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  1. You're gonna have to stop using emoticons and double-posting for me to take you seriously, dude. There is a difference between a stupid person and a person who makes stupid decisions. For example, Digital Extremes is run by people who make stupid decisions. This forum thread is run by a person who's stupid all around. I'm not defending DE. Their actions as of late have been dumb, but you can't accuse them of never fixing bugs. They just fix the ones that don't matter. Not that you care. And besides the bugs and meaningless content as of late, they have shown that there are capable of making a game that is free and provides content for countless people. That is why I'm upset with them, because I know they're capable of doing something good with this game. Do you seriously think you're the first person to call DE out on their bull? Because you're not. They don't condone the right to read every single thread there is on this forum. Especially not a horribly written one like this. So, yes, bugs need fixing. No s***, Holmes, you've solved the case. But let's be honest. Do you think a singular thread that could easily be locked, censored, and never seen again is the answer to your problems. It isn't. I would know because I've been on the forums for four years and I've witnessed the same threads being made over and over again to no avail. Feel free to call the developers whatever you want. Just don't expect your time on the forums to last here if you do so, however. Good night and godspeed. Hope you continue hating the game as much as I do.
  2. There were a few changes to how status works on shotguns. It's calculated differently now, but don't worry. A few build edits should get your shotguns back on track.
  3. 1. I'm not accepting stuff like this. No one is. It's not a surprise that DE needs to get its s*** together. 2. I know that being free-to-play does not warrant buggy content. Everyone knows this. It's not a surprise that DE needs to take a few steps back. 3. You can't hurt my feelings, because I'm not emotionally tied to anything that I read on the Internet. 4. If you're going to preach to the choir about there needing to be bug-fixes, at least do so without bashing the developers themselves. Just because the developers, and I agree with you on this front, have been making horrible, despicable, spiteful and stupid decisions, that doesn't give you the right to insult them. Insult their actions, but don't insult them.
  4. *@##$, did I say anything of the sort? I’m telling you that being frustrating about the game and its bugs is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t insult the developers while you’re venting.
  5. It’s one thing to ask for there to be a change, because God KNOWS change needs to be made real quick. It’s another thing to blatantly disrespect and disregard the members of Digital Extremes because you want to see change, and on top of that scapegoating by preaching that by “telling the truth” and getting yourself a warning, you’re the victim in this situation. You’re not getting warned for wanting change. You’re getting warned for being an idiot about it.
  6. As much as some don't really like seeing the E-word thrown around, I wanted to some opinions on something. I'm working on an "Endgame"-type gamemode, and I'm having troubles thinking of items that not only match with the aesthetic of Warframe but also make up for the effort needed to play the gamemode, satisfy said players, and also prevent power creep if accessed by a lot of high-leveled Tenno.
  7. My lifelong dream is to be able to rename primary weapons, like you can with secondaries and melee. I just came back from Hok after naming my War longsword "The Crucible" after the new sword in Doom Eternal. I literally have a list of weapon names waiting for me to use when the feature is ready.
  8. Honest to god, I think that’s the one thing they’re consistent in.
  9. Congratulations, your elaborate and thorough feedback will do NUMBERS in helping DE learn from their mistakes. Bravo.
  10. Because Pablo decided to listen to a certain Content Creator about his own opinion about the passive, and decide doy go through with it for absolutely no reason.
  11. Jesus Christ. The Corinth was already powerful as is, and everyone keeps asking why they went through with the changes of remote detonation / no air-burst color / different reload animation(???), but if they were to absolutely BOLSTER the Prime version,slap 50% base critical chance on that MF or some other stuff like that, people would start complaining about Overpoweredness and Power Creep, and then they'd nerf it, and you guys would get EVEN ANGRIER! There's no winning! You're not making the dev's jobs any easier than it already isn't. They're still dealing with working at home and fixing that abysmal dumpster fire of an operation! If you don't like the Prime variant, you have the base variant, and you have Forma, just use that instead!
