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  1. To go off what kapn said I think a reroll system would probably be more functional. Be able to take a bunch of your old Lith relics and convert them into the currently active relics, make it even more convenient for long time vets to get to the newer stuff sense they have stockpiles upon stockpiles they can just throw away for the newer relics they want. Make it less of a 'ohh good another one I get to go through the multilayered farm fest for...' and more of an actual new cool thing to try and get. Cause otherwise yeah, while I get the idea of saving time by dumping it into traces immediately instead of going for the opening, why not just wait for an exterminate mission and open it in five minutes to get the traces anyway? even with a system to trash them for traces you still have a cap of those, so you'd hardly put a dent in your relic store before that would be hit and you'd have to run them anyway...so yeah. I think a reroll would be able to dump a bunch of them at once while still being useful, instead of just having the like...way to many..vets have...
  2. Ohh right I totally forgot he only summons 7 shadows, I had the thought it was more for whatever reason xD but yes! figured he could consume then like, the 7 it would take to revive himself or round it to 10 sense he's 'projecting' it onto another, costing a bit more energy, and then be able to revive/give a revive to another. Think that would work! (yeah like Nidus! )
  3. Actually rather like this a lot, Makes him feel a lot more powerful as a necromancer and not just a secondary loot source! Only things are that, I feel, the Desecrate pillars for allies to get a free revive seems a bit op. What I thought of is giving having his Soul punch augment instead consume 20 shadows to instantly revive an ally, or give an up allie an extra revive. Desecrate already does enough giving you 'souls' here along with loot and energy/health for days, so the revive on pillar seems a bit much. But other than that (and maybe some tweaking on his terrify numbers) I really like this a lot, doesn't change what he has all to much, but fixes a lot of his current flaws (that being his abilities feeling rather dull/unimpactful and not synergising together what so ever), as well as doesn't feel way to op overall. I like it quite a bit.
  4. Alright, I'm back, one final time (most likely) to say, That I have FULLy figured out how, at the very least, he works for me, and how to have a lot of fun with him. https://tennoware.com/warframes/gauss/12213232300w005t505y510m607h003a210w605q010w805y810a903a103 I use this build (sorry to those that don't want to take an external link not near my WF computer atm), (also as a side note used Max Amalgum Serration with Kokage prime too), and with it, he is an absolute blast. I used it on Axi Exterminate Relic farming last night (As that is, decently, High level, though I should probably still do it on Sortie's to be sure), And he worked out incredibly effectively. His double cast of his 3 wiped felt fantastic, and would wipe pretty much any enemy within it in seconds. I used his 1 as a straight mobility tool, only tapping it to get from one end of the tile to the other or to get into a group of enemies, and that worked beautifully. With the none massive amount of duration, his buffs actually still felt amazing, and I could hit redline decently easily, sure it would only be fore about 10 seconds or so, but that was a few casts of 3, with the other 20 seconds just being me shooting my Karak Wraith (with riven mind you) at sonic speeds and dropping everything in seconds. He was fun, and I enjoyed him, and I will just say an edited (and hopefully more concise) list, of things that I think, would push him from fun to balanced perfection. (there are a lot of synergistic ideas I'd totally want to add to, but I wanted to limit this post to just tweaks that are actually doable quickly, as I've given this thread enough essay's already). 1- Energy per second, or, make it cost energy per distance for X meters, then per second tell the ability stops after that. Would keep him able to just do short bursts for cheep, but allow for long distance sprints even on a low energy pool (like the one I run, because I tried to do it with primed flow but that would cut out to many of the other things he needs to feel good). (mayyybe a slash proc on hit with Kinetic plating to, instead of just on damage, just to incentive's getting more procs for condition overload). Also, make it so its just a full impact knock down proc on impact instead of a ragedoll, I'd rather not loose track of that bombard I wanted to CC as he flies half way across the tile (though I can catch up to him, which makes it at least bearable XD). Would love more damage, but understand now its not supposed to be a damage ability. The way the impact feels makes it seem like it should be, but it's not. So I can understand leaving damage/melee scaling out of it, It just would make it feel better sense like, your impacting something at high speeds, and projecting that energy outward, feels like it should just hit harder than a soft tap from a slightly strong breeze. 2- More energy, still, but, this is do strictly to me not wanting to slow down to have to use Zenurik passive XD he functions totally fine with the amount of energy he gets now, but that is with a 5 energy regen on top of that, without that, he falls flat hard, so just buffing how much energy this gives would help that immensely. Also stand by the point of making it cost battery per hit or per second but not both, as both feels like a bit much for the lack luster amount of protection it gives, but depending on how more energy might feel, might still be warranted. (As of right now I pretty much use Kinetic platting OR red line, never both, which feels counter intuitive, but is how I have to do it to get him to feel good, hence my points.) 