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  1. Those Arbitration changes I can already tell you are horrible lol. Hopefully you guys change Nightwave for the better as well on the next season of it, some of the challenges are rediculous, and nobody likes dailies/weeklies. I can't think of anyone who played an MMO of some type who was like "Hey I like these dailies" aside from daily dungeons in WoW I guess. Not to mention some of the Daily/Weeklies in this game take stupid time compared to most others. Edit: Also no Wolf spawns from this event, even if it was the first 6 weeks you figure at least one would've happened, which dropped all momentum of hyping up that boy.
  2. Got an interesting bug that's happening now. Upon attempting to join the planes, anybody who tries to connect to me, or vice versa instantly disconnects. Sometimes this results in infinite elevator loading times. What's interesting about this is it's loading the exact same instance of Orb Vallis, as the Wolf People keep spawning every time I enter. Edit1: It only loaded the same instance the first few times, it was likely because I was trying to connect to the same group over and over. Edit2: This seems to only apply to free roam for me, bounties work perfectly fine. Edit3: Other posts seem to point to it being the matchmaking attempting to join an in progress Orb fight which I would be inclined to agree with, as every time I load in after a fail it plays the "Deck 12" dialogue.
  3. I mean yeah Saryn is pretty good atm at defense/onslaught, and the fact it scales is what makes it so good. The other 2 I practically never see (Equinox and Volt), I do see Garas fairly often and Mesa (though I think Mesa is in a fairly okay place at the moment). Especially with mobs coming out who are immune to warframe abilities. This is a much more fundamental problem, one that DE has been debating on how to fix for a long time, the new player experience. Right now these are problems for you but for higher level missions this is not as obvious. If they balance warframes based off new players things like Embers current state happens, which is funny cuz she still rolls through starchart content killing enemies through walls but got ruined for late game as her CC got nerfed pretty hard with half radius and double energy cost. One easy fix I would think would be to add matchmaking according to MR, as this would limit the 4 spammers that would appear in low MR lobbies. In the end though that's just my opinion, Or add preference matchmaking. Tbh either works
  4. Exploiter Orb stops spawning fissures sometimes for some reason. My assumption was too much damage in a small time frame, now it's bugged just kinda doing its own thing. Edit: This is after about an hour, feels bad to have wasted so much time for nothing (actually losing diluted thermia) Edit2: Could we get matchmaking for exploiter orb much like the Eidolons?
  5. In a few of my games now we've had the coolant canisters despawn on us, unsure of what is causing it (after sealing when trying to pick up). Also if host leaves in middle of a sealing, it breaks and you must reset the map.
  6. Is there any chance we could get another aquarium/more fish in the aquarium as with the new fish we can't fit them all? Thanks for all the hard work enjoying fortuna.
  7. Fishing bugged for clients, sends out shock but does no damage and doesn't reel in. Worked when I made myself host.
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