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  1. Just now, Fallen_Echo said:

    Dude i can go and turn the grineer into tiny meat dumpling with mk1 weaponary with some investement, that still doesnt mean that everything above that line is unnecesseary.

    And yet you don't see a MK1 braton completely trivializing enemies upto level 200 at mapwide distances and with added groupclear potential lol.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Fallen_Echo said:

    In warframe the main point of customizing loadouts is to create build what can push more and more far.



    All so you can spend 99% of your time doing content that doesn't even remotely justify that kind of killing potential.


  3. If a build is trivializing ESO, it is easily too good for the rest of the game.

    Someone else said it better but the mode has enemies that scale at an insane rate, your energy is reset every round, no gear items, a cooldown for abusing your ultimate and a timer drain that starts to verge on the insane, all packaged into mobs that outscale sortie 3 within the first few rounds.

    If your build is somehow trivializing that content, then it is too good, and there is NOTHING that punches above ESO for scaling > time investment right now so don't act like you NEED to have a warframe that absolutely chews through ESO mobs post wave 5, because nothing else in the game will remotely need that kind of power, you have essentially built far beyond overkill at this point and are complaining that they're trying to bring things down to a reasonable level.


  4. 42 minutes ago, Kinjeto said:

    What about the self damage with Peaceful Provocation? What about the self damage to buff up Chroma? Also what about scaling damage/emergent gameplay systems for Endurance runs? These are high risk reward mechanics when self damaging. When Trin gets self damage this is also a high risk reward play.


    I can't believe people actually think this lol, imagine thinking just jumping a pressing the altfire button is a high risk, high reward playstyle.

    It's so obtusely simple and is almost the definition of low risk high reward, the only people you see who are actively at risk of dying with the build are people whom are on a bad connection.

  5. 6 minutes ago, NoLazyShadow said:

    Well..no. She got tons of problems, half of her kit is useless. And dont tell me about Hysterya. I know how terrible that ult is. We should stop that discussion. Its Titania tread... 

    You literally came into a titania thread talking about valkyr tho lmao.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Vilemyre said:

    He was being sarcastic

    Which part? the hour long cringy RPing or the defending of the mod who willingly went to rally people up on notable rightwing websites and pro-gamergate subs?


    Admittedly I was skipping through because it was a pretty unbearable video, but I went back and checked that bit for context - it was just the snippet I caught that made him look like he was defending him.

  7. The content of that video might've actually held some weight if it wasn't an hour of someone doing a "le funny haha" voice.

    It really detracts from any serious point you're trying to make when I'm having to be barraged by winceworthy larping from the first minute.


    Also I like how I skipped ahead and he was trying to defend Shadow, someone who willingly posted about the issue on pro-gamergate subreddits, showing exactly what kind of stance he was taking whilst trying to be "neutral" lol.


  8. I didn't find him that hard to farm, especially since the deflection mission or whatever it's called got progressively faster the longer you stayed, so I just ran oberon's and trinities with my friends and we had the last piece within the day.



  9. Just now, NovusNova said:

    According to DE:

    A new look for the Boltor, and one worthy of a diva.
    *Please keep in mind that due to technical limitations and differences between firing/reloading animations on other Weapons, the Boltor Bravura Skin can only be equipped on the Boltor. While previous Skins have typically worked on multiple Weapons, we think it is better to optimize this Skin specifically for the Boltor."


    Oh thank you! I couldn't find anything on it when I searched up reasons why it was weapon locked, guess I was looking in the wrong places :<

  10. Is there any reason this thing is solely locked to the boltor? I love it to bits, the reload animation is amazing - but when I can turn twin shotguns or twin SMG's into a revolver skin with the new mesa deluxe skin, but I can't with the Octavia deluxe weapon skin, it feels like a let down, especially since there are ton more fun rifles I'd like to put it on over the boltor, which after 5 years I'm quite sick of seeing/hearing/using.


    I only just recently came back and I'm just guessing that the octavia deluxe predated the mesa one, which is why one is weapon locked and one isen't, but can we please lift the restriction on the octavia one? <3

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LbXujfutWk

    Edit: After reading what you said quite some time ago about how overly complex things aren't really ideal - I was wondering if the attached song instead was simple enough to translate into the chord? No specific points, but some points feel like they could translate onto the chords scale easily - or maybe i'm wildly overestimating it's capabilities still.


  12. Lowkey question, have you ever thought of purging builds after a certain date? Mostly because whilst it's very easy to see which are current and which aren't, having say, a build from 2016 using old modding conventions being #2 on a build search page is rather counterproductive and takes a lot to filter through.

    I'm just assuming that the workload would be waaaay too much when you can easily filter by date, but I figured I'd ask.

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