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  1. Back in the day, I kept seeing people complain about how their multiplayer experience was destroyed by Ash's old Bladestorm, which would target anything and everything in a 50 mile radius off of one targeted enemy cast. Today, people are complaining about not being able to target anything and everything in a 50 mile radius off of one targeted enemy who has been *ahem* "marked for death" due to the ability "not working as intended" or something like that. I don't know, I don't own the Mouthwall. I'm not excusing or supporting "nerf mentality" but like... where's the line? Where do we
  2. Ah, yes. Yet another Tenno who found another game and thought "Let's compare apples and oranges."
  3. This sounds like a very doable Tactical Alert/Event type thing akin to Plague Star. I'm all for it.
  4. I only classify the AI Necramechs as bosses solely because they're the closest thing to boss content Deimos has at the moment.
  5. The Warframe Wiki has a sub-category of enemies known as Grand Bosses. Grand Bosses are essentially the bosses that make use of the fact that they are located in an OPEN SANDBOX TILESET where they can interact with the environment and use it to their advantage if need be. Plains of Eidolon? The Eidolons. Orb Vallis? The Orb Mothers. I KNOW that the Drift isn't nearly as big as the other Landscape Tilesets. However, I believe it's still big enough that we could introduce a gigantic horrid beast that could roam the place come Fass-time or Vome-time. Speaking of Fass and
  6. Yeah, I'm doubling down on that function-wise as well as story-wise. There's no legitimate reason we need an Umbra Exilus Adapter because a) story reasons and b) there's no Exilus Umbra Mods...
  7. There's.... there's no... there's no Exilus Mod with an Umbra polarity....
  8. Hit up Support and see. Sorry to hear, though.
  9. TL;DR: With this subsystem of a subsystem in place, you'll be able to siphon the abilities of certain enemies, and use them against them. You guys know how Simaris will specify an enemy that he wants synthesized? It'll basically be like that, but for Helminth. Helminth will have what it calls Cravings, and it will pull from a limited list of cravings that it has in order to satisfy them. Once Master accepts the task, Helminth will inject the current Warframe with a Bioaccumulative Cyst. Once that Warframe targets and kills the specified amount of enemies, the Cyst will mature. Master
  10. I'm hiding in here for a bit. GD is being scary.
  11. Willpower and money. Lots of both.
  12. Nah, I believe it was more: DE: Here are the new subsumable abilities. Players: Wow, some of these are very strong compared to the others. Why don't you buff the other abilities so that they're at least on par with the more potent ones? DE: Okay.... yeah, you are right. We will nerf the strong abilities so that they are on par with everything else. And not only are we not telling by how much they're going to be nerfed, but we are also going back on our word of having this be a system for experienced players, and reducing the MR requirement from 15 to 8, which allows you to feed
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