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  1. What's funny about this is the change doesn't actually affect the "meta" run. Limbo specifically doesn't put down the Rift until all Sentients are dead and the Condrix has been beaten. Everybody puts down their OpLinks, Limbo places his 4, activates 2, and the group runs off to the next already-known Condrix location. Only Grineer are spawning at that point, not Sentients. Mesa handles the Sentinets with her 4. Chroma and the 4th guy are both there to buff Mesa's damage so that she can wipe out Sentients more easily. So really it's *Mesa* trivializing this content, not Limbo. Granted, Limbo does make the Murex raids a lot easier, but I did a lot of Murex raids without using Limbo in the first week, so he's not really essential to it. Paracesis is what trivializes Murex raids. (I exclusively used Revenant with Shedu and Paracesis for all my Murex raids up til recently)
  2. I dunno, this is pretty par for the course. DE has always treated it's PC players as beta testers. The complaints have been getting louder, though, and maybe the modus operandi should change. DE makes enough money that maybe they should hire, say, 8 to 12 people as in-house beta testers (but ideally playing over the internet itself, for the sake of testing the network out). Give them a week to play with new updates before they're launched. I think even that would be enough to improve content quality. Hell, if they wanted, they could make it a thing for players to buy into. Make it a sort of "Closed Beta Access" kind of thing, with special perks. People who want to pay out for early access to updates and willingly volunteer to beta test get a week, maybe two weeks, to play with a new update. They're specifically told to expect it to be messy and full of bugs, but they're also offered special perks only available to those who buy-in to that early access. (dojo decorations, sigils/emblems/glyphs, boosters, plat, syandana, skins, etc) I know that's the more sleazy option, but it's a viable method, I think.
  3. Very much agree to both of this. I'm the captain. That's my ship. They shouldn't get to touch my controls! They're allowed on the guns, in the slingshot, or running the forges, but that's it! Can we at least get a "permissions" system, that we have to set back at the Dry Dock?
  4. DrakeWurrum

    Play OUR way.

    It sounds to me like you need to git gud. I don't mean to be rude about it, but I haven't touched Inaros in a long time. Hell, I've even been using "tank" frames less, thanks to the recent shield changes! I've noticed in my actual pre-made grind groups (rather than just running Public and hoping for the best) to aim for 3 perfect runs (getting over 5k being the real goal), Limbo usually holds off on the Stasis until the Condrix is actually down. With Mesa pewpewing everything dead almost-instantly (which even I can do, despite lacking the right Corrupted mods), you only really use Stasis to protect the OpLinks while you run off to the next objective. (literally, you don't even defend them, you just let the Rift do the work) Limbo specifically builds for having his 2 and 4 last long enough to do the job, and that's... all he's actually needed for. (the rest of the group is about boosting Mesa's damage, so Chroma and Volt/Rhino - maybe a Harrow 4 would work, for protecting the team against Sentients and providing Crit buff? Usually somebody brings Redeemer P for the Condrix) Even the diminishing returns "nerf" recently put out doesn't affect this, because at that point only Grineer are active, not Sentients. (in other words, DE has no idea how people are using Limbo, and just put out a random "nerf" based on an assumption about why Limbo is popular)
  5. I know all anybody's thinking/talking about right now are Scarlet Spear, Railjack, and Kuva Liches, but I wanted to put this out there since we did hear not too long ago that the next Nightwave season is being worked on.... the economy of Nightwave Cred. It's absolutely a problem that Cred is not easy to come by for newer players, as well as for players who simply don't have lots of time to grind out the Nightwave Acts. I do fine with it myself, I usually hit rank 30 ASAP, but I also have free weekends with which to do that - not everybody has it as easy as me. (Obviously I mostly ignore Nightwave lately, since I don't really feel a need to farm potatoes) Instead of only rewarding Cred at specific intervals of Nightwave ranks (i.e. every 10k points), it should be changed to rewarding