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  1. Ah yeah, this one. I ran around with Nezha for the damage shield, stacked speed mods, and just ran like crazy to keep up. Both frustrating and interesting for a test.
  2. If it's a unranked Warframe, jump into normal Sanctuary. If it's anything else, grind some ESOs. If you have an Affinity booster, you can generally cap in a matter of 6-8 rounds. Biggest learning curve for me was that MASTERY is not actually based upon playing the game. It's all about building and leveling Warframes/weapons, so if you're chasing it, you need to be looking what you can be working on efficiently. The Clan Dojo labs have a huge number of weapons to research and build, along with 4 or so Warframes from the Tenno lab (Wukong is ridiculously awesome, and should be in you
  3. When I first started playing, the game had defaulted to a low video setting and looked terrible. When I checked and set it to hi-res properly, it was gorgeous.
  4. I'm kicking myself for not picking up Basmu >.>
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptonite
  6. Meh, I'm up to 26, and there's not much reason to go crazy grinding too hard. I'll ding it eventually.
  7. I'll agree it's a bit overrated, but it's a nice way to allow players to adjust their particular playstyle by swapping out an unused ability for some extra DPS or support. Is it necessary? Not really, that's the core of how customizable the entire game is.
  8. Iso vaults give you like 10 tokens, versus 80-100 for the upper level ones. Just farm the normal ones a few times, you'll have plenty to buy the goodies
  9. The Dog Days Tactical Alert would disagree. We needed an actual Soaktron reward to run around super soaking the boss fights :P
  10. I was a little disappointed at this part. Would have liked to see some actual quests involved. The cosmetic stuff is nice though, along with finally picking up the 2 Plague strikes for the extra Mastery
  11. My grump is the mobile decoration is extremely wonky trying to hang up for display, it looks creepy awesome though
  12. Unfortunately not. Have you looked into having your Switch serviced? Maybe it's something that could be fixed without having to replace the whole thing. Good luck!
  13. They do Twitch streaming stuff. Marketing with other games and publishers requires a fair amount of legal agreements, so probably depends. Companies like EA where they're mass publishing several games can do it easily in-house.
  14. I want every freaking MMO company out there to use DE as their example for this. The customization is fantastic.
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