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  1. Hacking/Ghost in the machine type warframe... Which i happened to post about a while ago 🙂 Glitch is the name i ran with 😄 Glitch General Concept: Glitch is based around the idea of hacking, setup and data transfer. Base Stats: Health: 100-300 Shield: 150-450 Energy: 200-600 Armor: 75 Sprint: 1.2 Skills: Passive: Data Mastery: Hacks are instant, Alarms cannot be raised within glitch's affinity range. 1: Flicker: Glitch turns into data (represented as energy particles) and flies in a straight towards the reticle. Any robotics he passes through are permanently turned to Glitchs side, any enemies are disarmed. Glitch is invulnerable while moving in this state, the width of his "data flight" is affected by power range, its flight distance and speed is affected by power duration. Power Strength has no effect. Cost: 25 energy. 2: Spam: Glitch spawns a number of data sprites, these data sprites will seek out and mark enemies, marked enemies are more susceptible to critical hits and status effects, having a 25%/50%/75%/100% flat increased chance of being afflicted by them. If an enemy dies during the duration of spam, it will spawn 2 additional sprites seeking out new enemies to afflict, if a robotic afflicted by flicker is hit with spam, it will periodically spawn sprites on its own. duration is based on power duration, amount of initial sprites is based on power strength, range and speed of sprites is based on power range. Cost: 50 energy. 3: Firewall: Glitch shrouds himself in a data shield, enemies shooting him for the duration have their fire returned to them in the form of data projectiles with increased damage, enemies attacking him in melee have their damage reflected and are afflicted by a blast proc. However glitch is immobile while Firewall is active, but can use flicker to move around. Power duration extends the periods between energy ticks, Power range increase the range at which enemy fire is returned as well as the flight speed of the projectiles, Power strength further increase the damage of returned projectiles and melee attacks. Cost: Channeled. 4: Binary Raid: Glitch spawns data copies of himself, These copies functions as spectres of Glitch's current loadout, and will follow Glitch in a manner similar to Mirage's mirror images, but rather than form a square around him, they line up on either side of him, they mirror whatever movement glitch performs, and phase through terrain, shots fired at them have no effect unless when Firewall is active. If Glitch turns they will follow to always be on either side of him. If glitch uses any of his other abilities, his copies will also use that ability with the same effect as him, effectively this can make flicker cover a much wider area, and cause spam to affect more enemies quicker, and can turn firewall into a wall returning fire and blocking access. If Glitch fires his guns or swings his melee weapon so will the copies, but they will only deal 15%/20%/25% of his damage. Duration is based on power duration, power strength increases the damage the copies deal with weapons, power range has no effect. Cost: 100.
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