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  1. I'd rather we be able to just list a few things to a searchable Player Market - say one thing per 5 Mastery Rank levels - where we can just set a price and let it hang out until we get a buyer or relist. Trading in Warframe has always been needlessly tedious. First it was locked behind the Clan Walls and Clans could take a cut, then we mercifully got Maroo to open a Bazaar, we can set up a virtual shop of sorts for items, but we still have to use the goofy Trade system, we can't set prices. We approach some numbskull, ask how much for this thing, he asks back for an offer, and it's all ob
  2. Athodai is a super disappointing weapon. Even if only a dozen people had it, the rarity wouldn't change that it's a crappy sidearm.
  3. Heh, Stance Forma was legit only useful for like two weapon classes and the Dark Splitsword.
  4. I'm of the opinion they're too tight on the Umbra Forma, considering there are 44 non-Prime Warframes and 31 Prime Warframes. Umbra Formae are scarce, which is of course the design intent, but they're extremely scarce for developing a mere two or three favorite Warframes out of all those Warframes. That's before we even touch the subject of favorite Melee/Exalted Weapons.
  5. I fortunately already had a receiver, so when the Blueprint dropped today I was ready to start cooking. It's a shame they haven't remedied the issue with Twitch drops, though.
  6. Like, I'm not behind the debate of what's free or what's revenue or whatever, but I've *definitely* been served ads on Warframe streams. They always seem weird, so I always notice them. Today I totally was served an ad. Again, that said, I don't think that's a basis for being owed the Twitch drop, or feeling being owed. The only basis I need is that X was promised if I did Y, I did Y, and, regardless of the mechanics of the delivery of X, X was not in fact delivered. It doesn't matter if it was free. It would only matter *more* if a transaction had been involved, frankly, and I think
  7. Yeah, the Twitch drop didn't hit me, either. I was in the stream well in advance, too, watched a lot of it before I wandered off. And since the Braton Vandal has been an entire pain in my ass, not getting today's Twitch drop sucks. It's a weapon I'd already have if it weren't for host migration problems. I got Monday's drop fine. Fingers crossed for Nintendo @ 10, and the Thursday stream.
  8. Top Five! 1) Sargas Ruk 2) Alad V 3) Little Duck 4) Ticker 5) Cephalon Simaris
  9. Okay, so, you're right. That Ban was crap. And they absolutely should have overturned it after knowing the context. But sexually charged discussion, be it orientation or other, doesn't belong in open chat? And most dullards aren't saying "gay" in a positive manner? None of this is a good solution but ultimately none of it should be a topic in a game loaded with kids and teenagers. And I hate typing any of that since I know heteronormative talk is regarded as the human default and it's never going to be commensurately policed by a chat moderation system. No game with a playerbase mix
  10. Man, I'm digging all through these forums and I just don't see where anyone asked you what you thought about the Wraith Frame or DE's work on it.
  11. Zenurik and Madurai are the only two competitive schools. All the others are racing for last place. At least we have Way-Bound nodes we can unlock.
  12. I'd much prefer Necramechs had swappable parts like that, yeah. It would've been great if they'd made Modular weapons like that from the start, too. Only Strikes and Receivers accrue Mastery so it wouldn't have even been a big deal. I dunno. But yo, I loved me some Armored Core. :D
  13. I use different abilities on my different loadouts. I have an Infested-themed Nekros that I like throwing Larva (Nisus) onto to replace Soul Punch. A more general abilities, I like Pull or Lull. There's a lot to be said for Mind Control, but it seems a little redundant with Shadows of the Dead handy.
  14. That's the kind of information that'd be nice to know well in advance. :D Warframe is notorious for these kinds of quirks. Everywhere else in the game, turning in ranked up weapons and such gives you a pretty skimpy return, probably in faction reputation. It's great you knew that this time was an exception, but why would you expect it of other folks? I constantly have four to six tabs open for the Warframe wiki and stuff slips my notice all the damned time.
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