3 - evvvver so slight range increase, Ive centered on the number of 15 m, and drop the steady range decline. Right now the range feels just a hair to small, even though I know its because you are supposed to be IN the battle, not beside or far away from it. But still, I feel just a few more base meters and this ability would be perfect, for its intended purpose at least. Working with its energy cost might still be good to, but I feel it drags a lot less with the build I'm using above. As for why I feel the range shouldn't decrease, is do to just how it feels. It feels like you cant drop it down, let it run, sprint around a bit, then maybe come back to finish it off, you either have to do both casts right away to hit the full range, or just do one and leave. It might be there to encourage more duration based building, but if so, then it would need a even FURTHER range increase to compensate for that notion, as at present your casting twice, dropping everything, and then leaving as your tiny bonfire continues to burn for another 7 seconds for no real benefit. (Also making the armor strip scale to 100% would just help this ability scale so much better into higher enemies, turning it from the 'clear trash mob' skill to the 'strip armor and CC' skill, instead of just, mild CC). 4 - Now that I know that you still get the bonus' of the FULL METER even when it hits red line (instead of how the UI shows it dropping back to 0 making me think I got no red line bonus' tell I charged it a little bit), I love this skill. dropping it to send my gun into a frenzy is great, but I mostly say all this just to continue to try and inform others how the ability actually works. As has been stated a few but not enough times, dropping red line at 80% battery means you START WITH YOUR BUFFS AT 80% and build from there. That feels wonderful, and the added extra 20 feels pretty nice too, thanks to my not so dang hi duration making it so idol running will charge to red line over the course of 15-20 seconds. That feels great. About the only thing is I feel that that should be the way it feels all the time, just idol running and gunning always able to charge that meter. Doing a duration build makes that not possible thanks to just how the math all works out, which doesn't feel right. Maybe a like...reduced curve for how that scales? like 125-175 duration the charge to full stays roughly the same, but as you push past 175 to 200 and what bit you can get beyond, it starts to spike considering the amount of power its giving you? I cant remember the mathimatical curve name but hopefully someone over there can get and understand what I mean, and agree's with me. I feel that would feel better and let people build for duration like they feel they should but still having it be 'difficult' to hit peak efficiency. Idk, honest that's just a nit pic, the ability is fine so long as you fully understand how it works. UI fixes to help that would be lovely, honestly just seeing it go from 80-100 slowly, like your really pushing your 'engines' to the limit and its struggling to stay there tell it hits 100, that would honestly feel great to me and alleviate a lot of the UI confusion. But, well I didn't keep my promise in not making it an essay, but you have a great frame here. As a speek junky I love the heck out of using him, now that I've found the way I want to. But, I feel he does still need some tweaks, just, not AS badly as I felt he needed them before. More like, 'these would be really nice' and not 'HE NEEDS THESE OR HE BAD OMG AGGG'. That's ganna be it from me I think, said my piece, quite a lot XD
  5. The main reason people are complaining (me included) about how long it takes for his Redline to 'charge' is do to the fact that if you don't get it to 100%, it feels nearly impossible to use. Do to the fact it drains constantly along with Kinetic platting if you have it up (which they feel like they should be sense their durations are exactly the same) if you are not spamming your abilities, the meter drops like a stone out of the red line state even if your are moving around, as taking even a moment to slow down and take advantage of your CC'd enemies on the ground has you losing well over 3% meter a second, which translates to I think 15% in red line (assuming the UI meter still runs off the final 20%, but I could be completely wrong there and it just feeels like Im losing it that fast.) The fact you cant drop this cost down with efficiency doesn't help matters, and makes so people feel they desperately need to hit 100% just so they don't have to feel the panic of dropping bellow red line just for standing still for a fraction of a second longer than they should have and losing all of there battery upon red line's completion. Personally, I think, now, that a proper change would be you can only activate redline at 75-80% battery (just give it a bit of leeway either way sense you can move during its cast animation), and then, once you do, it locks you in to red line, giving you access to the rest of the meter as if it was a whole knew meter (like it currently displays) with its current buff still active, if the meter is at 0% upon ability end, then it drops your gauge, but if you keep it fluctuating or max it out, you just jump back to 80% and can cast it again. Though this might make it a bit op sense you would just want to get to 80% meter and then use it instantly, but still, the reason people feel they have to 'charge' it might partly be do to a miss understanding of the effects, but also because everyone wants to have all their buffs maxed out! and to have them stay maxed out! And they want to be able to feasibly get there! instead of feeling like activating red line just makes it even more panic inducing to play this frame as now you not only have to keep it in a narrower margin but if you fail you lose it all and could instantly die in the process (As your damage reduction falters and your 3 loses any semblance of damage, not that it has much to begin with.)
