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  1. I think she already had a good augment via dread ward. But yes I agree this mod is good. If it's literally her 4 but done in an AoE that's just massive up time on setting up her dunk combo. As well as another way to add a bit of survival since iirc her 4 auto staggers enemies for a brief time when they become effected. This is really good considering how often she finds herself in the middle of enemies. It's a shame this is limited to only her talons for combo though.
  2. Thanks for the summary! I'll add my thoughts in groups: Warframes: -Chroma... Yeah sorry it's just not doing it for me. I'd be more happy if his elemental ward also didn't rely on his armor color anymore. But even then this doesn't do enough for Chroma. He's one of the frames that actually needs a proper rework instead of just touching up. Also hate quiver mechanics and it annoys me endlessly that people keep suggesting it. It's what gives DE the idea that this "quick fix" is acceptable. It's not. I'll mention it here albeit briefly but, I have nothing against making
  3. ...If i'm hard pressed to say something positive then the best I can give is that he'll have access to all elements in mission. Having your fashion dictate gameplay in anyway is a poor idea that should never have made it off the drawing board. (looking at you chromatic blade.) But that's it. I hate quiver style functionality. Making it 100% status even if it retains said status when chaining (which I doubt,) isn't going to make me want to use the ability as a status spreader when we have far more efficient ways to do so with our weapons. This doesn't address that his colors still eff
  4. That's kind of my point. I don't think selectable buffs is a good interaction. The ability should provide multiple effects by default. If my proposal is too ham fisted then maybe they just need to have the number of enemies consumed effect the strength or duration of said effects. I really don't care either way. So long as the garbage quiver style is removed. Okay but what's going to stop me from just sucking all the enemies I see in and then just shotgunning them out only to do so again when new enemies come by to be stripped? I just don't see the value in giving him additional
  5. I've never had an energy problem with Grendel but sure we can make his economy better I wouldn't mind. Nourish as an ability annoys me because it's another quiver style ability. That interaction is absolutely abysmal for controllers. I'd rather number of enemies eaten dictate the ability casting. eating 1 enemy gives you the first one. Eating 2 gives you the first and second. and eating 3 gives all 3. Nourish armor could use a different effect and strike needs a stronger multiplier but not by much. Giving armor strip is definitely interesting for his 3 but considering you already d
  6. Play Xatu if you want an army. Thrall are meant to die. Revenants problem is that he can't create multiple thralls at once. Meaning it's difficult for him to keep up pacing wise with content.
  7. ...Damage that triggers mesmer skin already rolls into the calculation for Danse. Are you suggesting that because skin stuns enemies he's not doing as much damage as he could be?
  8. I am aware they did a rebalance. I just disagree on the specifics on what is and isn't effective. But I obviously lack experience. I feel like we can take most abilities that are considered poor and make them worthwhile without adjusting enemies.
  9. Fair enough I suppose. But at least from my perspective I think it's equally risky to just keep status quo like they've mostly been doing for a year or so now. But maybe i'm just a Jaded vet that doesn't play anymore. I'll have to take your word for it. I haven't played since we could build a space dock in our dojos for railjacks. From my memory the status types that were viable/used most often were corrosive/radiation, viral, and gas. Heat really only being thrown in for extra status proc builds and gas mainly existing as niche setups since it double dipped. Now it seems like Vi
  10. I understand. I do not follow the "meta" as it were super closely. Meaning i'll take something over another thing if I prefer it's play style over the current best even if there's a wide gap between the two. Like pre Nezha rework I always took him over Rhino just because I valued speed over insane tank values. I'd take Ivara and go slow in spy vaults even if Limbo was faster. etc. I do not think Frost lacks value. I just think he doesn't offer anything unique gameplay wise which makes it difficult to choose him over other bunker making Frames. I really enjoy the frost/freeze theme but
  11. I mean if there are much better options to be taking that virtually perform the same task he did whilst offering more than frost does than i'm pretty sure that means he's in a bad place. Frost is nothing compared to limbo or Gara. Where as You can make an argument for either Nezha or Rhino. Frost's 1 and 2 are meaningless because his 4 performs the same function but in a wider AoE and basically on demand. His globe is borderline spammed in any content that doesn't die in a sneeze because you can't just set it and forget it like other defense abilities. The one reason to take it back i
  12. Well yes, making core changes to core problems is going to require a lot of effort. I don't see how that can be spun into reasoning for why they shouldn't make a better game. I mean they've already done most of this. Sure not all status types are equal, but they're definitely better than they were for a long time. Also shields do matter for both allies and enemies now. tbh I feel like you're over complicating it. DE wouldn't need to overhaul the entire game to make all warframe abilities compelling options. More than half of the bad abilities can be easily improved to be w
  13. Brozime is one of the last people that comes to mind when we're speaking about WF drama. I think people confuse his justifiable complaints with him overly bashing something because that's his schtick. He's made some pretty dumb takes in the past but he's plenty respectable now. Which is more than I can say for most content creators these days.
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