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  1. I agree with your other points, but man, Wukong Prime is awesome :P
  2. We see him show up briefly at the end of the Sevagoth quest, so likely helping raise from dead Corpus sisters back as liches soon :P
  3. Getting Forma isn't really a problem, but the regrinding it 5 times over and over is frankly annoying. It's not enjoyable, it's boring.
  4. You'll make yourself insane trying to calculate and game the system. Every MMO deals with RNG chasing the carrot rewards. Honestly, if you're missing a specific part, cash the others you've collected from the relics and turn them into Plat to be able to buy the other ones from other players. At least there ARE other methods than solely being limited to your own luck for drops.
  5. You'll want to get to around MR 15 to unlock all of the requirements, but honestly, beyond that don't make yourself crazy grinding everything. Basically, you'll want to rank EVERYTHING (weapons, Warframes, Companions, pets, Archwings, Necramechs, etc) to get the XP for your Mastery. Some items (notably any modular item like Zaws, Amps, K-Drives, etc) will also require you to Gild the item (basically, rank to Max first, then reset and do it again for the actual Mastery) and may take extra resources. To start, I highly recommend finding a Clan to get the Lab recipes (there are several great Warframes and weapons available to build), along with going through the in-game Market on your Orbiter. You can buy the vast majority of Blueprints for the various Warframes and weapons with credits, along with several pre-built weapons you can buy and level. You should also focus on opening up your Star Map and the various Junction points as they will also reward you with new items and quests. Without spoilers, there's a few (Second Dream/War Within) that are absolutely necessary for later game content. Good luck! :D
  6. This seems incredibly lackluster, considering the limited AI of the crew already. I'd be happier if we could remotely control our ship's guns or something (ala Batman/Arkham Knight) to be able to pew pew external reactors and things. The NPC crew is already pretty well fire and forget for the majority of tasks.
  7. When she uses our full Tenno name and unleashes Mom power to send us to our Orbiter's room, we're screwed :P
  8. It's an extremely fun game in terms of gameplay and stuff, simply for the space ninja parkour and themes. It is also very haphazard in terms of lore and story in a lot of places. Personally, it's more about figuring out what YOU enjoy and want to do, versus trying to find an "endgame". I tend to play sporadically between content releases, and otherwise just for daily logins/Nightwave stuff to fill in. I liked the new Railjack updates, but the Corpus missions are somewhat annoying for the split objectives. I really wanted to see more actual RJ pew pew pewing.
  9. It's very RNG. Personally, I tend to use the Warframe App when managing the excavators, since it's less hassle than zipping around the Star Map in game.
  10. Amen. The acolytes are challenging, but the Steel Stalker has a tendency to wipe the bulkheads and floor too often >.>
  11. It's definitely annoying, especially the jungle of ramps and things that enemies tend to scatter around. Too much time waiting or jumping around to chase down stragglers.
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