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  1. I take my helmet off, sighing a bit. "I'm Volt, or at least that's how they decided to call me." I give her a smile as I designate Sereena. "And she is Banshee." I give a nod to Tara's words. "Though first of all we'll need to get out of here, preferably not getting spotted on the way." And though it doesn't seem all that good of a news I give Neewa a thumb up. "We got here without problem, getting out is thus possible as well." I add.
  2. "It is clear you have intruders on hand. Jin ? Aren't you supposed to do somethign about it ?" Sophie doesn't even seem to be phased by the situation or the passive aggressiveness of the exchange. Jin shakes his head. "You're package, not leaving." His eye glances again toward the same container as he takes hold of the girl's arm, as if it was a sign of him protecting her. Sophie inflates her cheeks in disapointment like a spoiled kid. "And I hoped you'd do something worth any interest." She adds almost loudly to try and elicit reprobing looks to Jin so she'd be able to be free for a moment.
  3. "A kid ?" I tilt my head to the side as I let Edge fall down. "And we were all expecting something ugly to come out of this." I sigh, this was a lucky moment for us a greatly lucky moment. "Tara I think you can lower your gun here, at least, stop pointing it like that." I say to her as I get Edge on my back, feeling spikes coming out to latch it on my back. "Say kid, why are you here ?" I then ask her. "Promise we have nothing to do with those who put you in there, they don't like us much either." I do all I have to seem as non threatening as possible while trying to stay discreet and not approaching, just in case she has powers like us, better steer clear of any blast radius. "Establish communication, decide if she is ally or enemy right ? Sound logic, Tara can be proud." "You know full well I'd prefer to avoid a bloodbath, so let's first try and discuss before firing for once, she doesn't seem hostile right off the bat, if we can convince her we are on her side we might just have a new ally to count on." "Sly as a fox, maybe manipulative also works here, you are less naive than the others might be thinking, if anything happens you know you can count on me anyways."
  4. I give her a nod as I place the heavy case away from us just in case it doesn't get zapped by my powers if things get really bad. I take my blade out in its heavier form, Edge wants a good fight, and to end things fast a big hit at lightning will be all we need. But I can't help a little sting of worries to be here. "What if it isn't Mimas ? What if it isn't even hostile at all ?" I wonder and worry, but I'll see how things go in the action.
  5. Jin had already started assessing the area, finding nothing he could use to determine what had happened, and he had no knowledge of Lasrian hence the technician's voice was nothing more to him than grunts and huffs he couldn't use. As he forces the scientist girl next to him without a word his eyes shoot to a corner lingering a moment on a crate before he shakes his head, then he'd look at Du'Bois raising an eyebrow at her speech, that was quite an unusual reaction from someone whom had gone out of their way to come and check on their cargo themselves. Sophie looks at the man with an amused smile. "I don't understand a word of what he says..." She looks up to Jin hoping for a translation, but his negative shake and fingers on his lips get her smile off rapidly as she grumbles again in disappointment.
  6. "An AI ?" I mumble to myself. Just this is enough to get my interest, an AI, there were no recent breakthrough in this matter for years, yet this one is specifically classified as a class 3, highly intelligent then, and designed for ships, maybe the Liset could use it... I ponder a moment looking at the case deliberating if I should just take it or leave it there. Until I hear Sereena utter a name that sends shivers down my spine. "Mi !mmrf." My own hand comes to muffle my own surprised reaction. "Be careful had I not been able to use your hand you'd have yelled that." As I regain control over my right hand I thank Edge for his rapid reaction and little break of rule to save us. I thus decide to take the case, it is heavy, but the recent crystalization of my body proves to have enhanced my strength further, I'd have pained to lift that before, and her eI am walking like it isn't all that heavy at all as I join the girls. "Tara, that hing is an AI designed for use in ships, I don't know for what use, but my guess is we wouldn't want that out, or at least more to have it on the Liset than on cruisers hunting us." I show her the case. "It is a tad heavy, but I can move it around pretty easily." Then I turn to Sereena, worried over what she said. "Are you sure of that ?" I ask looking at the door wondering if I should take the risk of opening it to kill the thing in case it really is Mimas. "If only we had an idea over if it is dangerous or not..." Edge is in favor of opening and killing the thing no matter what it is but I'm more worried of what could happen if the thing proves to be strong, or even a trap.
