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  1. all mods need to be this way. Thats how you make all mods work on all weapons, closing the gap between crappy weapons and the meta ones.
  2. For some reason, it simply doesn't work. I was directly in front of an enemy, on the same floor, and the same level, never triggered the invisibility. I already reported this in March, when is the gonna get adressed?
  3. thats exactly how it works. Your allies either catch it from there, or they don't.
  4. the amount of PT matters. Yes, there are completely idiotic mods with ridiculous costs (and effects), but high PT it could be equated to high multishot, and should cost similarly.
  5. No. Punch Through is another source of damage multiplier that stacks with crit, base damage, and multishot AND NEGATES COVER. A strong gas weapon with PT can oneshot an entire platoon.
  6. ^This. The OP should keep in mind that his reward is having everything already unlocked before anyone else. I maxed out everthing of every school literally yesterday (or today, depending on your location), and i don't mind getting useless rewards, something i started to get years ago when i maxed all my mods and got flooded with credit boosters. Our reward as veterans is the ability to face any "group" challenge alone without much (or any) effort. Im thinking about making my own dojo, with blackjack and hookers, simply because i have like 20 formas sitting in my inventory doing nothing. For us, trully endgame, "got everything" veterans, our rewards are quest and updates, and maybe some shiny new sht from Baro, specially primed mods.
  7. My point was that it was a double failure, because not only the armor is doubly exclusive (only for him, and only with his shoulders), but oberon prime itself is an abomination.
  8. i think you are imagining something super flashy. It's not what i meant. Some frames might have their skills altered and still would be easily recognizible what they are, for instance, doesn't matter the texture, a dome in the middle of nowhere is clearly Frost's doing. Same with Rhino's Stomp, or Chroma's Effigy. My idea isn't meant to super-pimp out abilities, but to give them a different style.
  9. and those are made exclusively for him, they don't match with anything else.
  10. Oberon's accesories SUCK, mostly because his shoulders are embed on him and, without them, he looks like an horrendous orokin mistake.
  11. You read it right. I critized you guys a lot, however, if there is something you do quite well, is your bussiness model. And i liked to contribute to your growth purchasing stuff. And i want to buy some more.... GIVE US ALTERNATE ANIMATION/EFFECTS FOR WARFRAMES ABILITES. Let us change how a single skill looks, or what kind of effect might have attached to it. Im thinking stuff like changing Rhino's stomp into a something more "earthy-rocky", or turning hallowed ground into flames instead of grass, or changing the wings of titania into some sort of aura. That kind of stuff. It will give us even MOAR customization to the already incredibly good system you have, plus giving you extra money. Dunno about the price tho, but surely cheaper than a frame skin... Just an idea.
  12. Again... DE, thats why she is getting another rework, just like Ash got his.
  13. DE. Remember Ember? They do.
  14. Because Empyeran isn't 99.9% of the game, wich is where she is a problem. The overall gameplay is simply worse with her around, as it used to be with Ember. This a deep background problem related to the absurd scaling DE has worked so hard to NOT change. Until that mechanic (scaling) gets reworked, she needs to get axed asap.
  15. Too bad. Saryn is badly designed by DE own admission. The overall powercreep is a problem, and having a skill so broken with such absurd scaling isn't helping. Toning down the game (as Steve already said they intend to do), will imply, NECESARILY, a big big nerf in many fronts, like mandatory mods and, off course, Saryn and Equinox nukes.
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