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  1. My guess is that the New War sentients decide that Natah's amalgams are abominations, and add her to the list of things to be purified. She ends up semi-allied with us for survival. We don't get the Lotus back, unless it's as a Cephalon. (I kind of like that idea.)
  2. If I'm doing survival fissure missions, I'll try to stay near the other players, to ensure that most of the fissures are nearby. Once the relic cracks, I'm off, though. (And when we get a new relic, I return to the fold.) If we're getting close to a deadline, and I see a player's only got 4 reactant, and I'm near a lot, I'll try to mark it for them.
  3. My understanding was that the Sentients in the New War came the long way around, and aren't void touched. If that's the case, then they should be able to reproduce without the Unum's help.
  4. I was opening a relic, as you do, and the Zealot twins appeared. While I was fighting one of them, Helios got his 5th scan in. Next 3 sigils appeared over the zealot, and Nora made an announcement. I was too busy fighting to really pay attention, but I would like to know what the sigils meant. Anyone have a clue?
  5. I suspect that the incoming Sentients will be happy with Natah's amalgam experiments. Between that and her being damaged from the void, they might decide to eliminate her. (It would be interesting if in the new war, we get Natah in the Lotus' place.)
  6. It's 5 energy per free point. So, if you start with 10 leftover capacity, you start with 50 energy.
  7. Buy credit boosters from Baro when available. Run sorties. They not only give a bunch of cash, but also give credit boosters. Between Baro, sorties and the code from tennocon, I just came off of 12 days straight of credit boosters. (Yeah, it was a lucky run.) I managed to top off a couple of primed mods, build an ephemeria, and still have a couple of million in the bank.
  8. So, the Kingpin is Grineer, and are crew will be Corpus/Solarans? (I heard that we recruit them by buying off their debt on Vox Solaris.) That's sort of locking us into choosing a side in the war between the two.
  9. One of my clanmates just got his ephemera from watching using mobile. I got nothing.
  10. I had the respawn loop issue also, where the screen would fade to black every couple of seconds. I could run around and fire my weapon, though. I also had my warframe freeze where it wouldn't move, my powers didn't work, and I couldn't reload. I could go to Operator mode, though. After my operator died, I was stuck until killed, I think. One mission, Ropy was stuck flying back and forth between the main platform and the middle battery/bug zapper thing. Forcing a host migration allowed the mission to continue.
  11. I like that Nightwave pushes people to try new stuff. If it wasn't for Nightwave, I probably wouldn't be doing Sanctuary Onslaught or sorties. That said, I have issues. The tier rewards have a whole lot more sigils and cosmetics that I'll probably never use. On the other hand the cash shop's got a ton of stuff that's really useful, and less so. Given that helmet purchases come from the same pool as nitain and reactors/catalysts, how many helmets do you really expect people to buy? Instead of yet another sigil, how about having a couple of level rewards be Choice of helmet Choice of (nitain/argon/other material) Choice of Aura mod? This gives a variety to the rewards, and gives newer players a bit of flexibility. Another issue is that since NW's the only way to get certain things now, people feel the need to do it, rather than what they want to do. I've had weeks where I focused on the plains, or Valis, or clearing planets. Now, if you're not doing Nightwave, that hurts you for the rest of the iteration, which is up to 2 1/2 months. That takes something which should be fun, and makes it a chore.
  12. So how long with the first series/round last?
  13. The "Latest Staff Replies" button's broken, giving the following error. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2C280/1
  14. I've gotten the new Axi and one of the Neo relics for Mesa Prime. I got the Axi in a 20 excavation run on Heliocor, and the Neo in one of about 20 Ukko runs. Haven't tried for the Lith yet.
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