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  1. Does someone have a link to that video of Steve telling someone that they can't play Warframe on their overpriced aluminium?
  2. Shawzin Syandana. If not for the above point, I'd be down.
  3. I just thought that was a placeholder. If it's not, I guess I wouldn't mind it either
  4. "He who expects nothing will never be disappointed"
  5. Granted. The New War brings up so many plotholes and paradoxes that the lore becomes a mess of events and timelines that can barely be patched together. I wish Railjack was here, fun, immersive and free of bugs.
  6. I like PuGing on Earth missions and helping the Smol Volts and freshly awakened Excaliburs complete their objectives. I show them some nice looking emotes and nice looking Warframes. It's cute, their reactions. Reminds me of when I was a young Tenno, not too long ago... sigh those were the days
  7. WARFRAME: REIMAGINED - My biggest concept yet. Hope y'all enjoy!
  8. Granted, but there's a cooldown period of 10,000 years. I wish I had abs
  9. I'm looking to create a concept, and was wondering if I could get some feedback from the community about what they'd like to see done to aspects of the game (starchart, arsenal, inventory, foundry, etc)
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