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  1. 37 minutes ago, Gernok42 said:

    I ran into the same issue, of thurible not resoring my energy. After some testing in the simulacrum, I found that letting thurible consume your energy bar entirely, as opposed to turning off manually, seems to cause the buff to not restore energy as you described. Hitting 3 before all your energy is consumed seems to make it work correctly.

    Was just about to come report this bug myself,  good to know someone already found a work around.  

  2. I've been getting what seem to be random FPS drops since an update or so before 18.5.  I thought it might have been me using my power Strength Nekros but the drops occur even without him and I've run into them against every faction.  With V-sync on (which it always is for me since having it off breaks syndanas) I generally have a smooth 60 fps but randomly it'll drop to 55, 50, 45 and I've even had quick drops to sub 30. It never stays below 30 but if a lot of stuff happens it might stay in the mid 50's.  I've actually found a couple repeatable FPS drops, one of them is simply in the menu. If I press escape to bring up the menu and move my mouse up and down my FPS will randomly drop to between 57 and 50 for a second or two and then go back up to 60 for a few seconds and then drop back down again. The other is activating the foundry, market, changing loadouts etc, give me a quick fps drop to around 45.   I do have a sweetFX applied but I had one prior to the update in question without any issues (in fact it was a fancier one, I downgraded in hopes of fixing the issue) and I have turned it off and that does not fix the issue.


    My Specs:

    Windows 10 pro 64-bit 

    Intel i7 4770k

    GeForce GTX 770

    16GB DDR3 RAM

    and Warframe is installed on my SSD

  3. Yeah, they're definitely a little off in the animation department.  As for my preference, I'd toss my vote in with animations like those of the Ember Celica from RWBY: https://youtu.be/QCw_aAS7vWI?t=3m22s


    I would have posted a GIF but I can't seem to find a good one of the Ember Celica firing through google.

    DE give me this, i need a RWBY weapon in game and you're so close with the Staticor!

  4. Good.


    You like billions of effects ribbon proccing all in short consecutive bursts? Because F*** that.


    It's a good visual indicator that doesn't require me to look up in the corner of the screen every 10 or so seconds to see if the effect is still going/running out.  But, to be fair, I haven't used it on any auto-fire weapons, only my Rakta Cernos.


    It also gives a nice feeling of "yeah, nailed that long distance headshot!"

  5. That swirl of color that used to appear when Argon Scope activated is no longer showing up when I get a headshot. The effect still activates and the timer appears but the visual indication does not. 


    I do have a SweetFX configuration installed but I've turned it off and the effect is still gone.  This problem only started recently, I distinctly remember seeing the effect while the Shadow Debt event was still going on.  I do not know if this problem extends to other Event mods, I do not have them all and therefore cannot test. If anyone else has experienced this with Argon Scope or another of the mods feel free to share.

  6. Yes because you'll run same boring missions just to kill them faster for 350 times now. Totally believe it. Also that point is invalid as we're all know why Torment went down so fast yesterday. It wasn't because of people who were doing it for "other reason but the mods". 99% are doing it for the mods.

    Not invalid just worded badly. I should have said that there are plenty of people who just run it for the mods, but there are also plenty people who don't.

    And you're right, I won't run it 350 times, no one HAS to run it that much, I'll run it if I happen to be online and the acolyte is there partially to get mods partially to get to the next part of the event. If I don't be the mod I want oh well, at least we're closer to the next phase of the event.

  7. I hope that this "event" will be a failure then (in fact it already is but), because surprise, if those are not event mods, there's no reason to kill the Acolytes at all. So basically people are wasting hours of their lives for wha exactly? What reason is here? None beside the mods.

    To get to the next part of the event faster so you get those rewards, to see what happens with the event storyline. Just because you're only doing for the mods doesn't mean other people are. There are a couple mods I want so I'm running the acolytes when I can but if I don't get them it isn't a big deal since they'll be back.

  8. Yeah, from 2 to 4% such an impovement. And it feels more like 0,2 to 0,4 since - funny thing! didn't get a single rare mod since this **** hotfix came out. Not a single rare mod in 120 runs. Happy now? I bet you are, since it's so worth it if you can't just play solo and was too salty with people aborting their games. 


    If you don't like grinding, you shouldn't be praising this. What happened to the normal event system? Remember when we got mods just by playing the mission? Well I personally don't because it's my first event. And it sucks like nothing else so far in the game.

    The big difference between those events and this one is the fact these are not "event" mods like the slash or impact mods, they are mods that just happen to drop from target of the event and we have confirmation that they'll be back. The rewards for this event are potatoes, sigils and a wraith weapon later, not the mods, those are just a bonus. Just because we've had events that gave mods as rewards doesn't mean every event needs to nor does it mean that just because new mods show up during an event that they should be a guaranteed drop.

  9. It's hard to get a group together to do any hard testing of this but the past two times I've attempted to revive someone when I should have had an instant revive stocked from activating my Vazarin focus, it didn't work. I had to go through the normal slow revive process.  I was the client, not the host so it could be an issue with that, again, I can't seem to get anyone together to perform any focused tests.


    I've checked multiple times that I had the New Moon Passive equipped when attempting to do so and I know passive are activating since the protection ward passive that I also have equipped worked just fine.



    EDIT: Another topic addressing this was made while I was typing, disregard this post.

  10. I just need to double check on this. From what I understand it should be one part at rank 1 spy (lvl 1-14), one part at rank 2 (15-24) and two parts at rank 3 (25+).  I've done close to 70 complete runs of Suisei and have only got a lot of T1 keys to show for it and I wanted to make sure I'm not just beating my head against the wall (running a pointless node) when there's a door a foot away from me.