  6. Huh...well that indeed needs some clarification then XD
  7. Fully agree with the previous point about showing the batter at all time would make it feel a lot less confusing. But as to this point, I feel they did it the way they did just so they could put and equal too in the display, as at 80%, you get 80% shield recharge and 80% damage reduction, so it makes that part of it easy to understand. But it would be cool to say 100% gives 80's and pushing past it grants further bonus', Would also make it a lot easier if they then based what percentage you 'pushed passed it' by on your duration, making it more visibly clear just how much you can 'push your limits' instead of it just being a flat '0-100% it just takes longer'. (like no duration goes from 100-120%, but if you have 200% duration you got from 100-140%, and such inbetween)
  8. From me reading the wiki, it will strip armor up to 50% of current armor value based off of battery percentage (which considering its based off of battery Id think it should go up to 100% so you actually have a reason to use it but ehh). Most people gimp his range though do to his 3 being nothing but CC, and in this game currently, the best CC is death, which his 2 and 4 excel in, so people just spam moch rush (for less energy) to amp up the meter then run around with super High duration and a buff to everything ever (besides straight damage). Though I fully agree with your thought on changing it though, having the radius be bigger to actually give some area denial and beefing up the battery generation from it would see that trend very quickly tapper off I think, it's just right now the most effective use of him is to ignore the fact he has a 3 entirely.
  9. To add my voices to the masses here, I've been staring at his numbers for a bit here, and while I still got to wait for him to build (Just farmed him this weekend) from reading through this a bit and doing my own thought experiments, I have a few thoughts that I think will still be useful to put here. I feel his 1 being distance based is incredibly counter intuitive, I feel I sum-what understand why you wanted it to be that way, gaining 10% battery per cast does mean it needs to cost something to begin with, but when Volt can cast his 2 to sprint long distance for what will end up being a fraction of the cost at relatively the same speed, if feels Gauss is kind of cheated in this regard, given he is the 'fast' frame. My thought was maybe making it so that it costs energy/second, and then if you ram into a wall it costs a bit of energy to actually do the explosion, gaining the 10% charge on impact for that extra energy cost (or just that part fizzling if you don't have enough energy.) Would fit his theme a bit more to, being it is a Kinetic Battery, so on impact a lot of kinetic energy would be formed, at least if my physics is understood. His 2, has way to much drain to it. Considering Mesa has a 95% damage reduction for alll types of damage from bullets at the press of a button, having so much cost for Gauss to have SPECIFIC types of damage reduction seems ridiculous. Granted, it does go up to 100%, but personally, I feel it should EITHER cost battery per second, or battery per hit, my preference being battery per hit. The ability, in my opinion, should be a safety net, or a way for you to convert your battery to energy when you need it. That is accomplished by it costing JUST battery per hit, meaning if your moving around rapidly it will just get drained from the stray shot here or there, or if your standing still, it will get drained to give you energy, requiring you to get moving to jump around again. But having it cost battery per second ON TOP of that, and having that drain per second not be effected by efficiency, is just way to much to me. Even with the energy regeneration that seems like way to much of a cost, considering how much you have to do to beef up the battery to begin with for that damage reduction to start being felt. His 3 is...fine. I personally would feel better if the cast and hold generated an aura around Gauss, allowing you to ignite enemies as you run and be a bit more synergistic (instead of making the frame that runs off of moving around stop...and wait...) But the snap cast seems like it be good in a pinch, especially with red line active, so wont complain to much here. And his red line seems incredibly powerful, Ill be it a little slow. Though I get the reasoning behind making it take longer to ramp up the more duration you have then scaling the buffs off of duration, I'd rather be able to get to that 100% quicker so I can start using that Kinetic plating with no determine faster as well, getting that nice damage bonus and knock down in the process. But I get wanting to keep that type of power on more of a timer, just feels annoying to get 'punished' for trying to beef up the duration of that massive buff to everything. But, I will admit this is more off of reading than anything, and I might be back to remove this later when I actually get to play around with it (or maybe come back with more concrete things to say instead.) Though this post is, rather negative in just pointing out things Id change, I do really like the concept of him and he seems like a great brain teaser to figure out how to use him the best. Just feel a few tweaks would make him feel a lot better, hope this does indeed help!
