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  1. It slipped my mind to check the elemental damage of two liches I've already vanquished. I have a Brakk and Karak now. I want to ask if there is a way to know the element of the weapon after you ave gotten it. I think the Brakk was from a lich I captured with a Vauban.
  2. Been playing for 5 years. I also played a lot of other games during that time. Every game is almost a grind. Even Candy Crush. If you hate grinding then stop playing and re-enter the world of the living. LOL
  3. I agree. When I farmed Hyldrin and Baruk (and that Harrow part) I thought they wer the most terrible grind I did in my 5 years of playing. That is, until I tried to get Khora. That is the only frame I have not mastered and I DON'T CARE.
  4. I noticed this bug only happens with Catchmoon rivens.
  5. I noticed that those who have minimal forum rep and posts usually are the ones who played longer in game and vice versa. LOL Anyway, I just googled "warframe catchmoon nerf" and it gave me this link because I just wanted to know what they did. I loved catchmoon and enjoyed using it, but I am always ready for DE doing stuff like this, so even if I feel bad I'd just move on and use another gun and wait for the next catchmoon. Managing expectations saves me the stress.
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