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  1. You forgot to mention something! Getting Animation locked parrying bullets, it was a hilarious bug but getting stun lock by animations gets old quick
  2. Melee nerf was very expected and was foreseen but it won't drastically affect the melee besides not being able to reach red crits with one mod. The main disappointment is that even with the new arcanes and mods, primaries and secondaries except a selected few will be able to fully utilize or come close to melee. The main factor being the ACTIVATION conditions for all of the new mods and arcanes which is ON KILL. Most guns are primarily single target and only a certain few of AOE weapons are viable. The whole reason melee was superior was because of 1)Being able to hit multiple enemies with 1 key press and 2) Simple activation for BIG Numbers because of 1 mod. Without touching the stats of guns, primaries and secondaries will still be "meh" in compared to melee except a selected few weapons. Too fix this is simple. Change all the new arcanes and mods activation from ON KILL to ON/PER STATUS. Switch the numbers for the buffs.
  3. Change your amp with a different name, its a known issue that some amp names causes larvalings not to spawn. its been slightly fix in update 27.1 but there are some words that still cause this bug
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