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    Movement. Judging by observation of how fighters move compared to the railjack and archwings differs drastically. Railjack you got to worry about ship ruptures and it also would be a bigger target. Archwings in there current state you'd have Ameshas camping inside their bubbles. With fighter crafts it's just deal damage/explode, simple and uncomplicated. No extra buttons or firing modes, just fly and shoot.
  2. Same thing happened to me. Got an anomaly shard in the anomaly, and another for completing all mission objectives. Reward screen showed 2 in rewards, only got 1 in inventory.
  3. Update 27.0.12 broke the Reflux Aim on turrets on controller. Worked previous to the patch. Aiming no longer snaps to any target.
  4. Patch broke the turret targeting any targets while using aim on the controller. Worked previous to the patch.
  5. Maj-Cero


    Yep, exactly why I included the research part of my post
  6. Maj-Cero


    No I'm not talking about Kubrow caged matches! I posted this in General Feedback since it really wasn't about Conclave, but after thinking more and more about it I'd really like to see a variant of Railjack brought to Conclave. The idea originally was to make our landing craft "battle ready" by researching an Installment through the Drydocks. It would basically be like the enemy fighters but we'd have the skin of whatever we had equipped be it Liset, Xiphos, or whatever. Comes stocked with starter turrets you get when first started Railjack, but interchangable with others that can be built. Anyway that's the PvE side of things, doesn't have to be as complicated in Conclave. I just think it would be fun to dogfight Ace Combat style in our Lisets against one another. Even lock a new landing craft (not skin) only obtainable with Conclave standing behind it. I know I for one would actually be interested in this style of PvP.
  7. I thought we were going to see more Peculiar mods, but that never really happened. I know they are pointless and that's probably why they didn't make more, but still I'd like to see more from them. It's like playing MTG with an Unglued deck.
  8. Also like to add, I'm not big fan of PvP in this game but I'd play Hell out of this if we could dogfight with these ijs. OOOOH! NEW TYPE OF LANDINGCRAFT purchasable with Conclave Standing if this became a PvP Mode 🤤
  9. All jokes aside, honestly have no idea what's going to happen with archwing being merged into this new modular system. However there was one idea I did have before we got this news. Don't know if it could still apply afterwards, but the idea was simple. Add an Exilus slot (or 2) to the Archwing loadout that allowed the Archwing to equip a Winged Avionic. That was pretty much it, giving it a little bit more of a boost nothing more. The other idea that came to me for main reasons of 1) No idea what's happening with the modular merger; 2) Why do people still confuse the Orbiter with a Liset? Now this idea is a little out there, but let an Installment be researched in the Drydock that enables your landing craft (aka Liset, Xiphos, etc) to be "battle ready". It's basically just an equivalent of the enemy fighters in Railjack but using the skin of whatever you have equipped. It would start with the basic starter turret, but can be changed out like the guns on the railjack. Probably don't see any of these things actually happening, but just wanted to put the thought out there while it was still fresh in my mind. But honestly please... Orbiter = Navigation, Foundry, Arsinol, etc Liset = Transport to/from missions 😂
  10. My only issue with this because I have this feeling it's going to be like building zaws/kitguns putting pieces together for different combinations. Is current mastery lost? Lost forma. And also what of Odonata Prime, will it just be a skin now?
  11. From way it sounded on yesterday's devstream, going to kill archwing altogether for this "modular system". Don't know exactly what it means, but it scares me.
  12. Maj-Cero

    Kuva Clem

    1) Yes, we want Kuva Clem 2) Yes, we want Kuva Twin Grakatas 3) BUT, Kuva Clem wouldn't have Kuva Twin Grakatas. NO! The Kuva has made it where his tumor can also weild a Grakata so...... KUVA TRIPLE GRAKATAS!!!
  13. Once you have all the weapons/ephemeras/stats you want, there isn't really any reason to Vanquish Liches anymore. I think they should add the "Scrap" system we see in Railjack used to get back resources from built items. And since vanished weapons go straight to our Foundry and not our Inventory, don't see why this couldn't work. Tie some of the rarer resources to it like Nitain or even introduce a new resource that can only be obtained by scrapping Kuva weapons, like Crystalized Kuva just as an example. Reason to go back and do it.
  14. Can't use Battle or Tactical avionics, can't boost or drift, and other things listed above. Because of lot of these limitations has limited my play to turret Gunner or being on offcrew.
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