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  1. The re targeting disarmed enemies Benefits Baruuk because it'll still drain his restraint even if they're disarmed. That being said I'd much rather it not auto seek friendlies/allies. I want to cast the ability and hold onto it's damage reduction. and then tap to cast again to send it out to seek enemies/allies. I'd also like the splash to radial disarm. But a man can dream. Most of my issues with this ability lie within how the combos are performed/feel and generally how locked into place you feel. So i'll have to see how it feels post 2.0. That being said I think it's a bit funny that normal melee will now get lift status for enemies. Which was the main beneficial cc for Baruuk with his 4. And we all know how bad ragdoll effects are. So not only does the thing struggle to easy clear heavy armor (without dumping a stupid amount into STR) but now it's getting competition in the cc department. Unlucky. sure. My issue with Haven is that Hyldrin gains no benefits from using it herself. What it does for allies I think is already good enough. Linking to enemies is pointless. Maybe if that was better i'd use it. Shouldn't lock me to balefire. But if it has to stay that way then give some tangible benefit to the synergy like a faster RoF. Also caste Balefire with Aegis storm please. And allow me to use pillage in it. It was my understanding that if she's in overshields toxin/slash does damage to her overshields. Was I wrong?
  2. I won't comment on Atlas or Inaros. I will however comment on Hildryn since I finally bought her and have played around with her a bit. Balefire is fine. Never really charge it myself but it seems okay. Pillage while strong takes from enemies current amount of shields/armor. Meaning If she's continually casting to be topped off shell eventually not have a source to gain shields back without arcanes. This is more of a problem against shields than armor since she takes a % from shields but actual numbers from armor. Which is another problem. In mid level/most of star chart she can actually strip armor. Which seems nice but again can screw her. I agree that she should always get a % of shields back regardless of what enemies defenses are. I have really nothing to say about her 3. It extends her passive to allies. Seems pointless to tether to enemies beyond killing EZ low level trash. I think it's an okay ability. I just don't see the point in giving away my shields/energy to allies when I don't particularly benefit from it. Aegis storm. could be faster. More annoyed that I am forced into using balefire and I don't gain any benefit from the fact that she's holding 2. Just give us a rof increase if you're going to force that synergy.also automatically cast balefire with aegis storm. Beyond that pillage should absolutely be usable while in this mode. I'm not going to bother using this mode for CC if I can't keep my shields up. Overall I like the idea of her kit. She's basically a Support tank (which we don't really have) that not only has her own market in terms of what she does for support but it doesn't trample over other support based frames. So she can comfortably exist in a team with another support. I just hate how reliant she feels on having arcanes (of which I do not have.) And there are just some odd design choices with her abilities. I love having this much control over my energy pool. I love being able to rid myself and allies of status effects (cleanse things are always a plus for me.) It's just the rest of her that feels sub par. Funnily enough when Her and Baruuk were shown off I was far more into Baruuk and hated Hyldrin. But after playing with both for awhile I enjoy Hyldrin far more than Baruuk. (even though admittingly both frames have very poor gameplay.)
  3. I actually kind of like Revenant. At least the value he brings for me. (even if it's not the intended way DE was thinking of for the frame.) I wouldn't mind him being polished up at all. So long as he maintains what I like about him.
  4. It depends on your deffinition. I don't like how his exalted weapon is the focus of his kit. Especially given that it has actual combos but you can ignore them because spammy waves are strong. Beyond that really only his 3 is bad mechanically though. His 1 serves as decent mobility and is good enough at dealing with trash if you're trying to build combo for your melee weapon. And his blind is well. good.
  5. You mash his 1 and occasionally use petrify. that's boring. His wall serves no purpose stationary or in ball form. His rumblers do nothing damage wise and have a time limit on top of having health. and you're encouraged to destroy them immediately because the less health they have the less armor you get from their rubble. His passive is far too high maintenance for something that doesn't really increase his survivability enough to hang in end content. he's more carried in that regard by his hard cc and invulnerability with mashing his 1. Sure you can go predictable with a punchy boi build. But I prefer using the summon of his 4 to AoE petrify enemies around me and rid them immediately.
  6. Encounter based that doesn't turn out to be just a dps check. Think souls titles.
  7. I don't think "challenge" can exist organically in the kind of game warframe is. It would have to change a lot for that to happen. I personally don't see the desire to have mega challenging content in a farm based game. But different strokes for different folks I guess. I have much more fun finding new ways to play the existing content.
  8. In a team he basically exists to make enemies less annoying and doesn't die when others do. Making him a decent anchor for those pubs you occasionally get where your team doesn't know how to move away from damage. His 3 passively disarms targets within range at a slow pace. And his 2 slows enemies down into a sleep. his 4 is an alright trash clearing ability but unless you build for waaaaay too much strength it won't be good against heavily armored targets as the levels climb. His 1 is kind of a meme power that has very situational usage.
  9. Honestly I only really feel like 1 of his 3 new tools in minslayer is actually bad. For me what I dislike about the situation is that it doesn't really get away with Slayer's overall issue. Which was it being a gimmicky filled ability that didn't really get Booben away from feeling only cc oriented.
  10. I didn't forget Baruuk. I just ignore him because I don't like him.
  11. Pretty solid overall. Would like more rollers if possible. But mobile cc is good for mobile game. Minslayer is aight. I like the tether grenade. Nail nade seems bleh. If it was puncture proc over impact I could see use for it. Vertical bounce nade seems good for gimmicky things. Didn't need that tho. Damage buff helps him not be just cc like his new 3 which is good. Orbital strike is too slow. Needs to be faster. I get the synergy with grouping enemies and then nuking but it still should be faster. Unsure about the scaling with enemy level. Probably should scale with enemy max ehp. 4 is really good. Curious on what the buff is. Hopefully the strip time doesn't take forever. Was kind of hoping Minslayer got replaced. And it's a little upsetting that it still feels gimmicky heavy.
  12. Accelerant wasn't a good ability. It was just her only decent ability. It's "good panic stun" was inconsistent because the length of the stun entirely depended on what unit was stunned. The damage buff to her abilities is preserved in new ember via how heat procs work, her 2 increasing damage, and her passive. The only thing being lost in removal is its buff to weapons. Which was her old and only viable style. Sure, would be cool to have. Not needed though. I never pictured her as a buffing frame and never liked that. Her new 3 is already better than Accelerant. It stripes armor with hard cc which means utility plus good panic cc. And there is no anti synergy because it doesn't ragdoll enemies that are heat procced. If you keep in mind how easy it is to spread her procs now with her various abilities it ragdolling is not going to be a very common thing.
  13. Gauss was fixed. And even if we ignore that Nidus has a resource you manage. So does saryn. Neither detract from gameplay. Warframe in itself isn't a very interesting game. Gameplay pretty much entirely comes from the players kit. So resources are one way to make more of that gameplay. Also not sure what you're on about with her abilities not interacting with enemies. Your job is literally to dot everything with your abilities and your meter helps you do that by keeping you alive increasing your damage and casting speed.
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