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  1. WHY DO WE HAVE TO UNLOCK THESE! no where else in the game do we have to unlock anything like this on any frame or weapon! WHY HERE ON NORMAL WEAPONS!!!!!!
  2. this wont fix the base problems with the frames at large. to me i hate this its random slot machine tactics as a form of a distracting bandaid over a cavernous wound. the frames have to be fixed first for me to be excited for them to be randomly buffed for a while to have especially if i have no choice in which 3 it chooses. what if i don't have that frame. does it chose from the group in my inventory? or the whole inventory? a lot of question to shout into the wound......
  3. could this be used to find derelict vaults too? because these are not going to be in every mission.... and then will have no use, so it has to eventually have a use in one mission eternally.
  4. liches get stuck under the map. you have to force start any new mission as the host in railjack. Zepher still slides off the ground without hitting it.
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