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  1. Ya know, with the new Nightwave not starting until August 4th, why not extend the current Intermission to August 3rd for those of us who um... Definitely did NOT procrastinate too much on Nightwave for the past several months? *coughs innocently*
  2. It's really really easy to pare down graphical quality for potato systems.
  3. I do love that. It just doesn't sound fun to play as the other characters. Maybe we get to view their memories through starchild powers somehow... or maybe it's more random visions from NatahLotus. It might be why she doesn't show up in the gameplay trailer... because she is showing us what the war is doing, and trying to guide us to forging alliances in her own way.
  4. Something none of you seem to consider: time. It's entirely possible that Warframes, over the millenia since the Orokin Era, have aged. Grown battle-worn. The Infested DNA in their bodies could have slowly evolved over time, bringing minute changes that diminish what the Orokin would see as perfection. The Tenno could have even made small modifications over time - maybe an external representation of Tenno using mods. The fact is, all Primed Warframes that we are building now come from exactly ONE place: relics recovered from the Void, a place beyond time and space. We practically pluck the blueprints to build them right out from the timeline of whenever they were built. So as far as I'm concerned, all Primed Warframes were how they were built, how they looked, during the Orokin Era. Before the betrayal. And that's the only explanation I need. Also: pretty much every single frame besides the original 7 or 9 were "prototype" frames with unique one-of-a-kind designs back in the Orokin Era. Experiments by Ballas, most like. (I think up to Frost? Maybe up to Nyx) That original bunch have been said to be the "mass-produced" ones.
  5. I really really hope so. But it seems weird, to me, that they would design new UI elements for Kahl, Veso, and Teshin, and their (admittedly basic) ability kits for a one-off thing.
  6. Wait... why would people not stab it? I've gotten lucky first-stab kills before, and now we have the Oull mod. That makes no sense to me. I remember that being a major problem when liches first launched, but they've addressed that.
  7. Have you played FFXIV? They've always had cross play between console and PC players. You never really notice. Genshin Impact has it as well, and in fact is finally making it so cross save between Playstation and mobile/PC finally works with 2.0 next Tuesday. The only legit concern of yours is the P2P, but maybe this also means dedicated servers. Which the game desperately needs. If Genshin Impact can pull this off, so can Warframe.
  8. I would argue that nobody really needs any of the content they have planned, but that doesn't mean it's worthless. Need is a strong word. Plenty of people would love to play with Solaris Zaws and enjoy it. It's a major pet peeve of mine to see areas like this in a video game. Where it seems like there may have been some plans, however small and incomplete, to add something to the game, but it's never added because the devs just focused on other, more exciting content. Shut up and take my credits!
  9. So, let me preface this with... I'm not trying to be a hater. Been in Warframe since 2013 - I remember seeing the Founders pack for sale with Excal Prime, but could never afford it when it was up. I've seen the ups and downs. I've stopped playing and came back. I'm not the type of guy to announce I will rage quit over something I don't like, and I have no plans to. The game is still fun to play for me, despite having no friends to share my fun with. I may go weeks, months sometimes, without playing, but only if other games have drawn my interest instead. I definitely will keep playing for a long while to come and look forward to more cinematic story quests! I buy plenty of Plat and Tennogen, if only because I like to support the devs and show my love for the game with my wallet. But the Tennocon gameplay reveal... didn't really excite me. It left me curious, but confused, and also concerned. It does look different from the usual gameplay, but I'm not really hyped for it. First reason why: this really isn't anything new. We learned that, for the New War, the Sentients would land on Cetus or the Plains of Eidolon back in Tennocon 2019. It's a better cutscene, yes. You can see how DE has gotten better at cutscenes by comparing. (Fantastic work DE, keep it up!) It shows some actual gameplay, too, so that's neat! But, basically, we learned nothing. Except that we might truly team up with Grineer and Corpus in this war. Which... brings me to the second reason: I don't want to play as a random Grineer soldier or Corpus tech. I don't even really want to play as Teshin, though I love seeing him actually go all out and show how he has survived as the last Dax. I want to play my character. My Tenno. My Warframe. The core gameplay of Warframe, where all of our time investment goes into, is our Warframe loadout. The way we mod our frame, our guns, our heavy weapons and necramech, even how we build up our Focus for the Tenno... that's the result of spending time playing the game and getting good at it. My character is one I've also invested in emotionally. He's not just a nameless protagonist. He's *me*. So when I'm shown gameplay that says "Guess what, instead of playing your Tenno, you'll play as Kahl-175!" That doesn't excite me. Nice character! I like seeing the world-building and the lore behind the factions expanded on! Makes the world feel real. But they're not my Tenno. My Tenno is a big part of what makes Warframe more fun than other FPS games or looters. I'm holding out hope that these characters will be our Railjack crewmates, but that would mean they need to be fleshed out a lot more. The third reason is probably the least important, but I feel it's something to consider: This Tennocon just felt long an extra-long overhyped devstream. What was shown could have happened in other devtreams and I would probably have not noticed a difference. I know the pandemic forced it to go all digital, but last year I did not feel the same way. Last year, with Deimos being released on the same day it was revealed... that Tennocon was exciting and memorable. I was excited for the new content and hyped to dive right in. This Tennocon left me with a feeling of "Wait, that's it?" I just think with Tennocon 2020 DE raised the bar on themselves really really high and then failed to meet that bar this year. (For that matter - why is cross save/play only JUST NOW officially announced as in development, when the devs have told us for years that they were "working on it" whenever people asked? It's not a radical idea that other games haven't done - Warframe is late to this party!) Anyways, /rant. I know the devs work hard, and I appreciate what they've been doing, I just... really want the devs to hear that I'm not interested in *not* playing my character.
  10. I've been wondering this since Fortuna dropped. We started with Secondary-only Kitguns. Eventually we got some Primary Kitguns. But this one corner of Fortuna still SCREAMS at me that giant wrench weapons are coming someday, and it still hasn't happened! Am I the only one with unfulfilled desire over this?
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