Cred anytime an Act is completed. Nothing would even need to change about how achieving a new rank is rewarded - if you get rewarded 150 Cred suddenly for hitting, I dunno, rank 10 or whatever, it's still a nice boost over the regular, more sustainable payouts from Acts. (I would still honestly, for the sake of a stable Nightwave shop economy, suggest NOT rewarding just Cred at a rank up) This should, in theory, give players more freedom of access for the Nightwave's weekly shop rotation. I think a simple method of rewarding Cred that is fair and rewarding for the time/effort put in to each Act, would be 10 Cred for every 1k points earned. So the Daily Acts are worth only 10 Cred. The Weekly are worth 30 Cred. Then the Elite Weekly are worth 70 Cred. So a single week of Nightwave, if you complete every Act is worth 360 Cred total (7 Daily, 5 Weekly, and 2 Elite Weekly Acts). Of course, this is only especially rewarding to people who get to grind the whole thing out for each week, but this does still provide a decent boost to people who can only do a little bit, giving them the ability to access the weapon blueprints (which only new players need), the cosmetic helmets (which usually only newer players need, excepting new frames), or Nitain Extract (EXTREMELY important for many BPs that newer players likely don't have). If it's really necessary, the rotating shop's prices could be adjusted for the more "veteran" options (namely potatoes), or perhaps simply have more options for the grind-heavy players to begin with. (maybe rotate Arcanes through it regularly? Maybe add different Forma and Exilus BPs?)
  6. To be fair, we also worked REALLY hard collecting enough gear to get this far. I'm slightly shy of 28 right now, but that's because I am laser-focused on finally maxing out all of my mods, which... requires me to update a lot of untouched weapons that were never Forma'd. It's a pain, but I'd rather not just strip the mods off *everything* all at once. I see reaching a high MR as sort of... being at the endgame of Warframe's collectionist gameplay. You can focus on your builds as you wish because of the work you've done to reach that level. Could be fun, but seems too easy. Would rather it be something like... forcing us to beat a 30-minute mission on our own. Since that's really all it takes to re-max a weapon, usually.
  7. I was mostly informing you of why I believe you have it backwards there. Choosing to kill Natah would be a choice of intense emotion and aggression, which is represented by Yang (white/sun/etc). I wouldn't necessarily say choosing to force her to return as the Lotus is the most calm/logical choice that Yin represents (black/moon/etc), but it wouldn't be Yang. It could be Yin in the sense that Yin can be represented by a quality of "unchanging" and putting Natah back into the position of Lotus would be a return to what was (similarly: Yin could be "backwards" while Yang could be "forwards") Naturally, as it was in Glast Gambit, allowing her to choose would be neutral. Giving her the freedom to choose her own path. The choice involving the Grineer queens is one of the more complicated ones, but still fits with Yin Yang interpretations. The Yang choice to kill could be seen as an act of anger, even cruelty. Again with the intense emotions, a common theme for the Sun choice in Warframe. The Yin choice to order Teshin do it is calm - logically recognizing that it needs to be done, but taking no action yourself. (One aspect of Yin is "rest" over "activity") The neutral choice is the in-between choice. Kill her, almost a mercy kill, all on your own. It satisfies both Yin and Yang.
  8. Keep in mind that the light/neutral/dark choices are based on Yin Yang philosophy, not good/evil. The light side represents aggression, passion, positive energy, heat etc. The dark side represents calm, logic, negative energy, cold, etc. Likely the "sun" choice will be to kill her outright. The "moon" choice will be to choose FOR her to stay by our side (perhaps force her to wear the Lotus helmet again). The neutral choice will be to allow her to make her own choice. This is also assuming we make a choice at all for Natah/Lotus, considering how big of an impact that has. We might simply end up choosing what to do with Ballas or Erra. A lot of people are saying that Hunhow it the one inhabiting/controlling Erra's body. Which would work. Whatever is going on with Ballas... he gave us the Paracesis. I don't think he's someone to trust, but I think he's wanting the Sentients to lose.
