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  1. Meh, I tend to solo Railjack content anyway, so not really any big deal
  2. Ah man, the poor Stalker. So frightening and powerful when a newbie, and now just gets beating into mush in about 5 seconds :P
  3. Warframe: I absolutely love Rhino Prime, especially the medieval style Tennogen skin. Looks like a Warhammer type mercenary, and was one of the first Frames used to clear the Star Map when I was a newbie. Wukong Prime is my general go-to these days just to rip through mobs with melee while my clone pew pew pews with my Bramma :P Mission Type: Survival or Mobile Defense are fun. Not a fan of the randomly wandering Defense guys doing Arbitrations, since they ALWAYS want to run into enemies. Spy missions are more fun once you actually learn the backdoors to the various consoles, and a
  4. I think especially some of the more crucial mods should be more readily available. Adaptation, for example, needs to have the entire Star Map unlocked for Arbitrations, which new players are not going to know or have access to. Endo and credit costs also are somewhat punitive for low levels, where by the time you're in your mid-MR 20s, they become mostly negligible as you've already maxed out the primary ones to use. There's also really no reason for the common mods to be automatically available in a new player's inventory right away. The base element mods for Heat, Cold, Toxin, an
  5. If we could revive or have a user ability to refresh our Sentinels would be awesome. It sucks when Helios ends up splattered from AoE damage.
  6. Even with bugs, I still feel Railjack is one of the coolest concepts in the game. The fact that it transitions between ground combat, Archwing, and flying a giant pew pew battleship is just freaking fun to me.
  7. I usually log in daily for the rewards, to pet my dog, and futz around the ship. Now that the NW stuff has started again, I'll jump on randomly for a quick few missions. I had a lot of drive before I was over Mastery 20, but now that I'm at 27, there's really no burning reason to overly grind. I enjoyed the new Necramech stuff overall, but the Deimos design burned out pretty quickly. The fact that opening vaults takes so much downtime waiting for the spawn timers it's just not as compelling gameplay.
  8. At least it's not a boss locked behind token requirements. I gave up messing with the Ambulas one, since the fight is absurdly long.
  9. I'm a contractor by trade, so that helps. We're looking forward to geeking the place out :D
  10. Heya! Doing good, getting ready to close on my new house and relocate this month :D
  11. Keep in mind, YOU can also be proactively guessing your Requiem mods. Every time you face your lich, be sure you are reshuffling for any slots that have not been confirmed. And yes, Murmurs increase with each new level
  12. The fact that we could never stop the stupid resonance spawns even after completing the quest. It became both boring and tedious, especially when it interrupted other quest objectives.
  13. Wow, this seems like completely insane levels of grinding with RNG rewards. I'll wait a couple of weeks until they fix things.
  14. Gonna say this. I was struggling to beat him until I realized you can fall and just reset back up onto a platform. Basically, stay the hell away from him as much as possible to avoid the Giant Sword o' DOOM (which will one-shot your Warframe), and otherwise, just dodge and scoop up the little crystals he throws to then either shatter the floating ones when he's immune, or chuck them back at his head to do damage. My key gripe is the fact that all our mods/abilities are disabled, so it really sucks to be locked to base running speed
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