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  1. Probably because she's completely functional and isn't running into any issues with performance. Wanting change for the sake of change isn't a good thing.
  2. Inaros is so highly valued because of how brain dead he is to use and mod. He gets to ignore status effects and takes next to no effort to mod. Revenant theoretically being the best tank doesn't really matter when the content people actually play isn't going to demand that level of min maxing. Also your final statement about weapons is side stepping the point instead of actually discussing it. It doesn't matter if we can kill bosses without the need of damage amping abilities. Damage is the only thing banshee brings to the table. And it is inconsistent due to how the game has
  3. Nidus is a frame out of his time. He is king in places that require holding points. These days that's not really preem content. Even in those days Nidus while good was particularly slow compared to other great defensive frame options like Gara. A rework really isn't needed. They could easily speed him up via changing some of his augment mods.
  4. The problem with your claim is that it's pretty easily possible for anyone to stroll through Gear's post history to see how he dismisses people's counter arguments and how his entire crusade is purely based on a subjective take on the frame. They wanted one thing. We got another thing. Arguments made by them are attempts to give validity to what they are asking for. So the debate isn't based on logics or facts or w.e you're attempting to say. No one is saying that Gears has never made any valid points or criticisms against the design. I actually used to agree wi
  5. Kinda lost interest when they said the hover mechanism will drain energy over time.
  6. And anyone who knows your tag knows your issues are routed in subjective claims instead of verifiable core issues that demand attention from the devs. Wether he has problems or not is actually aside from the point. Your dislike is what is driving your crusade. And that's why no one wants to back you about this.
  7. Inaros's passive is two parts and you're focusing on the gimmicky part that should never happen in the first place. The important part of his passive is the life steal on finishers. We've not seen savagoth's passive in action yet so jury is still out on that. However I don't see it as a problem either way. Inaros is basically unkillable as is and there's more pressing problems with Inaros than the gimmicky revive he has. Savagoth isn't a meat sack full of endless hp that gets to ignore status effects by slotting in an easy mod. He deserves to be better here by default
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