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  1. It also should apply to objectives the same 50% damage reduction as various other abilities.
  2. I understood that reference. Also, kudos for going with this solution.
  3. Full ack. My favourite bow skin in the game - Skathi - is restricted to Artemis. I was so looking forward to putting that skin on my Daikyu...
  4. I want Ordis to officially take over. The current mission dialog he already has is hilarious, I want more of that.
  5. And generally, I think any sniper-only mod should always be usable on bows. For example, I would love to put Sharpshooter on a bow for my Ivara.
  6. Not much more and the game becomes effectively turn-based. XD
  7. Thanks, I hate it. Yeah, I understand how this is quite useful and powerful if played right, but damn it would it feel terrible for me to play that right, aiming to use that 4th cast for the right ability at the right time if I don't just want to waste it on total overkill where it is not needed. I actually consider treating this frame as mastery fodder over this...
  8. Solution: disable the "context action includes reload" feature in the options, and use a dedicated reload button, can't accidentally interact with stuff that way (nor accidentally reload when you want to interact).
  9. * Consume cephalite only on successful completion of the puzzle.
  10. The one patch note I want to see ASAP is this: The current status quo is unacceptable.
  11. Even if they were strong, I got plenty of ways to kill enemies, CC them etc. Liset is so useful precisely because it provides a utility function that can actually save a mission from certain failure and do something that you cannot achieve otherwise (stall alarms).
  12. More importantly, cephalite should not be consumed upon failure. Other content in Warframe doesn't work that way (e.g. Void Relics, Grendel missions), and for good reason.
  13. I get the gist of the new Nightwave challenges - play the new content - but could they be a bit less intrusive? Kill a crewship with the artillery - with random groups you cannot reliably achieve this - the pilot might never fly in a way to let you to it, others may blow up crewship reactors from the inside before you get the chance, etc. Many other of these challenges have a similar potential to be extremely frustrating with random groups. Plus, all of the Kuva Lich and Thrall challenges - killing a Lich is a huge time committment, disproportionally so. And even the minor ones require having a Lich in the first place, and if you don't want the loot stealing all the time, you gotta complete that Lich entirely to get rid of it again.
  14. "Better play a solo mission because we made this extra teamwork unfriendly."
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