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  1. Not necessarily. Some exalted weapons don't have a continuous drain, but one per attack, for example Balefire Launcher (Hildryn) and Artemis Bow (Ivara). Imo all exalted weapons should function like that, both so that all the energy regeneration effects can take place, and so that you are not put on a timer when having them drawn.
  2. Yepp, had this twice today already in that exact spot. Bonus bug: if you then leave the group the drone might become unstuck and continue on its path in the resulting solo instance. The final phase will then proceed as normal, including all effects from Phylaxis etc - except you get don't get of the bonus standing. I just found out the hard way after painstakingly doing that phase alone, thus killing the Hemocyte 4x solo - and only got like 300 standing for that phase. So it's definitely better to just extract at that point and start anew.
  3. As of, the Railjack's name is still sometimes erased. The text disappears from the hull and in a mission, it says merely "Railjack" where recently it was changed to show the actual name you gave it. I suspect it happens when you join someone else's Railjack, because the name did stay until I played some missions where I didn't take mine, but flew on a clan mate's ship.
  4. Thanks. I have to think about whether maybe I should just replay it in its entirety then, I know it would bother me showing up like that afterwards. :)
  5. I missed at least one Somachord tone in the quest The Sacrifice, so I would like to replay it to get them. However, once started to replay, do I have to finish the entire quest or can I cancel it once I have what I need? Not just clear it as an active quest, but completely cancel so that if I were to replay it again later I could start again from the beginning, and it no longer shows in the quest tab on the solar system map.
  6. Well well well, this update did it for me in a good way. My old and only ever to drop - still unrepaired - 43 capacity Vidar MK III reactor became 92 capacity. Nice, start repair. Then, a few Railjack missions later, a Vidar MK III reactor dropped - and with 98 capacity. Good thing they added that feature where you can cancel and fully refund a repair in progress, so that 92 capacity one is now Dirac and tomorrow I'll be just 2 points shy of the maximum. :)
  7. For reference, I am talking about this mod: It's a really interesting mod for certain builds, for example I use it with Ivara on Vectis Prime, as it let's me recover some energy while in Prowl. However, with Ivara's whole archery theme and all, I really, really wish this mod would also be usable on bows. Daikyu + Nikana Prime + Sharpshooter would be my dream loadout for Ivara. As for any worries what this would mean for Artemis, yeah you would be able to use the bow indefinitely, which however would be no different from many other exalted weapons (Hildryn can run entire missions entirely with Balefire Launchers) nor any regular bow (which uses ammo but you get plenty back plus can always put a mutation in the pexilus slot).
  8. This is just perfect. I knew it would be a good idea to hold onto that one and only Vidar MK III Reactor to ever drop for me, even though it had lower capacity than Sigma. 😄
  9. In addition to the above posts pointing out that is its entirely plausible that the finger is the result, or merely the remains of the result, of some Orokin genetic experiments, there is one point to consider: It is clearly, blatantly a giant-sized human finger. I refuse to even entertain the thought that DE would be so lazy and uncreative as to ever make aliens that are just humans with rubber foreheads or whatever. No. If we ever get to see aliens in the game, I am certain they will be vastly different from us, maybe even more so than the Sentients already are.
  10. I've had a similar idea, however I would give the reactors passive flux energy regeneration, and differentiate them by capacity and regeneration rate.
  11. Generally not a bad idea to expand the system, however, I am strongly against adding additional focus schools. Any expansion should be within the current schools, so that at least our current lenses don't suddenly become useless.
  12. She is gated behind farming Exploiter Orb, of course she is going to be underplayed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Guandao. Even though it is quite an excellent (and beautiful) weapon, I don't see many other people use it.
  14. Yeah but until I tried it myself today, I was under the impression you are free to leave after the mission reward popup and keep everything from until that point...
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