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  1. Does someone have a link to that video of Steve telling someone that they can't play Warframe on their overpriced aluminium?
  2. Shawzin Syandana. If not for the above point, I'd be down.
  3. I just thought that was a placeholder. If it's not, I guess I wouldn't mind it either
  4. Granted. The New War brings up so many plotholes and paradoxes that the lore becomes a mess of events and timelines that can barely be patched together. I wish Railjack was here, fun, immersive and free of bugs.
  5. WARFRAME: REIMAGINED - My biggest concept yet. Hope y'all enjoy!
  6. Granted, but there's a cooldown period of 10,000 years. I wish I had abs
  7. I'm looking to create a concept, and was wondering if I could get some feedback from the community about what they'd like to see done to aspects of the game (starchart, arsenal, inventory, foundry, etc)
  8. Just go to support and blame it on your Celestial Twin
  9. Which is precisely why I barely use Rivens in the first place. My playstyle doesn't revolve around Level 120 enemies or Teralysts, and if DE is pulling s*** like this, then I'm not touching Rivens with a 10-foot Bo staff.
  10. Y'all are acting like it's the end of the world. Jesus. It's not like you guys a) didn't know this was bound to happen and b) need weapons to be game-breakingly powerful. There's more salt in the first two pages of this thread than there is in the entire oceans of the Earth. You guys are acting like you got neutered with rusty scissors and no anesthesia.
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