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  1. Might be true. Just stating my preferences Understandable. And I feel you. I do not care for his 4 either. I rarely use it.
  2. I wasn't one of the people who voted for this theme I thought there were better options. That being said I think DE nailed the asthetic and overall visuals of it. But I don't particularly find any of the abilities interesting. The 1 even if it did make eidolon hunting easier would still be boring to me. Disarming enemies and having the guns shoot back seems cool. But I don't think the way it currently works is going to turn out decent. 3 is just a mixed bag. Idk. and the 4th looks visually cool. But I don't see why you wouldn't always be exploded. Doesn't seem like there's a downside to it.
  3. I mean. I don't support it because I like bits of how Revenant works as is. But I will say of the abilities you designed on their own I think the vomulist one is probably the best one of the bunch. Creative and pretty useful too. The second ability just sounds like a bog standard DR ability. Even if Revenant's mesmer skin has issues I still like it's charge system for being different compared to DE's typical buff that gives 90% DR approach. I like some of the mechanics of the third ability but it feels lacking. Can't say what though. And I don't really care for the 4th. Just because on principal I don't really care for exalted weapons anymore. Same with quiver style abilities. I'd be interested in seeing you flesh out some of these concepts a bit more as I can just pretend you're making another frame rather than letting my feelings for Revenant cloud my thoughts on your suggestions.
  4. Hmm off the top of my head: Blood letting on my Valkyr replacing ripline Greedy pull for my Mesa replacing balistic battery Nyx's psy bolts to replace Baruuk's 1 Rhino charge to replace Grendel's 3 Willow wisp to replace mind control for Nyx And celestial twin for Mag to replace crush
  5. I mean yeah there's ways it can go wrong. But I want to see the list of abilities first. Having something like Greedy pull for Mesa already sounds quite appealing. I also really like that it's a system specifically aimed to not be for newer players. This means it can be totally niche and something for long time players without having to mess with the ecosystem of the main game where newer players are.
  6. Warframe has always been a gear check game. We've just not been gear checked by the game in a very long time. Steel path serves as a mode for people who wish to min max builds, we've not had content that justifies that in a very long time. I think steel path can be tuned to be better via more options/reduxed rewards but people shouldn't be looking at it as the "new" way to play the game in any capacity. For once DE actually created a one off mode that is well and truly seperate from the game.
  7. Not entirely true. Some raids are more combat focused and some are more mechanical execution based. Fails happened either because you couldn't execute when you needed to or your gear wasn't up to snuff. The person you were quoting is emphasizing player choice. The content is essentially designed for specific types of players. Warframe's design is more fluid and less clear cut. How a mission goes is far more dependent on you as a player rather than the specific mode you chose.
  8. What I meant was that if I listed a numbers in the form of hours you could very easily argue how many hours defines a vet. Which is why I stated the same argument could be made. As for the links you provided I clipped them out to shorten the wall of text. But i'm definitely interested about your suggestions. I will look at them and then DM you when I get home later. I just mainly wanted to respond to thank you for the very decent discussion. it was quite refreshing.
  9. We'd be having the same argument if I mentioned hours of time instead of MR. This is essentially just nitpicking my example instead of looking at what the example was stating. It doesn't disprove my statement and just serves to draw out the discussion in a pointless manner. I've not seen the video where brozime fights Vay hek on hardmode nor have I seen a video of someone else soloing vayhek on hard mode faster. So the specific example here doesn't work for me. But if I had to make a statement on it...I'd say people are again looking at things too broadly and trying to make absolute statements about something instead of accepting a bit of gray into their perspectives. I'm sure there's some build you can make that would easily hit Vay hek's mandatory invincible triggers in hard mode. Just as you can take a good Khorra build into hard mode and mob trash like you're playing regular star chart. Neither would disprove the complaint about EHP values being too much. As that's more of a subjective thing to argue about. Since you have to quantify how much is too much. I'm a bit confused here so i'm just going to assume you're asking me how to address hardmode complaints. What I say won't fix all of them and to be frank you can't please everyone. I would adjust the modifiers downward slightly and make sure the rewards are there to some capacity. That's it. I think hardmode is perfectly fine to be a hard gear check. I don't think hard mode was meant to be the solution for people who want more engaging gameplay out of WF. Frankly I don't think that's even possible for WF given how it's designed. Railjack could have been this imho since it was a completely seperate part of the game. I would say Arcanes were the rewards for vet players way back in the day. Not easily obtained. Drastically different content that required different approaches to general gameplay. etc. In current day WF? Probably nothing that's not a one off cosmetic drop. Emphemeras are sort of a great idea for this. But most of them iirc are just locked behind RNG. The solution here has been the tried and true "token system" that keeps getting suggested. As that provides meaningful progression some what. For current day WF likely something that is a hard gear check. So potentially hard mode. Brozime's suggestion to redux reward drops just for a single node on each planet seems like a nice way to do the rewards as well. Because at least in his specific example it's cutting out a significant part of the farm for relics.
