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  1. I'm a dude that likes Archwing, but here's what I think could be improved: 1) Archwing is super bumpy. On foot, Warframes are super agile and graceful, latching onto walls and tumbling with ease. None of that transitions to Archwing play. Ideally, Archwing play would have some sort of reactive system for types of collisions. A Warframe should just kick off of glancing collisions to recenter in corridors. As is, it's entirely too easy to just bump around like a doofus, and that has more to do with humans interfacing the game through pieces of plastic than it relates to how these superfuture Warframes would actually handle. 2) Archwing has very few environments. We mostly have a procedural Corpus ship, I think some wrecked Corpus ship, a Grineer asteroid field, and these few boss encounters like Jordas and the Fomorian raid. We have some Neptune tiles with useless aquatic peripheral areas. We never did see much Archwing integration with regular gameplay, like popping out an airlock to transfer ship to ship, et cetera. 3) Archwing crumples too easily to ubiquitous anti-air weapons on the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. It just takes one hit from these homing rockets, enemies have an unlimited supply of them, and entirely too many units are equipped with them. It's not even a huge deal to be knocked out of the sky - it's just annoying. We can hop right back in with a fresh Archwing beacon, so why knock us out of them so easily and often? It would be better for these things to just do damage.
  2. It has always annoyed me that Eidolon Shards are so worthless. Early on it added tedium to that grind, and today it just seems like unfriendly throttling of player progress. It still disproportionately affects newer players, and the game really needs to be rather a lot friendlier to them. We have a very generous daily Focus cap and that should be plenty to keep progression to a reasonable rate. A Focus exchange for Eidolon Shards is extremely overdue.
  3. These hold-to-charge or whatever abilities do not play well on a controller. Seeing some really disappointing stuff here. Using Vauban's minelayer abilities on PS4 already requires totally different control mapping. Ugh, just, whatever. Whatever.
  4. If they get the Liset, that seems like a feat enough to me. That whole mission isn't nearly as interesting as its importance would demand.
  5. Mire is a weird sort of place holder for the Foundry. Never heard it called the Bacon Sword before - that was worth a chuckle. 😄
  6. There are a number of Warframes that have this weird off-center Syandana thing going on. I know I posted about the Opulas Cloak (not sure on name) in regard to Vauban some time ago. That persists, so I never mentioned any other of these when they came up. They're out there, though. 😕
  7. I still identify as a Vauban main, and Vauban's in a bad spot. After that, I'd say Zephyr, Frost, and Ash are pretty underwhelming.
  8. I'm a long-time Transformers guy. The popular consensus in the nerds newsgroups of the day was that gender for a Transformer was purely aesthetic. The bulk of masculine-presenting Transformers was purely a matter of default and not much else. Optimus Prime wasn't so much manly as he was a gruff, neutrally masculine build. There's also a layer of learned behavior. There are few feminine-presenting Transformers because the aesthetic or utility of gender was unimportant or they had been poorly exposed to representations of gender. I've typed all of this thinking it was relevant for some reason, but I've had a few drinks and it's late and I've lost myself. But yeah, it uh ... it shouldn't matter if the Warframe you dig is a buckaroo or a ladybuck. It doesn't matter to Operators.
  9. Warframes are but puppets. Gender is merely a matter of aesthetic for them. Their Operators consider the matter no more than selecting the proper tool for a task.
  10. What if it was a short Conga line of thrashers? Eh heh.
  11. Arca gear is Corpus-originated tech. There won't be an Orokin version of it.
  12. I got a ball and was done with it. The water gun fight was nowhere near fun enough to keep buying stuff from Nakak.
  13. That chat could do well to be more strict. I can think of a few dozen terms/phrases off the top of my head that should get autobanned.
  14. I always save several sculptures and I'm still like, Warframe, come on, punish me, daddy.
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