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  1. "Yes, because of course I snuck people in here, to one of the most secure places in Lasria," Annika said with an eyeroll, even as she tightened up her mental control. She was most definitely on borrowed time now. "And of course I loaded them into the crates and brought them here, all so they could break out and cause havoc." She sneered at Ved, lips curling and nose wrinkling as if she'd just smelt something foul. "Do you take me for a fool Ved Xol? Do you really think I would compromise the one safe route in and out of Lasria? And what reason would I have for doing so anyway? More likely you are dealing with infiltrators and thieves from the Red Vein or Cobalt Meridian." She swept her arm out, gesturing to the crates around them. "I'd bet good money there is lots of tech and weaponry in here, stuff that those groups could use or sell." Annika knew they couldn't stall them from summoning security. What she could do was confuse matters, give them a different target. If they were searching in the warehouse, maybe they wouldn't look elsewhere. A thought occurred to her. "And aren't the Red Vein reputed to be camo experts? No where is truly impenetrable. Combined with Hexagon and... his, her, whatever," she waved away the pronouns, "ability to gather information, and you want to pin a security breach on me? I just want to get these mechs to my father. They could make us a fortune. Just because I wiped your brother out doesn't mean I'm not looking to make more money." Throughout this all, Annika maintained the air of someone decidedly irritated of a false accusation. Then she drew in a breath, composing herself. "I'll give you, the timing is rather coincidental. But if the coincidence aligns with anything, its probably the plane being here, rather than my cargo and I."
  2. The Tatsu is not a nikana/katana, due to the length of its blade. It's real life counterpart would be the Odachi, which was to the Samurai what the Zweihander is to Europeans. Would you want a scabbard for stuff like the Galatine? And it really isn't ugly. It's an awesome looking weapon, especially with the stance and the flourish you can do midway through one of the combos.
  3. Oh.... oh wow. That is stunning. Truly amazing.
  4. My only real problem with the new melee system is the auto-block. Sometimes it makes me block when I'm trying to attack, preventing me from actually doing anything. Now admittedly I play on a laptop so key input lag may be the actual cause of it, but it is still incredibly frustrating to deal with.
  5. My only real problem with the new melee system is the auto-block. Sometimes it makes me block when I'm trying to attack, preventing me from actually doing anything. Now admittedly I play on a laptop so key input lag may be the actual cause of it, but it is still incredibly frustrating to deal with.
  6. Annika gave the tied up man a momentarily confused look. Externally at least. Internally she was seething and thinking very fast. Clearly the others had had to incapacitate this man in order to get out, but he'd woken up in the time between the infiltration team leaving and the cargo inspection. She came up with a plan, then began to put it into action. It started with an amused look Nako, one that was mixed with sympathy and a touch of irritation. "It seems some of Anyo's employees have some interesting kinks," she said, speaking as if discussing the weather, "bondage and public discovery? Quite the combination." She was flying on instinct here, hoping that her plan would work... provided she could stick to it.
  7. Spikey844

    Can you sing?

    What sort of singer are you looking for? Male, female, high, low? I’d be willing to give it a shot, but I’m a bass. Having listened to the song, I feel you might not want to go lower than a tenor.
  8. Annika gave Jin an entirely unamused look. "You do not dictate what I can and can't do. Harming me will have repercussions. Do not try to." She brushed passed him, moving deeper into the warehouse. Of course, the repercussions she mentioned were not the ones that others might have in mind. They didn't know she was a telepath, and more than capable of trapping them in their worst nightmares. She paused a few steps behind the Sakuraba pair. "And do stop hitting Sophie. It's rude, and the poor girl doesn't deserve it." With that parting shot, she led Ved lead her and Jean to the cargo. She also let her mind brush over theirs, a feather touch, as if looking at a distant object through a telescope.
  9. Annika raised her eyebrows at the girl's, Sophie's, exuberance, then met Jin's gaze with a cool and entirely unintimidated look. Inwardly, she glowered at the man for refering to Sophie as an 'important package'. Though no stranger through the term due to having been Army Intelligence, hell even designating some people as 'important package' herself, she disliked the term. It was dehumanising in her eyes. "Thought Anyo, sorry, the government, owned this airport, not Sakuraba," she replied coolly, the implication that it was none of his business obvious in her tone.
