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  1. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/69-игрок-помогает-игроку/ Может ты ищешь другой тип МРки, допустим среди ближних оружий, а трансмутировался в пистолет?
  2. For now its price is between 10 from offline guys and 15-20 plat from online
  3. After all you can contact Megan or someone else
  4. I had this bug while was in a team with a friend, one of the Crewships just dissapeared with a half of its HP. We wasted about 10 minutes in hope to see another Crewship but even when I left as Client there were no new ones.
  5. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/69-игрок-помогает-игроку/ Они для всех одинаковы, хоть новичок, хоть нет. Новичкам больше подойдёт роль поддержки в виде Харроу/Тринити со сбором приманок. Про Фокус не понял, поскольку он добывается через обмен осколков, а их количество так же одинаково для всех за заход.
  6. @KOTESORhttps://forums.warframe.com/forum/69-игрок-помогает-игроку/ ПКМ -> Чёрный список (Игнор) Ну или жалоба в Саппорт https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/ru
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Mausolon didn't restore its ammo, I waited for more than one minute VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Don't know, all next Orphix battles it was normal, may be connected with Mausolon's Alt Fire EXPECTED RESULT: Auto replenish ammo when I don't shoot OBSERVED RESULT: No ammo in Mausolon while I was in Necramech REPRODUCTION RATE: No data
  8. TYPE: In-Game Gameplay and Visual (model/textures) DESCRIPTION: In one of additional POI (white marker) there's a broken bridge with nothing beneath it, and when I failed to jump over gap I ended up outside of that POI with only door visible. The second time I was outside the same way, the model seemed to be alright. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Jump straight to the gap at that place EXPECTED RESULT: I assume I should return back where I was before falling as it is in other missions like Jupiter Gas City OBSERVED RESULT: I was outside of POI REPRODUCTION RATE: Didn'
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The first time bug happened I accidentally stood on a Domestic Robot in Corpus Railjack mission which carried me on top of it. Then I shot it and got instantly killed without being able to be healed (was in duo squad as Client), VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Stand up on Domestic Drone, shoot it, get a result. EXPECTED RESULT: I think it should just destroy and leave or not that Repair Mod OBSERVED RESULT: The results for my 6 attempts were: 3 instant deaths, 2 random teleports (one to Railjack itself after being in pitch-black place falling, one
  10. Razorback was changed several months ago, maybe you didn't face it all that time? You always can check your codex in Orbiter (panel to the left from Navigation map)
  11. Protea's 2nd skill doesn't work too?
  12. The names and their stats are different, not sure about models (male/female), but think everyone have one NPC of each Syndicate (was there once and didn't pay attention)
  13. Теоретически в тех. поддержку написать можно и есть даже шанс, что вернут, но всё зависит от них. Можно написать хотя бы про Осколок Войны, а репутацию Симэриса нафармить
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