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  1. Honestly, the entire Melee 3.0 coulded been done by simply increasing base holster speed. Right now, and after all this time, it pretty much created a bunch of problems, in exchange for features nobody asked. Releasing this change without overhauling all stances was (and still is) a HUGE mistake. Many weapons became effectively worse, and some stances are by themselves borderline unplayable (all Sword and Board stances SUCK, the foward jump attack is incredibly anoying, and all the polearms now are basicly useless). If reworking stances is too much, then, just revert the changes (except for the directional slam, thats ok), and increase the weapon swap speed. All the benefits, without the stupid problems.
  2. turning it into a duration based skill instead of toggle, would be lovely to manage energy. Toggle skills overall need some sort of rework, some of them are real drawbacks, given how they interact with some of the energy sources we have.
  3. Armor can be interacted with, thats the difference. Not when they actually demand something from you. I found Ambulas quite entretaining, his weakpoints are well defined, unlike Lech Kril, who does have a very #*!%ed up hitbox, given how much he moves his torso and back. Ambulas gets easier the more skilled you are. Lech is just spray and pray.
  4. The problem with the damage reduction is that is simply more HP. It brings nothing to the table. But i agree, it wouldn't be so insulting if he weren't inmune to status. As he is right now, it's not just lazy, but deeply flawed designed, because it barely represents any danger as it is, he simply drags the fight into exhaustion, not submission. I find this quite puzzling, given how good Ambulas, Sargas and Keyla are at engaging the player's skills without lazy mechanics.
  5. thats no accounting for it, thats adding an uninteractive way to prevent players from progressing. He coulded have weakpoints (like his armor), a way to heal himself from status, strip us some weapons, even turn invisible or negate some of our skills at random, there are dozens of ways to make him challenging and interesting (just like all bosses should be, looking at you sergeant). Instead they simply choose to make him impervious to one of the main (if not the main) source of damage and utility to the absolute majority of players. This is lazy design.
  6. this is true for way to many bosses. Instead of simply accounting for it (mostly viral and corrosive) when balancing, for some reason DE chosed to simply negate half of the builds in the game. Game design at its finest.
  7. Did you read the part were i said that WE WERE SAYING THIS SINCE FOREVER? If i wanted to make a(nother) list of changes needed in the entire game, i woulded. But since my expectations have died at this point in that regard, im trying to address this specific issue, wich seems fresh and still atendable, until DE's attention flys away and leave us out in the cold. As someone pointed in other post, DE mentality gets railed behind the last new thing, introducing stuff for new players, without any sort of shortcut for veterans, forcing us to do OBVIUSLY underleveled stuff, with obviusly unrewarding stuff, to, eventually, after DAYS of grinding, get to a point where actually matters. I get the point that Warframe is grindy, and that requires time and effort to achieve rewards. But that excuse makes sense when you just got into the game, not when you have pretty much done everything in the game and 99% of it is meaningless because enemies dies with a single stare, and they provide no reward at all. I remember how long it took for me to get where i am, and enjoy every last bit of it... until Plains of Eidolon came to be. At that point, i started to feel (and fear) that the big new content added to the game was going to be, almost exclusively, directed towards newer players. And while i can live with that (more players=more money=more content), i can't live/play with the fact that content is forced on me as well.
  8. First of all, i don't need to have a solution to complain. I don't know how to cure cancer, and will still complain all day about it. Secondly, saying other games are more grindy adds nothing to the solution, (logik too stronk, nerf pls). I don't play other games for the sake of comparing them with warframe. I might get good ideas of how something could be implemented, but don't go around in life saying "oh, X game sucks, i shouldn't complain about warframe". By that logic, you should like almost every game, because there is allways something worse. That being said, the community gave TONS of solutions to this kind of problems for AGES, let me list a few things: 1) Shut down the scaling, HARD: most mods need flat bonuses instead of percentage, including the defensive ones. This would also make much easier to balance enemy scaling, giving them a more reasonable approach instead of a scaling that completely negates low level players. 2) Make the game more difficult: the endgame experience needs to be close to the early game. The difference is absurd. We become literal gods by MR12 (or even earlier) by sheer force of our weapons and skills, specially with the busted actual mod scaling (see point 1). 3) Make MR more meaningfull: We should get MORE resources and standing, the further we advance. It's idiotic that we have to make the same chores as newbies, than as veterans. As i said in previous post, a newborn warframe, and Galactus shouldn't be regarded equally by factions in a world at war. If Average Joe wants to join my team, ill make him run 10 miles a day until he proves himself. If Superman wants to join my team, i would try my hardest to make him feel happy, foot massage if needed. 4) Resources need to be shared: even if this includes a rise in prices, we shouldn't have such absurd and arbitrary split between lines of "research and development". This is quite well implemented in the very first 100hs of gameplay, where, despite the difference in build requirements, eventually everything adds up, and helps you reach further. Cetus and Fortuna, on the other hand, only work for themselves, and adds nothing for all the other things aviable in the system. And this is ignoring the fact that, for some reason, we can't get the resources aviable IN THE ENTIRE #*!%ING PLANET in the open world.
  9. I never denied that warframe was grindy. But all the thing you listed coulded been traded. Now, im locked behind a stupid grindwall, and i can't use the plat i've got (from the #*!%ing grind, go figure) to advance it further. I allways noticed the flaws in the game. But they weren't dealbreakers. Now, on top of DE completely #*!%ing up 90% of melees because quick melee were better than stances, it also demands grind from us, that requires a previous grindy way to reach that point, with the aggravating of not pushing the bar higher. It just tedious for the sake of it. p.s.: i never said vauban prime was harder to get, i said that he required a crapton of oxium that, at the time, was hard to get.
  10. The stealth skill of the huras is simply not working. I've been standing in front of an eneny, taking damage non-stop, with the kubrow not going invisible in 3 minutes. Also de detection range is completely busted, is extremely inconsistent, sometimes the enemy is right behind a door, and it won't react, while other times will turn invisible for no reason whatsoever.
  11. not quite this much. Usually, before the dark times, before Plains of Eidolon, you coulded hoard resources knowing that whatever came after, you were, one way or another, preparing for it. Now, with the new standing systems repeating the same mistakes, DE is sending us back with a pat in our heads, hoping that we enjoy doing again and again what we found tedious the very first time (and never got better). I remember when Vauban Prime came out. All the new players complaint about the oxium requiered, yet i was already set for it by the time i got all his bps. Now i don't get that satisfaction anymore. Whatever new content it is, im just as noob as a MR3. This is painfull, and feels a bit disrespectful. Apparently the people of Ostron and Fortuna can't tell if they are in front of a brand new rookie, or a seasoned space demigod of destruction, so we all have to wax on and wax off from the start.
  12. as far as i remember, the plague star only happened 4 or 5 times since PoE released. Thats not exactly reasuring, given that the plague star barely gives mods of fringe use, while hyldrin is a whole frame.
  13. the main problem with this is that we can't tell if the missions to come will be more idiotic or not. So, you end up doing stupid stuff, in fear of moronic to come. If we had the complete roster of missions aviable from the start, then we trully would know how much it will take, and adapt accordingly. The timer needs to go.
  14. because the nightwave has a time limit that inevitably force me to do all this things at once, or fall behind.
  15. Higher, not faster. It only means i can do the same boring thing for a longer time. Yay?
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