  10. Annika took on the information, even as she waved away the offer for painkillers. "I should be alright.The headaches spike sometimes is all." She could tell he was only feigning concern, though whether that was him simply not really caring about her or something else she couldn't tell. She continued following him through the warehouse to the crates she'd purchased, hoping the others had gotten the message and scarpered before they got there. To be honest, if the mission was going to go down hill at any point, one of the better places would be here in the warehouse. Room to run and hide, her telepathic abilities giving her the initiative, and likely all kinds of toys to cause chaos with.
  11. Annika waved away Ved's apology. "I did relieve him of a large amount of money. I don't blame him for being bitter about it." She flicked her glance back up at the two with Nako. "Who does Nako have with him?" She asked, gesturing with finger towards them. The pouting girl was her primary interest. She seemed a little too young to be here, or indeed to be involved in this kind of business. Then she silently laughed at herself. According to her constructed backstory, she'd started at a young age too. Family business and all. Probably the same thing that had happened here. Then she stopped, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples, her face pinched as if in pain. What looked like someone with a bad headache or migraine was a cover, preventing anyone from seeing her eyes from glowing as she used her powers. She located the infiltration team ahead, reaching out to touch their minds. 'We are coming to check on the cargo I 'bought'. Make sure you aren't there when we arrive.'
  12. Internally Annika flinched slightly. Her put on paranoia about the cargo meant it would seem odd if she didn't check it out at least, but that meant running the risk of the others being exposed before they go out. She weighed things up for the briefest of moments, then made her choice. "Of course. I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of following it here if I didn't ensure it had arrived safely. And of course Anyo Corp is shady, they have to be to work somewhere like Lasria. Old Soviet countries tend to have lots of corruption." She followed Ved through the stacks of crates, in silence at first. Then a question came to her. "What did you mean when you said Nako got the short straw? Is he stuck behind a desk doing paperwork, or something else? Gods know I hate paperwork myself." She allowed her face to sour briefly at the mention of paperwork. It wasn't something that she needed to put on either. While she had gotten pretty luck being CPS, she also spent a fair bit of time analysing photographs and information gathered from elsewhere in the field. There were times it was incredibly tedious. Nako's voice from above answered Annika's question. Her concern from earlier spiked at the presence of both the Xol brothers being on site. She did, however, smile slightly. "Mr Nako Xol," she said, her voice echoing up to him on the walkway, "come to see what I bought with your money?" It was a deliberate goad, but Annika felt it was in character for Du Bois. And a little teasing never hurt anyone... Much.
  13. Annika stepped from the car, not even looking at the driver. She'd barely twitched during the entire drive, instead looking straight ahead out the front windscreen. She had taken note of the overseer talking to the old man though. It could just have been a conversation between two colleagues of differing rank, but she couldn't quite shift an itch in the back of her mind telling here there was more to it. When they arrived at the airport she let her eyes scan around the area like lightning, appearing merely curious while trying to gather as much information as she could. She took in the defences and mentally grimaced. If Dimitri and Hayden had to charge in to hall them out under fire, it was going to be tricky for them to get close without getting shot to pieces. And then there was the man welcoming them... "Ved Xol," she replied with the slightest hint of a smile, "the man who chose a woman over poker. Mercenaries hired by Anyo, and-" Here she let her smile grow a touch, "a little lighter on cash than last week." She folded her arms, meeting his gaze. "What brings you here?"
  14. While I am a 'veteran' player, I didn't have any ducats at all when I completed Chimera. Not one. Zero. Zilch. Nor did I have Prime junk parts either, never have. I've tended to be either lucky on my drops, or managed to trade on the market, and I don't tend to run fissures for fun. What Prime parts I had were all ones I wanted to hold on to. Since I have a fairly large supply of plat right now, I ended up buying about 100 plat worth of prime parts off someone and trading them in for ducats. Eidolon shards weren't actually a problem, I had plenty left over from running Tridolons at some point with clannies. Honestly I just found the Ducats a plane weird choice of crafting requirement. Seriously, why ducats?
  15. Annika's eyes narrowed slightly. Things... were not quite adding up. Lasria was closed off to the outside world, yet the old man claimed he had received a letter, recently by the sound of it. Of course, seeing as he was an old man, he could be a few cards short of a full deck, but it still set her on edge. Then there was the way that the driver of the jeep eyed was eyeing their govenors. Almost as if he was questioning them. She debated once more reaching out for his mind, but that risked alerting security to their true identity. If they were discovered, they would be forced to go loud, and who knows what would happen next. She held off reaching out with her powers, instead meeting the man's eyes in the mirror, folding her arms, and raising an eyebrow in silent question. The movement also hid the governor in the folds of her coat, but seeing as it was a natural movement, it was unlikely to be seen as a deliberate move.
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