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  1. Pls this ? https://youtu.be/GYtBoxGB6Wo?t=83 Again Thx even if it doesnt work
  2. Ok, maybe this one ? https://youtu.be/QHVREB6fdvI?t=61 I couldn't find insrumental :( (Btw to my previous request: Idk i dont know even lemon demon i just liked the music)
  3. This one pls maybe ? https://youtu.be/4F-LhI2EN48?t=12 I've send instrumental cuz i dont think with vocals will work
  4. Ok thx DE for deleting everything execpt keys form orokin lab
  5. Ok i didnt get lucky last 2 times so maybe the one from octavia prime trailer ? https://youtu.be/cpYKXW5h2IM?t=28 Sorry for changing my mind so often ?
  6. Will solar rails/clan wars for dark sectors ever be back or at least will be orokin lab deleted and keys would be avaible from other source
  7. Could i ask for this pls https://youtu.be/rbxL5BVEkRs?t=11 Thank you. Even if it doesnt work
  8. Hi, your work is awesome Could i ask for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilw-qmqZ5zY pls Thx.
  9. to w jaki sposob moge zdobywac poziom na forum ?
  10. Nie wiem czemu ale mi pokazuje ze mam rangę poczatkującego zamiast łowcy oraz nie pokazuje mojego glifu profilowego
  11. Could i ask you for https://youtu.be/3FNd6vfBUJo?t=96 pls From moment that i send link
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