeasing asset rather than being a positive/pleasing one. Anonymity is one hell of a drug, I guess.
  8. That's like saying you can be better than me simply because you have a collection of... empty soda cans... and I don't. And before you ask... yes, it is a plausible comparison. Considering reaching MR 28 does not give you any noticeable difference compared to a MR 16.
  9. Why is it so hard for people to play solo instead of whining about things that can be easily avoided
  10. Title. Just a little "something" to soften up the requiem mod grind a bit.
  11. Honestly, I don't really want "much" out it this. Just give me a chakkhurr with 50% rad damage and a dubba stubba with 50% heat damage and I'll flag this content as "done".
  12. 1- Teaching new skills/moves to Liches. 2- Liches having its own mods. 3- Lich weapon customization. 4- Lich being a "true companion", and not a "mysterious stranger" (i.e can be equipped via the companion window, etc.) 5- The ability to make "Your own personal squad" with three liches that will follow you around and help you in battle 24/7. (Imagine like a "Choose one of your converted liches to accompany you in battle..." window popping up while the deploy countdown is rolling... with rosters of the current converted liches the player has and that can be chosen with a single click, etc.) 6- Raids making a return to the game because of it. 7- Something like a "Power Struggle" between other players liches! For glory, more creds... and a stronger weapon because why not? And even a bit of plat... And so on, so forth.
  13. As someone who has gotten the same shieldeg for four times in a row... your post alleviates my pain -and- is the final nail in the coffin for me, regarding liches. At least until DE makes the grind less RNG-dependant.
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