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  1. no not all infested weapons are an infected version of a weapon from another faction, only a handful of them are, like the mutalist weapons and torid
  2. no they didn't there is no mire wraith, no scoliac vandal, no mios prime, no equivalent to any of those. infested weapons don't have an upgrade version like other faction weapons do.
  3. when are infested weapons going to get an upgrade variant like that of wraith/vandal/prime/kuva
  4. not going to lie not happy with this change, especially with the 3rd bar as long as it is, this just feels painful and kind of discourages me from helping my friends with their liches and them from helping me with mine if our liches are not on the same planets. Cause it just means slower progress for that 3rd bar, really hope you guys reconsider and revert this change
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