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  1. Reaches 52% cc with sacrificial steel 🙂 I can possibly accept other plat + riven offers.
  2. Napalm grenades for penta: the fire patch heat proc isn't affected by status duration. Heat procs doesn't proc "on damaged" arcanes. Atlas Rumblers with the new skin lacks a head texture
  3. Hey, upgrade your riven capacity harddrives while you're at it so we're not hindered at 90. I'll gladly donate 2TB if it's too costly so we can get 30 more slots
  4. 1. Can the wolf sledge please get buffed? Its outshined by plenty of hammers and the throw has tons of problems still. For a weapon that needs around 140 wolf kills when people haven't seen him once, it should be better. 2. Its time to raise the riven cap past 90, there's no reason for it to be so low.
  5. There was 0 reason for stradavar to have such a nerfed disposition. It sucked then, and the prime sucks now, there's at least 8 better rifles than stradavar prime atm and they also have better rivens.
  6. Please buff the wolf sledge, its so much worse than arca titron 😞 The throw has big problems too. 1. Its throw doesn't seem to be affected by amalgam organ shatter. 2. It doesn't scale with bloodrush, and it doesn't add to combo counter.... While gunblade shots do... 3. It misses all the time.
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