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  1. As we arrive to the floor where all the rooms are I peak in the different rooms, seeing no one is there. "Good, we can settle her in without an issue." I say leaving Dino to guide me to where Gabby would sleep so we could tuck her in. "Thanks for the help Dino, I don't know how I would had handled it all on my own." I thank her as I'm waiting for her to show me where to drop the girl.
  2. I catch her as she falls. "And done, she is off." I then scoop her up and carry her as I sigh. "You won't mind taking care of her if the rooms are separated ? She's clinging on me right now." I look at the slumbering girl with a smile. "I hope we'll be able to preserve her a bit." I speak lowly to not wake her up, despite Gabby probably being so tired that even if we spoke normally she wouldn't wake up.
  3. "I'd say you then Dino. I'm fine being a big brother, I wouldn't resist her as a reponsible adult..." Can only be true to myself, that kid is just hitting all the weakspots, Dino doesn't seem too affectedn and that's not counting that look that burnt the back of my skull... If it was hers at least. "They showed us around our rooms, or well, where there were free rooms were over there." I point to the general direction of where we had been lead earlier and start walking with Gabby towards it, making sure Dino is following.
  4. I sigh seeing the little girl playing it tough. "Yeah you're not sleepy, but you know, sleeping would do us all some good anyways, it was a hectic day after all." I can't resist and give her a quick headpat. "Let's get to bed, working out what to do can wait for tomorow." I offer her a hand if she wants to follow me as I get up from the table.
  5. I don't even retort to Dyno she clearly has a dead set stance in Karl and arguing would only be detrimental, instead I look to the young girl and the doctor as the kid pulls away. I smile noticing Gabby's eyes locking io the plate. "Agnes do you intend on finishing that?" I point to the plate. "If not I think Gabby could finish it. If of course she's still hungry, young as she is she is still growing, so we shouldn't stifle that if we can." I give the kid in question a wink, I might be bad at raising people's morale, but reading intents I could do in some occasions.
  6. I was going to say something, Agnes was right about the feeble nature of life, but she forgot about hope, the one thing that probably had kept us all intact up until now that we could rest. But Gabby bet me to the reaction latching onto the woman eliciting a smile from me. "Dino, Agnes." I address them both. "I think... You two should give a chance to hope to rise up a bit." I look to Dino first. "Karl did what he did, but he is in this mess us willing or not, we are allies a'd who knows, maybe underneath all he did there is someone good." Then to Agnes. "I won't say the world is all shine and rainbows, and as you said we have to hope, so just like Gabby, let's try and think positively and see what, we can do to help." I don't know if I am the best suited for this kind of talk but at this point it is all I can do to try and help.
  7. I give a smile to Gabby as she answers me. "I'm no fae, but your right, names hold a strong power to others." I give her a wink. At first I considered following on Karl after he started butting heads with Dino, but then Gabby asked her why she acted like that, prompting me to wait. For now I ahd no reasons to speak up, finishing my meal calmly to see how things would evolve.
  8. I got put into a Black void at mission end. My firend and I were aboard a crewship that despawned with us aboard, and on this we ended up lost in a black void, unable to do anything, no text channel, no escape menu, nothing.
  9. After eating, I feel myself slumping down in the chair, a long sigh coming out of me, in security, as relative as it is, we are in security. A realization I hadn't allowed myself to accept, after all, be it me, or any of the others in the little group of frantically fleeing survivors, we were all bearers of infection, my cristaline arm (as always hidden under bandages), the little kid's feline attributes, Dino's detachable arms. Had I been in someone else's boots, I'd be affraid of our group, but considering Yeva, and that horned, maybe we are all, if not majoritally sporting traces of infection in this whole place. Then I look to that kid, realizing she still ahsn't spoken her name, would be time we actually know how to call her. "Say kid, could you give me your name ?" We had introduced ourselves in that chase, having names to put on faces is easier for shoutouts after all, but she had kept silent, and we all called her kid.
  10. I see Agnes, I finally had started to hear names and had the time to imprint being dragged to a table, by the kid. I sigh, following, after all, better form a little group, it's always better to have people around. I have already had the luck to change myself, these aren't the most comfortable, yet at least I have a common look and a sleeve on my right side, which almost feels weird after how long I had it exposed. So I just sit there, looking around, absentmindedly, not really knowing what to do, what to say, it almost feels like the realization of the peace we are given hasn't settled in correctly yet.
  11. All quests yes, maxed out Focus school please no... I'd loose access to it. I don't have the ressource in Focus to max out a Focus yet with my play style... And I've been around since its creation. Side note, I don't even own an arcane either, I just make due with modding and it is enough work already for me not to want to have to farm for those modifiers.
  12. I had scoured the place to find new clothes for most of us with little success so that woman's reaction felt almost like a direct attack, and even though the girl's reaction was adorable I couldn't just not say a thing. "Thanks for the compliment, I looked around as the others were showering but I didn't found anything and since everyone was busy I couldn't find anything to replace those clothes." I simply answered kindly looking at her. "Some new clothes for us all would be a god send."
  13. Everyone goes to mind their own business, following them I see the showers, shivering lightly and just deciding to wash my hands for now. "One, find new clothes, two, shower, three, eat..." I mutter to myself, forcing my brain to stay active keep tension up for now just in case.
  14. "Come on." I give him my shoulder as I see Karl wanting to move on. "Let's go see those rooms, you need some rest, before we think about eating." I invite the others to come along as I make my way to the end of that corridor helping Karl.
  15. "Well that's a lot to take in..." I sigh, getting a roof up top, meals, and people to live with is so good of an opportunity that it feels like a trap already, but I can't deny I need all of what they offer, for now I'll accept, make myself small and see how things go. "Suppose we should go see how the rooms are, choose who goes where and as they said. Rest." I stress the last word. "I don't know about you all, but I feel like I could just deflate on the spot if I let my nerves relax." And I'm only joking halfly, I feel like I'm made of lead, hurts a lot, my right side is twitching and I really need to clean myself up and take a breather.
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