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  1. ...? Man, wtf, did you play the story? Anyways War is a sentient weapon, given to S.Stalker by Hunhow himself. Giving it some kind of Sentient characteristic (adaptation) makes sense.
  2. It is kind of a story-artifact, like Paracesis and Vitrica. I think it should have a special effect to make it a little bit more interesting, just like they do. I was thinking about something like that: all elemental damage caused by the weapon is converted instantly to the strongest damage type vs each enemy. Like Revenant's 4th skill.
  3. That's what people don't understand. Pets have to be immortal, because if not, they're pretty much useless. A revival mechanic is still useless because it just puts the sentinel into a loop.
  4. Making them revive is not a fix, it's just adding a stupid cooldown to their effects, and considering enemies at endurance runs can pretty much insta-kill them, you just won't have enough time to benefit from their effects. They should be immortal, there is not argument against that, end of discussion.
  5. You know that the original Wukong could have even more clones, right? Tbh, our Wukong is heavily nerfed compared to the original.
  6. Your suggestion is not fixing the problem, it's actually highlighting the problem that holds back guns, something so bad that even if they had infinite damage, people would probably still prefer melees: precision. Precision weapons SHOULD NOT EXIST in a game that works pretty much like Dinasty Warriors.
  7. Grendel probably still tanks more than Chroma. Because he has 350 base health. With an Umbral set, Grendel would have 3745 and 1924 armor with Arcane Guardian, he'd have around 27k EHP (of health, didn't count shields), and that's without counting the skill you've mentioned that enables even higher armor ratings. An Umbral Chroma with 300% strenght has 1070 health and an armor bonus of 1242,5% (because Vex Armor doesn't increase total armor, but only base armor, like mods), resulting in a total of: (425+1242,5%)+900 = 6606 armor (rounded up). His total EHP is 24'598k. So, Grendel i
  8. I genuinely thought you would talk about Revenant all of a sudden.
  9. The reason why Effigy still reduces armor, it's because since I made it clear Effigy will be modded separatedly like Sevagoth exalted transformation, it will benefit (maybe) from mods like Adaptation and arcanes like Grace/Guardian. Effigy may end up tanking more than Chroma, which is actually VERY good since you can use it now to take hits for you due to the first skill, Rage.
  10. I actually wanted to create a purpose for Effigy. My first idea was to actually make credit his currency, instead of energy.
  11. I said he isn't a dragon. He is definitely themed after one, tho. The thing is, he fits almost perfectly as a dragon/human hybrid. Just look at dragonborns from D&D.
  12. I've been making and reading Chroma reworks since I created my account. And I can confirm that, that is exactly what the majority asked for.
  13. I know that Chroma is a dragon. And I really wish he was more entertaining to use, because he is my favorite Warframe in terms of looks and thematic (I love dragons and most things related to them).
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