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  1. I tried stomping Corpus with my K-drive, too, and it didn't count.
  2. After a couple of hours, I finally got the drop. Twitch is still showing an error, though.
  3. Same. Twitch gives me a red banner saying that the drop was NOT claimed.
  4. When I tried to claim the Octavia Noggle after today's (Wednesday's) livestream, I got an error from twitch. I was able to claim an Octavia Noggle and the Shawzin previously, so my accounts are definitely connected. Under the item's claimed list, it shows the item as claimed, but I don't have an email in my inbox about it.
  5. Yeah, my internet was out from Monday to late yesterday, that I could tell. Most of the time we didn't have power. This has been a bad week for Texas. (Only 2 more nights with temperatures in the 20s.)
  6. I just spent 10 minutes in Steel Path Mot, and while Hildy's shields went to zero many times, her health never dropped. The only ability I used was her 3, which is a shield drain.
  7. OK, I just spent 10 minutes in steel path Mot, and while her shields dropped to 0 a lot, her health never dropped. The only ability I used was 3, which would shut off every time her shields hit 0. (Like they do regularly.) I found a bug report from last month.
  8. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: On the Corpus tileset, in the open room with the elevator, there are two elevated rooms that can spawn resonators. Necramechs can't go through the doorway of the one on the right. To get to a resonator, you have to go Operator and shoot it with your amp. If you jump back into the Necramech while in the room, or on the ledge outside the room, your Necramech is now inside the room, and can't get out. You have to jump out, jump to the floor, and resummon your Necramech to continue on the mission. VISUAL: Here's a shot of my Operator on the floor, looking up
  9. I just finished a 36 round Endurance run. It helped that the Orphixes took their time arriving, but what really helped was that the player in the Bonewidow knew the sequence, and after killing one would immediately jet to where the next would be, The other player and I would follow, trying to be useful. (Player 4 bailed after ~12 rounds.) Is the pattern generally known, or does this player have secret knowledge?
  10. I had the same thing happen in Orb Vallis, and other people are reporting it in the event. A work around is to briefly use one of the loaner mechs. Afterwards, you should be able to summon yours. (Of course, that doesn't help in the Vallis or iso vaults.)
  11. USE THIS FORMAT TO SUBMIT YOUR BUGS! TYPE: In Game, orb Valis DESCRIPTION: Unable to summon necramech after the first summon VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: Start an Orb Valis mission on Fortuna (I did the rank 5 one) In sub-mission one summon a necramech, and wreak havoc. Once that mission's done, go to the next. Try to summon your necramech again. EXPECTED RESULT: To see the corn cob warrior show up again. OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing. (Occasionally it's greyed out on the gear wheel.) REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1
  12. I noticed something similar. My Decurian showed the correct level in my orbiter, but when I took it out in archwing, it reset. I ended up levelling it doin archwing missions over Neptune.
  13. I'm guessing game design, because no other healing ability can.
  14. There are 'mechs scattered on the map. They show up on radar as blue dots.
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