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  1. Довольно долгое время остаётся непереведённым
  2. I have polarized few times Euphona and really enjoy it. Also have Riven for it, using it frequently in past time, but, of course, wouldn't use it against Eidolon or Profit Taker. Lich, different bosses, Sortie - yes, but sometimes also can take Akarius instead.
  3. Ok, just adding my screenshots with Lich and Sortie reward list without a ☑ mark
  4. Doing it with Naramon passive on any mission with any melee
  5. Раньше как-то не замечал, но окончание слова не то: "почерпнуть столько же, сколько и при участии в ней."
  6. Thanks to all of you! It was just a curiosity :')
  7. Is it possible to get Mutagen Samples with [Distilling] Extractor on Eris? I send 2 Distilling and 1 normal every day but never got it.
  8. Зайти к нужному, взять сигил, дальше как обычно. Но от прокачки Перрина будет уменьшаться репутация у Стального Меридиана (и повышаться у Новой Локи).
  9. Try to reach Support then, that's the only thing I can say 😞
  10. I made a screenshot too for my clanmates who doesnt want to search it
  11. Прошу пересмотреть весь перевод, встречается непонятно что, примеры в скриншотах. "Система никогда её не знала им подобным, способным изменять свои качества по желанию Ивары." "Она бросила Мирмидона и его и то, что осталось от его шлема..." "Они не смогли приспособиться. Они смогли преодолеть."
  12. Just checked, it's there. Entered as Limbo Prime (but it doesn't matter)
  13. Hello! I want to ask, can we have one width mission marks in Star Chart? I took 3 screenshots to show what I mean. First will be one with Eris, let's see at Nightmare Xini - it has wide beautiful rhombus and can be easily seen. Then the second screenshot with Europe - mission Kokabiel with slightly thinner rhombus which still not hard to see. And then Lua - Apollo which is on bright side of this astronomical object and have a very thin Nightmare mark.
  14. Not sure if it was previous or current (at that time) Lich name, but they appeared after I quit Arsenal (and after Lich mission).
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