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  1. Still think Intermission Credits should carry over to the next Intermission ijs
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/2985287984624093502/ Posted this in mega thread but still haven't seen any development. Tried all recommended "fixes" on front page of that post. Haven't been able to log in for several days now on Steam/PC. If there isn't a hotfix already in the works then I'm assuming I'll miss Legendary Core alert and Baro this weekend. A friend said he'd get new Baro weapon and hold it for me, but would still be nice to play.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/2985287984624093502/ Same issues. Will work by accessing Steam files straight from hard drive and running the Launcher as Admin. But then I have the issue of my controller now not working because game wasn't launched through Steam. I'm not going to mess around anymore with this until it is fixed.
  4. Scuf Vantage (PS4) controller, Steam
  5. Controller's D-pad no longer works for menu/ui navigating, nor does L3 and R3 buttons work anymore. edit: UPDATE: D-pad just doesn't work at all! Even in missions to bring up gear wheels
  6. Fix Controllers please! Directional pad no longer functions for navigating through menu/ui screens, nor does L3 or R3 work anymore.
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