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  1. I mean if that's the only real reason I don't see why they can't create a toggle option for auto or manual in the settings. I get it's more work but it would seem like the smarter choice.
  2. I'm sure DE has seen plenty of feedback by now. Just like they always do. It just depends if they actually plan on doing anything with it or not.
  3. Oh yeah. Anyone could technically work in Arb. Same with orbs and eidilons. But what i'm saying is these content things actually make you think about your loadout a bit more. Which is a nice thing to have in some capacity.
  4. Is basically forcing people to use specific things instead of being able to do w.e they want with w.e build they wana use. I like that we have some content that actually requires you to use specific setups. Because pretty much the rest of the game is boring due to everything being amazing. Drones themselves have your typical AI issues. and the red link isn't always visually good. But that's about it imo.
  5. I'm not entirely against Auto blocking. But I do wonder the purpose of it. Like the benefit we get from it. The defense itself isn't super important unless you want to count that one niche build with guardian dursion/elctromagnetic shielding. I think the real lose from manual blocking is from the fact that we cant aim glide with the melee anymore. I think DE figured that wouldn't matter too much because you can instant swap to aim glide with your gun. But that's a lil awkward. Perhaps the same contextual input can exist for blocking so you can hold the button to aim glide. But still not have manual block as a thing. I mostly support the changes going on here. I understand people's feelings about no more quick melee. But to me quick melee was poorly done. You didn't really use the weapon. You just used a stat stick. So i'm glad that's gone.
  6. I'll have to disagree. Majority of the game can be done by pretty much any setup. It's kind of refreshing to have content that some frames are more mandatory for. If we only had like. 3 frames that were good at eidilon or orb hunting I might agree. But there are plenty that are viable. And even if DE listened to you a meta would still form and people would still ditch you if they didn't like your choice. that's just how warframe is. Balancing player behavior is a nightmare.
  7. I was with you until this. Number of issues does not equal severity of issues. Guns in general out perform damage abilities barring a handful of exceptions. Not really a selling point for your argument. Synergy as a term is often misused. I believe DE's intent with this effect is to encourage playing to the kit's fantasy. Not as a way to have a cool interaction between his abilities. The problem I have with a lot of these threads about bladestorm is the mindset that's up front. A lot of people seem to think that Blade storm is meant to be Ash's focus. His main way to kill things. The thing you focus on when you play Ash. I think it's the opposite. I think Blade storm exists as a way for him to clear enemies after the fact. Part of what bolsters this for me is that you can turn on blade storm and leave it on forever. It doesn't cost anything to turn on or to leave on. It only costs you energy if you mark an enemy. Which you get back if the target dies before you reactivate the ability. In a team setting I see Ash as support. Either cloaking his allies or using shuriken augment to strip armor. using teleport to kill targets of interest like an enemy on a console in interception. The only time I imagine Ash using Blade storm offensively is if an ally is surrounded by enemies or he alerted a group of enemies in a stealth situation and needs to kill them all without making a noise. Otherwise I see it as just a clean up method from when he moves from room to room or crossing the map. That being said I understand the desire for a more offensive/active use out of blade storm. People miss being able to nuke rooms with it. Maybe they could introduce an augment that changes the functionality of it. Where Ash can Charge up an effected area and then let go in order to do the old blade storm. Or instead maybe he could do something similar to Vergil's judgement cut attack from Devil may cry:
  8. I don't participate in those events. But I feel you none the less. My chroma even in regular tile sets has to give up quite a bit of power just to make sure he can be buffing allies as well. Plus a slot to make sure people who pass by me get to keep the buff when the leave my range.
