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  1. I'd love it if we had more control over how Emblems display. Most of them are so holography and bright. It'd be great to be able to tweak how luminescent they are and their colors.
  2. Riven Transmuters should be Arcane Transmuters. Riven Mods shouldn't need Transmuters to be Transmuted.
  3. So, before, the Alt-Fire of an Amp using the Shraksun Scaffold would just make a short-range shot with a terminal blast. After the latest update, the game thinks this blast would have damaged the Operator (note: it did not) and it applies a Stagger to the Operator. As such, the Shraksun Scaffold's shot will cause a stagger even when standing still and hitting no object, permitting the blast to naturally terminate. The effect is worse when attempting to maneuver in combat and using the Shraksun Scaffold, in which case any forward momentum toward the blast will generate enhanced Staggers. TL;DR Version: Y'all broke Shraksun, plz fix, no stagger plz.
  4. ESO is pretty cool but I gave up on it when I couldn't scrape together the parts for the Lato and Braton Vandals. The *very* few times pieces of these guns would drop, some other doofus in the squad would bail and happen to be the Host, and like five times I lost everything in Host Migration. It's very disappointing this is still an issue at all, but with ESO's terrible drop rates compounding that disappointment, it just becomes frustrating and unwelcoming. Nevermind how its point system's built pretty much just for Saryn to really excel.
  5. The best color scheme is never Black + Decker.
  6. I want the old Black Box skin for my Ogris. I miss that so much. We do seriously need more Bow skins, too - we need some sleeker bow models to use. We're at a point where more than half of the bows are very chunky-looking things covered in superfuture tech or whatever is all over the Bramma.
  7. Liches as a weapon dispenser doesn't work well with Liches as a menacing nemesis. Overall I like 'em. I don't like dropping everything to crack open Requiem Relics and collect a fresh Requiem Mod when the one I have expires. I don't like how the Requiem Mods unveil through progressively increasing murmur requirements. I like Valence Fusion incredibly much more than Transfer. The Kuva Lich bundle in the Market is disgustingly overpriced and/or should be broken up so folks can buy the few things they want/need out of it. I want to have a Converted Kuva Lich as my co-pilot.
  8. Yah, but most importantly, y'know, is that the Flux Rifle Needs Love.
  9. Warframe's player trade system is tedious and terrible. That is absolutely not what I'm talking about when I mention Relic trading.
  10. I've always thought Relics should be a currency themselves, too. We should be able to trade them to somebody. We should be able to get things for them, like Orbiter decorations, Sugatra dangles, shoulder armor bits that look like old Orokin Keys and Relic bits, etc. I also think we should be able to spend Relics on circumventing the RNG when we're having a bad day. I've been having a ridiculous time just getting the Dethcube Prime Blueprint, for instance. I think there should be a system where I can spend like 20 Relics from the same Tier and just pick my damned prize at this point.
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