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  1. Oh yeah totally, Titania does need some QoL stuff. majorly. if i had any really good ideas i'd be posting em, Khora isnt what i'd consider a favorite frame as much as a frame i wish i could like more. right now she's a bit higher than ember for me. my favorite would be ivara. Yeah I went to the wiki too but for some reason the browser just stuck on infinitely loading the page. so after i finished typing my original post and it still wasnt loading i gave up 😛
  2. Thank you for posting this, for some reason the wiki wasnt opening in my browser so i couldnt find this exact information. I do stand corrected on her name however.
  3. I totally get where you're coming there. a proper pet frame would be fantastic. not goofy temporary and spotty mind control but really buffing real pets.
  4. Also, a quick google found a few other archived forum posts on this very subject, and numerous posters who seem to have the same general consensus that either the theme being slid around caused a disconnect or general disatisfaction with her abilities, not all of which I agree with but am interested in discussing. for curious parties i will provide some links. After already in-lining this i noticed how long it was getting. Apologies https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8gi2xu/khora_example_of_confused_design/
  5. Good to know, and thank you for a succinct answer :3 to me she still feels very unfinished and rough, but I am glad you're pleased with her as is 🙂
  6. lets see. her two wraps enemies up in a cocoon. and her four makes a large web-like dome of chains. oh and then theres her model, which in accordance to the wiki is itself based around spiders, and with that narrow waist and spider-abdomen-esque bootyskirt i totally see. and before you quote to point it out, yes i know warframes design inspiration isnt always indicative of their powers or intended theme in the strictest sense, circa ivara whos base skin is based on a tree frog.
  7. khora can be whatever, yes. but regardless the fact that her passive and third ability feel so tacked on and synergize so outrageously poorly with her other abilities when those do emphasise synergy is something that should be addressed. To be honest I don't have a huge thematic problem with revenant, i think his ult's animation is goofy as heck but emphasizing the undead domination aspect (which hey, fits with his name) using an eidolon as a base is not unreasonable as they kind of are depicted as undead sentients, (no longer connected to the main sentient faction, behaving notably different to other sentients with both combat and resistances, and continuing to rise every night then fade away come morning, even the smokey ghost dash.) revenant using that feels appropriate as a whole, even if he isnt my cup of tea. That isn't to say I don't think he needs improvement, but i feel far less of a disparity between abilities, name and theme. but frankly using one design most people are unhappy with to justify another design most people are unhappy with is a pretty weak excuse. probably the only reason both frames havent been overhauled yet is because despite flaws they are really quite strong. Wukong had the same issue, he was arguably one of the most unkillable frames, but he got a severe rework because people werent satisfied by his abilities vs his theme. and/or found them to synergize poorly or heavily favor one while the rest were pretty uninspired. but he got fixxed. Khora has had a way rockier start than any of these, and I think it deserves to be looked at and considered. And yes ive considered leaving it as "kinky spidercatwoman so marvel wont salivate in our general direction" but most of the players ive spoken to feel that she's still very unfinished-feeling. rough around the edges, I dont have to like a frame to think it works as a concept, I mean heck i didnt like either version of wukong. but I cant deny the new kong is better. From your reply however i take it your vote is "khora (and presumably revenant) are both terrible and fine at the same time (which was literally the first thing i said in my original post) and I dont care enough to want to contribute a complete opinion on the subject, I just wanted to get a top reply."
  8. So. Ive had khora for a good long while now. and despite her.. less than graceful start. she's a pretty strong frame. very serviceable. lovely. But she has a glaring problem that for me at least makes me less inclined to use her generally: She doesnt know what she is. 3 of her abilities, and her main model design Screams spider queen. and in this theme she largely excells. her strangledome is both respectable damage and crowdcontrol and synergizes with her whipclaw to be a punishingly effective combo. her ensnare is also fantastic crowd control and opens up enemies for even more punishing hits from her whipclaw. great. some might argue a little powerful but hardly uniquely powerful in the warframe roster. but then we have Venari, and dont get me wrong. Venari is great and everything. her attack and defense postures are... acceptable.. her heal posture is quite beneficial and better. but it clashes with everything else in her kit except whipclaw thematically, and only if you choose to deem whipclaw as a catwoman whip which is perfectly viable in my opinion. however venari does not synergize at all with her other abilities as I am aware. and feels very much like it was shunted from another frame into khora at the last second. along with dropping the exhalted whip. (personally I am indifferent on that count, i'd have liked a whip in game to actually look like a whip for once. but strangledome is a pretty good ult and more interesting than a generic "insert exhalted weapon and stomp face" style ult) Khora has had a bumpy development, and most of the players I've spoken to about this in my clan and friends lists as well as occasional region chat and other areas seem to feel that she is still rather 'incomplete' so.. What i would like to see happen is Khora be split into two frames. instead of trying to cram both cat and spider powers into a single frame and having the awkward result. divide it up. Now I am aware that the process of this as she's already implimented might sour some folk but hear me out. Copied from below post, in turn copied from wiki: The inspiration for Khora's name could come from the Greek Goddess Kore, or Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Kore's mythological husband, Hades, being a God of Riches (such as gems and