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  1. Looks like Empyrean is being more and more [DE]layed. Another update that's basically just a new warframe drop, plus some systems reworks. Odd that we're getting Kuva Lich here instead of with Empyrean. Seems they weren't quite tied together and Empyrean just expands upon it to make it even grander? It should be fun to play with for a bit while we wait for our ships.
  2. More choice would be nice, I will give you that. Maybe they could expand upon the reasons for going to individual nodes and give us mission options in terms of how to achieve our goals there. I just think it's weird to struggle with Hijack. I'm not sure what you're doing that makes it difficult for you.
  3. It is elitist. You're telling him that it's a build that doesn't work, or that he shouldn't use. Both of which are false. You are trying to control the way he plays based on your own perceptions and beliefs about how the game SHOULD be played. That's elitism. You don't need to have control over it. I've been using it for my Inaros. I no longer need to worry about self-healing. Since I use the Augment for Scarab Armor, all I do is make sure it doesn't fall off from too many status procs, and the kavat handles keeping my HP up, so I don't have to bother with pocket sand to heal. It's even more useful on my loadouts that aren't set up with ways to self-heal, either by conscious choice or simply me forgetting to consider it. You can call it "dangerous and unreliable" all you want. It works, and it hasn't failed me.
  4. I'm just tired of Little Duck giving me lip for that choice, to be honest. Seems like there could be a more reasonable method of managing the reward tier than NOT participating in the mission objectives.
  5. In regards to the new changes to the Arsenal UI - Will we be able to see Heavy Weapon in the Arsenal more easily? My problem with the Heavy Weapon has always been that it's tied to your regular loadout instead of your Archwing loadout, which meant having to switch over to the Vehicle tab anytime I wanted to change which Heavy Weapon I was equipping... and it honestly was just frustrating and not intuitive. It took me a while to realize that changing Loadouts could also change which Heavy Weapon was equipped, since it wasn't in the same UI element as the rest of my loadout.
  6. It was in the devstream. Check the recap. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-131
  7. "Is the answer to this question 'no'?"
  8. To be fair, Skywing doesn't use the experimental controls. I personally hate using Skywing, but it's the best way to get around the large maps. With experimental controls enabled in settings, you will quickly screech to a halt in actual Archwing missions. It's still not ideal, but it's better than the default controls.
  9. Maybe they said it on the devstream to see what the players think before making up their minds, since saying it on the devstream always results in the community discussing it openly over social media - forums, facebook, reddit, youtube, etc etc.
  10. No need to do this kind of elitism. It's a viable method of self-healing that some people like to use. I decided to mess around with Hunter Recovery on my kavat recently. I ended up using Forma on my Mag Prime for some reason and was doing a disruption with Ghouls, which meant Toxin damage eating away at my health, and Mag has no self-healing - my health was under 100, and then suddenly it's maxed out (that's several hundred HP, because I'm using both Primed Vigor and Vitality maxed out, unlike most perfected elitist meta builds) without me doing anything. It's nice. Is it the best method? Doesn't matter. Some people like doing it.
  11. Yup. I'd love it. I've suggested it before.
  12. I use Corrosive for every faction, because I find that removing an enemy's armor causes them to die faster than any element choice does. I've tried doing Viral instead and, weirdly, enemies don't go down as fast.
  13. Pretty sure it's by most total time "equipped" inside a mission but I'm not sure. If it was really by missions completed, my profile makes no sense.
  14. Sorry, but I don't use that Amp build and I do shred shields in 1-2 shots, so in my experience your argument is incorrect. I do make use of Void Strike, of course, but Shwaak performs better than Shraksun for me.
  15. Yes, but you still never have the relic you ACTUALLY want. 😄
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