  9. It would be convenient, I guess. But a lot of my gameplay is spent re-leveling weapons, as it gives me an excuse to actually play through content with these weapons. So it doesn't really bother me much. I find it weird that so many people desperately want to skip ahead to having gear maxed and perfectly optimized. It's not like there's challenging endgame content to rush into. Collecting weapons and maximizing their builds pretty much is Warframe's content.
  10. Would love that. They would probably put it in as a consumable Gear item, which I'd personally be fine with so long as it doesn't also use Ferrite or Nano Spores (I already run out of those regularly).
  11. Especially yes to the revive stuff. It seems rather pointless to give us Companions, only to make it damn near impossible to use them simply because of how quickly they die and become unrecoverable. Honestly, a part of me wants to ask for Sentinels to be immortal. That is to say, they can't be damaged by enemies at all. That would give them a unique niche to other companions as the "safe" "low maintenance" option for pets. Even then, it's unusually punishing to make it so that once pets die, they're dead. The Djinn's revive mechanic needs to be universal, and just be reduced by mods. I use my Moa most of the time lately, actually. I find the Whiplash Mine and Anti-Grav Grenade to be much more useful than the utility provided by a Smeeta Kavat. I only pull that kitty out when I want to farm a resource really hard. I would love to use Helios Prime more so I don't have to think about scanning at all, but it dies too quickly. I've been arguing for a Companion Overhaul for over a year, and I feel like DE is gonna fall short hard just like they have on most content lately. Stasis needs to go Loyalty needs to go Link mods need to work on Sentinels We should be able to manually revive Sentinels Companion ability kits need to be rebalanced hard to make them all equally useful (Sentinels balanced against Sentinels, Beasts balanced against Beasts, etc) Abilities need to stop being mods (Warframes got this treatment years ago) - Moa pets can get a unique UI for reprogramming their abilities Beast pet damage needs to be separated from their base modding (they can use "weapons" named Claw, Bite, Tackle, Roar, etc, like Pokemon moves if they must) Players need to be able to manually program Companion actions similar to FFXII Gambits or Dragon Age's Tactics UI - Let us customize how they function Pets either need better stats, or some unique way of avoiding damage and death. Also, I would love to be able to use Sentinels as a companion in Archwing, but that's just wishful thinking.
  12. Nerf enemies? Did you take something you shouldn't? What you've encountered with the Ropalolyst is a dangerous mechanic you are supposed to avoid, not tank. You failed at mechanics. Period. This is PEBKAC.
  13. That's why I proposed what are essentially "additional/optional" objectives that result from being linked to another squad, and ideally the other squad's primary objective directly contributes to your gains, to the point that if they're actually interested in playing and beating their mission at all, they're giving you what you want (and vice versa). Imagine, for example, if your regular Railjack mission were linked to some random squad in a Spy mission. The act of hacking into a console could result in a random asteroid base being "discovered" in your area that has special rewards in it. It's entirely optional to go clear it, but if you clear it you get some extra rewards. Not going into the timing/how the link up happens, there, obviously - but that's one way that you can bypass the fear of groups who don't wish to cooperate. Take the choice out of their hands. (It's kinda how Scarlet Spear handled it, really, as I believe you were trying to say) There's ways they could set it up so that missions are chained along, too. Say you do one "Link" mission. Successful completion creates a new follow-up mission... maybe it's tied to Syndicates, or maybe it's tied to Clans (would actually love to see something make Clans matter), or maybe it's just something we pick up in a special area of the Relay. Completing that mission creates another one, and it goes on like that as a chain of missions, rather than being done side-by-side. There's ways to tie them together that still makes them feel "Linked" - Maybe along the way there are choices in how the mission is completed, like competing objectives that cancel out the others. Again, there's so many ways to make Squad Link a thing that matters. Precisely what I mean. They seem uninterested in simply putting in the effort to do this. They're the ones who put this idea/feature out there. They should be willing to walk the walk if they're gonna just put ideas out there and feature them at TennoCon. The "problems" I'm hearing about from the dev side of this just sounds like whining and excuses. ....how? I've never seen hunts fall apart for this reason. Most hunts I've seen fail were because people couldn't handle the third Eidolon, either because of group comp or just people purely messing up. (the risk of Public matchmaking, naturally) The worry of people not cooperating is the weirdest ass excuse I've ever heard as a reason not to introduce a feature. Look at how people worked out the workings of Railjack over time. Look at how people learned to squad up for Scarlet Spear after we realized matchmaking wasn't part of it right when it launched - to the point that now people seem to prefer it, because actual matchmaking was added too late. The Warframe community has proven aplenty over numerous content updates that we'll rise to the occasion and try to force our way through content, even as we complain about the ass-backwards design along the way, and work together to find a way to make it work.