  9. Lel no. Trinity provides everything you'd want in a support. Sure, there are other options. But she's the only one that can do them all with the least restrictions possible. It's virtually impossible to make Trinity irrelevant through power creep unless she receives an overhaul that removes a lot of her power. But that would involve DE basically making a new frame entirely. I agree that her style of play is boring due to how she interacts with her allies and enemies. And if a rework were to ever happen for her that's where i'd like DE to focus the most. But saying she NEEDS a rework because options exist? Joke. Nothing is absolutely required in warframe anymore. Everything is viable given the right setup and can complete any activity in a reasonable time.
  10. I agree that team based buffs should be based on a % of affinity range. If only because we're seemingly moving towards open worlds.
  11. It's not like I think say baruuk is bad design. Heck I even wrote up in Revenant's megathread a way to make his current design work without massively retooling his kit. I just think the frames can be a lot better than what DE sticks us with, and it's frustrating when it seems like they ignore feedback even when they ask for it. At least as of late. As I mentioned before the thralls created by the pillars do not turn into pillars themselves upon death. This personally has killed Revenant for me. As I enjoyed using him to create a choke point full of pillars and guiding enemies into them. It's much harder to do that when you don't have control over your own thrall count. That's more about how they ended up. Not that they're designed for solo. Garuda certainly isn't. She just happened to be dropped into a sandbox where self sustain is too prevelant in a coop game. I know that it's one of the reasons why he's given multiple sources of DR. I'm just not a fan of using an ability that I basically have no control over. If you'd like I can attempt to find my thread about suggestions specifically for Baruuk. Again doesn't really retool his kit. Makes what he has work. My point is that in my eyes I use Baruuk for his 4. If I wanted a CC tank which is what the rest of his kit is there are better imo choices for that. His 4 HAS the potential to make me want it over all other exalted weapons. It just doesn't feel that way currently. Where as excal's to me feels fine. and I don't need to build up to use it. I can just use it in conjunction with the rest of his kit. (only issue with excal for me atm is forced executions when enemies are blinded.) Titania has a few issues. Her tribute buff is still very enemy dependent. The buffs themselves are not strong even post buff. One of the buffs (and effects of her 4) makes her harder to hit via an accuracy debuff. However some enemies don't care about that stat at all and will always hit. Her lantern still floats away too much despite their attempts to anchor it down. Her 4 doesn't get any pet benefits. The butterflies she creates has little interactions with her kit. And she has to constantly enter and exit her 4 to interact with the environment. I'm not a Titania main so I'm probably missing some buggy interactions with her. Hyldrin is just missing a bunch of qol. Her balefire seems pointless as an ability. It doesn't really do anything special which most exalteds do something different to warrent the extra cost for formaing them. My current guns hit harder than it does. So I see no point in using it. Shield pillage is inconsistently effective. Because it gives you shields on a 1:1 scale and is effected on your power strength and the amount of armor/shields the effected enemy currently has. This means at low levels, infested at all, and armor outside of end game will give you very little shielding. Which kinda sucks for a frame who's abilities require shields to use. Her 3 doesn't benefit her in anyway. Her 4 is a bit clunky movement wise. You equip two balefires but the second one is purely cosmetic. If we're forced to only use her balefire in her 4 that's un acceptable. Let her be able to rapid fire her shots with a RoF increase and charge up both when we're charging. At least with Hyldrin she's got a niche in that she ignores leeches which that alone is reason to play her sometimes.
