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  1. I'm not in the habit of watching devstreams when I have better things to do. I only know of what has been shown off on the small Facebook preview. (yes, I realize that's ironic, but the devstreams require much more investment of time and attention than simply glancing at my feed in a load screen or when grabbing food) Maybe once I get my second monitor from Newegg I'll keep up with the streams, but I'm not sure why would you judge people for not watching them.
  2. With the latest tease for what comes next for Railjacks and Liches (and finally tying them together), I wanted to bring up converting Liches a little bit... Regardless of whether or not we can finally get converted Liches as crew, I actually find that the current benefit to converting Liches is poorly done. Namely: I hate that they're completely random. We have zero control over when they spawn, or even which one spawns. I would like it if, potentially from dojo research or from the Crimson Branch, we could get blueprints to craft "Lich Beacons" that allows us to summon a designated
  3. I don't mind them being less mobile, but the mechanics of the "slide" thing is far too clunky to be fun. Regardless of the lore or intended "feel" of this feature, it has to be FUN before anything else. And there's no benefit whatsoever to them being difficult to heal or energize. I've noticed that they don't get healed even if I resummon them from the gear wheel. I literally have to wait for my mech to be destroyed and then wait for the cooldown on the gear item before I can get it back to full health.
  4. Were Machete Heavy Attacks nerfed hard recently, and I didn't notice? I've been using my Machete Wraith "spin2win" build, centered around spamming Heavy Attack, and... I've noticed it's actually doing less damage than the basic attacks are. Even a single hit from the Heavy Attack should do at least double of the quick attack. In fact, even though the Arsenal shows that the Heavy Attack is supposed to have 4 hits, it's only hitting enemies ONCE. It's simply not functioning the way it used to, nor the way it should. It used to shred through the toughest Railjack enemies, now it barely ti
  5. I would rather see more/better mechs before we even think about "Prime" versions.
  6. So, working on this Operation, there's some definite improvements that could be made that immediately come to mind... I cannot use Gear Restore items on mechs. Even if my Operator drops them and I pop back in. This makes health, energy, and ammo much more frustrating to manage while using mechs. We can't equip Arcanes that provide healing to make up for that, either. I imagine the new mods will improve the situation, but it's still frustrating to have a tool that I'm simply not allowed to use. Kubrow, Kavat, and Moas will follow the mechs, but not Sentinels. I was going to use Heli
  7. It's nice to see something different. I'm not sure what the problem is here. Yay for playing with mechs!
  8. I get that they're still a new-ish feature that isn't even fully rolled out, yet, but... I have a simple thought. Is it going to be the case that we only get Necramechs from the Entrati? I've been thinking ever since these mechs came out that THIS is how "Heavy Weapons" should've been handled from the start. It puts the whole Gravimag design to shame. Why couldn't the Solaris build their own form of mech? They could use parts from the Orb Mothers we've destroyed. Or the Ostron? They could use scrap parts from one of the many Thumpers we've taken out, among other Grineer tech. Now th
  9. Hmmm. I haven't touched Railjack since before the Arcana update. (I was trying to find Magma Chamber, since I could use it on my Necramech weapons). I remember struggling to do repairs on my own some, but that's why I have Void Cloak. Has it actually gotten worse?
  10. This literally means nothing. I have been playing video games since I was 4 playing King's Quest on DOS, and I'm now 34. I played WoW from BC all the way through to BFA before I gave up on it completely. I've played City of Heroes/Villains, and Guild Wars 1 and 2, and FFXIV, and Wildstar Online (RIP). I've played the S#&$ out of Skyrim, and Morrowind, and all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, numerous Final Fantasy games, Legend of Dragoon, Kingdom Hearts... You don't "have experience of video games" more than anybody else on the internet. Your opinion is not elevated be
  11. I am repeating it because it's not false. Numbers don't lie.
  12. It's not. People have parsed DPS and kill times on this. They have compared total number of shots/melee attacked, compared total time taken to kill. Viral beats Corrosive.
  13. Nobody in this community wants PvP, and neither do the devs. I agree they need to fix this and dramatically improve it. Things have gotten really chopped up and butchered over the years, so the game would benefit from a massive "repair the story" project, so that new players can understand the journey their Tenno (and the Sol System) has gone through better. Especially for Alad V's story. His story is all over the place and a real mess after they revamped the Jupiter tilesets and added the Ropalolyst. I haven't participated in EVERY event over the years, but I still have my H
  14. I'm pretty sure the "wild" mechs we find are piloted by Father. But the ones in the Vaults are certainly acting autonomously under Entrati commands. I think they just wanted to prevent the mech from becoming a fancy super-Specter that fights the mission for us. I feel like this could be easily balanced by making it so that either the mech or our frame can be on the battlefield, but not both together. But that's probably because I genuinely hate how entering Spoiler mode just leaves my frame behind, standing there like a statue...
  15. I think Eximus was their attempt to copy Diablo's idea of having enemies with modifiers on them, but it was (as usual) ultimately implemented poorly. I think the Rex enemies on Deimos does a better job of it, ironically. But I think at this point, the game would suffer without Eximus units. It would be better to overhaul what Eximus units actually are and do.
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