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  1. It's really rough cause I had to do a lot of extra with to make the pieces fit (scaling was a nightmare to get consistent...) but here's the first successful assembled tiny revenant figure inspired by those comics by I think they go Dylki?



    Images won't embed for me, I hate this site sometimes....

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  2. 8 hours ago, (PS4)ESYLD said:

    Based on my PC experience, this update is a lot of fun and console Tenno are in for a treat.  The Bramma nerf is manageable with Carrier, Vigilante Supplies and .... Ammo Drum (yes, finally a use for this mod!).  The only thing I absolutely despise is the new Syndicate medallion redemption UI.  It is awful since there is no visual indicator or "progress bar" anymore and the system no longer caps if you select more than your standing balance.  You need to calculate how many of each token type to redeem to not go over your daily standing limit.  I want to play, not do Math! >:) Also, Garuda Hinsa's art direction promotes a very unhealthy female body image but at least we have a choice not to buy it.

    Link here to UI discussion: 


    How does a skin in a game filled with like 20+ female playable characters almost all with different body types promote anything? Sounds like you're just trying to find things to be offended by. 

  3. 5 hours ago, weeaboopotato said:

    I've been following hydroxate's tennogen guide for awhile and have moved to the 3rd guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTm5CwM9ywwwhere I have to high poly the model. The thing is I don't know what programs to use nor how to do it since that guide wasnt helpful at all if you cant afford the program he uses. So Im asking if theres an alternative I can use so I can start the low poly rigging on my tennogen skin. Please help.


    Are you using zbrush then?

  4. 12 hours ago, lukinu_u said:

    It depends on what the final model is for.
    If your final model is meant to be animated (bent, stretched, etc...), you to prepare your geometry for that animation, in most of case with even quads. However, if your final model will be static (like warframe helmets), you really don't care about the geometry as long as the shape looks good.

    That makes sense, I have been seeing a lot of that in regards to syandana and stuff so I didn't know if that's required for all of this! Now for the uv unwrapping, which I have looked at for all of 5 minutes before I felt my brain melting 🤣

  5. 10 hours ago, lukinu_u said:

    There is an important thing to keep in mind when learning for Tennogen :
    Exept for the tint texture which is specifically build for Warframe, all creation process is just the same general process as most of 3D stuff. This mean you can follow every tutorial covering sculpting/modeling, retopology, UV and texture for the software you're using even if it's not related to warframe.

    Also, even if Hydroxate tutorial are good, they only cover the basis and a few warframe specific things, so you will be more likely to learn useful things and understand how they work with more general tutorial about specific tasks on that software rather than warframe specific tutorials.

    That is good to know, I mainly was learning all this specifically for tennogen to start so I wanted to make sure I was first learning it in the most direct context I can. That being said, I've started figuring out retopo, but I don't know if what I have is ok or not. All the ones I could see in examples all the quads are parallel and almost all the same size, is that what the end goal is?

  6. 1 hour ago, IncandescencentGlow said:

    I suggest using Blender for that, since Zbrush's auto-UV is quite horrendous in my opinion.

    As for retopology I agree w/ what Vulbjorn said, you can definitely retopo in Zbrush; the only problem is that it's quite difficult to do vs topogun/blender/maya's retopology.which are more streamlined in my opinion.

    I usually decimate the hi-poly mesh into a respectable topo count(like 20k or so) so my PC doesn't explode when I import it into Maya for retopo

    That makes sense, however I'm stuck now because idk how to do the retopo because the tutorial I was following by hydroxate  goes over to topogun and I'm gonna be using blender 😂

  7. On 2020-05-26 at 8:14 AM, Vulbjorn said:

    I personally use Blender for rendering/rigging/low poly fixes and unwrap, Substance Painter for texturing, Zbrush for sculpting and retopo. It's advisable to also get topogun for retopology.

    Ok so I'm super new to this and I've got a high poly model sculpted in zbrush, what exactly would my next step be?

