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  1. I wrote it in a post, and it was cut out. Let's see how long this lasts.
  2. They could even make this the greatest game ever (great joke), but with Tencent, I couldn't care less whatever the game itself becomes. Bye, Tencent. Free Hong Kong.
  3. I ran a solo Isolation Vault. During/after fighting the Necramech in the first vault, my operator stayed bugged in that I couldn't use Void Dash anymore, not even after returning to the surface and starting the second vault. In the second vault, I fought two Necramechs, and during/after fighting them, the bug got worse; once exiting as operator, I couldn't even return to my frame anymore (got the message "ability prevented" as if still affected by the Necramech) unless my operator got killed. This bug stayed to the very end, I had to return to Necralisk in operator form. Needless to s
  4. There's always that one guy. Thanks to whom they'll never admit if there was actually a joke.
  5. My Steel Path experience, very briefly: Press melee attack to win. But press it a ridiculousstupidillion times, because enemies are just dolls with way too many hp. And enjoy the no rewards at all. The only "reward" is the Crania Ephemera, for me. The Bishamo set is hell ugly, the Orbit Ephemera looks like a joke, Stance Forma is utterly useless, Relic Pack is a joke in itself, and Kuva... there are way faster ways to do it than farm Steel Essences. Once you've done the whole star chart, which takes way too long, especially compared to the lack of rewards, you have zero reasons t
  6. Requires more button pressing than before to see everything, so it's objectively less functional. Showing Warframes would have be best been in loading screens with either the possibility to alternate between landing crafts view and Warframe display view, or make it random (I also suggested this in the past already). Putting it in the end-mission screen is a waste of screen space. Also, all the icons are nice and everything, but a lot more space could be saved, if they were reduced. This also touches another problem of Warframe: the overly graphic menus. For example, the arsenal; it's
  7. I got neither Hydroid nor Athodai. Got only the Lemnas skin and mecha statuette at the end. Ticket response: "Unfortunately, after validating the details on your account, it seems it wasn't eligible for the rewards. Some factors that may affect this would be having an offline status while watching the stream or not being signed in, intermittent connection issues during the drop, etc." I watched it the whole time. Accounts linked properly, no alterations to anything (password, etc.), in fact yesterday I got Khora's drop from the live with no problem. The only interruption was a
  8. That's the ideal situation, but fact is that if that kind of associations gets a fixation for stuff like this, they don't hear those arguments. Kids are playing, that's the fact (and yes, there's a lot of them; I see them in discussion groups; half the times someone joins the squad with their mic annoyingly on, it's kids, often not above 10 yo, if I have to judge from the voice; many times parents contact me to trade on behalf of their kids... etc.), and they'll tell you that parents can't be controlling their kids 24/7 to make 100% sure that they don't cross the fickle limits of each and ever
  9. Just like Warframe itself, explained like S#&$. I found out you just have to click on the screen... not thanks to DE or Twitch.
  10. Exactly when I closed the live and reopened because it was going too slow... But well, could have been explained in the video posted with the news. How does it work anyway?
  11. As per title. First (test) question. I answered Excalibur, and after that I got muted. Didn't even notice until I tried to enter the second answer. What? Why?
  12. I was thinking simply... you make a new pet: it's XX; not interested, already mastered XX; alright. Instead of spending 25000 credits for nothing (after spending 100000 for the breeding, you also have to pay 25000 to give it away... let's not comment on that), you convert it to a decoration, before maturing it. It's gone forever as a pet, and when you place it as a decoration, it walks around. Your actual companion continues to behave normally (well, might interact with the decoration puppies, if they want to add a touch of neat).
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