  12. This is a re-occuring thing in your reply so i'll just state it here. Saying my points are null with following a flimsey statement does not make it so. If you can't properly counter a point i've listed in detail then don't bother responding to said point and move to one that you can do. She might not have. But you're splitting hairs. The point is that her pet was meant to be a big part of her kit. That was one of the many things advertized about her in her development cycle. It ended up not being that way. Which is my personal major let down for her. But I still love her regardless. I recall a backlash of her walls not being invulnerable anymore. Saying that they'd just take Frost. But iirc they didn't change much with her kit beyond that. So it's not like she flew under the radar. It was a heat of the moment anger episode. I don't ever recall her being called bad all around. Certainly not to the levels of Titania or Revenant. Nullstar iirc can be casted in the air and is a one handed animation. Means more smooth transition in and out of the ability. Better is debatable. she has an augment that lets her gain stars back without having to recast. Which can be seen as an up over Revenant's mesmer skin. My complaint about the ability on him is it's terrible feeling via slow and stuck to the ground. And that it clashes with his kit. Making his passive impossible to proc and the main point of Reave (health/shield regen) pointless. Dunno why you're being so aggressive. Any of the top tier dps frames can kill enemies just fine without her slash procs. We can make our own melee weapons and secondaries which vastly out perform normal weapons and can kill level 200 enemies without the aid of Garuda. And all the top tier primaries can melt those same leveled enemies in nearly the same time as our custom made weapons without help. It seems you've misunderstood my point. I'm not saying her capability of forcing slash procs is a bad thing to have. I'm saying that I don't ever see Garuda being asked for. I am saying that our weapons alone can kill 200+ level heavy armored enemies without it easily. I am saying she doesn't really help any of the top pick dps frames because their lethality is already insane without her. Garuda isn't bad. She just isn't a meta pick. Baruuk's kit stumbles over itself. Lull's sleep effect is negated by his desolate hands when they hit them. His desolate hands doesn't give him consistent DR because they always fly at enemies unless you nuke your range. Which ruins lull. Not to mention elude doubles the range in which those daggers seek enemies. And giving them to allies doesn't give them DR. The best way to play baruuk is to nuke your duration and have high range so you can spam out your abilities to burn your erosion meter away. I wouldn't mind his abilities effects being secondary to their primary goal of burning meter if his 4 actually felt good to use at high level. But it doesn't against heavy armored enemies. His combos are cool. It sets his exalted aside as being a unique one and not just a damage ability. Unfortunately the cc is the worst kind being ragdoll which hurts both your teams and your own DPS. You really didn't need to bash on Excal. Not very mature of you. You didn't really counter my point about him. Just called him boring and insulted him. I particularly like this statement the most. Because it really just sums up how you've approached this entire response. You've basically taken offense to someone disagreeing with you and then went out to personally attack the person when you could. You didn't really counter any point that was made. You attempted it once with the talk Of revenant's mesmer skin. The rest was just dismissive trash talking. I explained the negatives/perceived downsides to the frames you listed and attempted to explain why people have been increasingly critical about Warframes as of late. You can disagree if you want, i'm not here to try to convince you. Just to inform you since it genuinely seemed like you wanted to know the other half of this discussion. I'm not a min maxer. I don't play the most optimally. I was merely informing you of that side of the game. In their eyes if the gameplay isn't interesting enough to warrent playing or doesn't out right replace something currently being used then it's a failure to them. There is nothing wrong with that statement. It's just a different style of play. In my eyes i've always liked Khora, Gara, and Garuda. I initially liked Baruuk until I spend some good time with him. He's still alright. But overall he needs a lot of polish if I want to play him a lot more. The only two frames you've mentioned that I out right dislike Is revenant and Hyldrin. And i'll avoid going into why to not make this reply any longer than it already is. For the record those are the only 2 frames DE has ever released that i've genuinely disliked. With what I know of whisp I mostly like her current kit. My main issue being her 1. And that her 4 seems to be just a damage ability that leaves her rather vulnerable. I don't mind pure damage abilities if they're designed well. But it's getting a little tiring that DE (aside from Hyldrin) has been on a binge of having a damage ultimate lately. When those are almost always nerfed because they end up being too good. And then they end up not being worth the cost. But preference wise I always prefer synergy and utility above everything. So if her current 4 had some direct synergy with the rest of her kit it would be more palletable for me. I urge you to think a little more before you respond to me again. I really would dislike having to write you off and ignore further replies. But if you can't avoid making assumptions about myself and can't avoid trying to attack or dismiss me then you're a waste of time and energy. I rarely come on here anyway because I quit playing months ago. I don't need nor want to come back to poor responses such as yours.