  14. All I know when encountering this unit is: How am I expected to hit it's weak-points with pinpoint accuracy when it's constantly friggin' moving. The unit should at least be designed so that there's a couple seconds where it literally and obviously exposes itself and ceases all movement, so that players are looking for that specific moment knowing "Now I can kill it!" I don't mind that it's invulnerable until then. What I mind is that: It's constantly moving, making those weakpoints very difficult to hit It regenerates them in the blink of an eye, meaning you can waste a lot of time just trying to get it killable only to reload If they address those two points, I'd be fine with it. They should handle it such that it's regular attack patterns place it into a position where, for at least a few seconds, it's really really easy to hit the belt, and then once the belt is broken it stays broken - even to the point of changing its behavior, because it knows it's vulnerable.
  15. Something to point out here: why couldn't there be a system where you specifically choose a SquadLink mission (identified in the Navigation as being one), and then you're put into matchmaking with someone who chose a different SquadLink mission type? The objectives of each one set up to match, with 2-8 people queued up across 2 maps. If necessary, they could put in a simple "waiting room" type lobby to let people know "You got in the game, but now you just need somebody on the other side of the link" In fact, they could even do this for every mission node in the game, or even make it a type of matchmaking (Like how we choose Public, Friends, Solo). Arrange "sets" of different mission nodes across the map - one set that fits in one half of a Squad Link, with another set of mission nodes that match for the other half. And then arrange it so that, after 60 seconds (or else an impatient player just deciding to skip the wait), you're tossed into a regular un-linked mission. This could easily lead to additional features that take advantage of two different squads being linked, allowing ways to interact across the Link. There are other designs that could work, and would obviously not be 100% ideal, but just wouldn't be what they showed at TennoCon. That's just one idea. How they handled Scarlet Spear is another. Another idea: They could try to design some sort of "on-going" missions (as a new mission type, or perhaps a variation on some of the endless missions we already have) that would actually result in people sticking around in a mission for a long-ish period of time (as they originally conceptualized for SquadLink as shown at TennoCon) performing one objective with scaling rewards, while matchmaking finds a squad (or multiple squads, like how kill codes are currently handled) to link up with them that would create additional objectives to be completed (as separate from the "scaling" objective, providing additional/optional rewards if completed). A set of missions that don't need to be done together, but will link up to each other across squads for bonus objectives. Or maybe the "on-going" type mission is set as a sort of "host" mission to smaller 20-minute missions that link up to provide a limited boost to the "host squad" with the expectation that you get a SquadLink with a different squad for individual waves (or every 5 minutes, or whatever benchmark is decided). I mean, hell, how much of the playerbase actually does want to have missions that they spend hours in? I know a certain dev likes to push for 20-minute missions, but this is one area where they could just hand players a mission that's meant to be played "endlessly" to satisfy those who want it, while providing a good backbone to make SquadLink work. I'm not going to pretend it's easy to do, especially since I've never heard of an online game ever linking different instances of content across multiple parties/groups/raids/whatever, but it's weird to me that after the big hype of it at TennoCon, and then the big hype of how this Operation brings us Squad Link, that now they're going "So, yeah, it turns out it's impossible." It sounds to me like they're just not willing to put in the necessary effort, perhaps because they couldn't get to do it the way they actually wanted to do it. I feel like their "workaround" with Scarlet Spear is just the easiest cop-out they could come up with, using the least amount of effort, and I'm disappointed to see the devs take the easy road.
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