  7. "I'm security. Answer." He says as Sophie's expression goes from her childlike smile to a much more contained and closed face as she turns and glares at the man. "The hell you are." Butted in Nako "You're here to pick the girl up, nothing more. Quit acting like you own the place." his response was swift and sterm, making sure he'd convey who's boss, Jin's looking towards him only filled with disdain as he grunts. "Can't you let people be for five seconds ?I know your father must have told you can do whatever you want, but the simpla fact she is here means she is no danger." She says too as she turns to him, hands on her hips, Jin looking down on her as he frowns and mutters an almost unhearable ramble. "notcountingmisterNakoisright" "Fine." He looks back to Annika. "You fall under surveillance, meaning, try anything, you're dead, both of you." He didn't even acknowledge Jean's presence beyond noting they are two, he hasn't even looked at her, deeming her a non-threat in comparison to the woman in front of him. Sophie sighs before looking at the other woman, more like a girl, that accompanies that fine dressed woman, giving her a warm smile as her much more childlike behavior seems to return. "Sorry for Jin, he is worse than a robot someti..." She gets another hit on the head, to which she doesn't respond by much more than a falsely stifled grunt of annoyment. "Well, glad to see everyone's getting along..." announced Ved, to which Nako scoffed. He paid him no mind "I believe Du'Bois wanted to check on her cargo. If you allow..."
  8. Before the other guests arrive Jin's eye scans the place, letting a cough out as he sees some of the shipment that he ordered to be shipped in priority was still there, he was sure no one had listened. "Mercenaries should learn the job is to obey orders." Is the only thing he says. "Some of it is already on board, so I've heard. Cut them some slack." said Nako as the second group arrives. "Yay! More people to talk to !" The girl springs from her spot towards Annika, Jin missing the catch to stop her by a fraction of a second. "Hi! I'm Sophie, Lady Kyoko's Assistant!" She says with a bright smile and a hand shooting to the fine woman in front of her. "Quiet." A thud sounds as Jin hits her on the head. "Important package should know better than to speak openly." His eye lock onto Annika's as they narrow. "Never heard of you. Name? Work?" He seems much more suspicious than the guards and the scientist accompanying her. My input wasn't needed, my senses were nothing special and I had zero idea of what to do, I was basically firepower for the team so until we do searches or fighting I was useless, hence I kept my mouth shut. But now, we are to search, so at least here I can use my eyes. "I'll check on the suitcase, you two look at the big case, with your enhanced senses you might tell what's inside." I say in signs, just as Tara had tought us, thank god Edge helped me imprint them faster. Going toward the case I spot another crate with Sakuraba, though this time it's open. What I see is unclear, something mechanical, a big chunk of something with joints. "What could that be?" I wonder to myself, Edge shrugging my worries off by refocusing me on the case.
  9. "..." I look at the description perplexed by it, prototype parts ? Here ? I could get an idea of why, but the development of a prototype here only spurred terrifying ideas to my mind, they could well be designing specifically to counter us, just like that old man, Vor, had this "ascaris" thing. But as I extend my hand to peek inside Sereena picks up on people approaching and Annika notifies us she is coming to see the cargo. "Urgh... As much as I'd like to give Sakuraba trouble we can't get noticed, Tara ?" I turn to our chief. "What do we do now ?" I question before going to Sereena to see if her probing with her abilities had made any progress. "Sereena, anything you can find that looks like the exit with your sound ?" ----------------------------- The girl jiggles at the outburst of her second guard. "At least you have emotions, not like a certain robot here." She says eyeing over Jin, whom immediately replies by stretching her ear. "Oooooooooooooooooooooow !" She breaks free again protecting her red ear and taking cover behind Nako. "That's mean ! Only Lady Kyoko is authorized to do this to me !" Her voice is loud and clear, and easy to hear for the group accompanying the second brother. A grunt of despair comes from Jin. "Any room you can lock her in until shipment is loaded and plane is gone ?" He then asks Nako, not even turning around, his eyes fixated on the two women accompanying Nako's brother. "Would like to talk to them, can't with a child tugging at leg." Nako would clearly hear the girl preparing to answer back but a single look from Jin, cold as an iceberg shot her mouth shut instantly. "Yes or no, now." He clearly isn't inclined on waiting. "No." replied the foreigner merc, not interested in wasting time either "I would prefer to just throw her back into the plane, but we can't have that. And my employer would be mad if we lock her up. But by all means, go bother my brother. The less of you around me the better." He tilts his head a little to look at the smaller woman "I'll keep an eye on your squeaky toy." "I'm here you two..." She says lightly tapping her foot in annoyance. "Fine Jin, I'm coming with you, else you're gonna scare the poor ladies." Her smile is more that of a mischievous child than that of the scientist she pretends to be, but Jin's sigh clearly shows she won't let go of them. "Let's go, show the way to meet the others." He says to the mercenary, almost like an order, but visibly he held on the superior tone.
