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  1. First thing that came to my mind when I saw this concept was "Techno-Aztecs" and I absolutely love these "fire pillars" 😄
  2. Very solid rework proposition and as Nazuud said earlier a switch of fury and scorn gain would be a nice quality of life change, but I feel that new 3rd ability would be a bit too strong and thus DE will nerf it 😕
  3. I recently observed a bit of a comeback of Chroma's rework. So as our favorite necrophile Necros I desecrated this dead thread with my rework and once again I changed math in it. Main changes has been made in calculation of 1st and 3rd ability. Which made 1st ability even more offensive and 3rd is more focused on tankiness. As always what do you think?
  4. I has similar problem with Chroma Prime and Morkai skin. I love Morkai more robotic/futuristic texture and I also love design of Chroma Prime, but sadly prime details are too overwhelming and you only see glims of Morkai design. However I don't think that simpler design for Primes would be as good as you think.
  5. Fair point If ability will work on allies Toxic Lash could be a good foundation for this, but if ability work only on Chroma an option to combine would be a nice addition. Well 3rd ability depends completely on taking damage and I think it's more about source of damage than anything else. Just from curiosity, Wiki say that in Spectral Scream or Vex Armor section?
  6. I see you have similar problems with your Chroma's Rework as I've had with mine. I think it could be help with your rework and of course some of my ideas could be a bit overpowered.
  7. Yep, elemental switching on 1st ability is both logical and practical. I think radius of ability should have around 10-20 meters, because Chroma is more a bruiser than support. Additional elemental damage have to be only apply on Chroma, because if his Fury works like Serration, thus additional elemental damage would work like Elemental Damage Mods and this create a position where you could unintentionally change your ally elemental damage on weapons, it would be a great for trolling but not so great for cooperation. Now buffs from chosen element, I think 2 elements with offensive buff and 2 elements with defensive buff, would be much easier to balance than 4 defensive buffs. Implementation of self-damage isn't necessary in his 3rd ability, but some changes are required. The easier option would be switching of buffs accumulation, so now shield give damage and health give armor, due to shieldgating mechanic it's harder to loose health, which mean it's also harder to accumulate Fury. Other option is accumulation based on taking and dealing damage, simply more received damage means more toughness and more dealt damage means more damage. It would be harder to balance but now you haven't to stay in one place and let to be hit to get Fury, which is a bit annoying. I don't remember that Fury affect Spectral Scream and I don't think wiki says that, but I could be wrong. Also a bit of a nitpicking but if Chroma now can switch his elements, what is his passive now?
  8. Some my thought about your Chroma concept. Literally elemental switching is one of top priorities for me (and which I observed for many Chroma's players too), like he's a goddamn Master of Elements and he can't change his element in mission? What kind of retarded mastery is that? Also @DrivaMain made a good argument about fashion related elemental changing mechanic, I hate how many times it destroyed my composition. Seriously whatever who come up this mechanic should be found guilty of crimes against humanity! And finally versatility that came with elemental switching is a great cure for Chroma's current status of being one-trick-pony. Of course elemental distinction should be more visible, maybe on tank-DPS dichotomy and it should have some restrictions to not being overpowered. Tell the same thing people about: Ivara's Quiver, Vauban's balls and Wisp's motes. I sure they would love an idea of having exactly the same buff from ability that can be changed only before mission True but "3" should has a one QoL change, basically shield will give additional damage and health armor. I don't see a problem in channeling but in how Effigy is absurdly situational and relatively high drain for not so high gains.
  9. Hello everyone, I believe this is last changes I make in my rework, because I am finally content how its looks (but who knows). I changed passive, which now reminds second effect of my previous 2nd ability and that also means also a small changes in mentioned above ability. And finally I tweaked math in 3rd ability, which I think works better and is a bit more balanced. What do you think about changes? Share your thoughts on them.
  10. Yeah it could be good as new passive but I think I will experiment with elemental buffs from his 2nd ability as his new passive
  11. Area-of-effect is back to 2nd ability and 1st have a something different in exchange. And thanks to feedback I came up with some kind of compromise about Chroma's 4th ability, it might be intresting for you if you are fan of "Dragon Form" for Chroma. As always what do you think about changes?
  12. Honestly it's interesting but I feel it would make Chroma, a bit overpowered (because he already have a lot of stuff). Also I would like have more control over "Dragon Form", so I prefer it as active ability. And here I had problem, because I didn't know how make additional slot of ability. I was thinking about merging 1st and 2nd, because 1st ability of Warframe is usually a quite simple one. Later I had an idea of making his 2nd or 3rd as his new passive, but I didn't have idea how implement them in balanced way. So "Dragon Form" as augumentation for 4th is my best shot right now. Plus now I am thinking on new passive.
  13. I can't see how it could be incorporated as passive. Could you be more specific how it would work? After all "Dragon From", which change a bit playstyle of Chroma doesn't sound like passive at all.
  14. Honestly I don't even care about hypersexulization, I just want see other Frames in media than those 3. Beacause it just frustraiting, seeing the same Frames over and over.
  15. Well, things get older with passing time. I cannot describe how I hate those two Frames, because they are almost in every Warframe related media. Like when I open Twitter or Reddit and almost everytime what I see is goddamn art or fashionframe of Mesa, Saryn and Wisp, which it's a quite unpopular opinion, due to her support role. Right now we have 42 Frames and community limiting itself to only 3 of them. It just... UAGH!!! That sound fun
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