  8. Spoiler


    So here's my second go at an alt helmet, this one for grendel! It would be nice if I knew if the eyeball was too far or not, since they seem to be more lax on faces now I thought I'd give it a try!


    I'm now at a bit of a roadblock, I don't know how to do retopology for it and the tutorial I've been following uses topogun, while I've got blender and zbrush, and can't afford topogun atm... Anyone able to give me a hand on this?

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  9. Honestly I'd love for a little shift in pace overall, make enemies stronger but fewer, make them smarter, and have them "adapt" to strategies (if you just spam cc they'll dodge it or whatever, if you spam melee they'll block or parry, etc) so that instead of mowing down hordes of fodder enemies have more presence and can have really strong, really cool things like they do more often because you'll be able to give it your attention vs being split between 30 enemies at once. Grapples, big explosives, air strikes, and more could all be made super dangerous and deadly if we have to stop and focus on stuff like that.


    Its not even the fact that we're too powerful, it's we're too efficient at minmaxing content now, we need a big shift to shake things up or the game will keep suffering this problem...

  10. 5 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the reports - checked in with the team on this one and they have the issues logged (touch pad and ability menu binding blunders). We are taking a look at it. Apologies for the binding mess!

    Really hope this is a hotfixable thing, this is enough to make me outright stop playing until it's fixed. 

  11. I've noticed since the latest update that melee will just outright stop working. You can equip it, block,  and even summon exalted melee, but you can't actually attack. This is happening with almost everything I do now, using archguns, switching weapons, playing railjack at all.... it's left the game unplayable for me as a melee heavy player, and makes it even harder to do captura, which also takes up a significant amount of my time... 


    Sadly I'm not even touching the game until this is fixed, there's nothing more anger inducing than to be about to pull out your melee and clear a room, only to run around doing nothing and wonder why you weren't attacking as lay on the ground dead. 

  12. 1 hour ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    Hello Switch, XB1, and PS4 Tenno! 

    With Empyrean live on all consoles, the question at the forefront has been  “where are all those Railjack changes and fixes?”. For those of you who do not frequent our live streams and have missed our updates there, we’re here to give you an idea of what our plans are for the first major console update of 2020. 

    We are aiming to send a build to Cert that includes the first PC content drop of the year (a predominantly Kuva Lich QOL update!), the many PC hotfixes deployed this year, and those that did not make it into the Empyrean build on consoles at the end of 2019. 

    We know the wait has already been long on getting the many highly anticipated QOL changes and fixes that are pending for Railjack. Your frustration is certainly valid, especially with persistent issues such as the Shedu jamming bug. Since most of the changes/bug fixes touch on and intersect with code that is required to be submitted to Cert for approval (which is why the list of Railjack fixes for console hotfixes has been small so far), the goal with this all-in-one build is to avoid potential delays related to having two back-to-back Cert builds awaiting approval. 

    That said, while we await the launch of PC’s Kuva Lich update, we are using this time to put some focus on the following console specific items: 

    • Investigating some well-needed console performance optimizations (including Railjack) across some of the more notoriously choppy areas. 
    • Investigating a handful of Railjack issues specific to Nintendo Switch - [DE]Helen has been replying in report threads if you wish to track the status!

    As a thank you for your patience for what has already been a lengthy wait on Railjack QOL, when the update goes live you will receive an inbox message on login containing a 7-Day Resource Booster. With all the great economy changes coming, we hope this gives you that extra push in your Railjack progress - something we feel is well deserved! 

    So after dealing with broken drops and game breaking bugs for over a month already, and knowing it'll be a month at least before the fixes, all you're giving us is a resource booster? Is this a joke? I know that updates take time but holy crap you could have done so much more. Hell every bit of plat spent on repair drones should be refunded after this, seeing as the resource costs are very much predatory in their current state. Without that you're just admitting you made them that way on purpose to gouge your playerbase. 

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