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  1. I wouldn't think so, the last, desperate creation of the warframe crafters, ill-matched parts over a barely finished warframe, gilded because even in desperation they're still orokin. A further thought, maybe "Xaku" is low orokin for "Flawed".
  2. I think that's what they call motivation.
  3. I'm sure I made a profit from the regurgitation, I swear I got back a bunch of stuff I didn't feed him.
  4. Cy could have given us a 2 minute tour detailing the different stations and what they do, a brief explanation of the forge, the archwing catapault and main gun and an admonition to fill the payload of your ship before going out would have made the world of difference. What some call "the fun of figuring things out for yourself" I call "blundering around missing key things out and getting frustrated".
  5. Hmm, a picture or a stuffed fish on the wall....given that I am not a gentleman decorating his study I will wait until something decent comes up for R5 reward before ranking up. Another pick from the R4 stuff would have been ok.
  6. I'm hoping for a mostly shiny orokin style shell with hints of infestation underneath that opens to release tendrils, spores, gribbly bits and general horribleness as he levels up. For bonus horror, have the chest open to show something unpleasant wriggling , trying to escape.
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