  10. Hmm, I don't know about removing it, well, maybe remove it from her one, and add it to her Pyromania, saying being in her presence begins to 'melt' armor off of her enemies, stripping them at X% a second. I think for her to be effective she is going to need armor stripping (cause shooting a 6000 heat damage fire ball at a level 51 grineer and having it hit for 78 is kind of ridiculous and no amount of damage scaling is going to counteract that) but maybe instead of making it just a flat reduction making it gradual, making it flow with the furnace passive so as it's damage ramps up so to does the armor, keeping the damage high on high rank enemies but still preventing the whole 'one shot' that just flat reduction gives.
  11. Well sense its here, going to say, I fully agree with this. The only thing (which might have been revisited have yet to go through the six pages of 'I agree' to find the content in there), is that I think Furnace might be a bit to strong, just because you can remove armor with Fireball. If that armor removal scales with strength (which it should, dont need another Mag Polorize on our hands, especially on a mostly single target ability), then you pretty much drop everybody instantly over the course of a few seconds for quite a long while. Granted, it does take a while, but with the panic and knock down CC effect, you have that while, unlike most other DOT effects. I do like the thought of her just flat buffing status proc damage near her for heat, I feel that wouldn't bust to much of anything. Could put the Furnace idea on Pyromania though, make it so that its on an energy drain ability so the massive damage increase has a cost. but besides that, everything else, even now a few months later, I fully agree with all of this and would love to see this implemented (with minor tweeks to furnace)
  12. From what I just looked at through Tactical potato, the concept of Grendal scares me. Like, I look at him and just question 'why?' And I wonder how he will function with nullfiers...(because those still exist). Will he just dump everything out and lose all his stacks? If so he is pretty much useless against corpus, granted, after a point, everything is useless against corpus...but that's another rant entirely. As stated, one and three should be combined. Two shouldn't instakill, but instead start casting something like a 'digusting' effect, where he sits there and consumes a bit of energy per second to 'digust' the targets he has, dealing a constant stream of damage and gaining bonus armor based on how long he is able to hold it down/how much damage he does/how much 'food' he finishes. Duration would likely be scaled off of energy drained, while armor buff would be scaled off of damage dealt. (would be nice to have some health regen too while hes stationary, like what Inaros does). His four, I feel, is just...Its like 'the thing you use in an open world setting'. Which is, fine, It just, feels either incredibly useless or incredibly over powered in tile based combat. Like just rolling down a narrow corridor eating everything with nothing to stop you. That and the whole 'need one stack to activate' seems kind of arbitrary, and not synergistic. Like, why? I'm eating with the ability, why would I eat before I eat, more? I feel his four should be changed to be more like Baruuks 'resistance' thing, where he needs to have people in his belly in order to use it, and it costs energy and 'digestion' in order to roll around for a while. It's damage is once again dealt based off the damage you are dealing to people in your belly, and if you roll to long after running out of people in your belly you get 'hunger pains' and get forced out of it, getting stunned for a time (like they have currently with the 'dizzy' mechanic). Decent time to point out that the damage dealt to 'stomached' enemies would be based off of power strength, there by making the rest of this scale off of power strength. (was thinking of making it percentage based too, but that seems incredibly op...) as for a replacement for the three getting combined into the 1...Maybe a mixture of toxic lash and Titania's tribute in concept? you spend some time digesting for a bit before spitting up a fully disgusted enemy onto your weapons, gaining a self damage buff based on the enemy consumed. That could be interesting... But yeah, as for the current Grendel? feels rushed and gimicky and not thought through, if they keep him as is, definitely mastery fodder tell his prime rework.
  13. My main question for this is. - Does the low duration make it so the mines just explode almost immediately? I thought they would just disarm if they worn't triggered during the duration time, but if they explode instead I could see this working (not able to get on atm otherwise would test.) if above does indeed happen (and keeps happening, and is intended to happen, as in DE doesn't patch it out). Then I'd go with something like this https://tennoware.com/warframes/mirage prime/12443212000d305p405g003n405h005y510w805c105y810y910a903b403 For a bit more survivability at a slight cost to some of your stats. but that's just me (sense I already went Umbral with her for Hall of Malevolence because fun). I feel the main issue with this though is the fact that as you stated, It will inevitably fall off hard do it only doing base damage, and, you need to sacrifice going other arguably better builds (like Hall of Malevolence/ Eclipse Eidolon hunting, which rely on duration) to get it to its maximum potential, which it needs in order to even compete long enough with Saryn to be an option. Still, a good idea none the less, and one to try out, game is about experimentation after all.
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