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  1. Yeah, I'm bummed about this. I really was looking forward to Nezha Prime.
  2. I've yet to finish building my custom board, and am Rank 5 with the Ventkids. They show up on the minimap/world map when you are in proximity.
  3. I much prefer the Fortuna bounties over the Cetus ones, personally. The Orb Vallis map feels more open and involved (especially going into the Corpus bases), and also feels much more polished for things like fishing, hunting, mining, etc. One of my major complaints with POE is how EVERYTHING is so freaking monotonous. Even the enemies tend to blend into the terrain especially from a distance. I do enjoy the opportunity to cruise around and pew pew pew on my Archwing in open worlds though.
  4. This is incorrect. You need max rank with Solaris United to unlock the PT/EO quests, but yeah, it's a rather backwards method of leveling the Vox rep, since it's not exactly newbie friendly. You -CAN- sit and farm Toroids from the Orb Vallis open world, but it's also painfully slow in comparison. They really need to rebalance this reputation. It and Conclave are absurdly difficult compared to the rest.
  5. They should totally have MR 30 troll players with an empty room and a floating sign saying "Congrats, you beat the game!" for the test :P Also, what the hell is up with the MR 23 test? The chasing Interception was interesting, but not something I've actually seen in gameplay before.
  6. You can actually grind their rep on these with just the generic K Drive launcher from the main Fortuna quest. Just find the race kids and go :P
  7. Would seriously be nice. I use the mobile app primarily for these, since it's a much easier system to manage.
  8. Some more Orbiter decorations or Codex themed appearance loot would be nice. Maybe some Corpus/Grineer looking swag for running around unlocking all their fragments. Some Cetus/Fortuna stuff for finding all the open world ones. I enjoyed getting the plaques from the Deadlock temples.
  9. It's definitely a trickle, but especially on maps where energy orbs are super stingy, it's at least a passive regen better than nothing. There should be some better versions available or simply baked into a Mastery 30 frame. Particularly for frames that rely heavily on energy, there are too many enemies and situations that can cripple them.
  10. I love jumping off the Railjack when it comes into the Dojo, and seeing the Particle Shield ramming into the side wall. It should explosively decompress the entire Dry Dock :P
  11. Yes, but be sure you've capped your Warframe to 30, so you get the full Mastery points from it.
  12. Hope not. I'm still kicking myself for selling Broken War, especially since the War BP dropped >.>
  13. They must have fixed this, as Zenistar is unsellable in my inventory
  14. Agreed. It all depends on what YOU as a player are looking for. Every MMO has notably a lot of grind solely to ensure players keep playing. Personally, I've been focused on building the bulk of the weapons from the Dojo Labs and Market, and also burning through all the Zaws, Kitguns, and K Drives at the moment for the extra mastery. Also going back and farming up all the "easy" Warframe components, and then working on the more challenging ones. If they are too tedious, then it becomes a question of whether to worry about them or not. There is frankly a TON of stuff in the game if folks tend to dig a little deeper beyond just the surface gameplay. There's a lot of lore, decorations, customization, and other stuff to be found and explored. If someone's goal is to get to MR 29 immediately, they're gonna be super frustrated trying to do everything all at once. Pace yourself, people, and figure out what you find enjoyable.
  15. It's extremely annoying for higher end missions where you're constantly drained of energy. I recommend Energy Siphon https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Energy_Siphon
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