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  1. While I like what they've done with him in spirit the only positives that came from this rework imo was putting his bastille and vortex into one ability. I also like what was done with tesla. But They still struggle to keep up with him. Everything else though is meh. The overall rework didn't address his two main problems. That being he's still squishy and has poor surviability. And that he's still a gimmicky cc frame. Without his cc he can kill people now. But not in a very good or intuitive way. He basically comes off as being more of the same post rework. Just slightly better. I personally don't understand why his rework turned out this way. They were perfectly fine with cramming ember into the new meta box. But they decided to leave Vauban out.
  2. I'm not sure how your video showcases anything. It's supposed to protect you from knockdowns. You were not knocked down at all in that video. I agree that it saying 100% chance to ignore is misleading since it's really like 99. something %. And that should be fixed. But it seems like you're asking for animation immunity. Which isn't the point of the mod.
  3. All this change does is mean you won't be snap deleted the moment you uncloak when enemies are on alert. You're still capable of being hit by stray shots and taking AoE damage. In speed runs using invisibility this change has next to no impact. And this change really wouldn't have been needed if DE didn't continually make basic movement to avoid taking damage less and less viable. Of the frames who have cloaking the only frame who significantly gained anything was Ash. And this is purely because he spends the most idle time by marking enemies and constantly hopping in and out of BS. Loki already had enough invisibility duration to find a safe place to recloak. And could always drop a decoy close to enemies if need be. And yes, Octavia is busted. I don't think she needs prowl buffs to compete with that new change. That being said if they were to change it at all i'd let her mobility actions not shut cloak off. But rather temp break it like unsilenced weapon fire does, remove energy drain from taking damage/extra energy spent when moving via melee, and let her loot from multiple enemies at once.
  4. Wisp's invisibility is niche. As even silent weapons break her invisibility. You use it primarily to move around. If she had some way to de aggro enemies you could potentially argue about how strong it is. but really if you were using stealth purely for speed spy missions wukong or loki would be better. (well. before cloudwalker was nerfed.) Prowl doesn't need to go faster. She/there has/are ways to circumvent the movement penalty. And it exists purely to balance out basically infinite invisibility with extra headshot damage and loot capabilities. If you're using her invisibility purely for survival you should get in the habit of learning how to use sleep and cloak arrows. If you wanted easy use of long invisibility there are other frames for this. She is much more than Invisibility. One could argue how beneficial slower/tactical play is for current Warframe. But I really don't want to encourage DE to change perfectly fine frames purely because they can't seem to fix the base game experience. I could see having the penalty of losing energy on damage taken to be removed. I can see making it so movement based abilities behave like firing unsilenced weapons (aka breaks temp and then recloaks.) But making her move faster in prowl is just not something I can agree with.
  5. Are we 100% sure that the bubble not caring about crits is a bug? I can see how it's interaction with hitscan weapons might be seen as buggy. But I can't imagine what else is considered a bug with the ability. Okay, but it seems like you are either actually in support of said raised issue(s) or at the very least are complacent about them. I was trying to acknowledge your point but also get you to agree that these are issues that need fixing.
  6. Trinity's design is old and can be reworked to be more relevant these days. but that's not to say she's poor capability wise. The only other support in the game that currently competes with Trinity is Wisp. Wisp is taken over trinity due to being able to passively benefit her allies on the move with her motes. Both in a huge increase to their base HP pool and very strong heals per second. This alone makes most frames survivable enough to not need the damage reduction Trinity can give. She also gives people mini cc and a huge DPS increase. That being said, Wisp can't give energy to her allies nor can she heal defense objectives. So it can be argued that Trinity is still ideal for static defense scenarios. So it's not like Wisp completely overshadows Trinity. And if anything were to mark the decline of her usage more than her kit being dated i'd say it's because we've been propelled hard into a self sustain meta where support frames are optional rather than needed. But again, this doesn't deminish Trinity's power at all. It just makes her a less desirable pick when caring about team comp.
  7. Yes, but animations themselves are not consistent with ability interactions. Good example is Vauban's Bastile effect of holding an enemy can be interrupted by lots of other animations. And then you have heavy gunners that will still slam you when you get close despite animations like being on fire. Even if Ancient's are supposed to nullify some cc to a degree we can and should still debate about where this is and isn't appropriate. Personally I don't like the Aura system for enemies. As there is very little ways for people to judge said distance. At least with Nullies their bubble is off when not alert and conforms to the spaces they're in. Aura's are a mess that need looking into. And cc animation based offense needs to be looked into.
  8. I wouldn't doubt it to be honest. There was a fair amount of complaints when we moved from the key to the relic system strictly because people couldn't sell parts at insane prices right before they'd be vaulted. But at least those people still have riven's (a dev approved addition btw) to gouge people's plat for these days.
  9. Adding a resource sink for veterans would mean DE acknowledges their veteran players and respects their time investment. That's never going to happen.
  10. "A measly 4k ducats and 1 million credits" yeah. Cause that's totally not a big investment for most players. And Platinum's value has deminished a long time ago once riven market took over. It's stupid easy to earn thousands of platinum these days. It's not about how much it costs for players to obtain. Because these arguments always move goal posts. The problem lies strictly with the individual. The fact that someone else can now have what you have doesn't suddenly invalidate or erase the experience and feelings you had. You know you got it before everyone else did. Why do you need others to know you had it first? That's what this boils down to. And your quoted response doesn't change this. This kind of mindset is toxic and annoying in gaming. It's even worse when this behavior changes over to irl.
  11. @DatDarkOne nice fashion. sad to see the change on her prowl cloak look though. my eyes hurt from seeing that.
  12. Self damage should just be canned tbh. None of the weapons including the new Bramma would be so vastly superior that it would replace any other primary if it were to be removed. You already balance explosion weapons with typically lower rate of fire, clip size, reload/ready times etc. Having self damage on top of all of that is overkill and not enjoyable. It feels like self damage is one of the many things out there that only exists to try to slow players down in a game that begs us to be swift and efficient. It's as perplexing as it is annoying. I was in love with both the lenz and the Zaar. I never use either because the chance that i'll die once is a chance I will refuse to take. The game is far too random to reliably not get killed by something out of my control.
  13. I like both the concept and the new version tbh. But I understand why people feel baited and switched. I got that with Loki's current deluxe. That didn't transfer into the game well at all. Then again I find most deluxe skins to be amazing. I even liked Nova's current deluxe. So maybe I can't talk.
  14. It's less about money and more about trying to validate plat based purchases for other platforms.
  15. Honestly even though i've quit this game seeing clips like that still set me off. I really don't understand why DE continues to push players to play a specific way in a game that practically begs you to be creative with how much numbers effect things in the game. It really feels like DE is just squishing things to lessen the work load of things to maintain rather than actually let their game flourish like it used to. It's just a terrible long running joke at this point that I wish would end.
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