  12. After coming back from playing some good ol' fashioned "Rip and Tear EternalTM", it occured to me that the weapons in Warframe could use a little bit of spicing up in terms of general mods and customization. Then I remembered that Weapon Exilus spots are a thing now. So with my newfound knowledge of how weapon mods work in Doom, and how weapon mods work in Warframe, I decided to see what could be done to give the majority of weapons some extra oomph that can lead to vast numbers of possibilities! Introducing Legendary Weapon Modules! Each mod fits right into the Exilus slot of your weapon, and grant it with an alternate-fire that completely changes up the playstyle of said weapon. I'm not a maths expert, disclaimer, so these numbers aren't final. And also, because of how some weapons function, there will be a few exceptions as to which mods can fit into which weapons. But I can assure you that the weapons they can fit in will be a hundred times more fun to play with! So, without further ado, let's GOOOOOOO- Micro-Missiles: Press the Alternate Fire button to launch a volley of 12 micro-rockets, each dealing +2.75x the damage of a regular bullet, and all 12 rockets expending 25% of the magazine's ammo. This mod is nice for damaging crowd control, as you can spray and pray with this Acceltra-like missiles as long as you have enough ammo to supply them. [Compatible with: All Assault Rifles] Sniper Rounds: Press Alternate Fire on a burst/semi-auto/automatic rifle to activate a sniper scope on aim, with added damage and a smaller magazine to boot. This mod is nice for when you're trying to take down that one gigantic son-of-a-gun who just won't stay down. I know sniping might not be as fast-paced as other firing modes, but people have made it work! [Compatible with: All Assault Rifles] (apologies for the backgrounds of the mods, i had to screenshot them because when I saved them onto my laptop, the image didn't show up) Fully Automatic: Alternate Fire switches from a non-auto firing mode to a full-auto firing mode, at the cost of some of your ammo. You ever wanna use a semi-automatic rifle but don't wanna risk carpal tunnel? BOOM! This mod is for you! [Compatible with: All Semi-Automatic and Burst Primary Weapons] Miniature Frags: Press Alternate Fire to launch one of ten grenades that explodes on contact with an enemy or the environment. Takes 10% magazine ammo per grenade, and has a cooldown. This is a nice alternative to the micro-missiles if you feel like bigger explosions will suit you better. The grenades are a bit slower than the missiles, but do slightly more overall damage. [Compatible with: All non-Bow Primary Weapons] Elemental Beam: Pressing Alternate Fire switches to a held trigger that expends 5 ammo a second of pure elemental damage based on your Warframe's first Emissive color. A nice little mod for when you want to get that extra status proc in. [Compatible with: All non-Bow Primary Weapons] Ballistic Arrows: Pressing Alternate Fire allows you to draw your arrow even further beyond the drawstring, bolstering its punch through and its damage to heads. A nice alternative playstyle to your classic bow and arrow that allows you to just toss someone's head off their shoulders. [Compatible with: all non-Crossbow Bows] Ray of Emission: Hey, it's like that other mod we just saw, but for Secondary weapons instead! How cool is that?! In case you wanted to run both this Exilus mod and the Primary one at the same time, I made it so that the Secondary version is affected by the second Emissive color of your Warframe. [Compatible with: All non-Thrown Secondary weapons] Smoking Gun: I think you guys see a pattern here, so let's just skip the description. [Compatible with: all non-Thrown Secondary weapons] Accumulation: For held primary weapons and secondary weapons alike, firing the weapon holds up to 5 charges on a max-rank mod, which can be distributed as a kinda energy shotgun blast with Alternate Fire, multiplying the damage with as much charges as you have built up! The element done with this blast depends on the base element of the weapon. For Glaxion, it'll be Cold, for Ignis, Heat, for Nukor, Radiation, for Amprex, Electricity, etc, etc. [Compatible with: All Held Weapons] Combat Shield: When you have Energy available, Alternate Fire will bring up a Volt-like shield that drains Energy only when being attacked. The actual number is not final, because originally, I was thinking that a flat number wouldn't be as useful in higher level gameplay, so I tried to opt for building it off of EHP, but then I realized that if you're running a squishy frame with low EHP, the shield would be just as crappy. If you guys have any idea how to remedy this, I'd love to hear your thoughts. [Compatible with: All Secondary Weapons] Single Hand Stance: More dexterity for your dual wielding - Pressing Alternate Fire switches off one of the guns to sacrifice damage for hefty amounts of added accuracy, RoF, and reload speed. Sometimes you just gotta say, "screw it, STILETTO PRIME." 'Nuff said. [Compatible with: All Dual Secondary Weapons except Staticor] Gunspear: Pressing Alternate Fire utilizes the speargun as a possible second melee weapon with a default Polearm stance. The Speargun becomes a melee weapon immediately after expending all ammo. HOLDING Alternate Fire will throw the speargun like usual. I feel like this should be implemented into the current Spearguns we have. I don't even know why this mod needs to exist, lmao [Compatible with: all Spearguns] That's all I have! Thanks for giving me your time of day!
  13. Only if said modifications were implemented very, very carefully. While not a bad idea in of itself, especially since I just came back from playing Doom Eternal where weapon mods do customize the look of said weapon, people don't care for features that ruin their certain aesthetics (for example, when Helminth was a thing and people started getting pimples on their Warframe's necks that took a week to fully grow and destroy, and they didn't even match the color scheme of the Warframe they were stuck on!). But, if DE could find a way to implement design changes for a Warframe that has 4 distinct augments installed on it, then by all means, that's perfectly fine. @A-keras
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