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  1. Helo Wayne For next time - If you are looking to join a Clan, it would help if you let people know what platform and regional server they can can expect to find you. (Example: Nintendo, European servers) So that players know if they can even send you an invite.
  2. 1st. It may not even be the same strain that got Allad infested. The stain that the Entrati got seems like is ben around since the old war. 2nd. Allad is Allad, he created a cure for himself and left it at that. Allad is not the kind of character to do others a favor unless its for a price, a disproportionately unfair one at that.
  3. Can't say much about Cross-save, but full Cross-Play, we will probably never see. I just do not see how it would be possible releasing content on all platforms at once. Current Warframe releases content on PC first, and after it gets tested and patched a few times... the patched update gets sent to be released on consoles. So if DE decided to release it all at once (kind of like they released Railjack 1.0) they would have 4 versions of the game to patch and everyone would have to suffer the 1st access version. So it would be a lose-lose for DE and the players...
  4. - Clans having descriptions and rules readable in their Clan menu (outside the message of the day, in a way that alows for lots of text to be added) - Clans having options to limit the research that can be replicated for sertain clan ranks or based on contributions (so that the more a player contributes to the clan the more research they can replicate) - Being able to use all orbiter segments in the clan Dojo (either as placable decorations or as a clan room)
  5. 7 day inactinity is crazy... people have lifes, or just decide to play something else for a week...
  6. Why such a harsh inactinity limit? How about a few month inactivity for normal members, and unlimited for big contributers. Thats how our Clan does it. And everyone that reads the clan rules gets to be a member, so all members know how to act while online.
  7. Have you aquired 2.000.000 mastery points but still can not learn to throw canisters? Fear no more! Here is the incompetent ldiots guide on how to complete the MR 28 test: 1. Equip a ranged CC build (example: ranged nidus) 2. Use your CC ability to group enemies (example: larva) 3. Throw the canister at the clustered group 4. Kill the now marked enemies 5. Repeat step 2 to 4 There you have it, the no-effort way to become a MR 28 player. What is that you say? You can not aim with falloff you say? Well in that case you can always go to the Warframe fourms where you can blaim it
  8. A nice tool. It would help much in the future for all platforms. I have a recomendation tho... When looking for a clan, one of the displayed features that people I know are intantly interested in is Clan research progress and Inactivity limits. If there would be a way to compare clan listings based on their research and activity it would help a lot. It is a rating system of sorts for a clan. (The best clans are the ones with active players, a good tolerance for inactivity, and many research completed...)
  9. Go to orb Valais, take 4 colants to seal a fracture and enjoy the asy lvl session. Because there is a 2x affinity event going on you should have no problem finding people to play with you. I managed to forma my Bonewidow 5 times in a single day. So your tears are unjustified. Or... if you want o get torids while you are at, than do a Temple Survival.
  10. One one side the nekramechs are easy to aquire. I built 2 and have spare parts for 4 more. Plus the parts are tradable. So getting one via plat is unnessesary. But on the other hand if you are just having badd luck its a way around it. As long as the mr requirement stays at mr 14 im ok with it. It be unfair if they let mr 5 excalinoobs run around with a nekramech. So yea powerful stuff should either be locked behind gameplay only, or a high mastery. I think its fair. (Unlike the helmith system)
  11. I see. So I correctly understood your proposed strategy. You do as you wish.
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