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  1. I've just had an idea about introducing new people to the game. What I think you need is something like nightwave that leads people through the basics of the game. It would have tasks like building weapons, joining syndicates, switching to solo or public mode, joining or founding a clan, all of the commonplace things that we do when we start the game with a set of useful but not too powerful rewards. The nightwave structure is already there so this wouldn't be too hard to develop.
  2. I want to see more missions like the Assault mission in the kuva fortress. Lots of different objectives but all working toward a single goal.
  3. When they complain about getting free stuff. When 4000 endo isn't a good prize. When they don't want a legendary core because they have everything maxed anyhow.
  4. Two things to remember (life and warframe). 1. Things go wrong 2. People make mistakes. If I've messed up I apologise, if someone else messes up I'll still finish the mission.
  5. What I do Steel Charge Power Drift Hunter Adrenaline Primed Flow Steel Fiber Vitality Intensify Gladiator Resolve Galdiator Aegis Natural Talent Why I do it. Two key things about Nidus 1. No shields 2. Reasonable healing rate. This leads me to accepting that Nidus will be taking damage and will need some energy from somewhere, Hunter Adrenaline provides that. Steel Fiber, Vitality, Gladiator Resolve and Gladiator Aegis are part of keeping Nidus alive, Intensify
  6. Bit of a theorycrafting question here. How can I build a warframe and weapon set that can take down the profit taker. Assume that I have no useful arcanes or operator abilities for this purpose and a 1-1-1 amp. I'm working on a chroma prime build with 300 + power strength, but what else should I be using?
  7. Can you give the option to make the wings fully invisible to the wearer? I want to like them but they are opaque, take up a lot of the screen and give me eyestrain when I try to look past or around them. I've got this figured out, the host gets transparent wings but no-one else does. Mine went transparent when I started hosting,
  8. Must be a glitch, they look amazing but take up too much screen and give me eyestrain trying to look past them.
  9. Lavos is an ugly lump of a warframe but he is meant to be. Also, I love the cooldowns, freeing me from the tyranny of energy. This is the only warframe that I use all of the abilities of on a regular basis.
  10. Hell no, I only do 30 minutes for nightwave points, anything else 20 minutes is the top.
  11. I have shields, armour, adaptation and incredible manouverability, unless the grenades are small nuclear devices they won't even scratch the paint on a warframe.
  12. Hi DE, the current algorithm you are using for your satnav is rubbish. Extraction points show up as absolute endpoints - yes it is in that direction - but it doesn't show the points on the way that would get you there. If I didn't know the levels I would be getting seriously lost and frustrated.
  13. Very wise words sir, I heartily approve. It's not like any of the rewards are absolutely required for anything, arcanes are an unnnecessary luxury item, lavos is in the store etc. etc.
  14. A great move, the more ways things get to be accessible to our playerbase with diverse lifestyles and levels of interest in the preceeding bit of content (I'm one of those people who really liked the content islands approach so your level of progress through one bit didn't stop you progressing through and enjoying the next bit). I'm just not very interested in mechs, I've had a bit of fun running about going stompy stompy blasty blasty but it's rank 7 and without this event that's where it will stay. I don't enjoy doing the vaults so I'm not going to be chasing down the obscure mod
  15. Hi DE, could we have an enemy radar mod for necramechs please? The only reason I don't use the mechs much is that I lose all of my situational awareness when I transfer in to them.
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