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  1. guess I'm waiting till the next half for the excal skin, any possibly ETA on when we will see round 19 part 2?
  2. this is cool really wish I could of had this option when I ranked up, never wanted the fish trophy or any fish trophy honestly but love captura scenes
  3. good start, still needs more, base stats of range and duration are way to low on just about all xaku's abilities, none of them feel cozy but more importantly void damage, even with this change there is still the much needed rework of the void status proc all together, currently in most situations the bullet attract or proc is useless at best, a nuisance at worst when it pulls your projectiles away from say the head of the enemy and themeatically it does not fit for the concept of "void" a type of other worldly energy that has been hyped up for years to be not only poison to sentients but ex
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