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  1. Not directly relevant to the OP's question, but highly relevant to sorties; Spy sorties require the team open all 3 vaults to succeed. If you don't know how to do one, don't try. Just say, "I don't know how to do this," and guard the entrance or something. I can barely do the Uranus spy map, and if I get a vault I don't know, I back off. (I've also done all 3 vaults on the fortress, while my teammates stood around, talking about how great Wisp is. I main her, but use Loki for Grineer vaults. They did thank me at the end, though.)
  2. They look like other loot on your radar. You want Animal Instinct (preferably primed, if you have it) on your pet/sentinel, and probably Loot Detector on your frame. If you take Khora, you can stack Animal Instinct twice, with the second on Venari. Open everything. If you see a white square, it could be a cache. I usually use Carrier on missions where I'm looking for caches for it's ability to open crates. (And then I see how poorly it does that task.)
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: When doing 7 Sirens, and everyone's gathering in the boarding area, if one of the players switches to their necromech, they're no longer counted as being in the area, and the game won't progress. Switching back to warframe lets the mission continue. Once the doors open, you can switch back to your necromech without problems. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: See Description EXPECTED RESULT: Mission progression OBSERVED RESULT: The game shows 3/4 players in the boarding area. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1. Another player on the team knew how to solve the problem, so I assume that they've seen it more often. TYPE: Rewards DESCRIPTION: Got Zekti Plating Mark I from 7 Sirens exterminate mission. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Run mission, check rewards EXPECTED RESULT: Gotten Mark III armor OBSERVED RESULT: Got Mark I armor REPRODUCTION RATE: No idea.
  4. In 4 man squads, when I've been teleported to the railjack, the rest of the team's been able to proceed. I'm also 50/50 on being able to reenter the capital ship and join the team on the mission.
  5. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Pluto/Seven Sirens has laughably few corpus to kill. In one case, we killed one on the capital ship, and 3 on the Railjack, and the Lotus announced we were done. (I got teleported onto the Railjack, rather than the Corpus capital shup.) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Run Seven Sirens with a crew of 3 EXPECTED RESULT: Everyone start out on the capital ship, and have to kill more than 50 crewmembers. OBSERVED RESULT: We killed less than 5 Corpus and were told to head for the exits. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2
  6. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: With 1.4 patch, players are still occasionally stuck outside, unable to enter the objective, after Cy is supposed to teleport the stragglers onto the corpus ship. Interestingly, while I was in the waiting area, he teleported me onto the railjack. The mission proceeded, and I was able to re-enter the corpus ship, and eventually join my teammates. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Have 2 players in the waiting room of the corpus ship, and the other two on corpus ships, of a derelict. (Just guessing.) EXPECTED RESULT: Everyone in the waiting area, with the rest of the Corpus ship unlocked. I'd accept unlocking the interior doors, and let people still outside come inside. OBSERVED RESULT: Nobody can enter the waiting area. If you're there, and you leave, you can't come back. The only way for the mission to proceed is for the people in space to abandon the mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/5 Corpus railjack missions.
  7. TYPE: Mission Start DESCRIPTION: Tried loading into Vesper Point Orphix Railjack mission. I briefly heard the the Orphyx landing sound, then nothing. According to the square gauge in the upper left corner of the screen, it's fully loaded, but I'm stuck watching my lander.. Edit: I was able to join the mission on completion, and then search the derelict. VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: no idea EXPECTED RESULT: to be blasting Orphyxes OBSERVED RESULT: Joining the mission after it was over. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1
  8. Trello lists it as an open bug. So, they know about it and are presumably working on it.
  9. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: After 10 rounds of defense at Falling Glory, 3/4 of the team decided to leave, and were put back on someone's railjack. At this point, we could select Dry Dock as the destination, but the 2 players who didn't choose the destination couldn't vote, and we couldn't force the mission, either. We ended up having to abort, with presumably the last person being able to go to dry dock. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Follow the steps in the description EXPECTED RESULT: To go to Dry Dock OBSERVED RESULT: We sat there staring at each other. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1
  10. TYPE: Menus DESCRIPTION: Regardless of how many steel path daily incursions you've done, the menu shows 5 available, and there's space for 5 in the drop down. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Do steel path incursions, then look at the list of available missions. The count will stay at 5. EXPECTED RESULT: The count to go down as incursions are completed. OBSERVED RESULT: The missions were removed from the menu, but the count and menu size stayed the same. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time, as best I can tell.
  11. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was trying to destroy a Corpus crewship from inside on a mission (Venus) where we were supposed to capture a Corpus Galleon. After destroying the crewship, I couldn't board the galleon. I could fly to where the door was, but there was no interact. VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: Follow the steps in the description. EXPECTED RESULT: Be able to join my squad OBSERVED RESULT: Got yelled at by my squad. Some even came out to show me where the door was. No dice. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1
  12. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Started a Railjack mission. The 4th player couldn't load, and we were stuck in the void. Once he left, the mission immediately started. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: Start a mission with no starting team. EXPECTED RESULT: Team starts mission with or without player 4 OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1
  13. I tried stomping Corpus with my K-drive, too, and it didn't count.
  14. After a couple of hours, I finally got the drop. Twitch is still showing an error, though.
  15. Same. Twitch gives me a red banner saying that the drop was NOT claimed.
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