precious metals) could be attributed to Khora's access of metal themed abilities. Kore is also the modern name for a type of free-standing Ancient Greek sculpture portraying an emotionless maiden symbol of the ideal, transcending above the hardships of the world. Another inspiration could be centered around Plato's term khôra which means neither being nor nonbeing, but an interval between in which the "forms" were originally held; it "gives space" and has maternal overtones (a womb, matrix). This seems to be the theme of the Ghoul Journal Fragments. Khora's visual design was inspired from an arachnid, hence the abdomen-like skirt, spiderweb-like design on her chest. Khora's name could thus be appended to either warframe easily. Venari and perhaps whipclaw moved to a new frame model along with a perhaps reinstated exhalted whip (perhaps, being operative, fully aware that adding a moddable exhalted whip might call for whipclaw to be re-evaluated, or any better ideas) and a second abilitiy that actually has synergy with venari. perhaps even other kavats/kubrows as well. making her the pet master, beast tamer she should be. And then take her existing model (with maybe a few changes), ensnare, and strangledome. current name works fine and would be easier to keep. add maybe a new 1, with a similar function to current whipclaw. though i'd be okay with it being a bit shorter range, venomous wristblades in a spider bite type move (if the bite had added lifesteal atleast on ensnared targets). or launched as a dart attack.or the like. and have her three become a movement ability. or her passive changed. allowing her to wall-crawl at sneak speed, perhaps passively toggled by sneaking, (Wisp proves that custom movement animations are not out of the question) by splitting each of her legs in half down the middle and lowering her into a four legged spider crouch (we already have pretty great spider leg animations from Fortuna and this may be a useful development step to refine some of the parkour hiccups for other frames on surface collisions) which is a concept that has been suggested and requested longer than having a manual flashlight toggle. Regarding implimentation of this change, for players who already have khora: I figure keep it simple, i mean there could be some cunning in lore quest that involves khora diverging into her two subframes and that'd be cool, but honestly i think the simpler and more acceptable solution would be inbox mail to every player with a khora, allowing them to pick which of the two "new frames" they want to pick, MR for khora and venari retained, perhaps frame MR passed into arachne as she would arguably be closer to khora as she is now. and the Venari build and forma state saved for later. or immediately carried over if they pick to re-settle into new khora.. regarding forma investments.. as venari doesnt actually change. that can probably remain left alone, and while venari might still be considered "in your inventory" as it isnt accessable without khora and doesnt occupy slots it would remain convenient. for khora id say either a forma refund with an affinity booster. or even dev forma allowing instant forma without re-levelling. (but only useable on khora/arachne) or maybe one dev forma right off the bat. and if arachne carries over khora's mr or its left on new-khora. ranks and affinity are set in as well. (also lens/exilus refunding or carrying over) and last but not least a personal request to DE: I know its getting very difficult to find places for frames to drop, and the more escoteric we are forced to get the more troublesome the farming becomes. but please for this frame pairing at least put it somewhere sane. i know warframe quests slow the creative process down greatly but the real warframe quests: such as for mirage and limbo, and titania where the whole frame was put in your hands by the end of the quest would not be unwelcome. we have 42 announced frames so far, and the game is already clogged with highly specialized, poor rng farming for frames (Looking at you harrow, Nidus) that most players vocally bemoan the unpleasant experience of farming for. so dont do that, at least give it good rng. or even shunting this to the dojo labs, it has been a bit since we had a dojo frame. So there's my suggestion, for your evaluation DE and fellow tenno. I also would like to hear your opinions on the concept of having khora redone studs-up as it were. or being divided into two frames. and how you as a player would be willing to accept such a sharp change to your frame's mechanics and perhaps appearance, if you'd like to have a khora where venari isnt just tacked on fluff you barely pay any mind to. Much love to DE and our colourful community!
  9. well.. overall I like her. as she is currently, the recent addition of an air-dash to her Aegis storm is pleasant. but still not enough. her base speed in it at least needs to match standard run movement. also the altitude cap on it is pretty low. its kind of strange seeing her fall into a bottomless pit With a Jetpack on! and it doesnt always register certain thinner walkways as floor so sometimes you wind up drifting down infuriatingly onto a surface. other than that, she performs pretty well. Balefire is.. fine. the charge time and slow down during charging and firing is god awful. but it does deal a buttload of damage. haven can burn out your shields fast and wind up emptying hildryn's tank before any ally actually winds up benefitting from the buffs. and shield pillage works fine except against non shielded targets, as the armorstrip to shield conversion ratio is a little underwhelming it makes things a little harder on her. Overall she's pretty good. I do think shield gating should be initialized for all warframes period in the near future, and have hildryn's buff be something more along the line of a Damage Reduction to shields that gets shared in haven. I did have some of the initial concerns that she was muscling in on Mag's turf. but In all honesty. they actually synergize so well together i cant be mad. and they do still feel different and unique I am glad they lowered the rank requirement on her blueprint, however like the above poster. I'm not too pleased with the way she was released, being unfarmable for the first week of her release. it feels a bit too much like something other lesser developers would do.
  10. Thanks for the fixxes and the Great Work DE. You guys deserve a spa-day or something I would say spa-week but we still dont have manual flashlights!
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