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  1. Happened to me twice. Also had 3 disconnects. (probably from people abandoning the mission).
  2. I'm having the same issue. Logging out and logging back in seems to have made it go away.
  3. Just had an anomaly mission where for two of us, when we tried boarding the anomaly, it would play the cinematic and then throw us back into space. Boarding the railjack, and then trying again didn't help. Later, I boarded a crewship, and the back door wouldn't open, leaving me with little to do. I tried using my operator, because that helps on regular missions, but my operator appeared on the railjack. Going back to my warframe put me back on the crew ship.I also died imediately on exiting the railjack once, which wasn't fun. Edit: At one point sentients invaded the railjack. It was 2 or 3 fliers and a vomvalist, which was stuck in a corner.
  4. That's 3 people's jobs. Here's a general breakdown, although all positions are fluid. First player's the pilot. Second person is a gunner. You also patch holes, and if a crew ship warps in, and there's no one else, you go board it and take it out. Third person does the same. Fourth player, patch holes until a crew ship comes in, then go take it out. Ideally, you want a pilot, at least one person in the railjack to do repairs, and one person taking out crew ships. If you're under a lot of pressure, you can board a crew ship, run to the front, stab the pilot with your parazon, and the ship is now "yours." (Ideally, you want to at least kill the gunners, too, but this works in a pinch.) Enemies will now focus on the crew ship, instead of your railjack.)
  5. Completed the first mission off Earth by blowing up a crew ship reactor. Upon exiting the crew ship before the reactor blew, I was in a featureless void. I could pull up my gear wheel, but it was disabled. I couldn't get to the menu to abort/exit the game, and as I was host, the other players couldn't return to dry dock. Ended up Alt-F4ing to exit the game. I could also chat, for what little good that did me.
  6. Finished a mission in the void (and got the pennant bp). When everyone got on board the ship, none of the controls worked. We couldn't navigate, pilot, gun, not leave the ship. Wally wouldn't talk to us either. After the host left, we regained control of the ship. We tried returning to dry dock, but the journey took forever. The second host left. After the second host left, we were stuck in the inky black void. That's where we are now. It would be cool that upon migration, if the game could detect that it was in a bad state to just successfully return us to drydock.
  7. Encountered these today, so, I guess Boarded a crew ship ostensibly after the mission ended. When the crew ship did despawn, it took me with it, into the penalty box. I could use my omni-tool to return to the railjack, though. I'm still seeing hull ruptures I can't heal. Waving my omni-tool over them does nothing. I'm still occasionally seeing large black panels/areas in a turret. My gunnery's 7, so I should have a 360 degree view. I'm also occasionally still seeing a turret access thing in the "down" position, like someone's manning that turret, but there's no one there. That leaves that turret unusable for me. Other people can still use it, though.
  8. On investigate the anomaly missions, host migrations reset the anomaly. Twice I've had the host bail, and my teammates and I have cleared out the anomaly again, and gotten a shedu part drop. (The second time, we got 2 pieces, and then 2 manned the rest of the mission.) Theoretically, with a premade team, you could clear the anomaly, have the host leave, invite them back, and then clear the anomaly again, without ever leaving it, repeating until you get the part you want.
  9. Yeah, after visiting the silver grove, my Omni was moved. Looking at the wheel in my orbiter fixed things.
  10. Had my first investigate the anomaly mission. (Ooooh.) Host disconnected, and I became the host. Entering the anomaly turned my screen black, and I remained in archwing. Randomly moving around and hitting x, I'd briefly get another "enter ship" message, and I'd enter something(?), but remain in archwing. I could still talk with my teammates, and use my gear wheel to return to the ship.One of my teammates could enter the ship normally. I tried returning to the anomaly several times with the same result. I also couldn't navigate away, and had to abort. Overall, it was pretty disappointing.
  11. If you just want to blow the reactor, Loki does fine. Jump in, go invisible, blow reactor, jump out. If you want to slaughter the crew, Ivara. Also, if the railjack isn't moving, you can access the slingshot from the outside. Just fly up to the tube. (You can probably do it while it is moving, it's just harder.)
  12. I think that this happens when you're in the hangar and someone accepts your invitation? That's what happened to me. Repeating the invite from the room with the trading station had everything work normally.
  13. After a host migration while I was in a turret, the ship disappeared. It looked like I was running in space, but I managed to stumble onto the artillary cannon spot. Using it or the turret, and then exiting, didn't clear the bug. And, I've had it happen without a host migration. Managed to get to an airlock, but couldn't activate it, or the turret. Also, sometimes I get a big head. Also sometimes the turret access thing gets stuck in use for me as a client, and I can't use the turret on that side. Other players still can use it.
  14. And I was hoping for something better than yesterday's defection with radiation. All of the clouds were at the exit, so if the radiation didn't get us or the defectors, careless Mesa would.
  15. This happens to me, too. Sometimes I can see others chats, other times, nothing.
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