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  1. ever since the jovian concord Ivara's quiver and artemis bow UI elements have been bugged to the point of nearly being unusable
  2. there was am email some time back saying how they will have to do two shipments one in march and one in june I believe, the june one is because they got way more orders than they were expecting so need to have more time to make a second batch
  3. any word on making raptors, jackals, hyenas, and the larger raknoids of the vallis respect the rules of certain warframe powers? Currently their power immunity drastically reduces the number of frames viable to use on the orb vallis in content like this, and I don't even understand why they have the immunities to begin with, it makes sense for their boss variants, but these aren't those boss variants, these are more akin to elite/heavy units not a boss or mini boss
  4. so fun lil tidbit, for some reason you can't charge garuda's 1 to throw the ball if your using a "use selected power" binding on controller
  5. on the topic of bait, could we get reusable blueprints for the servo fish bait? I'd rather not have to spend standing every time I wanna go out and fish rarer fish in mass
  6. 7 updates later and still no fix to being unable to bind block to the left trigger on a controller
  7. the controller binding bug where you can't block if its bound to left trigger is still persisting, seriously please fix this its kind of a big deal for anyone who does a lot of melee and uses that binding
  8. still need a fix for melee block not working if its bound to the right trigger
  9. any ETA on a fix for controllers not being able to bind block and aim to the same button, I want my block glide back and the ability to do half the combos in the game again
  10. reporting a bug in regards to controller bindings, for some odd reason you can't bind melee block to the same button as aim, would greatly appreciate if this gets fixed
  11. so about volt's cloth physics, when is that happening?
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