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  1. So with the helminth system we've had the chance to experiment with augmentations outside a frame's normal kit, and while the subsume list is limited in some aspects and plain strange in others the augment list is no different, Some augments are so mandatory to a skill that the concept of using the skill at all without them is almost alien. Some are more optional and trade fairly, power for the mod slot they cost, which is no small consideration. Plenty of people have clamored for being able to subsume augments into the helminth and apply them. Now I can understand reluctance to do that as man
  2. That actually hasn't been a thing in ages, since the pistol-glaive combo stance and removed again when heavy attacks were re-added from glaive-sans-pistol throwing, and now since that mechanic has more recently been expanded its even less of a thing than it was before. Ive used glaives basically the majority of my warframe career, I love em and I've learned how to make them outperform most other melees I've gotten my hands on. except kestrel which i built purely for throw range, cause sniping a grineer with a boomerang at like 200m is just funny. Sure, but Ore gaze only offers
  3. I'll be honest, I havent had the heart to replace any of her powers, Ivara's is one of the few frames i enjoy all her kit, I may not use navigator too often due to its energy cost but i love knowing i have it for dealing with particularly dodgy or fast moving targets, or just to amuse myself with. I do agree, and previously posted how Artemis bow's shotgun bow mechanic was less fun and less powerful than using cernos prime or Daikyu. and more prone to missing as the fan of arrows would miss half the crowd it shot into, so it became mostly just good for power shooting up close, but Daikyu do
  4. And making noise while invisible defeats the primary purpose of a stealth build, Being undetected and enjoying the stealth multipliers that earns you. sure enemies spray the area where they heard you with random fire, usually easy enough to evade, even for ivara. Ofcourse she can also drop a cloak arrow and have free access to a silenced arch gun anywhere, which loki needs an augment for. To me ash being seen at all is the problem being heard at all due to those 'windows of vulnerability' I dont consider invisibility a 'defensive' power i dont use it so that enemies cant reliably shoot back, I
  5. Except it hasnt. to both parts of that. four or five years ago, the meta was crits because armor meant nothing, status wasnt very important back then because armor wasnt an issue for most of the game, and the cases where it was were solved just as reliably with a what we now call an orange crit but back then were red crits, Armor never scaled high enough to be an issue because levels capped at 100, hard cap. corrosive was used as a damage type simply because back then it was the most overall effective to damage resistances. and also this was before the 60/60 mods and before status chance mods
  6. So, a while back the forums seem to have cleaned themselves and I didnt notice so this original idea went missing. but I still feel strongly about it, So I'm reposting it mostly from memory with some newer thoughts. Nyx's kit is pretty lackluster overall, she's an older frame and her mechanics, vfx and so forth show this, she is a frame I love dearly, but things have gotten a little.. out of sorts with her as the years went on: -the scaling energy cost of her absorb cast her out as a good "defense guard bubble" which was a bit part of her original kit, in favor of Limbo who can do bas
  7. thats the thing, when valkyr was made, there was no bullet jump and gap closing meant running over or slide spinning. now we have bullet jump and hysterical assault and frankly most of what ripline did has become redundant as a result over the years. I actually would approve of a such a power because as it stands we dont have any means of power-suppressing enemies, which is frustrating doubly because all it takes to power supress us is a few magnetic procs and we're outta gas. and then they added nullifiers, and combas, and all other manner of supressing us, but we cannot do the same. I
  8. Because That was the part i agreed with, "Far from enough, change is needed" to me feels like a gross exaggeration. Which I went on to state. theres is room for improvement, but I wouldnt call it a vital issue, especially at content levels. except content levels havent gone up, not really. Plains of Eidolon? the Granum void? Deimos? Fortuna? Syndicate missions? Frame quests? story quests? The Body of where actual content is placed is Under 100, and always has been, every once in a while they pop out an over-100 game mode to spar with, sorties, and arbitrations, and now stee
  9. Honestly I dont disagree, Valkyr's voice in her warcry being everywhere now is jarring, but its also on her paralysis which I actually would have preferred. warcry is just a bit exploitable. Paralysis factors damage off of shields, but valkyr has very low shields, Imagine that on hildryn or Harrow? frames that can build a huge pile of shields and overshields. Plus being a finisher opener like Dessicate which was helminthed. also the problem with valkyr's 1 is that its also regarded as one of the worst powers in game by most people i speak to because of how the range on it otherwise bec
  10. Agreed well said to all of the above, But I do have one thing to add, looting enemies does not ever alert them. Never had that happen, what Does alert them is when you bump into them, which is sensible since some invisible thing just walked into them, people notice, you dont have to get that close unless you have low range i suppose. however, Sleep arrow can fix that, with the way things are now, sleep arrow restores finisher openings and finishers on sleeping enemies automatically carry on the stealth multiplier, in older versions you had to wait for em to wake up but now it seems to work as
  11. I'll be honest, I mainly run ivara, and to me prowl is the best stealth hands-down bar none, -Sure you have to silence yourself, (ofcourse cloak arrow does provide silence but that's a seperate power) but you have to for Ash and Loki too. unless you use Loki's augment, and perhaps ash's -Ash's is over so fast its imo not that useful and cant be recast, and going invisible when enemies have already seen you isnt as useful to me. (unless they changed that since i threw wanna-be-shinobi on the back shelf of primes i dont use) -loki's is okay but, mostly the rest of loki is so goddamn dull
  12. I never said it was an exhalted weapon i said it USES it. Watch the animation, when quiver fires it fires out of the artemis bow, which then dissapears, much like how many of excaliburs powers involve him using his exhalted blade as a prop, its a common thing with many warframes actually, garuda's abilities involve her claws in the animations etc.
  13. So. Helminth's been out for a spell, and Its a fun system overall, Some choices of helminth subsumable powers were... Odd to me given the criteria. "no 4s and no signature abilities" only for Nyx's mind control to be up, Rhino's Roar and Wukong's Defy. Some powers were I'm sure blantantly useful in determining how few people want those powers, and that they might be due for rework or replacement. Loki's Decoy for example. as I cant locate a direct feedback thread to post this into I'm gonna drop my two cents here, I will touch on a few powers but my primary point of contention is Ivara.
  14. There we disagree, It helped immensely and it has been a satisfactory experience for me ever since it happened, chonky enemies are still chonky but the scaling does not bolt skyward. and is by-and-large infinitely more playable, especially at content levels, but even above it grineer are winding up with less than half the ehp they used to. This part I do agree with, however as you so adroitly pointed out, Grineer have no alternative tactics other than tank-n-spank. which is rather lore friendly in all honesty, and again in content levels this problem is far less oppressiv
  15. this thread has been a treat for various viewpoints Much like the OP I do try to leave the system a better place. however the system is realistically complicated and awkward and morally grey I think the most accurate is that Tenno are "abused child soldiers" we got flung off into the void, then had our lives erased, 'consigned to lua' aka "they're too weird to live among us stick em on the labs on the moon for study" and then after that had our adoptive caretaker executed for 'caretaking' and we were systematically pressed into elite military service. against our wishes, and against an enem
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