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  1. I wonder if my college will let me crash at a friend's dorm overnight 🤔
  2. The most ridiculous thing? Well, for me, there's two. 1. The fact that we got the Zealot secondary before we got that one Ghoul's sawblade weapon. 2. The way this game straight up turned into a content archipelago over my course of four years playing it. You wanna know what an archipelago is? It's a gigantic chain of islands. If Warframe was a nation-state, we'd have one giant Base Game island, and then surround it with Lichland, Railjackia, Conclave, Hardmode, """open""" worlds, Arbitrations, (E)SO, upon many others.
  3. Back in the day, I kept seeing people complain about how their multiplayer experience was destroyed by Ash's old Bladestorm, which would target anything and everything in a 50 mile radius off of one targeted enemy cast. Today, people are complaining about not being able to target anything and everything in a 50 mile radius off of one targeted enemy who has been *ahem* "marked for death" due to the ability "not working as intended" or something like that. I don't know, I don't own the Mouthwall. I'm not excusing or supporting "nerf mentality" but like... where's the line? Where do we
  4. Ah, yes. Yet another Tenno who found another game and thought "Let's compare apples and oranges."
  5. My apologies, Komi-sensei, but I'm afraid this change would be too little of DE's concerns to be fixed immediately, if not in the near future, if not ever. Their resources are better left elsewhere. Just imagine that Umbra actually sacrificed something. On a proper 9x9 board.
  6. A company that's probably tired of hearing people complain about the same chat BS for the past year and a f#$%ing half.
  7. Wait... Are we still discussing this matter? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. It's BANNED. DEAL with it. It wasn't funny to begin with, DE is NOT infringing your freedom of speech, and even though we KNOW it's a joke, now it's less about the fact that the term "trap" is potentially offensive and more of the fact that all of you won't SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT. P.S. Just because the game is rated M doesn't automatically mean you can say whatever you want. M stands for Mature, and if you're stuck in that mindset, then you probably aren't mature to begin with. Shut up!
  8. I spy, with my little eye, another topic about the chat... 24 hours, but I think it depends on what you said, I think
  9. Post any suggestions you have here. Unlock specific tileset scenes for each planet you complete all missions on. Jupiter - Corpus Gas City Europa - Corpus Ice Planet Pluto - Corpus Outpost Mercury - Grineer Asteroid Earth - Grinner Fortress Uranus - Grineer Sealab Mars - Grinner Settlement Phobos - Grinner Settlement alternate scene Eris - Infested Ship Orokin Derelict Orokin Void Major Quest Spoilers: Two words. Arch. Wing. Unlock speci
  10. But who wouldn't want it free, except for those willing to pay? I mean, if I put money in this game, and was able to get something for free, I would take it. Also, if nobody wants it immediately, why would they buy in the first place?
  11. There is none. OP is just upset that there is actual effort needed to get a powerful, new weapon.
  12. Lmao, I thought DE already dealt with that *regretful sigh* Anyhow, I'm not sure how, but I found a video: Probably doesn't help though.
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