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  1. I personally adored the event, couldn't play much due to time and friends constraints, but I see the concept as a good bridge to add more stuff, more missions to Railjack. If they manage to make Orphix into a mission type, possibly an endless for Railjack. That would open the door for other events to see their content become game modes through Railjack. Also, if you think OV is the first to go from event to mission objective. I recommend you play a sabotage on Earth and look at the old event that created this special sabotage mission, or to the special Sabotage in the Grineer docks, which t
  2. And that's a double post... Better make use of it. Thanks DE for the heads up on the new format of devstreams, that'll be interesting, and personally more exciting, to hear less of updates to come to instead hear of things in a more timely manner. Though I will admit I'll miss seeing you guys shenanigans as often.
  3. As unfortunate as it may be, considering the way how Warframe works and is developped, cross save is most probably a thing that wll never be possible until the game stops development altogether. The PC version of Warframe is used as an iterative working board where DE can fire hotfixes rapidly to fix issues as they spawn, on consoles, unfortunately, the updates go through a long and tedious certification process before being made available, which slows down the possibility of rapid hotifxes like on PC, thus, the two versions are separated since they are almost never on the same page.
  4. In and of itself such a thing wouldn't be much of an issue if not for one thing. Synchronicity. Updates between PC and consoles, and even among consoles, are not synchronised meaning that if you had cross-saves you could run into the problem of getting items on PC that don't exist on consoels yet for example. Not counting the multiple issues of having a save bouncing between versions.
  5. Being behind someone that is doing the Vallis farm (having completed it myself I'm lending a hand), all I have to say is, if you didn't do it when it was the nex content, available, and everyone and their mother was on it trying to figure out the best farming patterns is on you. I myself got into it late, because I generally don't give a crap about ranking with factions beyond what I need. Fortuna, and the Necralisk are the execeptions to that perception as they offer incentives to ranking up, story, lore, and (in Fortuna's case, I can't speak for Deimos). A surprise as you reach the last l
  6. Didn't tested it very long as I was doing high level missions and needed the stability but overall, though I didn't crash I noted several instances of violent stutters and framerate drops. I run a GTX 1070 so I wonder where things happened to have the whole thing chug like that.
  7. If I may be so blunt, and as a Glaive+Gun lover. Offer the Weapon+Gun option for all one handed weapons please, that more people can enjoy these combo options.
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