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  1. "Yeah I can try but Dino, please don't call me electro-boy like that it's..." I shudder a bit. "Disturbing ok ?" She is nice I can do so too. I start going towards the cables dangling around, none of them I could use to try and run juice anywhere, so instead I try and light up my arm as I take the bandage off entirely, its warm green would at least give us some sort of visibility. "I'd try and do something but... Who knows if we find a fusebox or something I can try to do more than that." I smile at the girl. "Nice to see you so positive girl. Can you give us your name ?" I ask as I try to have everyone have some light from my arm to see where they are stepping.
  2. "Yuk." I can repress that natural reaction as I cover my mouth and nose in my shirt. "Pleasant smell..." I feel myself wincing lightly from it the time needed for my nose to accommodate as much as possible. Then Karl asks for presentations. "Call me Cyriann. I'll get into more details later though... We need to get out before something else jumps us."
  3. I did not expect my attempt to work, though that scream almost torn my ears. Then the girl is launched to me, I have no other choice but to catch her, the way she is thrown she could get hurt. The strength of that beast is surprising, I feel myself being pushed back by the power it gave to it. "Don't chase after it, that one won't be running after us anymore." I help her to her feet making sure she isn't hurt, then... I straighten up with a nod. "Let's move." I look around as I go to the entrance making sure no more attackers are coming.
  4. Two reached us, the rest is following, could they be tired? Wishful thinking, in any case, we can't loose time in that fight. "Don't loose time fighting ! Just hurt its legs and keep going !" I scream it as I arrive to the girl who pounced to one of the monsters, whatever she has in mind we don't have the time. The blade slides on my shoulder going down to strike the thing's leg, one advantage I had found to this weapon was how surprisingly hard it would hit, weirdly enough it didn't cut all that well. If I could break or even just hurt that leg enough it'd be one less to chase us, then I'd grab the girl by the collar and drag her to the sewers if she doesn't let go of that thing.
  5. I fall back, following the others but keeping an eye on those beasts. I know I have no chances alone, yet if they attack, someone will have to fend them off, we need and enclosed space, where I could use the length of my blade to my advantage and force them in one on ones while the archer could be attacking them from safety... Wishful thinking on my part, but that's all I have at the moment, we need to escape, that's all that matters. I see her, the archer, trying to help the kid so I slow down a bit just so we don't end up leaving someone behind.
  6. We're in danger, no doubt on that one, if those hyenas are anything to judge by their names, that laugh is them considering us as food. Everyone is wise to look for an exit or consider fleeing, but, those things directed us towards here, meaning they probably have the advantage when it comes to both chasing and hunting, probably including fighting in the mix for good measure. "Come on think..." I mutter to myself, I have to find an idea, splitting up the group we have is the worst possible idea, we have to organize, run, and lay down traps to reduce the number of those monsters. Sewers... An exit... If only I knew what we all can do, maybe we could draw out a trap... The girl can distach her arm, I have my electricity, if we could find a cable we'd be able to at least trample and shock one...would work only once but that would also take one out. "You,..." I point to the one who talked of an exit. "... safe or not an exit is our best option, think you can find it ?" We have to move before the hyenas charge. "Anyone that can lay traps or something ? If we have a way out, we could use it to trap those things and take them out... Or at least try and have them loose our track." I tighten my left hand to a fist, can't let an ounce of a shake go out, if those things smell we are afraid beyond just the fear of the situation, they're going to attack, staying calm and thinking is all I can do, so I have to keep at it.
  7. After a short moment eyes closed to control that feeling I exhale, no time to leave on anything to distract me of the situation, we clearly all are not monsters despite that infection eating away at us, I can confirm a bunch of us are, the few blades that spun out just like I am drawing mine from my arm, the metalic forms on us. Poor girl though, I look at the kid shivering, crying, wishing to help her out, so I come close calmly placing my still human hand on her head. "Don't worry, no matter what, I'm not letting anyone harm a kid." I stick my tongu to her with a wink, cheesy line, sure enough, but I hoped to raise a little smile. Now for the radio, and the beasts, no matter who they are not showing themselves is not compelling me to hear them out. So I stand there giving the kid some space, blade resting on my shoulder as I say nothing, just letting the electricity in my arm crackle and fizzle as it burns the bandage on my forearm to reveal the crystaline mutation entirely, black veines coursing in the emerald green. "No matter what I won't let them touch that kid." A chuckle almost escapes me as that is the sole thought I have in mind in this moment.
  8. Her arm disconnects, that's certainly something surprising, but I'm not at my first weird thing happening, that's a first sure, but not first. Iget up and pick her arm preparing a snarky retort to surprise her, but she leaves without thinking which in turn has me left there with her arm in my hand, how thoughtful... "I think you forgot something helping me." I call out to her so she'd turn, I give her her arm back. "Neat ability you got." I take off part of the bandage revealing the green crystal. "Hope I am interesting as well." That is when I turn around to look at the group. "Well, that is pretty cool to finally find people in this hell of a hole."
  9. More people, seems I can come out of hiding, or so I really hope. I get out from the car I had squeezed myself into to observe the self-proclaimed doctor. "That's many peop..." But my luck strikes me and, as I am called out, the pile of rubble doesn't handle my movement all too well, thus I slide down along the pile to almost fall face first near the person in question. "Well that's what I call failing an entry... I didn't expect to see anyone either." Let's try and save some hint of seriousness adding my own thoughts to hers as I take the time to look her over, she seems to have been infected just like me but not doing anything to cover her arm. "I could use a hand." Better try and actually interact at this point.
  10. "Get away from me !" The blade swings to force the beast away, but I know that darn monster won't be leaving me alone just because I have a bastard sword to wack it with. I go and run, one hand making sure the bag I have on my back isn't falling off, the other, now looking like a crystal, gripping on the blade, there's no purpose in trying to fight those things, for each one I'd manage to scratch or kill there'd only be more, better run. I follow the only way I can go ending up in a square, turning around I notice the animals aren't there anymore. "Did I shake them ?" I wonder, probably just wishful thinking, I'd love things to go smoothly at least once since I've been stuck here. That is when I hear a voice, a doctor here ? who would be crazy enough to still be around these parts ? no time to wait in pointless questions, better to go and see what it is, who knows, maybe for once I won't be shot at, after all my bandage on the arm does conceal its crystaline look, for now.
  11. Unfortunately this isn’t totally fixed, better but the texture patches are still evident,I can’t wait for the day Kubrows will have true fur and not just a texture trying to look like it.
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