  10. While I fully agree with this being a better way to make difficult content it's not a solution for Warframe. Things already kill us pretty fast unless you have some form of damage reduction in your kit. Making them kill even faster would feel incredibly terrible because a vast majority of the enemies in the game fire hitscan weaponry at us. There's really only two ways this game can be "difficult" in it's current form. Statistical changes which is what Hard mode is, and making enemies immune to things. Both are not fun and engaging to deal with for the most part and that's why the devs have been trying to move away from that stuff in regular content. Hardmode being a hard gear check is fine and people need to accept that's what it can only be. DE can still adjust the parameters to make it a more bareable and rewarding experience and I think they should. But I think people trying to look at hardmode as a new way to play the game by it being more engaging than standard content are setting themselves up for disappointment. As I don't think that was the intent for the mode. At best it could maybe be a piece of content that finally exists for vets who like to push their builds to the max. As the content would support that finally. And the rewards would be a nice icing on top. So it could actually be useful for someone and have a lasting stay.
  11. You'd need to provide evidence that the average player is purchasing weapons that are out of their MR range for you to state MR doesn't gauge time invested. I never claimed it to be 100% accurate. Just mentioned that it's a some what reasonable way to track. Not to mention i'm pretty sure DE has stated as much before. I honestly don't quite understand why you think it's unreasonable for someone who's spent a 1000+ hours to have something to show for their time invested into the game. The fact that you keep twisting my stuff to make it look like i'm talking negatively about newer players makes me feel like you don't have an answer to this. And so you're attempting to dispel any legitimate points I could be making by coming at it from a different angle. Regardless of what you think I have stated I've specifically restated what I mean. So either focus on that and stop arguing semantics or just drop this segment of the discussion entirely. Not sure how this actually addresses my complaint. You're just moving the goal post of the discussion here. And some people spend a lot more time in the game and would like to see that mean something. Why is that a problem. Xoris is verifiably one of the worst stat sticks you can use for builds that need a stat stick. Nor is it a weapon from the good type of melee weapons and it's probably not even the best glaive we have stat wise. Xoris brought convenience. DE instead of addressing the issues that Xoris bandaids a bit just removes the solution. So of course people are upset. The actual "power" Xoris brings has existed for several months and the convenience it gives via modding has been covered by rivens for just as long because rivens still effect these abilities for whatever reason. At least educate yourself about the situation before trying to throw it in someone's face. Yeah that's specifically what I just listed. I mean if you'd like to blanket dismiss a whole group of people over some people you personally witnessed i'm just not even going to bother. As for your example it's not a very fitting one. Of course anyone who spends a year playing the game is going to clear something faster than a fresh account. That's basically false misrepresentation of the situation. I mean if anything this just sums up your entire slew of responses better then the half baked "arguments" you've thrown my way. You think it's a game to pass the time and nothing more. Again, cool for you. But you've no right to attack others just because they happen to care a bit more on how their time is invested. Me asking the developers to give the veterans one shred of content that they specifically asked for isn't asking DE to exclusively cater to the group. Never claimed it to be 100% accurate. Just going off of the general game structure and word of mouth via DE. Premium currency muddies the water in any discussion about game design. That's a whole different discussion. Blanket dismissal isn't a counter argument. It's a lazy reply. Between you and the other person this specific segment right here is actually the best i've seen. Defining a veteran is a fair point to make so bravo on that. I'll have to get back to you on that so it can be a short but sweet definition. As for the hard mode thing I think you're again looking at it too broadly. There are people who like that they actually have to consider what to bring for their gear now. That like how you have to actually prepare for the specific type of content they're going to do. And that you can't use everything at your disposal. The feeling it brings which is essentially a gear check is something some of them like. That doesn't mean that the way it's doing it is 100% great though. Some fine tuning of the numbers needs to happen. And of course the rewards need to be there. (perhaps they are now. I've not seen the changes to the rewards DE made post feedback yet.) There are some of course who want more mechanical difficulty and not this. So "hard mode isn't hard" is a complaint that makes sense. In MMO's raids are considered to be where the best rewards usually are. You need to really grind your way there to even manage to do the raid. Let alone be able to efficiently run the raid multiple times without it dragging on forever. In games like path of exile they have seasons. That in itself is fairly complex to type out and you'd better benefit from watching a video. But poorly summerized it's kind of like a soft reset to your character. But you don't start 100% over because your gear and build isn't instantly outdated. There's new stuff to chase to slot in that fine tunes your build to tackle newer stuff that non optimized builds will struggle to do. I wouldn't say I want path of exile's setup for warframe and to be fair what I want from warframe in the grandscheme of things is never going to happen. The bottom line is really just that DE hasn't ever attempted to make an end game which is where vets would stick to for the most part. If DE doesn't want to create an end game and they don't want to make the game something that is a true time investment game then that's fine. They just need to be clear about it. As is the game looks like it wants to be friendly and doable for new players. But the way it's structured seems like it wants you to theory craft with your builds to make insanely powerful frames/builds. The problem with the latter is that there's nothing that supports that content wise. Where as the former has basically the entirety of Warframe as a playground.
