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  1. Didn't realize these other frames, but can add Xaku to that list
  2. Seems little underwhelming to me. I doubt I'll use the Blessing. Hood ornament probably should've been a whole new landing craft instead imo. Slots and Forma are nice tho.
  3. Ludoplex. I̶m̶p̶o̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ Acolyte. Playable characters: Chibi-frames
  4. Only posting this out of boredom, expecting nothing to come of this. Eximus-themed Warframe Passive- Immune to effects of enemy Eximus units 1. Sanguine- regenerates health by dealing damage to enemy. (Lifestrike) 2. Energy Leech- drains energy from enemies within range. 3. Toggable Abilities Shock- aura that deals Electric damage to enemies within range while also increasing Electric and Magnetic resistance to nearby allies. Arson- releases a Fire Blast on cast dealing damage and knocking down enemies. Aura effect increasing ally Fire and Blast res
  5. With the addition of Botanist mod added for the Oxylus sentinel, have to admit is a nice qol to have. However I think they could take it a step further and do something I've wanted since first discovering what this sentinel does by its description. First off, make a new mod that lets the Oxylus "gather" mining nodes. Its functionality would be quite basic and would be equivalent to as if you mined the node yourself by just skimming over the points instead of waiting for hotspots resulting in bare minimum from that node. Moving onto the next mod idea would be one for catching fish. F
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