  13. Frames are sought after for two reasons. Something interesting that varies up gameplay or something that replaces a current frame in value to vary up gameplay. If a frame does neither that's a bit of a problem. I would say Nidus spoiled us. Mesa isn't anything special design wise. She just feels fun because bullet hell. It just so happens that she also gets 90% DR with an ability that means her fun is also viable. That being said there isn't anything wrong with expecting close to the quality of frames Like Nidus. Khora's main hate is more how her pet is basically a glorified heal bot. Her being the first potential summoner kit and it not turning out that way is the painful part. The exalted whip being absent was a hot take hate. Once DE polished her up that disappeared. Gara was never really thrown away. She's always been considered good and a top pick. Our operators can heal us. Survival isn't an issue these days for even squishy frames. And there are far better synergistic ways that let people live forever. Mesmer skin is a slow cast 2 handed ground animation that doesn't offer anything gameplay wise to go along with it. That's real bad. Garuda's problem is she fits absolutely no where. Her main selling point is forced slash procs. Please tell me one place where that is a desired thing to have. I'll wait. Again. Survival isn't and hasn't been an issue for several months now. The entire point of his kit is abusing it so you unlock use of his 4. His 4 doesn't feel worth the effort. If I wanted a mass killing 4 exalted I can go play exalibur. Only thing Baruuk has on him is tanky. Which excal doesn't even need. When your game is based on grinding as efficiently as possible to have even some of the newer additions to the game "fun" isn't going to cut it. You can like these frames. but denying the fact that they could be a lot better only shoots the game in the foot later on. Because you're accepting mediocrity. Which means the devs are expected to do less. So we get less. I wholeheartedly disagree. My main reason I don't play Vauban is because of his casting. I hate how it feels on a pad. It cramps my hands. And there is literally no way for me to tell if one of my mines went off unless i'm watching it. I don't care if the effects are not top tier. I hate having to constantly cycle and recast and babysit my mines. it's far less stressful to just ignore them entirely and only use bastelle/vortex.
  14. Oh boy. Where to start...I guess first is that when we say "bad" we DO NOT mean "can't complete content." Every frame in the game is capable of that. Back in the days of the void having a frame work at all content was a high point of design. These days that's the minimum bar people expect for any frame being added in. When someone refers to him being bad they're referring to his design. So what is wrong with it? Thematics: This might seem like a nitpick but it really isn't. Theme is important for really two main reasons. First it helps a player step into an experience. It helps them get an idea of how a frame is meant to be used and potentially how you can vary up that gameplay by achieving the same goal but from a different approach. And second it helps DE create a more cohesive frame. Which means if they ever need to revisit said frame they can more easily do so. Since they'll likely know 100% what they need to change and how to change it without destroying the kit's identity. Revenant is a vampire/Eidolon frame. Which creates confusion from a gameplay perspective. Gameplay loop: Some frames have a loop. Or things that you are supposed to be doing in order to reach a specific point or be fulfilling a goal. Nidus is about building stacks so he doesn't die and so he can help himself and his allies survive. Then you have frames that don't have a loop. Their gameplay is more organic. It's about finding ways to play the game that compliment your abilities. Essentially the abilities are what you make of them. A good example of this would be Mag. As you can be heavily cc focused with her 1 and her 3 with augment. Or you could be about enemy control and damage with her 2 and her 4. Or a mix of both. Revenant's a kit that has a built in loop. You make thralls to kill thralls to gain thralls. As revenant is supposed to gain value from both. The issue here is rather simple. Nothing of value is obtained from making thralls. Alive thralls would be damage soaks for him. Or a source of survival via reaving them for health and shields. Alive thralls also propagate the effect for him. But none of that works out. Allies kill his thralls easily. So they can't be damage soaks or a source of survival for him OR propagate for him. Value on death is meant to be damage cc and some survivability. They also propagate for him. But the damage is inconsistent since you can't rely on enemies