  10. On a nearby walkway two persons pass by, followed by a guard. "Jiiiiin !!!" The girl calls visibly struggling to keep up with the man. "Can't you wait for me a second ? I'm tired, got a whole flight in my legs and you have me walking around since I arrived, I'm a scientist not a soldier, I need rest !" She says as the man stops to turn to her. "No. You're high priority, can't let you in one spot, you have to follow. No complaints." He almost seem robotic in his behavior as he takes her by the arm and drags her behind. "Have to survey cargo, bring you at base, safer to wait for cargo gone before bringing you to Mother." Clearly this man is harsh with the lady, not having a care in the world for her. "You outlanders always this noisy?" complained a third voice, following their oddly rapid pace "Like it isn't enough I have to keep an eye on you all day." The man was rather annoyed with the situation. Geared up but nowhere to go, today's field mission was canceled thanks to the arrival of that couple, an extension of his task to keep them in check delaying it to the point of termination. Could've yielded a fat paycheck, but instead he's got this. He took off some layers of kevlar from his arms, but kept the chest piece on. To the Infiltration team he would appear to be an outlandish merc of higher rank, but miss Du'Bois has met the likes of Nako before. Both Xol brothers at one place means business. "Told you to stay with shipment, insisted on coming, your problem now." He answers as the girl finally breaks free and sits down pouting. I look around warry of any potential threat to see us, thanking Tara for all the pointers she gave me, keeping myself close to walls, picking discreetly, all that was helping me a lot to not get noticed in this situation. Although at one point I suddenly stop, seeing a crate with a symbol I know all too well, a sakura emblasoned with a crest, confirming what I thought, Sakuraba clearly is involved. "Not good..." I make a movement to Tara, asking her to come and see. "Sakuraba had something unloaded from this plane, what do we do ? Keep going or..." I know my question is stupid, but I can't help and be curious to peek inside to see what in the world they have had sent here.
  11. Unfortunately this isn’t totally fixed, better but the texture patches are still evident,I can’t wait for the day Kubrows will have true fur and not just a texture trying to look like it.
  12. "Let's hope nothing goes wrong now..." I say lowly to Sereena as I take my place in our hiding spot in the truck. After a moment we stop, the engine shutting down and people leaving the place. "I think we are in. Tara ? We move ?" I stay low and speak as low, trying to get an idea over what to do now, feeling stress building up in the unknown of our situation.
  13. I nod as I return to the truck to help Sereena getting in, waiting then for Tara to join us, hiding as she told us.
  14. Tar is brutal in her approach, I could had sped up and got us all in fast, but her method works as well. I don't say a word as I come and deliver the discharge she had asked for, no matter if the guy was unconscious or not, now there is no doubt he is. "Shouldn't we hide him away?" I then ask her with some hand motions.
  15. Had the scenario been different, maybe the position I had forced myself into would had flustered me, I have after all a very nice view of Sereena in her so form fitting frame, but any and all blush I'd normally have in such position are absent, simply because I'm so focused on the task at hand that I mostly don't pay attention to it, it is more Edge that is doing so in my stead. "Quietest weapon..." That thought remembers me of our little "practice" she had had me do as a preparation to infiltration. I had tried to puch my lightning around at the power of a taser to shock people unconscious, the rnage proved to be fairly limited to not provoke noisy cracks or be too easily deviated, five or meters were my tops distances as we had tried several distances once I had gotten the strength right. It was painful, to say the least, to watch as Tara convulsed during those tests, she had insisted on being the target for the practice, I shudder just remembering those awful moments. A little lighting is coursing in my right arm, ready to be shot at a moments notice, I slide down from the vent, just like Tara had taught me, making little to no sound as I follow her and Sereena.
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