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  1. I certainly agree Nyx needs a boost to bring her back into competitive lines. though these ideas to me feel like they are a little close to dangerously overpowered. or overreaching. and some.. a little suicidal.
  2. Yup it's getting me too, and i Love stealth farming for affinity, espeically with operator amps
  3. On a side note, I do think that porting ripline over to khora as a hold mechanic of her 1 would be a good move, and free her up for something new, I do like the idea of a pounce claw attack but i feel that would be too similar to garuda's and thus unlikely for implimentation, moving paralysis over to a 1 would be servicable, or perhaps a taunt, not to many tank warframes have a direct taunting ability.
  4. Firstly. I stand corrected, I was thinking of the other energy lockout mechanic on energy regen. Secondly, Melee rework was initially announced and phase 1 started what over a year ago? We've known Melees were getting a sizable buff across the board for months, since before tennocon if i am not mistaken, along with the reworking of stances to include more gap closers, and the intention to alter range's mechanics to be more equal in performance across weapon types. We've only gotten concrete Numbers recently, regarding specific changes with specific numbers, close to final figures. but. i guess that doesnt count as an announcement. and, Im sorry but.. What? You really think 82% damage reduction isnt good enough? On paper sure it doesnt sound like as much as a tap from Gara, except her armor scales with DR abilities and as is without pushing her that high, for most enemies valkyr's considerable health pool and existing armor, Not counting the warcry buff itself, is enough where she can basically laugh and tank her way through almost anything, and still has a huge invulnerability Mode with claws that blender most enemies in my experience, and in my experience, Still outperforms most of the exhalted weapons in both focussing an enemy down and also protecting the user, which I would like to point out, the other exhalted warframes have to use other abilities for, Mesa has to leave peacemaker to recast shattershield, wukong has to cloud walker or use defy or both. excal can cast normally with exhalted blade, but his blade and valkyr talons to my use feel pretty comparable when focussing a single heavy target a lot of the time without chromatic blade in the mix. so.. "Buff my favorite #*!% everyone else" is the jist of what I'm hearing. you want valkyr to be as strong offensively as wukong, as nimble as garuda, and as immortal as inaros. and im just gonna tell you right now, that is probably never gonna happen. also mild correction wisp isnt immune to damage while her 'dash' is in effect, and its far from instant, the travel time on her clone even when turbo'd is notably slower. but Clearly you missed the point of me listing those dashes, as one and all they are dashes, some faster, some slower, most more or less equal in terms of dash ability, and as someone else here did point out, as far as single target 1s go, Valkyr's ripline is pretty good in terms of damage, not top tier but it isnt meant to be. but I will reiterate the point you seem to have felt like wasting a paragraph skipping over. I *do* agree valkyr's ripline should be re-looked at. but I do not think it needs to be outright discarded, and yes this is a valkyr thread. and this is my feedback. that your idea is both overreaching and imbalanced, wastes half the stats she was built around and 'fixxing' problems i dont agree are problems. She's still a goddamn beast for everything I've used her in in the last four years. so to my eyes, and in my play experience, she is still one of my three favorite frames but the scale of Rework you're proposing I feel is dramatic overkill, and reads very much like you're trying to make valkyr as powerful as possible. and then even more so, also. Based on the fact DE buffed Hysterical assault a month ago because so few people ran it (I did because i found it fun to use more than actually needing to close gaps that much) clearly most people didn't feel hysterical assault was as necessary as you claim it is. My issue with this post is you are claiming opinions as fact. from what to me looks like a blatantly narrow and favoritist perspective. While it is fact that valkyr's armor is less than 90 damage reduction, its still what, the third highest in the game or second? and that's still not good enough for you? then I am inclined to say maybe your expectations are a little unrealistic on that front, you claim valkyr's talons are trash, but i find them perfectly serviceable for the vast majority of game content. is their reach poor, sure, they're claws, they're meant to be. but we also knew that was probably going to be changed soon for a long time. but the volume of your complaints about abilities that I honestly still find very servicable and fun, and they do excell at focussing down heavies, because they are Faster than other exhalteds, even wukong's unmodded. you also claim that ripline is worse then every other dash, but that is subjective opinion, and considering energy costs, and the innate combo counter on it lowering subsequent casts, it does more damage than a lot of 1s do. and if you want to run corrupted mods, that's your business, then you deal with the penalties, I can keep my hysteria up for quite a long time, keep my warcry up for a while, never lack energy, and always have the damage to deal with whatever's in my face. and i havent even pushed my build as far as i could if i really knuckled down for it. and I havent felt the need for eternal war as recasting it takes very little actual time, So i will ask you this: in this phase where youve decided the talons are feeble and weak and not worth using, How far above the actual content celing are you? level 120? 150? higher? because I should also point out that by pushing over the content celing chasing the mythical engame that you've already passed, you're in the area where, DE has made it fairly clear by their actions they dont intend for content to be operating at that level, where it's well established enemy scaling is broken. and by asking for a buff so you can faceroll through level 150s like a valkyr can with no forma up to level 80 easily you're just feeding the power creep cycle, chasing the bigger badder more brokenly scaled enemy, then whining that you're not strong enough. Rivens as a 'comparison' are also a terrible example as they are intentionally denied to exhalted weapons because they arent meant as a main content feature. they are meant to be potentially overpowered, I like pushing myself as far as i can on an arbitration or long term survival as much as anyone, but there is a point where smacking your face into the celing is supposed to hurt. the only reason we even have access to levels that high is because of a bug and players asked for it to be made permenant. arbitrations are by their very name arbitrary. they are meant to be harsh and unpleasant, but players can and will find a way to cheese them. and to use a suitable comparison, playing dark souls on donkey kong bongos doesnt mean the game is easy. if enemy scaling is adjusted as i should hope some people at DE are at least looking at, instantly everything youre comparing to falls apart, 5% damage reduction is borderline irrelevant for gameplay up till past level 100. and past 150 90% without adaptation still wont always protect you from being nuked into oblivion. I have agreed warcry's scaling should maybe be looked at, perhaps converting it into a fixxed number like Iron renewal, Paralysis is a quick cast, low energy cost aoe finisher opener, its a slightly lesser inaros's 1 for about the same energy cost. not so great on bosses but works pretty well on most enemies and makes a nice quick tap for reviving because Valkyr usually outlives her squad in my experience, I have agreed ripline does need to be retouched, but i find the basis of your arguments for it, comparing it to operator dashes, and wukong's dash which is really more of a free flight than a dash, is going to as has been seen in this feed alone, lose you credibility. and based on prepositions that are fundamentally flawed as i see it. I do not think hysteria is broken or lacking in any way other exhalteds are not also lacking, so on that, I feel that belongs in its own topic, or at least deserves mention here that its a common problem for exhalted weapons. and as we have known for a long time things were going to change on that front regardless.
