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  1. I'm definitely unable to go this year but I really wanna get a ballpark of how much I should be putting away for next year to be able to go. Anyone got any insight to help a tenno out?
  2. I agree but they'd also have to remove the ability to use an eye accessory as well, otherwise the clipping issues would be horrendous. Ears should still be allowed though cause it would create some cool combos, especially with the wolf mask.
  3. Her spores can do just as much damage and kill just as fast as miasma, molt is straight survivability, toxic lash gives you a ton of extra damage for all weapons plus bursts spores on melee, and yet miasma is all that matters? Lol I murder the crap out of everything without touching miasma once 🤣 The rest i do agree with, chroma though would be made even more massively op and even more necessary for eidolon hunts than ever with that much range on something like vex armor or elemental ward cause then you can just crank on strength and everyone will have a 800% buff all the time instead of having to gather up near chroma.
  4. It really runs a lot of looks that would be otherwise great.
  5. So uhhhh, where are the tennogen we were supposed to get? It's not in the market.
  6. My problem isn't not getting all of it now, it's being told that we're likely not getting every item from each round anymore and that this is how it is and not telling us why that's my problem. And if they are only going to send a few skins from each round and not give us all of it, or at least a large majority since I know we're still missing a handful from the earliest rounds, but if we're straight up getting shafted on content like that then I won't continue to support the game anymore.
  7. Exactly only plat we bought with real money works. It even states as much when you go to buy them. I've had over 500p in trade plat before but been unable to get any tennogen item with it, plus market discounts don't work on them either, so technically we're paying more since we have to buy the $10 plat bundle in order to get one skin.
  8. You guys need to be clear about this tennogen stuff and what it means. Because if we're only gonna be getting fed tiny bits of each round then I'm deleting the game. We've been an afterthought and second class citizens for so long and you continue to give us a middle finger and refuse to explain why. It's getting pathetic at this point when you can't just be like "hey there's been issues with so and so, and it's making it difficult for us to get these to you" instead of "you're only getting a couple skins and it's gonna be like this from now on but we're not telling you what's going on or why so too bad for you."
  9. I'm in the same region, but when I went to check out it says $150 and some change.
  10. So dividing the plat means the whole bundle needs to cost $10 more? I mean the full prime access, it's $140 for pc and $150 for ps4, you're saying that just the act of having the accessories pack give plat they get to charge us even more?
  11. This, although I ran like a nezha with jet stream firewalker, and speed on when it screamed at me 🤣
  12. Same thing here, only on attachments though, guns don't seem to do it
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