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  1. Well that last one had a squirrel in it. Oh, I color every frame the same way. My wife mocks me for it, but I always use varying shades of blue for every color option. Mostly because no matter how hard I try with changing up different colors, I don't find anything as appealing. Even the interior of my Orbiter, and my Operator's outfit... all blue! Not monochrome blue, mind you. Different shades of blue, from navy to teal. 😛 I have come close to finding something I enjoy with mixing some shadings of blue, green, and orange, but I have yet to arrange it in a way that works for me.
  2. Well I'm trying to say that Fortuna could have their own Zaws, using Fortuna aesthetics instead of Cetus aesthetics. And vice versa with Kitguns. Variety is the spice of life, and fashionframe is true endgame!
  3. The problem with that mindset is people can have wildly different opinions on upsides and downsides. (Something something Schwartz) Also, that's... a really really weird mindset to take as a gamer, period. Playing a game well calls for you to be able to handle effects being forced on you outside of your control, and a lot of the time playing a game well means you can handle those effects being forced upon you. I could bring up all sorts of examples from MMOs and pvp games. Since that forced effect is coming from another player, it gives you a target for any frustration you might feel from failing to adequately handle that effect. At the end of the day, you already have a way to opt out of all of the frustration that can be caused from squad abilities: solo queue. Because it sounds to me like you want to play with other players, but don't want other players to actually affect your gameplay. Which means you don't actually want to play with other players. When playing in multiplayer, it's going to happen that other players have abilities that affect your gameplay. That's literally the whole POINT of multiplayer. It's a given, in any multiplayer game. If you can't accept that, don't play with other players.
  4. I'm so in love with this one line. It's the entirety of my work mood most days. We really don't appreciate Hok enough!
  5. Well it would only be a change to the initial seconds. Maybe even 2 or 3 seconds, rather than 5. Just enough for less-experienced players to adjust to the speed change. Might be that doing something about the FoV change, as mentioned earlier, would be a big help.
  6. I'm simply thinking that players who have an issue with the speed might have less to complain about it the change is gradual, giving them time to adjust. Assuming they even can adjust, since I guess not everybody has decent hand-eye coordination. Maybe 3 seconds is more reasonable. I just kinda threw out a number. I genuinely feel that's the wrong move to make for a multiplayer game, especially a co-op multiplayer game. I get where the desire comes from (we've all played with that one kind of Limbo player...), but if we keep going with that mindset of "That other player's gameplay is too invasive on my own, protect me!" then... we might as well just remove the multiplayer aspect altogether. Though I guess that's why we can solo queue. Granted, Warframe needs to get better about putting the "co-op" into our co-op gameplay in how we play with the rest of our cell, but I think the ability to opt-out of effects we don't like is simply NOT co-op gameplay.
  7. My name is Volt, and I'm the fastest frame alive. Jokes aside, as a Volt "main" my wife complains about this all the time, since we often duo missions... I'll activate it while we're running and she's instantly face-first into a wall. I do the same thing when other players use Volt, ironically. I think the main issue is that the speed happens with no warning whatsoever, and suddenly you're face-planting into every obstacle. Even if your brain knows what's happening, your fingers have no idea what's going on. So even if back-flip can remove it... you're still gonna have a bad time with it, even if it's just for a few seconds before you realize what happened. I personally don't have an issue moving once my mental reflexes have adjusted to the speed change. What if the speed that affected allies was a gradual speed increase over 5 seconds, giving you time to adjust?
  8. If they add more open world areas at all (it seems they want to pull away from it for now), they would likely do Mercury next. They're gonna do the Gas City rework first, for sure. Also: Cetus would totally have bolt-action rifles. I dunno. I think if they made it cross-faction compatible it would get way too complicated. Amps are easier to force together, since they don't have stances.
  9. I do remember seeing some leaked image (or maybe it was on the devstream) that showed a Fortuna Kitgun grip intended for a Primary weapon. This was back before Kitguns were launched. In fact, I think that image may be on the Kitgun wiki page? Edit: Found it Well, frankly, we need more Warfans period. More 2H Nikanas would be good, too, but it's a brand new category. I would love to see more Blade&Whip and Gunblade. Surprisingly, though we have a lot of Dual Sword, we have very few Dual Daggers. I wouldn't expect them to use Zaws to "plug gaps" in our weapons lineup, though it would obviously be nice to see more unique stuff and more Zaws.
  10. There's still nothing about fixing the bug with K-Drive jet coloring?
  11. I just wanna see scrap part Kitguns done in the Ostron style. Looking like they're scrapped together from eidolon bones and whatnot. All of those could be made to work, I imagine. It would also be a good excuse to add a Gunblade Strike to Hok. Not sure I could see Solaris-built zaws going with Warfan, but it depends on how they do it. They could make Whip work like electrical cables - we already have the Lecta and the Galvacord. I was mostly trying to imagine Hammers and Heavy Blades and 1h weapons themed after the kind of tools you'd expect the Solaris to use in their work. Weapons like the Kreska, Prova, Ohma, and Serro come to mind. The weapons could even just have the proper "look" for it, like the Plasma Sword.
  12. Those aren't melee weapons. You might notice I even included an image of an unused area in Fortuna.
  13. Yeah, I can see how that would all be a problem. Maybe they could make it so you get "new reinforcements" after every C round? So if players leave on or before that point, new players can get added, but once you've won the 5th round (or 25th minute), you have to wait for the next rotation to get a full party? I suppose they could put in a vote option for it. I guess I'm a bit weird as far as Warframe players go. I don't see any value in doing harder content simply to do harder content. It's worth noting that if that was good enough, Arbitrations would be a lot more popular. Not that Arbitration doesn't have other problems.... just saying.
  14. K-Drives are useless because all Archwings are more efficient at traversal. Itzal Blink is just because people get genuinely impatient and want to instantly go from fight to fight to exit with no actual travel in between. I honestly roll my eyes every time I take down an eidolon and see somebody pop out their Itzal and pull all the items together - I can't fathom being that obsessed with efficiency, especially when you're just doing a pug run. I personally use Amesha because it's easier to not die on Archwing missions. It works especially well on the Archwing Defense. We need content areas where Archwing can't be used, but K-Drives do efficiently help us get from point A to B faster. Like an open world mining asteroid, with interweaving tunnels. Elsewise, K-Drive will never matter. It's bad enough that the only way to level K-Drive is to pointlessly grind K-Drive tricks, and hunt down the hard-to-find K-Drive races. We can't use them in combat the way we can with Archwing. Frankly, I can't help but wonder if they should just give a Blink-like mobility action to ALL Archwing (Kinda like how all Warframes can Bullet Jump) that doesn't cost energy and can't be modded (and thus is weaker than what we currently have), and give Itzal a new first ability.
  15. ....what does that even mean? What reason would players have to join an in-progress mission? Or are you just being rude for the hell of it?
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