  11. When we are are supposed to pick a focus school some of the descriptions are exceptionally unclear.  I hate being forced to make a major decision like that without being given more info than a vague description.


    I prefer caster frames such as Ember or Volt, in fact I main Volt Prime.  I figured Vazarin, the school made for reacting and adapting to the enemy might involve a focus on Tenno powers, I'd also considered Naramon with it being the know thy enemy tree but I decided Vazarin sounded like it fit my playstyle more.  Apparently healing is now considered countering the enemy.  It's not horrible, I can definitely use the powers, especially the ability to instantly revive allies (a bit iffy on the fact that it's toted as "up to several times per mission" since the exact amount isn't given and if it's total instead of per ally...) but it's not what would have been my first choice. The fact that one of the Vazarin powers is a passive that reflects damage taken, and again, with super squishy Volt Prime being my main, that seems like something I'd need to grab a tank frame to use.


    Zenurik on the other hand, the actual energy/power school is labeled as the "Dominate the Enemy" tree who's purpose is to "choke an opponent of all resources". Stun enemies, restore energy, increase power efficiency, see through walls, yeah that would have been my pick.


    Now I've got to rely on the Sortie drop table being nice enough to give me a Zenurik lens so I can start working on the 50k focus xp I need to unlock it, and hope that the fact that my Primary school being Vazarin doesn't make "secondary" school abilities less effective.



    TLDR - I really love the update but I would have preferred much clearer descriptions of each of the schools and either showing what each schools default power was or simply showing the trees at the choice.

  12. Hmm, I'll have to take a look at my options as I upgrade to 10 some time ago but it's gonna be around 16-20 hours from now before I get into warframe again.

    In the meantime update your drivers. Like all of them. The easiest way would be using something like Driver Booster 3 as it does all the job for you. Windows 10 is compatible with Windows 7&8.1 drivers afaik but it might have some impact and I'm really not sure if Windows 10 gets all the new drivers on instalation.

    Even if it won't work than oh well, at least you've got up to date drivers now.

    How safe is Drive Booster 3 for Windows 10? I looked through some reviews and some of them mention having problems with 10. I'm a little iffy messing with drivers in an indirect way since that time I updated my Intel display drivers for my i7 4770k  and it dropped my fps to the 30's so I tried to fix it by removing the driver since I could have sworn my Gpu was in charge of the display so figured it wouldn't hurt anything. Ended up with a black screen even on the boot screen.


    With select graphic options being grayed out, your problem might rely on your RAM. What's its size? My current RAM is 2.00 GB, which allows my cpu to barely run the highest graphics settings with a GTX 660. If a program suddenly starts in my cpu background, warframe will crash.

    I'm hoping to upgrade to at least 4.00 GB by Christmas. I would suggest the same, if not higher, such as two RAM 4.00GB sticks for a total of 8.00 GB for your 770. 

    On a side note, around update 15 64bit just "stopped" working. Try unchecking "64bit" in the launchers options (tiny gear in the top right corner) and see if that helps.

    I've got 16GB of RAM plus whatever my GTX 770 has built in.

  13. This is something that's come to my attention recently. I'm not sure the exact time this happened but I can no longer activate these settings. First noticed it when I decided to mess around with my Volt Prime and I noticed his idle didn't create a massive shower of particles like it used to. I'm running an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card on WIndows 10 with 16GB of RAM.  I do have SweetFX in Warframe but I've been using that longer than I've been using Windows 10 and I distinctly remember Physx still working even after installing the SweetFX.

    The most likely culprit I can think of is the Windows 10 thing since I know this was working back when I had windows 7 in July or so.

    I found another topic by searching and tried some of the things there but nothing has fixed this. My windows 10 is the 64 bit version, I've set Physx to use the 770 in my Nvidia control panel and Warframe is running in 64 bit mode. I tried altering the settings in the EE.cfg for warframe but they aren't even an option there. I've tried using the Geforce Experience to optimize the game since it has Phsyx set to on as the optimal setting but that didn't fix it either. According to GeForce Experience I've got the most up to date game ready drivers, 359.0.

    eecfg file


    I know it isn't the biggest issue, especially if it's been like this for a while and I just noticed but I spent quite a bit on building this computer and I want to get everything out of it that I can.

    Basically, anyone else with Windows 10 having/not having this problem? Any other possible solutions if the cause isn't just Windows 10?

    Am I just completely oblivious and one of the updates between then and now greyed out those options?




    EDIT: decided to experiment a bit and switch off 64 bit mode, runtime tessellation works but Physx still greyed out.  Part of me thinks that has something to do with the SweetFX I have installed messing with the runtime tessellation for 64 bit but I had that installed before I had windows 10 so that shouldn't be messing with the Phsyx.


    EDIT2: I did more experimentation, checked on my Physx Driver, that is the most recent as well.

  14. I can sometimes (every 10 tries or so and letting it sit on the login screen for a minute or two) get past login but my Codex is completely blank, everything is listed as unidentified.   I don't want to finish Undermine until I find out how many scans that new enemy takes and if any of my previous ones have been saved.

  15. Twice in a row I've run the Mobile Defnse on Kappa Sedna and after the first two console protections, when we activate the panels to reveal the orokin artifact/cryopod the timer never shows up and the spawns drop to 1 or 2 every 10-30 seconds.  I'm going to go test and see if this'll happen while I'm Solo.



    EDIT: Bug also happens solo. The two consoles work fine, timer shows up and spawns are normal. Once I press the button for the orokin artifact/cryopod and it gets into position Lotus says she's "in" and to protect the console.  Spawns die down and no timer appears. The pod is marked on my map as the current target.








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