  12. I'm honestly just floored that I have to explain such a basic sentence to you again and again so i'm just out after this. MR was used as a example to some what accurately chart how long someone has been playing/how much of the game someone has interacted with. I was in no way indicating that a lower MR player was to be treated less and you've entirely missed the point on what I meant by respect. So I will try again and for the third and final time. There's absolutely zero reason in the game to push your builds as far as they can go. There's is zero reason to min max any particular setup you have. Both of these things are factors that are more relevant to people who've been around forever than people who only play the game casually. The developers continue to develop content that anyone can complete. They go out of their way to make sure people just getting into the game can get anything in the game and play anything in the game. This kind of design means there is very little incentive to stick around after you've completed the latest content drop. The vets for the most part have been asking for some specific piece of content that challenges their build crafting. Something that gives meaning to the time they invest into the game. Like if everyone could farm for some new and desired mods. But the vets could do so more efficiently because of what they have available to them. I really do not know how to spell it out for you. There is basically no lasting reason to play the game. If you're totally fine with this than more power to you. But I don't see what is wrong with giving something to veteran players. Clearly not. Because if it was sufficient and what veterans have been wanting then player retention wouldn't be a constant problem. Warframe only peaks with population when new content drops. The devs are aware of this. So they cater more towards bringing in the big numbers than they do finding ways to keep players around who've been around for awhile. No one is asking for them to exclusively cater to vets. But it seriously wouldn't hurt them to give them something they actually want. It's not like other games don't do a decent job at supporting longevity whilst creating new things to pull in new players. DE just doesn't care enough. If Warframe isn't meant to be a game you invest time into like more popular mmo/rpg style games then all they need to do is be clear on that. But they insist they're aware of the issue and that they don't cater to any one crowd.
  13. There are some weapon choices you do not have at MR8 that are considered to be good iirc. You're focusing a bit too hard on the specifics in my example and missing the overall point. Which to restate is that veterans time investment isn't respected because there really isn't any content exclusively for them. Nor does them putting that much effort to be where they got going to make universal content much easier to complete.
  14. Burn out is not a blanket response to someone's feelings about the end game perspective. It's been pretty heavily debated and a point of annoyance that the game does not respect time investment from a veteran's situation. No, it's an example of what I was talking about. Your effort to get to MR20 is not accurately reflected in the game. Your time spent has deminishing returns. There are other live/service style games that manage to tackle this issue better. We want DE to at least attempt to do so instead of funneling 90% of the content being aimed at new players. A large majority of your weapons are viable in a vast majority of the content without rivens. We've not existed in that exclusive time period since the void exploded. You can't accurately argue about rivens giving you a choice when your limited to how often you can obtain them and how little control over what you get out of them. Xoris's gimmick allows for more freedom of mod choice since you do not need to worry about the combo counter. Rivens simimilalry can replace 2 or more mods in a given build thus freeing up mod choice. That is the very legitimate comparison. Blanket disregarding my legitimate argument simply because i'm apart of the screw rivens group is lazy and annoying. Not to mention saying there is technically a difference is just nitpicking rather than addressing my point. Rivens are farmable loot boxes that have a very big impact on gameplay. Obviously if they were to stop them from being tradeable the system would need to be overhauled. Which i'm totally for. I'm not stating that rivens are their cash cow. I'm stating that it's a constant and consistent stream of cash flow specifically because of how they're implemented. And that no developer no matter how good intentioned they are isn't going to just axe on a whim a reliable source of decent money.
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