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  1. The new system got me excited for a moment until i realized my one shot Covert Lethality dagger to gain quick health with Inaros will also be affected. But change can also be good right? Either way, i'm looking forward to the rework of the melee system and to find out more about the Parazon.
  2. The new Kavat should have a life drain buff since it's a vampire kavat.
  3. I'm on a semi break. Will come back for the Nightwave Intermission but when RDR2 comes out on PC November the 5th i guess i'll take a long break from Warframe.
  4. I don't think the Thumper would stay inside the Simulacrum since they tend to bounce of beyond the horizon on the Plains.
  5. Well then i can take my time to farm the the last part for the Pathocyst 👍
  6. Will the Zeloid Prelate assassination mission also be removed? Wolf's assassination mission was removed and now you can only spawn him with a beacon so i guess the same thing will happen to the Zeloid Prelate. I started to farm the parts for the Pathocyst weapon 2 days ago but I'm still missing the Subcortex part for it.
  7. I've been using Razer Synapse for many years so no need to be worried about getting banned for using it!
  8. Just logged in to Warframe and to my suprise my Xiphos Orbiter looks weird. The only color that works for the engines is the default one. This makes me and Ordis sad. And when your loading into a mission or Relay the Orbiter looks super bright.
  9. I killed one of the Zealot when i was invisible with my Loki to see if they revive eachother or if a Devotee shows up but the other Zealot just stand still and does nothing. Haven't seen Devotees in a long time since i rarely die when going solo but i've seen them in Sorties when team members get downed.
  10. They are human like but they are crazy and explode spores around them if you don't not kill them fast enough.
  11. Found 2 of them during a Mobile Defense but they died faster then i could take a screenshot 😄
  12. Awesome! Can't wait even thou the stream starts in the middle of the night where i live i can't miss this Prime stream!
  13. Wonder if his belly is animated when he devour his enemies. That would be cool! Still going to get him day one beacuse he is a thicc boi!
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