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  1. I would rather see DE make Operator useful than try to pretend it doesn't exist. Well. I see that as a slippery slope. They should either make it act like proper Void damage, or else have it work in a special way like Danse Macabre. But the first option opens up a mess of potential design problems further down the road, which is why they've so far limited Xaku with his Void-that's-not-Void damage. If they're so damn afraid of it, they shouldn't have gone with Void at all.
  2. I would argue that the only thing Chroma's 1 needs to be worth casting is this: Give it a tap/charge mechanic, like Hydroids Barrage. Tap it for a quick basic fireball kind of cast, or hold it down for a more powerful, souped up "I DIDN'T ASK HOW BIG THE ROOM IS" fireball cast. Make it's stats scale off primary weapon. This seems to be working for a LOT of abilities lately, but I especially like it for Chroma's 1. BONUS: Make it so Effigy specifically uses Chroma's 1 for its attack, spamming the basic "tap" version of it, complete with the stats scaling off your primary weapo
  3. They should just be able to equip Arch-melee, which don't use stances.
  4. This is currently how it works for Nidus Mutation and Atlas Rubble. I would love to see it work for other mechanics, because while it sucks to lose those stacks, it means I can take a calculated risk against Nullifiers instead of just watching my abilities get deleted (like with Rhino skin)
  5. I've been saying this since I first heard that Xaku would be able to deal Void damage... but it bears repeating, and I have yet to see a thread specifically stating the same thing. Xaku's damaging abilities currently deal "Void" damage. In that it's Void... that isn't Void. Doesn't work on Eidolon shields. Doesn't kill Vomvalysts. Doesn't open the "secret" walls in Sentient anomalies. Doesn't work on Kuva clouds for Kuva siphon. And only resets Sentient resistances on status proc (instead of all the time, like with Amps). This is a real mess. Inconsistency in game design is disgustin
  6. This guy did a good demonstration of the problem. Hell, Magnetic only barely works out better than Corrosive for TTK on Corpus targets, and is actually less effective than using Heat by itself. He probably should've included Toxin, for the sake of how it bypasses shields.
  7. That all just shows far too many players don't even know how to use Ash, or how powerful he is. His Bladestorm design could be better, though... maybe work it more like Ember's new 4. That being said, I like how one of the "most used abilities" from Helminth on that graph... is the one for recalling Companions. Very clearly demonstrates how broken the Companion system is right now.
  8. They've been talking about adding them for a while now, actually. I was hoping that Corpus liches would come next after Deadlock Protocol (maybe related to Parvos Granum and his specters somehow, or else Alad V's Amalgams), but instead we got Deimos.... Fortunately, Deimos opens up possibilities for Infested liches. I'm hoping their next content push is updating both Liches and Railjack with the other factions.
  9. I remember the rainbow builds all too well. Hell, I've recently brought some old weapons off the shelf that still had it, intending to Forma them. Had to update so many builds in the past month. I really don't think removing combo elements would be a step backward, so much as recognizing that it solved one problem by creating another. The problem being that there are too many damage types to effectively balance. It's way past time they try a different solution. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't just forcibly limit how many elements we can add to a weapon. Would've been the easier so
  10. Vay Hek, who screams at us on the plains. Or Sargus Ruk. Or Tyl Regor. Or all of the above. Hell, even the queens. Or Corrupted Vor. Lotsa choices.
  11. I have noticed that getting Son Tokens is a lot easier than a lot of people complain about... but mostly that's because, when I want them, I just go running around the map hunting down the random wild ones, rather than messing with the tracking and echo lure stuff. Still wish I got Tokens rewarded for simply capturing them. So... what you're saying is... Instead of leveling the pet to 30 and selling it for 10 tokens, you should level it to 30, gild it for 10 tokens, and then level it to 30 again to sell for 15, for a total gain of... 5 tokens. So instead of getting 10 f
  12. Yes, I remember that. They could perhaps include some extra incentive to using a minimal number of elements, instead of stacking as many as possible. Maybe individual mods adding the same element add a multiplier or something.
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