  5. Firstly, You're comparing an exhalted weapon to standard weapons. this is always going to yeild horribly lopsided results. Compare hysteria to exhalted blade, or artemis bow. or wukong's staff, which is probably actually the closest comparison but I would say on average. performs about equally well, just with better reach. and no invincibility. and 90% DR with valkyr's already insane armor and health is not comparable to nezzie boy. also, wukong's wonderstick doesnt lifesteal. also here's this little wiki exerpt which I can attest works fine. While officially Set Mod bonuses do not affect Exalted Weapons (with the exception of the Sacrificial Mod Set), the Gladiator Mod Set can still apply if equipped on Melee or Robotic Weapons (i.e. Helios/Helios Prime's Deconstructor/ Deconstructor Prime), and not on the Exalted Weapon itself. and i've pushed valkyr's talons into red crit territory so easily, it outperforms every other exhalted weapon i have in my wheelhouse except Iron Staff, Maybe. Valkyr's talons can and do dish out punishing damage, She has a finisher opener, attack speed buff, invincibility AND lifesteal. wukong is fully able to get his ass handed to him at any point, as he doesnt have half the armor valkyr has, his immortal techniques are limited. the staff has more offensive power with reach, but isnt defensive enough and doesnt protect him explicitly. and its worth pointing out, Rage and hunter adrenaline Do Not Work while in a sustained ability, So its locked out of all exhalted weapons not just valkyr's claws. it's like.. they arent meant to have their ultimate ability on, all the time. so you are asking for hysteria to be nerfed so you can take advantage of a mechanic that under no circumstance works for any frame. Furthermore, Hysteria's energy costs do climb but can be re-lowered by killing. However All of this comparison is wholly irrelevant as within the week Every weapon you've listed, including valkyr's talons is getting a sizable buff and rework as part of melee phase 2. Reach mods will be adding a flat range bonus so it will work as well on her claws as it will on wukong's staff. So posting this now is frankly poor timing. and to me, shows you havent actually spent much time contemplating the game as a whole or paying any attention to what's actually going on, which many of your other arguments reinforce. Second point, comparing ripline to operator dash. Congratulations on the worst comparison I've seen. Newsflash buckaroo, over a dozen warframes have assorted dash and mobility based skills. even new ones not part of the new mobility meta. sure, it doesnt outperform operator dash. but Niether do most of the others. weird huh? for examples include nezha's disc, Zephyr's air dash, excal's slash dash to a degree, Garuda's pounce, Nova's portal (which by the way burns way more energy) Wisp, whos 'dash' is slower and more awkward. loki and ash who teleport but require an enemy target to teleport to, rhino charge, Atlas puncho, Hydroid's wave dash. the differences is these abilities have other effects, so does rip line, I wont disagree its damage alone is uninspiring, and yanking one enemy to you at a time is less useful but I will say it can be quite handy. Does ripline need a bit of work, sure, I have pretty decent range on my valkyr so i dont have a range issue with ripline, but i do think at least it's augment should be merged in with it baseline and a new augment put out. and maybe a swing mechanic if that were feasable. Scorpioning enemies with it is still pretty fun Warcry, yeah perhaps that could be slightly rescaled, but i would like to point out 1400 armor as per your math is more than all but a handful of frames can achieve ever, no matter what. but its main advantage is in the speed buff for allies and Slow on enemies. a feature often overlooked. it still notably increases kill speeds while decreasing enemy lethality. which is not a bad deal. Paralysis, I wouldnt mind if it got a little bit of nyx's 'universal defense stripping' but straight up finisher opening aoe is pretty nice. Hysteria is too roped up in the melee rework for me to have a larger opinion on how to remedy but i wouldnt mind exhalteds being allowed to use combo counter mods, once after the melee phase 2 buff has been run in and tested more thoroughly. as far as I'm concerned she isnt just the melee queen, she's the melee tank queen, very few frames Can out tank her and she can straight up blow through nukes indifferently. and still one of my favorite frames, could some of her abilities do with a little polish? maybe yeah, but she is still a violent work of art, and there are frames that much more severely need the attention.
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