to walk into the flames. the propagate effect is useless because those thralls when they die do not create more pillars. And the overshields given are a small amount that you can't increase with stats and you have to go pick them up. This doesn't even mention that destroying his pillars actually harms his one benefit from the pillars. His limit is only 7 thralls at any time. and you can only make thralls 1 at a time. Mesmer skin: Short and sweet. Situational survival tool since it's a power that can be turned off. Long casting ground animation that you're forced to sit in. Completely overrides your passive use and the main benefit from Reave. It's both very bad and very good since you can recast it. Reave: REQUIRES thralls to be useful. Mesmer skin makes it an expensive movement tool. Has no redeeming qualities out of a niche one shot build that takes too long to setup to even be worth considering unless you're playing solo. Danse: Boring damage spin ability. Forces you to channel for worthwhile damage on an already heavy energy drain costing ability. No good synergies with his kit. Being a "faster" disco ball via reave casting or a snap shot speed boost from a niche team setup doesn't count as positives. His old ULT was boring visually but function well mechanically. His current is a meme that someone should frankly lose their job over. I tollerate it purely because it's the most "eidolon" themed thing in his kit. And i'd be more accepting of it if the rest of his kit was eidolon in nature. As is it's just a funny looking damage ability that people meme with by dumping stupid amounts of strength into so they can't be yelled at for bringing him into end game. He's only notable for his Mesmer skin. As there are far better damage abilities for less investment and better design. And Mesmer skin only allows you to live. Which is absolutely not something to be proud of when our operators can heal our frames and also cc the hell out of enemies on their own. Not to mention the plethera of other frame abilities that either work along side the frames kit giving them more than just " I don't die" effect or can't be switched off via an enemy. Solo surviving is not an issue in 2019 and it hasn't been a sought after function in frames for quite some time.
  15. "Waffles about" is my new favorite phrase. will try to assimilate that into my verbiage. As a long time Nyx fan/player i'll offer my two cents. Mind control does have it's issues, Mainly on the AI side of things. Simply put their behavior is bad. They do things like reloading, taking cover, and just standing still for no reason. They also do a pretty poor job of following Nyx around. Damage actually really isn't an issue because the brief stun period allows you and your allies to dump into the target to buff it's damage. It certainly won't nuke heavy enemies. But it does decent enough damage. DE could and should probably just write a specific behavior pattern for Nyx's AI to make it more aggressive. I'd like to see some "team firing" going on personally. Meaning the target will attack whatever Nyx is actively attacking. And if nyx isn't actively ADSing to attack a specific target then the mind controlled person will attack whatever it wants.Beyond that though I would like Nyx to have the ability to hold to cast the ability. Doing so would ramp up the damage you gave it and the duration of the target. So in extended missions you're not constantly having to recast unless you want a new target. Her bolts were already addressed recently. It would be nice if they had smarter AI to hit the more important targets or give us the ability to have more than 6 on a field at a time. But that's kinda nitpicking at this point. Same with wanting multiple instances of chaos again. Really the only two other major issues are her passive and her 4. Her passive has traditionally been seen as a way to help her survive in some indirect manner. The problem with the current one is that some enemies don't care about the accuracy stat. Plus you can't actively quantify the feeling of not getting shot at in an easy way to the player. Her old passive was better but it had the chance to screw up your MC'd target by disarming them on cast. So she just needs a new passive all together. (maybe introduce the disarm feature to her bolts alone.) Her 4 is a problem because it's her other active survival tool. But DE continues to treat it as a damage ability. Which is being done poorly regardless of the two changes they made. And just doesn't fit thematically with a frame who's all about effecting the enemies indirectly. The only current use it has out of a lulz build with the augment is to protect an objective if the primary defense goes down. But that benefit is faaar too niche for a frame's 4th ability.
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