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  1. Will this also fix the phase of stutters at the beginning of every mission where it appears the game is still loading stuff and blocking the rendering pipeline while waiting for assets?
  2. Same issue, I thought I was going crazy. Ryzen 3700X, RTX 3080, 32 GB RAM, game installed on SSD, latest drivers - everything was butter smooth at all times until one of the recent Warframe updates, can't say which one exactly.
  3. To preface this, I am absolutely sure that I am not at the daily cap nor the overall standing cap. I am around 50,000, and I do get standing when I scan regular mobs. However, as of recently, I don't gain any standing when a another player scans their synthesis target.
  4. Yes, we can select the Iso Vault tier now, which is great, but there is no queueing for their respective Arcana bounty from within the Necralisk. You basically have to queue for the Iso Vault tier and hope the group wants to do the Arcana as well, or manually go through recruiting chat (which defeats the point of a matchmaking system). Going out into the Cambion Drift is of course also not feasible because doing when set to public just throws you together with some people doing whatever, and going out there alone won't let you queue for a public group for that specific bounty.
  5. My suggestion has always been: * Revert blast to knock down enemies. * Make all enemies take headshot damage regardless where you hit them when they are knocked down.
  6. Every time I hear of this process I am wondering, why the hell the whole manual process around it? Why not just have the game client itself send the screenshot automatically when you press F6?
  7. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: During Orphix Venom mission, the green extraction marker often does not match up with the map layout, and is often just placed at the location location of the extraction tile, giving you no indication which path to actually follow if you want to extract. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Play a Orphix Venom mission, extract as early as possible trying to follow the green marker. EXPECTED RESULT: The green marker should always be located at the exit of the current tile. OBSERVED RESULT: The marker often is at the actual location of the extraction tile, so that you ha
  8. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: During Orphix Venom mission, the extraction countdown resets at random when only one player is in the extraction zone. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Play a Orphix Venom mission, extract as early as possible while the rest of the group chooses to stay. EXPECTED RESULT: Extraction timer counts down 1 minute exactly, then you extract. OBSERVED RESULT: The countdown resets back to 1 minute at random points, sometimes even mere seconds before reaching 0. You sometimes spend 5 minutes waiting until it manages to conclude. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always.
  9. I experience the same issue. Randomly resets back to 1 minute, it appears it can happen at any point during the timer, even mere seconds before it reaches 0.
  10. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Actions while in a Necramech do not count towards Nightwave acts VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Play the Orphix Venom missions while the current Nightwave daily acts are incomplete, e.g. 150 kills with blast damage and collecting 15000 credits. Mod your archgun for blast damage. Loot credits during the mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Kills, loot etc should count for Nightwave acts as usual. OBSERVED RESULT: No progression whatsoever from actions done while in a Necramech. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always happens and seems to affect all types of Nigh
  11. Any time enemy radar is mentioned, it should go alongside with loot radar. I would go so far that any mod, ability or other effect that grants enemy radar should always include loot radar as well. Every time I switch from mech to Warframe I the minimap is full of mods and resources I haven't collected because in the heat of battle you don't have the time to look for all around for them (same reason we have vacuum, non-stop action means no time to slowly seek and collect every piece of loot individually).
  12. DE, if you insist that we have to equip a mod for radar, it really should include loot radar (just like Animal Instinct).
  13. Well I have, and it sucks. Under the absolutely best conditions it can bring you back to 50% every 15 seconds, that is if you drop just below 20% and then don't receive any more damage. It might be possible to juggle Stormshroud and this mod's cooldown when combined with the new Necramech rage mod, but I doubt it will be enough in higher level content.
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