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  1. The uh... title says it all. So I'm giving the Phorid Assassination Invasion missions a little more attention lately because I need the freakin' Stalker's attention. I'm going after Phorid a lot more, and grinding Phorid with Public matchmaking results in a lot of in-progress missions. A lot of those in-progress missions are moving quickly enough that I load in during Phorid's fight opening cinematic. Every time this happens results in my character being unresponsive; no button inputs from me will move the character. I can only go to Menu (which means I can Abort Mission) and engage the Squad chat. Using the /unstuck command does not resolve the issue. This isn't ruining my time with Warframe (<3 Warframe) but the game is clearly not behaving properly, so I'm mentioning it.
  2. As a dude that was really critical of the Obsidian Skins in early Renown Packs, I want to say I love the direction they've been taking lately and that the Oberon skin is pretty gorgeous. ❤️
  3. Straight up, I got so frustrated with this I threw platinum at a Resource Booster and went farming Vega Toroids. That's not something a person should feel necessary in a game, especially an ostensibly Free-to-Play game.
  4. We should be able to go to Zuud and get her to polish up or paint our Kitguns for a nominal price. As currently implemented, all the (very interesting) Kitguns use this sort of rough, dirty coloring with splatters or rust or something merging into other color fields to make it look grungy or messy, depending on your color scheme. We should be able to take a Kitgun to Zuud and alter the texture and palette assignments of coloration fields of guns. Skins with clean edges, detailing, or funky paint applications. I mean, unless DE wants to go into the business of making skins for Modular weapons ... that'd be okay, too. 😄
  5. The Immortal Skins really do deserve some love in this respect. Sure, they're cheaper skins, but if they're treated better, they'll sell better, too. I'm definitely missing using my Nekros Immortal skin on my Nekros Prime.
  6. There are a bunch of things that are gappy to accommodate the various torsos and what not. Look at the Smelter waist - it's pretty much a tight hoop of space tech kibble with a dirty apron hanging off it. And that's just what we've gotta roll with, mostly, unless we get some XYZ options like for Melee holsters or a basic size shrink/enlarge. For now I'm just glad the Faulds got some attention and the chainy thingy from the Commodore outfit was split off into the Waist gear type.
  7. People describing things as the cancer of things is the cancer of things.
  8. When I invested in Pax Seeker I expected the generated Seeker projectiles would behave like the projectiles of the weapon of origin to a reasonable extent. When I'm thinking about it now, it even seems like a more interesting way for them to behave. Gaze Seekers should branch immediate beams to enemies in range, Catchmoon blasts should splatter off of the initial target to secondary targets, Rattleguts and Tombfinger shots should split and ricochet toward whatever is closest.
  9. Hey, I like Glyph displays. Only got one so far, though. Nitain ain't so bad. Cryotic bundles would have been awesome to include in the drop table.
  10. I wouldn't say they're disrespectful or gaslighting anybody, but they're definitely not taking this situation seriously enough, or seriously at all. Hard to tell.
  11. I'm pretty sure I've gotten 7500cr twice now. I definitely got it today and I'm like 99% sure I got it early on during the first day. So it seems either the Unique Glitch isn't in effect or something new has happened to reset it. (Regardless, I don't think the Unique Glitch has anything to do with a future promotion, which seems unreasonable to expect.)
  12. I'm on PS4 and I don't think I've received any duplicates yet. I know I got the Ambulas Noggle, a Cetus Wisp, some Relic, some different Relic, 7500 credits, Grand Finale, and a Glyph display. So if the glitchiness involved is a situation where you can only get each prize once, then watching the streams means long gaps of getting nothing but continued eligibility for the things you have not yet received. Which is totally weird and obnoxious, but whatever. I'll just leave this crap running, I guess.
  13. I mean, maybe I've been spoiled by Warframe and DE having a good track record for their stuff functioning, but these Twitch drops for the Fortuna promotion not working has been really frustrating.
  14. Had streams on all day today, actually peeped in on some while having dinner. I got nothing. I've unlinked and relinked my accounts like five times by now.
  15. It seems like this would work more smoothly if it loaded into the Twitch rewards and we redeemed on Twitch to feed it into the linked game. I dunno how it works now, just that it ... doesn't work.
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